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Zavens Destiny [PDF / EPUB] Zavens Destiny A Childhood Lost 
to the Armenian Genocide Imagine being a young boy barely fourteen pulled from your home and forced by invaders to march with your family and neighbors across the desert Imagine se A Childhood Lost 
to the Armenian Genocide Imagine being a young boy barely fourteen pulled from your home and forced by invaders to march with your family and neighbors across the desert Imagine seeing the people you know and love removed one by one as you stand by helpless Imagine the atrocities committed with impunity before your eyes Why would you imagine that Because it must not be forgotten And now there is no need to imagine; you can live it through the eyes of a survivor of the Armenian genocide Yet far from a hand wringing tale of woe Zaven’s Destiny is filled with hope courage honor and compassion Walk with young Zaven as he follows a compelling force inside of him to sacrifice personal safety and comfort and avenge his people; his family friends and countrymen Bedros Margosian’s words energized by his daughter Liz breathe life into a time long past and transport us into the genuine adventure that was his life More than just a history and travelogue Zaven’s Destiny reveals the Armenian heart and mind It reflects the nobility of a people persecuted as the world largely ignored their plight It is a fascinating recounting of a momentous event too often overlooked While this life was not what Zaven would have chosen it was most certainly one in which he magnificently fulfilled his destiny.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 340 pages
  • Zavens Destiny
  • Bedros Margosian
  • English
  • 20 March 2015

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    Zaven's Destiny by Bedros Margosian describes a part of history that was unknown to me With a deft hand and realistic style Margosian paints a picture of tenacity and endurance through dark hours in Armenian history Truly a story about the Armenian genocide and the war against the Turks in the early 1900's the story depicts Zaven as the consummate survivor Not only is there a good deal of significant history but the novel shows the personal growth of Zaven from boy into man This novel is based on a true story as described by the author in the forward; the forward setting the stage for the book as well as the personal motivation of the author A compelling and sometimes emotional story with an attention to detail that is hard to find in writing today A carefully rendered story that will pull on the readers' heartstrings with a vast array of interesting and often strong characters The reader will want to follow the story of Zaven and his family to the satisfying conclusion Highly recommend for an interesting and enlightening read about the Armenian genocide

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    It had to be based on truthI'm sure that what has been written in this novel happened somewhere for real or is going on at this present time

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    This book about the Armenian Genocide from 1915 to around 1917 could have been written so much differently This is not to say that the author shied away from the gruesomeness of historical accuracy But instead of writing this novel highlighting this atrocity and the subseuent despair destitute and defeat the author chose instead to focus on the other side The side of humanities courage strength and perseverance in the face of danger and hopelessness This book will move you and touch you emotionally in ways you might not have known The story follows a boy named Zaven as he gets swept up in the marches that drive him and his fellow Armenians from their homelands He watches horrors every day and uses them to educate himself on the capabilities of his fellow humans He uses this knowledge to strengthen his resolve and courage as he comes of age The characters in this book feel as if they were real people within this time and that we are reading about their plight as it unfolds This was an excellent book

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    The darkest stories are yet to be revealed and there’s so much we still don’t know it’s frightening to think what is happening right now at the other side of the worldThe Armenian Genocide a truly dark chapter almost no one knows nothing about it and a shining light of hope in the middle of that chaos will not only fight for his people and those we care but also to not lose his humanity and become those he oppose The story is cruel but is that cruel because is real the trauma of an event can damage the person than we know and seeing all that chaos and can’t do anything to stop it is truly cruelNovels based on truth takes us to a whole new level the pace is well balanced and don’t throw the reader to mindless chaos seuences it takes it’s time to describe every possible detail and in that way it caught our curiosity and I’m telling you once you start reading it you better forget about everything you need to do because you won’t be able to stop Amazing story and characters I highly recommend it

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    Zaven's Destiny is a wonderful book that shows human sacrifices love bonding friendship and many positive things in the face of hardships and suffering While I liked the book for its historical significance the story which shows the growth of a man is eually wonderful There are lots of surprises and help comes at unexpected moments Zaven's destiny is basically read as an adventure tale the only difference is that all these adventures are true and not the figment of a person's imagination The book is well written and the reader feels an immediacy even though the tale is about100 years old Recommended

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