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Fireweed Trail [PDF / EPUB] Fireweed Trail Before she was a detective Troubled teen Leilani Texeira is on the edge of self destruction As a last ditch effort to reach her Auntie sends her to the Fireweed Trail program a wilderness therapy hike Before she was a detective Troubled teen Leilani Texeira is on the edge of self destruction As a last ditch effort to reach her Auntie sends her to the Fireweed Trail program a wilderness therapy hike down the Oregon Coast Trail Things go well until a fellow hiker turns up dead Now she's a murder suspect Damaged and fragile Lei is pushed from inaction to one of the most harrowing adventures in her young life Miles from civilization and help she only has her own strength and determination to save herself from of a killer's wrath And instead of hiking she's running for her lifeThis is a novella set in Toby Neal's vivid and captivating Lei Crime Series Kindle World.

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    Fireweed Trail by Craig Hansen is an interesting entry in the Lei Crime World series This series based on the books by Toby Neal have a wide variety of novellas set in her universe; however Mr Hansen's offering is uniue in that we meet Lei when she is only 16 years oldThe Oregon Coast Trail which provides the backdrop is every bit as evocative and compelling as the Hawaiian islands in the original series We already know that Lei had a horrible childhood and here we get to see her attitude regarding it while she's still a teenager and not that far removed from those horrific eventsShe is participating in a wilderness therapy program courtesy of her Aunt and one of the adult mentors gives us an interesting glimpse into Lei's psyche which I found fascinatingAll of the books in the Lei Crime World series are well written exciting fast paced and thought provoking I would highly recommend checking them all out as well as Toby Neal's original seriesI was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    This is a short story about Lei who we can read about in Toby Neals crime novels In this story Lei is a troubled sixteen year old She's sent on a wilderness therapy hike by her aunt While on the hike someone dies and Lei finds herself being a suspect This was a really good surprise for me I certainly couldn't predict what was gonna happen next Looking forward to reading of these short reads

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    Fear in the wilderness Fireweed Trail follows a group of troubled young adults into the wilderness in Oregon They are in therapy for various issues but the therapy is unconventional; the results deadly Mr Hansen weaves a strong story about a young Lei Texeira and how she came to be the woman she is today in Toby Neal's Lei Crime novels Some good twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat

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    The Lei Crime Series Fireweed Trail Kindle Worlds Novella by Craig HansenTroubled teen Leilani Lei Texeira is sent to the Fireweed Trail program a wilderness therapy hike down the Oregon Coast Trail It is her Aunts attempt to try to help her Niece Everything seems to be going fine until one of the hikers end up deadLei becomes a suspect and she is determined to find the truth She will stop at nothing even put her life in danger to find the murderer I really Like Lei I liked her from the first Lei Crime Series I readI enjoyed seeing Lei in her younger years She comes from a dysfunctional family but she doesn't let that get to her She strives to lead as normal of a life as possible Even though this is a short story a lot goes on in every page making this an intense page turning five star read I also like the cover it has a bit of mystiue and pulls you into the storyI highly recommend The Lei Crime Series Fireweed Trail

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    Having recently been introduced to the Lei Crime series and based on the premise of this story I was really looking forward to reading it unfortunately I was a bit disappointed I think this story would have profited from a bit of editing you're instead of your in one instance for example I realize that in a novella things are somewhat condensed but I honestly didn't feel like there was much in the way of character development There were a couple of situations that went way beyond plausibility like a character hiking in the mountains for half a day on a sprained ankle view spoilerI also feel that Tim's treatment of Lei early on went beyond tough love and into abusive I'm saying this from a parent's perspective who has not had to deal with troubled teens but it really bothered me hide spoiler

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    Lei is a troubled teen who her aunt sends her on the Fireweed Trail program that helps troubled teens One of the teens ends up dead and Lei is a suspect Lei will do whatever it takes to prove she is innocent even if it means risking her own life I love Lei's character This book was a great addition to the series I would also like to thank Craig Hansen for the copy he gifted me for my honest review I look forward to reading of his books

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    I'm enjoying reading the Lei Crime Series This novella revealed part of Lei's past that I believe helped to play a part in her decision to go into law enforcement It was a good mystery and a good story

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    This sort of back to nature kind of therapy seems exactly like something Lei’s auntie Rosario would send her on The premise and the setting of this story are prefect but the crimes committed are disturbing Hansen does a great job of bringing the creepy to this Lei Crime story

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    Truly enjoyed this story of Lei as a young teen She's feisty sarcastic and far mature than her trail mates A trip with troubled youth has Lei in a situation luckily her instincts kick in Short and exciting this is exactly how a Kindle World book should be the perfect addition to compliment the series

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