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Compass [PDF / EPUB] Compass I have reached the shores of the Promised Land After a long and arduous trek the land of milk and honey promised to me by God it is finally in sight What is the Promised Land It’s the place where yo I have reached the shores of the Promised Land After a long and arduous trek the land of milk and honey promised to me by God it is finally in sight What is the Promised Land It’s the place where you arrive when you are ready to manifest the deepest desires of your heart Have you arrived on the shores of your own land promised to you by God What did you have to do to get there What did you give up Where are you in spiritual consciousness in every area of your life There are six stages of spiritual development • Egypt • Red Sea • Wilderness • Jordan River • Promised Land • Christ Consciousness Are you in Egypt at the Red Sea the Wilderness the Jordan River or the Promised Land Perhaps a few of us have even transcended spiritually to the Christ Consciousness stage of spiritual development There is a map that each soul can follow to obtain spiritual enlightenment while on Earth Every great spiritual leader has followed this road map Moses Buddha Christ and countless others The path is open to all who decide to take a journey into the unknown depths of their soul This book will serve as your guide as you traverse through the lands ie stages of spiritual development in your consciousness Although Compass is written from a New Thought metaphysical perspective the stages of spiritual development are universal and the archetype of these stages can be found in every religion or spiritual practice Where are you in consciousness in the life areas of work your personal life a relationship with yourself and others and spiritually What do you have to do to evolve spiritually To find out read Compass The Journey of the Soul from Egypt to the Promised Land by Penelope V Yorke Your soul’s journey awaits Poem The Journey The journey takes place inside of me I travel to unknown lands and visit sites never seen before I journey you see to reach locations that exist inside of me I used to fear this journey that of my unknown self and put it off indefinitely But the time came when the distant shores outside no longer interested me So I followed my Compass of intuition heading in a new direction one leading deep inside of me This is the journey I was born to take and am led by spirit to consciously undertake To conuer the many lands that lie inside me I first must venture through a valley named fear whose domain seems endless in sight In this abyss lie doubts lack of self worth and places with names similar in scope I challenge these shadowy thoughts with conviction giving over my power to them no As I journey through this barren wasteland in my mind I find the strength to persevere having overcome the shadows that once made me uiver in their wake Liberated I trek on triumphantly to places never imagined within me The journey is a lonely one since I am the only one who can journey inside I travel bravely alone on my uest to reach unfamiliar lands Where the journey will end I do not know I cannot rest at one location for too long because of inner urgings that are sure to arise Creating in their wake a restless spirit within Alerting me that the time has come again to journey to higher ground Each level of land I ascend strengthens me Prepares me for what awaits me in the lands I am yet to cross.

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    There are so many wonderful things about this book I love the symbolism the metaphors the imagery the authenticity If you are about to read this book chances are that you have a spiritual background If you do not I would recommend that you have a Bible or google by your side to help you to understand some of the references in this book They are absolutely wonderful references and the author is able to really make the reader engage and think about their own journey Without giving too much information away the cover of the book will be your guide throughout this reading The author explains how we the readers go about our life journey and the different stages that we encounter I didn't think that I was going to like this approach at first until I found myself identifying to a T with what the author was stating I felt as if Penelope was inside my head and telling me exactly what has been happening in my own life up until this point As the book continued I felt as if she were speaking directly to me and giving me the advice that I have been needing to continue on my life path There is so much insight packed into this little book that I felt as if I could read a chapter a day and it be a little sermon or daily meditation It is a very intriguing read and I would recommend it to anyone If you have faith in a higher power or are feeling a little lost on your journey through life I recommend that you take a look at this book for yourself You're bound to have that moment when you feel as if the author is inside of your own mind I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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    Interesting read that takes readers on a journey We all have uestions about why we are here what we are doing and where we are going Even if you are not a religious person there is something to learn from this book that takes a look inside each of us and searches for answers and truths By looking in our own soul and learning to love ourselves we can then take what we learn and share that love and understanding with others The author has captured that idea in this book and it is definitely worth the read

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    In Compass Yorke both shares her own experiences with finding her purpose and building a relationship with God and also helps guide the reader through their own journey by using what she has learned She starts out with her own experiences and reaching personal and spiritual low when she felt lost in her job and life even though she seemed to be experiencing success as others define it financial professional etc Soon she had left her job been in a terrible accident and experienced the tragedy of a family member passing away This lead to her being lost in terms of her physical and spiritual life She worked through the confusion or ‘wilderness’ and began her spiritual journey This was an interesting look into someone’s personal story and spiritual journey and I think could be helpful for others that find themselves lost or overwhelmed with their circumstances and looking for positive change in their livesI received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

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