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    So I suppose I should preface this with a couple things I received this book as a Christmas gift when my best friend when I suggested it would be fun to exchange bad books Almost like a Mystery Science Theater but for books We would write comments in the margins and swapit would be great funNeedless to say she won This book was AWFUL As a writer myself I really try hard not to be mean about others writing I wouldn't want someone who didn't like my work to rip me a new one just because they didn't like it We're all entitled to our opinions but it doesn't have to be mean So I'm going to try really hard to say these things as nicely as possibleThis book is clearly what is wrong with Self Publishing Authorhouse didn't even take two seconds to look at the content The writing style is that of a foul mouthed fourteen year old who clearly had a love affair with his thesaurus There are TONS of wordsphrases that don't make sense because the author wanted to swap out perfectly fine normal words for BIG wordsperhaps so that he would seem a authentic writer in his eyes I'm about 75% convinced that the author himself is some type of sexual deviant based on a couple of very uncomfortable disturbing sex scenes It was a little too real if you know what I mean If it wasn't for the fact that I HAD to finish this book to keep writing comments for my friend I would've stopped after the first sex scene I read trashy romance all the timeI don't have a problem with literary erotica But this was just disturbingMostly what this book suffered from was lack of editing Each chapter ended with some stupid sentence forshadowing horrors to come Everything was laid out in black and whitetwiceas if the reader was too stupid to keep up with the extremely transparent plot There are no spoilers here there doesn't need to be You'll be able to see right through the whole book from the beginning Just save yourself the time you'll never be able to get back from reading this bookIt's literally the worst thing I've ever readand I'm pretty sure it's literally the worst book ever written

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    2edgy4meI wish there was something nice I could say Anything But nope The writing sounds like a teenage boy trying to sound all cool and edgy and smart all at the same time and there doesn't seem to have been any editing whatsoever The story itself is cheesy and transparent you can probably figure out the plot twistsecret from the first chapterThere was only so much I could read before I couldn't take it any Some books just shouldn't have any time wasted on them at all

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    Tough read Interesting story for a book but the execution could have been better I like what the author was trying to do perhaps it is experimental but he suffers from lack of editing in both content and copy I feel guilty writing this review as I really only read 25% of the book I just kept cringing and skipping pages

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    Zero starshttpwwwsfreadercomreviewredire

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The Shadow God [PDF / EPUB] The Shadow God Craig Johnson had two best friends two caring parents a hot girlfriend and a nice truck not bad for a twenty year old A decent life until he began hearing voices in his bedroom late at night Then a br Craig Johnson had two best friends two caring parents a hot girlfriend and a nice truck not bad for a twenty year old A decent life until he began hearing voices in his bedroom late The Shadow Kindle - at night Then a bright blue light manifests from within his closet And he is drawn to it mystified by its beauty He walks through the light and into a world of darkness and emptiness where he learns of a fabled Shadow God an entity that wants him dead Murders spring up in the neighborhood and the local detective is uick to put the blame on Craig and his friends Through Craig''s sinister encounters with The Shadow God and his constant run in with the law he discovers he is part of something great a reincarnation maybe that takes him back to the first murder of the world.

  • Hardcover
  • 472 pages
  • The Shadow God
  • Aaron Rayburn
  • English
  • 21 June 2016
  • 9781418499754