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The Marriage Act [PDF / EPUB] The Marriage Act London 1821When John Viscount Welford proposed to Caroline Fleetwood the only daughter of the Bishop of Essex he thought he knew exactly what he was getting—a lovely innocent brideFive years later h London When John Viscount Welford proposed to Caroline Fleetwood the only daughter of the Bishop of Essex he thought he knew exactly what he was getting—a lovely innocent brideFive years The Marriage eBook ¹ later he knows better The woman who ran to another man on their wedding night— after they'd consummated the marriage—is hardly innocent Years spent apart while John served as a diplomatic attaché have allowed them to save face in society but all good pretenses must come to an end When Caroline receives word that her father is dying she begs John to accompany her on one last journey to see himBut there's an added problem—Caroline never told her father that her marriage to John was a farce As they play act for others Caroline is delighted to find she never really knew her husband at all But can she be the kind of wife he needs—and does she want to be words.

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  • 23 September 2015

About the Author: Alyssa Everett

Alyssa Everett grew up in Florida where from an early age her favorite books typically had dukes in them As a teen she worked in an amusement park doing just The Marriage eBook ¹ about every kind of odd job a person can do from collecting garbage to captaining an African boat cruise She met her husband a darkly handsome doctor with a wicked sense of humor at Harvard University They currently live with their th.

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    Lord Welford at twenty six is in need of a wife And he's found the perfect woman Miss Caroline Fleetwood daughter of the Bishop of Essex Though John has admired her and escorted her from church on Sundays he has had neither time nor opportunity for a suit At seventeen Caroline is still uite young However time has run out for him With an appointment at a diplomatic post in Vienna pending he must forgo any courting and with the Bishop's blessing he asks for her handDespite having her sights set on another man Caroline accepts John's proposal But only an hour after consummating the marriage she runs off to meet up with the man she loves Disappointed and angry John departs England for Austria leaving Caroline at home in SurreyApart for five years John finally arrives back in England only to be asked by Caroline to accompany her to visit her dying father Her one reuest is that John acts the part of the smitten husband and to pretend their marriage is a happy oneThe marriage starts off badly between the older stable John and the young impulsive Caroline Their differences in age upbringing and personality clash John is faithful upright and responsible Caroline sees him as rigid uncompromising and cold Caroline is fun loving easy going and tolerant John views her as irresponsible dishonest and unfaithful Their differences have held them apart and yet now that they have time at last to spend together they begin to see the strengths in the otherThis is another solid historical romance from Alyssa Everett one of my favourite romance authors On her website she says that The Marriage Act is a bit edgier than her previous titles For those who've read her previous novels I think this one certainly may have a bit steam than her other books Though not my favourite of Ms Everett this is yet another very satisfying read by a talented historical romance authorSteam 25 3 ARC courtesy of Carina Press via NetGalley

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    I've given this a B at AARAlyssa Everett is one of my favourite authors one I know I can rely upon to provide me with a well –written and engaging story well developed characters and a satisfying romance She describes her latest book The Marriage Act as being somewhat “edgier” than her previous ones and I can see why because the two protagonists are imperfect characters who sometimes do and say things that are unpalatable That is not to say that they are unpleasant characters; just that their imperfections make them seem that much human and the way Ms Everett has written them makes their sometimes less than perfect behaviour easy to understand and even on occasion to sympathise with which is not something many authors can successfully pull offThe story opens with John Viscount Welford in the middle of proposing to the beautiful seventeen year old Caroline Fleetwood daughter of the Bishop of Essex A former pupil of the bishop’s John is an intelligent and rather serious young man who is poised to take up a career in the diplomatic service He fell for Caroline or less at first sight and had hoped to court her at length so that they could get to know each other but he is shortly to travel to his first posting and wants things between them were settled sooner rather than later He is thrilled when his proposal is accepted and arrangements are made for a speedy wedding so that they can be married before leaving to take up residence in ViennaWhat John does not know is that Caroline has accepted him only because she is desperately in love with someone else and on the morning of the proposal received a letter from him refusing to elope with her In her selfish naiveté she believes that the news of her engagement will make him jealous and bring him around and she gives no thought to how such actions will affect anyone else At the time all she sees is that John is too old for her he’s twenty six and that he’s cold and stiff necked She doesn’t intend to actually go through with the wedding – but time flies she is swept up in all the preparations and before she knows it it’s her wedding nightCaroline finds pleasure in her new husband’s lovemaking but after the consummation confused upset and perhaps a little tipsy she runs away intending to meet the man she loves Fortunately for her safety and her reputation John catches up with her and brings her back Utterly furious and not a little sad and disappointed he takes Caroline back to his Surrey estate and then leaves for Austria AloneShortly following his return to England five years later John is approached by Caroline whom he has not seen in all that time She has received news that her father is seriously ill and may not have long to live and she wants to go to visit him But she can’t go alone – because she couldn’t bear to tell the father she loves so dearly that she had made a mess of her marriage she has led him to believe she has been living in Vienna with her husband for the past five years So she asks John if he will accompany her and to act as though they are happy and very much in love The idea of deceiving the bishop of whom he is very fond doesn’t sit at all well with John but he nonetheless agrees to Caroline’s reuestIf ever there was a story that proved the adage “what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” this is it as the conseuences of Caroline’s – admittedly massive – initial falsehood come home to roost The first interactions between her and John are difficult; recrimination hangs in the air like the Sword of Damocles they are both resentful and angry and can’t stop themselves saying the hurtful things they are thinking In Caroline’s eyes John is just as cold and inflexible as she had believed him to be five years earlier although she is rather surprised to realise that he is not as old as she had thought and that he’s also a very attractive man And even though he thinks Caroline is even beautiful now than she was before John still sees her as dishonest flighty and irresponsible with no concern for whom she might hurt with her lies and incapable of admitting her faultsAs the couple begins to spend time with each other they gradually come to see that they were wrong in their initial assessments of one another and that perhaps it’s time to attempt to repair their relationship The thing that impressed me most about the story is the fact that Ms Everett doesn’t take the easy way out and have them bury the hatchet straight away or hit the big red reset button Too much has happened between them for them to be able to go back and start again; they need to pick up where they are now and make things work from there and it’s hard In the early days John and Caroline take one step towards each other and two steps back; they are still nursing hurts and grievances and still find it difficult to stop needling each other and assigning blame I will admit that as a hero centric reader I was inclined to John’s point of view and actually couldn’t uite see how it was that Caroline gained her impression of him as being so uncompromising and tyrannical A man whose bride runs away on their wedding night is entitled to be mad as hell and it seemed to me that Caroline had formed almost all her opinions of him based on that one eventIn fact I wanted to smack some sense into her than once because she so often jumps to the wrong conclusion and does it deliberately even as she realises she is cutting off her nose to spite her face However speaking as someone who has regrettably been guilty of such a thing I completely understood where she was coming from even as I wanted to scream at her to stop doing it And that’s another impressive thing about the book – even when I hated what one or other of the characters did or said the author was showing me exactly why they were doing or saying it so that even as I was thinking “ouch” I understood their motivations Their reactions and responses feel so real precisely because they’re messy and not always the right thing to say or do – and it’s a brave author who is prepared to have her characters come across as less than perfectSo – having heaped all that praise upon the book why isn’t it a DIK? It came very close but ultimately Caroline’s initial selfishness and her unpleasantness towards John – who had done nothing to deserve it – went a little too far for my tasteThat said don’t let it put you off reading it because it’s very well written and there is plenty of heat between the protagonists In fact the sex scenes are a bit steamier than in Ms Everett’s other books; they’re not overly explicit but these two could set fire to the sheets and I do like a slightly uptight hero with a naughty streak where it counts ;I really enjoyed The Marriage Act even though it’s not always an easy read There is a strongly drawn cast of secondary characters and a very well done secondary storyline featuring John’s younger half brother; and I liked the way John’s backstory is drip fed through the book so that the reader gets to know him at the same time Caroline does I’m a sucker for a good second chance romance and this is one of the best I’ve read

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    This is my second book by Everett Although I enjoyed this one the interactions between the H and h were uite exhausting I can get behind misunderstanding and deliberate miscommunication to a point but it was a little too much for me here I appreciated that Caro wasn't your typical HR heroine what with her confusion about lies and acting how people expected her to act but the way her deceptions compounded was a bit painful to read about which may have been the intention as keeping up lie after lie is painful And although I've only read two of her books I think like the way Everett writes her herosI like how sweet this got at the end and that the two finally learned to communicate Although I didn't enjoy this as much as Ruined by Rumor it was still well written and entertaining in parts I'm interested to read of Everett's work25 stars

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    An engaging tale of how one should never start bad habits such as lying Caroline was a naive and flirty young lady when she got married she only accepted in rebound unknowing to her beau because the one she thought she loved rejected her proposal and this caused years of separation which could have otherwise be avoided This story is filled with tender loving and yes harsh cutting insults and even some risue moments but true love prevails I especially liked the gentle loving hero John though he was gentle and considerate he was a man filled with deep principles and morality and deep desires as all men do

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    375 stars I received an eARC of this book from Carina Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis is a difficult book to get my head around Overall I enjoyed it and stayed up way too late one night to finish it which is usually a good sign There were just nagging things that kept popping up in my head while I was reading it that I couldn't ignore But I guess that is also a sign of a well written story that has me thinking about it long after completion The Marriage Act starts off with John Viscount Welford asking Miss Caroline Fleetwood the daughter of an esteemed bishop to marry him John has fallen in love with her and is desperate to marry her in time to travel off to Vienna where he has been assigned in a diplomacy post Things unravel after the wedding night when Caro runs off to meet up with the man she is really in love with and is brought back by her heartbroken husband They live separate lives for the next five years but are brought back together when Caro's father's health comes into uestion and she asks John to act like a loving husband in order to keep their marriage troubles a secretLet me start off by saying that I absolutely adored John He is so desperate for affection yet feels like he will never find it His heart was broken by Caro's betrayal and he reacted in anger as one could understand So when Caro asks him to help her out he can't say no to her and decides to just make the best of the situation What I really liked about his character was the growth that he achieved through this journey He learned how his actions are perceived by others and that he can often appear judgmental without meaning toCaro is a character who also had an emotional journey to take While I ended up liking her by the end she made it difficult for most of the book Her youthful folly was pretty egregious and she did take the punishment for it But I had issues with her constant flip flopping when it came to John and their marriage She claims to have grown up yet every time John tried to explain his feelings she pushed them aside I also did not appreciate her constant lying to John her father etc which she finally admitted to at the last possible momentI do have to admit some admiration for the author for this story It is obvious that she intended for both John and Caro to have some major personality flaws that they needed to learn to overcome I also thought she did a good job of showcasing their character growth I guess I just wish that Caro's redemption hadn't come so late in the game especially since it was a source of frustration for me throughout the storyThe plot of this book could be divided into two parts The first section deals with Caro's reveal to John of her plan and their trip to her uncle's home where her father is staying As with most road trips there are plenty of hazards to deal withphysical and emotional The later half of the book has the couple arriving to visit Caro's father and pretending to be a happy couple I found myself liking the second part much since that is when the characters made the most progress and learned to think of other people's feelings Though I could have done without Caro's annoying cousin Sophia who provided an interesting insight for Caro to see how foolish youthful declarations could be yet just spent most of her page time irritating the tar out of meAfter thinking about it I can say that I would recommend Alyssa Everett's The Marriage Act due to the wonderful writing and the refreshing tone I do still have reservations regarding Caro's character but it is possible that other readers may not see the same issues that I do I did find the story as a whole entertaining and will keep checking out of Ms Everett's books

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    I was looking forward to this because I really like the second chance romance trope The author even kept it to my liking having the hero NOT go sleep with everything that moves while the heroine remains untouched Instead she has the both of them remain celibate so THANK YOU for thatFor that alone I was planning on giving this book a three but I really didn't like Caroline At all I get that she was immature when they got married but she remained that way even five years later Near the end she even said I’m not a girl of seventeen any but I saw no difference in how she was at seventeen and how she is at twenty two She shows this to the reader when she decides to keep secrets from John even after they vowed no secrets to one another This girl learned nothing Even at the hunting box when she goads him into sex then makes him feel like shit afterwards was her being immature as hell and not at all like someone who's grown up and learnedI also hated that John got eual blame for their marriage troubles Sorry but no He wasn't at fault in the least imo He went to ask for Caroline's hand in good faith in love She accepted him to try and make Lawrence jealous She didn't call it off before they got married instead going through with the wedding Then she ran off after their wedding night leaving an insulting note for John to read Then when he caught up with her she proceeded to give him a couple different stories behind what she did and why I didn't blame John one bit for his anger and resentment nor did I blame him for leaving her behind in England while he went to Austria However John is made to take partial blame for their marriage imploding even though all he did was react to her stupidity I don't blame him at all for not wanting to hear of her lies not wanting to deal with her any longer He could've left her completely destitute but he didn't Instead he sent her to live in his estate giving her than enough of a stipend to live onShe says to him at one point that he should've tried harder to forgive her making him take a part of the blame Yeahno He didn't really owe her anything after she ran off after another man and then told lie upon lie afterwards It should've been her making the effort when he left for Austria but she didn't She puts the ball in his court saying he should've been patient tried harder but that's not at all fair to John I didn't like that the author split the blame between themEven after they have their no secrets talk she still doesn't change her ways He tells her that keeping secrets not trusting me to handle mistakes and disappointments like a reasonable man that's a large part of what spoiled out marriage in the first place This is something he specifically tells her Yet she keeps secrets worried of what he might do Again she didn't trust him How has she grown up? Where is the proof? There is none because she hasn't She always thinks the worst of John even four fifths of the way in constantly referring to him as cold disapproving John whenever she does something wrong and he reacts He has a right to his anger his feelings yet she starts to roll her eyes sigh and refer to him condescendinglyWhy is it that John has to change for her but she doesn't change herself at all? It's John who's boring and needs to be exciting who needs to be patient and understanding who has to take the first step in everything not her I liked John and would've gladly given him a way better rating if he were paired with someone else He was a good character and I liked him and felt he deserved far better than the likes of Caroline

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    This was a solid book Everett's writing is consistently strong She sets up an unusual premise an historically estranged couple for genuinely plausible reasons and then brings them back together for a road trip followed by a charade that they are in fact happy There's the potential for a fair amount of tumult but it's all handled with skill and control I really liked Caro She was a self possessed heroine who recognised her youthful folly and the problems it had caused and she takes responsibility for the mess All the same she doesn't let John push her around and she calls him out on his priggish unwillingness to forgive her On which note John Bit of an ass I understand that he was hurt by what happened to his marriage but good grief he was an asshole for a prolonged period of time about it I think that could have been handled with a bit subtly That said Caro and John's romance is nice and well developed It didn't rock my world or anything but it was solidMy major criticism is that the conflict just lasts a bit too long Caro thinks she'll never get John to forgive her and John thinks Caro isn't worth forgiving The resolution could have been better and the last big act of drama with Caro's ridiculous stereotype of a cousin Sophie felt very artificialThis is not a five star book and for some it's probably not a four star book but I thought it was so consistent well written and entertaining so that's the rating I have opted for

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    I like Alyssa Everett's books on principle They are literate thoughtful and entertaining So I'm not sure why TMA uncharacteristically failed to engage me There were certainly things about it I appreciated it's a relief to come across a non standard plot with H h estranged for apparently deal breaking reasons And Everett's ability to write fluently is still very much in evidence This wasn't a book I regretted reading that it didn't for me meet the standards of its predecessorsI think some of this was down to the slow reveal of exactly what happened on John Caroline's wedding night We get the barebones first then over the course of the book and detail is filled in However when the whole was made plain I'm afraid my reaction was was that all? Neither H nor h behaves intelligently and from that shaky start the rest of the book flows Caroline is perhaps Everett's version of a heroine whom no one but her author will much like for a good portion of the book and she compounds her original silliness with some uestionable decisions thereafter I didn't want to identify with her John on the face of it is a engaging character but I grew a little weary of his inability to see how his decision to marry a girl of whom he knew nothing had contributed to the breakdown of his marriage This really isn't a bad book and there were patches towards the end where the emotional temperature rose above suabbling and back biting that reminded me why I like Everett's writing and why I'll continue to look out her new work If you haven't read any other books by her I wouldn't recommed starting here; try the delightful light hearted A Tryst with Trouble instead

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    Wed in haste repent at leisure That's been the theme of John Welford's life for the past five years He'd only been nursing a tendre for the gorgeous daughter of his mentor Bishop Fleetwood for a few short weeks but when he was abruptly appointed to a diplomatic post in Vienna he couldn't stomach the idea of losing the girl to another So he proposed and the seventeen year old accepted But when she fled his bed on their wedding night attempting to run off with another man John brought her back to his ancestral home leaving her there to rusticate when he took up his diplomatic postNow Welford is back in London and his estranged wife comes to his rooms begging him to travel with her to her uncle's home where her father has taken alarmingly ill It seems that Caroline has never admitted to her father how wrong her marriage has turned out; she's been pretending all this time that she's been in Vienna too Since he admires the bishop John agrees to accompany her and pretend that he and Caro are happily wedAs the two travel together for several days we see that their estrangement is not due to a simple misunderstanding but real differences in personality and beliefs Yet their differences may be just why they are actually uite suited to one another something that they gradually begin to understand as they come to know one another as individuals rather than as terrifying older husband and scheming immature wife A real character based story with interesting things to say about duty to family the value of storytellinglying and the need to get to know another before passing judgment My favorite Everett novel to date

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    Another winner from Alyssa Everett If you enjoy beautifully written nuanced and original plots with fully developed characters you cannot go wrong with an Alyssa Everett title This one involves an unhappily married couple pretending to be happy for her dying father's sake It reminded me of a slogan used in AA fake it 'till you make it Heartfelt thanks to NetGalley and Carina Press for an advanced review copy

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