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    Amy finds a backbone I'm just hoping its hersI've spent a lot of the previous books wondering how Amy remains upright with absolutely no backbone at all but then she goes and surprises me by finding one I really hope she hasn't just borrowed it for the day I'm hoping it's hers and she'd just forgotten she had itfingers crossedSo this series is starting to pick up there's a huge surprise which isn't a surprise at all because we've been waiting since instalment 2 or 3 but still it's here now and it changes the tone of the bookLucian's not happy which makes a nice change from him having everything his own wayAnd incase you were wondering I still don't like JaniceAlso I have to point out that the 3 stars is not a negative it's incredibly unusual for me to give such a short book than 3 the first one in this series was an exception

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    Flesh Part Seven by Sky Corgan was a great read Amy is trying to find the dirt on Lucian while also trying to forget about him

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    THE MIDNIGHT GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL Wowza Flesh is a riveting new series by Sky Corgan and it is smokin hot I love it In Book One Corgan expertly sets the stage for her story with an introduction to Flesh an amazing experience for those who would like to safely test the waters in the world of BDSM with as much or as little as their heart desires And oh my good glory is it ever sexy In Book Two Corgan now delves into the development and personality of the characters In Book Three Corgan begins to build the heat to a slow sensual burn In Book Four Corgan begins to kick up the heat In Book Five as the heat blazes and attraction builds for our two main characters we see of their individual personalties their fears and desires In Book Six Corgan begins to reveal the true nature of Dr Lucian Reddick and the darkness of the beast that lies within him And now in Book Seven surprising and totally unexpected revelations are revealed that further complicate an already complex personalwork relationship between Lucian and Amy Oh my Somebody call 911 Sky Corgan is a woman on fire and judging by what I've read so far this is just the beginning Good Golly Miss Molly I am now officially hooked hook line and sinker The story is exciting thrilling enticing compelling rriveting erotic sensual and steamy And did I say hot? Well it's HOT The dialogue is smart seductive arousing very well written and flows effortlessly The characters are fascinating captivating engaging intriguing and sexy as sin Corgan uses her amazing talent unparalleled skill and uniue style to brilliantly combine these elements into a wonderfully entertaining and superbly satisfying read Amy Underwood is in a rut Her life is boring and she hasn't had sex in seven years She loves her job as an interior designer and decorator at Environ Design and Derrick her gay work boyfriend is great but none of that satisfies her sexual needs God so pathetic Her roommate Janice finally convinces her to sign up for a session at Flesh but good lord she's never even had sex unless she was in a relationship How in the world is she supposed to be naked in front of some stranger much less participate in some kinky BDSM scene Oh well maybe she could just dip a toe to see if the water is warm Just one time that's all Maybe then her roommate will stop bugging her about it Yep she'll try it once and never go back Or will she? But her mysterious sexy one night only Dom only known as Sir just may have something else in mind Oh my Was their chance client meeting strictly a coincidence or was it strictly set up by none other than Mr Mystery Man himself wealthy well known plastic surgeon Dr Lucian Reddick? HmmmI wonder??? It seems the dominant Dr Reddick has plans for the lovely shy Amy Underwood And what are those plans? Well I don't like to give spoilers but I will say that we see much of what he has planned for the lovely innocent Amy in this installment but I suspect the best is yet to come And his plans include a lot than working with her to redecorate his home He definitely wants to sample her beauty and see how the creamy flesh of Amy's body looks draped across his bed A perfect accent to the room decor especially if she's tied up and waiting for him It seems the irresistible Lucian Reddick is very involved in the BDSM lifestyle and wants Amy to be involved as well He invites her to Fleshfest to try to initiate her into his world Amy doesn't like what she finds at Fleshfest especially when she discovers another woman in Lucian's lap What? But the innocent naive Amy struggles with the morality of the BDSM lifestyle and unlike her roommate is not eager to become a willing participant She would never become a submissive and participate in a staged scene in front of other people Never say never But just what will Amy do to keep her job Or is her job just an excuse to continue to see the handsome Lucian? Me thinks Amy doth protest too much Amy has already dipped a toe to test the water but she better know how to swim because she's definitely in deep water and apparently she can't decide if she wants to sink or swim with Sir But Amy has no idea that within the handsome Lucian Reddick lies a blackened tortured soul with dark desires for her Will those desires cost her everything her job her friendships her sanity her very soul? Which path will she choose? Or possibly who will she choose? HmmmYowza I guess we'll find out in Book Eight I can hardly wait Oh Oh Oh It's just so exciting I was turning the pages so fast my IPad couldn't keep up I can't get enough of this series Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read

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    I received this book for an honest reviewSo this picks up the day after fleshfest Janice is suffering the hangover of all hangovers and Amy is thinking maybe she's really over Lucien She's all settled in for a uiet night at home when Derrick offers to come over and keep her company she thinks he's acting odd but ignores it until he springs on her the surprise of a lifetime can she handle drama in her life? She then has to go meet Lucian for a consult on his home decorating project can she tell him she's done with him once and for all?Just as I was starting to write Amy off as a doormat she surprises me I still am not sure of her friends though Janice is a little to self involved for my liking and seems upset it's not all about her any and that Amy's life is actually interesting right now I just hope her backbone sticks around and isn't just a fleeting moment of bravery This is not a standalone it's an ongoing series that you need to read from the beginning they are short uick reads meant for when you have a bit of time to spare

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    I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewPart 7 in the Flesh series After the night at Fleshfest Amy waits for Janice to tell her what she heard about Lucian But Janice is hung over and doesn't remember Later that day Derrick shows up at her apartment and drops a bombshell on her I can say I didn't see it coming Not sure if I liked it or not But I will wait and see where it does Derrick wants to go with her to Lucain's and he wants Amy to resist him It is what she has been trying to do She wants to stand up for herself This part made me feel a little better about the characters Amy does want to stand up for herself I was getting tired of her letting Lucian walk all over her Guess I will have to wait and see if she can actually do it or not

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    Can't Believe ItPart 7 is now one of my favorite parts Derricks coming out about his feelings for AnyWOW Although I have to say I'm only a little surprised after their previous conversations He obviously cares for herWasn't sure she'd be able to stand up to Lucien because she really is weak when it comes to him She loves the little bit of kink but after Flesh she knows living of the lifestyle is not for her Honestly I don't know if it's fear about Lucien wanting to do their scenes in public or the fact that she's not going to be the only one in his life Anyway she has a chance to be braver now that she knows someone else wants her tooThis series is a Must Read

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    I received an arc from Sky Corgan for an honest review Wow This series keeps getting better and better Amy decides she's had enough of Lucian Reddick Derrick throws a wrench in their five year relationship When Amy goes to her next appointment with Lucian he naturally takes advantage of the situation and tries to seduce her Surprisingly she turns down his advances and informs him she's in a relationship Shocked he forbids her to continue it Amy parts ways with Lucian stating he doesn't have the right to make that kind of demand to her Stay tuned for the next exciting episode release date tomorrow April 24th

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    I received a free eBook copy for an honest reviewOne thing about the Flesh Series is that just when you think you know what is going on Jani Kay adds another twist to throw you off The whole Flesh Series keeps you guessing The uestions just keep piling up as the story unfolds Who exactly in Lucian? Is Derrick really interested in Amy? Who is Amy going to choose? Too many uestions but no answers The Flesh Series is twisted delicious and sexy

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    Well this book so cute Dereck try's to let Amy know his feelings which are confusing cause he's gay But that doesn't stop him from wanting her He tells her she loves him And she finally breaks it off with Lucian But we shall see how long that will last They are a pair made in heaven

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    Love love this seriesI wish you would write on this couplewhat a great seriesCould not put this book downThank you for a great serieskeep up the good workMOREEEE PLEASE

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Flesh Flesh #7 [PDF / EPUB] Flesh Flesh #7 He's like the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden I took a bite from him and he poisoned me Amy can't wait to find out the dirt on Lucian but information doesn't come easy when alcohol plays into th He's like the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden I took a bite from him and he poisoned me Amy can't wait to find out the dirt on Lucian but information doesn't come easy when alcohol plays into things After a rather disappointing night at Fleshfest Amy decides to make up for her bad time by trying to forget about Lucian and enjoy her three day weekend Thankfully she doesn't have to spend it alone Derrick drops by to celebrate Flesh Flesh eBook Ù landing the interior design contract with Lucian but things uickly get out of hand Heat level Sweet This is the seventh installment in an episodic series Each installment is designed to be read in under an hour so they're perfect for when you're waiting at appointments or have a few extra minutes to spare.

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