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    As the only child of a drug addicted mother Abbey’s life was one big uestion mark Would there be a roof over her head tomorrow? Would there be food? Would her mother come home or finally lose herself completely in a drug induced fog? It was no wonder Abbey heard a voice beckoning her to another life Was it loneliness? Desperation? Could it be the call to something far greater than she could ever have realized? Sometimes there is nothing better than for an author to share how one of her characters came to be where they are to allow readers to live alongside a character and feel their feelings watch their existence before becoming part of something greater CK Dawn brings us the story of Abbey before she became part of the world of the Netherwalkers with A Neophyte’s Tale and she truly gives even life to this Energizer Bunny of a character with the sharp wit and tongue Read it before or after reading Cloak of Darkness but do read it Ms Dawn is never short on creative brilliance or the ability to draw her readers in with the power of her wordsSeries Netherwalker Book 05Publication Date April 27 2015Publisher CK DawnGenre YA Paranormal FantasyPrint Length 41 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More

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    A tasty sample to wet your imaginationI read this novella in half an hour and by the time I was finished I was thirsty for The story gives you a glimpse into Abbey’s life prior to finding out that she was meant for something else than her pitiful normal lifeThe novella is well written and easy to follow with only a few words here and there I wasn’t familiar with but assuming that they will be explained in Book 1 The author’s imagination is very vivid showing a potential of a rather dark fantasyparanormal series I had no issues with this short rather than it didn’t give me the “word” Abbey kept hearing In the end I was like “Hang on a minute what is that WORD? Grrr”All in all a good read Can’t wait for to read Book 1 Cloak of Shadows

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    A Neophyte's Tale drew me in from the very beginning It is a look into Abbey Thorne's life as a child before the Netherwalker seriesyou can read this before or after I'm reading it before It is her backstory and a sad one at that Although sad and very tragic a it covers some serious topicsaddiction of a parent neglect and homelessnessit's done in a way that is somewhat light and easy to read for any age which I imagine is a hard thing for an author to accomplish with these topics It was still very enjoyable and entertaining without being depressing Mostly due to Abbey's optimism and upbeat attitude throughout it all You're left wanting in the best possible way Wanting to see for yourself that Abbey comes into her newfound powers and abilities and has the better life that she deserves That there are happy adventures in store for her I really enjoyed this short story I found it to be very well written CK Dawn is very good at describing a setting so well that you are transported right into the story to the scene that is taking place I wanted to hug Abbey so badly and tell her that everything would be alright Just in 45 pages I was pulled through the gamut of emotions and really got a feel for Abbey as a character Just in this short story there was growth in her character I've never seen an author do so much in a short story and do it so well I would definitely recommend this story to anyone all ages I can't wait to get into the Netherwalkers series and learn about Abbey and her journey discovering her mysterious new powers My curiosity is piued and I'm eager for This is a world I know I will enjoy immensely I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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    The world is full of monsters and shadows only most of us don't notice Abbey Thorne will soon realise that despite her challenging upbringing she is meant for something specialThis short story can be read as an introduction to Dawn's Netherwalker Series; or as a tasty extra to those that have already delved inI have already read Cloak of Shadows and really enjoyed it But I'll let you in on a little something Abbey Thorne was not my favourite character She reminded me of a non stop annoying little sister that I sometimes wanted to shut in a cupboard I preferred Lourdie's storySo I was a little apprehensive about picking this up; but this blog tour came along and CK Dawn has already proven that she is a really good writerI suddenly have a completely new respect for AbbeyI'm sure when Cloak of Secrets Netherwalker #2 comes out I will view her in a completely different lightThe story itself is short it gives glimpses and teasing tasters about Abbey's history and how she got a mentor like Lourdes It manages to get your attention; and despite it's length it feels like it nicely rounds off ready to lead back into the main seriesSo all in all it's short it's free and it's good enough to change my opinion on one of the characters Go pick it up now

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    Book A Neophyte's Tale An Abbey Thorne Short Story Preuel to The Netherwalker SeriesAuthor CK DawnPublication Date 4272015Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW This is a short story that lets' us see what went on prior to Cloak of Shadows Abbey is a young girl who has a horrible life after her step father moves out Her mother is addicted to drugs and alcohol and poor Abbey barely gets a meal let alone a place to sleep every night One night Abbey starts to hear a voice telling her that power is coming She has no idea what it means until she gets startled one night by a shadow then all things start to make some sense although Abbey thinks she is losing her mind One rainy night after Abbey finds her mother she is awoken to what will become of herVery sad story but very enlightening one also if you have already read Cloak of Shadows Abbey is to be a Hunter I was gifted this book for my honest review and I can honestly say I loved it A Neophyte's Tale An Abbey Thorne Short StoryCK Dawn

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    Abbey Thorne’s mother is a glorified wreck living each day in a bottle of vodka not minding her daughter nor the state they are in Everyday Abbey has to pick up the dirty pieces her mom throws at her whether shes’s aware of it or not Abbey’s only consolation being able to watch TV from her neighbor’s apartment by peeking out of her window And yes the alley cat and her neighbor Bernie also lift up her spirits from time to timeBut every thing changes in a glimpse of an eye when she sees her mother’s semi conscious state inside a dingy apartment with a shadow hovering above her Is it only a shadow or a bigger monster lurks there? What is it with the buzzing and static electricity she feels when around certain people? What is happening around her?Trust me when I say this A Neophyte’s Tale is a new kind of fantasy addiction that left me breathless and speechless I am very curious about Abbey Thorne Bernie Lourdie and Marcus and many others CK Dawn promises a tale you’ve never encountered before and I am looking forward to this realm she created This is a must read novella and so much

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    Actual rating is somewhere between 3 and 35 StarsA great teaser for the series I'm glad it's set as a short story preuel and not a novel or novella because it is neither But a great intro to this world? Oh yeah I'm expecting great things from this series Interested to see where it'll go from here The writing was a bit irritating at times Not bad per se just a tad juvenile I know the book's probably YA or Teen but it could still do with a little work World building is decent enough for the short space of time we were there I hope will be built on this premise and expand further into something awesome I can't really say whether I like anyone yet because we just don't know enough about them but I anticipate liking Bernie best I mean he's a freakin' cat man after all What's not to love? ;And though I have a feeling EVERYONE'S word is different I'm still curious what Abbey' s might beGuess I'll find out in the next installment of the series

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    Excellent little short Great hook for the series I am looking forward to reading now Well written good descriptions Still not sure what is going on but it sure got me interested to find out I will be reading the first book in the series as this little preuel has me wanting I immediately connected with Abbey feeling the sadness for her and her plight but realizing there was something special about her I can't wait to find out Great job

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    I loved the insight into how Abby became to be where she is in Cloak of Shadows This is a great novella to take a deeper look into the life of Abby I loved the way that it moved along at a steady pace giving you the information that you wanted and didn't make you wait through a bunch of unnecessary fluff to get to it I can't wait for the next book in this series to come out

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    A very uick read and a great taster for the Netherwalker seriesIt's a well written story that gives a glimpse at the world that the series will take you toI'm not sure what's happening and I have a lot of uestions but I'm hookedI'm definitely going to be reading the next book of this series

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A Neophyte's Tale An Abbey Thorne Short Story Netherwalker #05 [PDF / EPUB] A Neophyte's Tale An Abbey Thorne Short Story Netherwalker #05 Abigail Thorne hears voices Well one voice repeating one word over and over again Soft and sweet with the promise of power it calls to her The twelve year old has no idea that the tender little word i Abigail Thorne hears voices Well one Tale An ePUB ✓ voice repeating one word over and over again Soft and sweet with the promise of power it calls to her The twelve year old has no idea that the tender little word is a catalyst that serves to reveal a world hidden to most humans Abbey has yet to discover that following the word’s call to its origin will change the course of her life forever Abbey and her mother don’t have much and depending on the day sometimes they don’t even have a roof over their heads She A Neophyte's Kindle - wants out of life than just wondering where her next meal is So she shouldn't be wasting her time daydreaming about going on a selfish uest should she Does she have the strength to leave behind what little she has Will she have the courage to break through the illusions surrounding her and lift the cloak of shadows.

  • ebook
  • A Neophyte's Tale An Abbey Thorne Short Story Netherwalker #05
  • C.K. Dawn
  • English
  • 10 March 2016

About the Author: C.K. Dawn

Have you ever watched a cat Tale An ePUB ✓ stare at a wall tracking something’s movements something invisible that sent shivers down your spine Did it seem as if they were able to sense dark shadows lurking where the veil between worlds and reality thins That’s precisely where the idea for the Netherwalker Series came from for CK DawnUSA Today bestselling author coffee loving gamer girl and Sci fi enthus.