EMPIRE PALADIN [PDF / EPUB] EMPIRE PALADIN Empire Paladin is a tale of dark brutal and gritty historical fantasy The year is 1241 The Holy Roman Empire is being torn apart both by civil war and invading forces from foreign lands The Pope has r EMPIRE PALADIN is a tale of dark brutal and gritty historical fantasy The year is The Holy Roman Empire is being torn apart both by civil war and invading forces from foreign lands The Pope has recently died leaving the Holy Church in turmoil while an ambitious Emperor seeks to consolidate his power and his holdings in the resulting power vacuum Camila Chastaine a self righteous paladin knight in service of the Holy Church struggles in her duties to protect a realm of the Empire As Camila fights to maintain order she receives an urgent summons from Rome regarding a new threat to the Empire a traitorous fellow paladin who has corrupted his divine powers to raise an army of undead soldiers bent on the destruction of all life As Camila joins with her comrades to confront this peril little does she realize that she will soon face an even greater evil in a battle for her mind and soul This book is intended for mature audiences.

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    This book is a religious fantasy set in the times of the Holy Roman Empire about the early 13th Century There were twelve primus paladins and a number of lesser paladins who were holy warriors The name paladin apparently comes from the twelve foremost warriors in Charlemagne's court The paladin was originally a government official from the Latin someone who lived on the Palatine hill which in turn meant someone extraordinarily rich The riches seem to be done away with in this story Anyway the story here starts with a very skilled paladin fighting the forces of evil only to learn that his home town has been attacked He rushes back and finds his wife and children dead and in a rant he blames God Lucifer hears his rant and tempts him with the idea of having revenge on God by destroying God's creations humanity and as a tool he finds he has the power to raise the dead The reader has to accept certain magic and the trick here is to ensure sufficient balance that the issue is a challenge and I think the author does this reasonably well Similarly it is necessary to accept that the paladins have to follow certain dictates of the Catholic church the concept of eternal fires in hell and so on Given that the book flows uite well provided you don't mind some fairly gruesome scenes The author has included a little strategy and tactics before his battles and while there is a lot of the inevitable smiting the action scenes are uite well written There are also some subtle points about religion to think about if so inclined There is one fight scene near the end that actually is not very realistic but you would have to know an awful lot about medieval fighting to pick this In a sense the setting is historical but because of the magic consider it a fantasy

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    A well crafted dark historical fantasyEMPIRE PALADIN Realm of the Dead by M S Valdez is a wonderfully written and richly descriptive novel with brilliantly drawn settings and characters The author weaves a well crafted historical fantasy that will captivate the reader from the start Skillfully constructed this dark fantasy will have you turning the pages from beginning to end There’s plenty of imagery in the writing style that makes you feel you are right there in the story and that’s something I look for in a good bookThis was a captivating read that had me immersed from the beginning The story flowed from scene to scene with ease and the author shows exceptional ability when it comes to storytelling I enjoyed the story character development and dialogue There were plenty of intriguing moments that I didn’t see coming and that added to the book’s mystiue When I stopped reading to work I found myself wondering what happened in the book and replaying parts of the novel in my head to see if I could figure out It has been a while since I enjoyed a book this muchIt’s one of those stories that come along occasionally that makes you want to read it non stop until you get to the end I’m giving nothing further away here And this I hope will only add to the mystery and enjoyment for the reader Highly recommended reading and looking forward to the rest of this series

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    EMPIRE PALADIN Realm of the Dead begins with the death and destruction of the paladin Vhaldrynn Malleus wife and two daughters He grieves and bitterness completely destroys his faith and servitude for God He chooses to take a path totally contrary and is resolved to destroy everyone on earth so no one is left for God It is at that moment the Father of Lies supplies him with the ability to raise an army from the dead Satan had set the stage; a leading paladin had been possessed by a demon at birth when the demon in her dying mother had nowhere else to goMS Valdez keeps the human emotions real but at a spiritual level Bitterness envy pride and judgment are magnified when you add powers from both God and Satan It is heartbreaking to see the depths of despair Vhaldrynn sinks to in order to find peace from his guilt when he wasn’t there to protect his family I loved Camila’s passion for justice but my favorite character throughout the novel would be Fausta She is the one that brings a smile during their trials and is always looking to help those around her

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    MS Valdez's Empire Paladin Realm of the Dead plays on the concept that those who believe that they are good can often be capable of doing the most evil If someone's good nature is built on pride self righteousness and converting or destroying those who do not share their limited view of the world then they can be as dangerous as those who only live to hurt and destroy others for revenge or selfish gainRealm of the Dead presents two characters caught up in the conflict of good vs evil that on the surface appear to be completely different but when looked closer are very similar in their obsessions fanaticism and single minded pursuits Similar to another recent epic fantasy that I reviewed Derek Smythe's The Other Magic the battle of good vs evil is less straightforward It's not always black and white sometimes it's shades of grayMany of the characters are among the 12 members of the primus paladins of the Order of the Paladins the elite Knight order from the Holy Roman Empire They travel throughout Europe under the direct orders from the Empire to fight for defend and spread God's word It's an awesome responsibility and certainly lends itself to people who can be skewered by their view of what God's word actually means and commit deadly actions in the names of those viewsOne of those knights that falls short is Lord Vhaldrynn Malleus Besides being an effective paladin and dedicated warrior he has the gift of healing and bringing the dead back to life Unfortunately his wife and children were murdered while he was away on assignment Vhaldrynn is enraged that this personal loss happened while he was doing God's work so he renounces his religious calling Since he accepts that evil is in the world the only thing that he can do to combat it is to destroy all of humanityOf course this is a world where Satan definitely exists and is always on hand for a renunciation He appears right in front of Vhaldrynn complete with witty dialogue and an offer he can't refuse When he gives an overly long list of titles Vhaldrynn says You are Lucifer the Father of Lies Satan's comeback Then I guess I must not be who I said I was His tantalizing offer is that Vhaldrynn can now use his healing powers to bring people from the dead and create a mindless zombie army to do their dark master's biddingIf there is a deadly sin that Vhaldrynn is guilty of it's Wrath He is so bound by his hatred and vengeance over what happened to his family that he is willing to destroy the world He is even aware that his ultimate prize will be eternal damnation and he no longer cares Anger has eaten him from the inside and is destroying as uickly as his army of the dead are destroying everything else around himAnother character that has their own view of God's word and acts according to it is a character on the other side the side of good Lady Camila Chastaine Camila is considered one of the best paladins relentless in her pursuit of enemies and fights them until they are converted or dead For those who accuse Valdez of political correctness in featuring a female paladin should be aware that history and legend is full of stories of such women Charlemagne had a female paladin Lady Bradamante in his knighthood History includes such figures as Joanna of Flanders Empress Matilda Jeanne de Clissone and of course one of the most famous female warriors of all Joan of Arc Camila is a fierce warrior dedicated strong willed and excellent at strategy and physical fightingHowever she is not always likeable Our first encounter with her is when she pursues a man for the rape of a young girl It would be admirable except the man had already been tried and found not guilty by the Duke Camila refuses to listen to the man's pleas of innocence and protection by the Duke She says that there is a difference between man's law and God's law and she is there to enact God's law before she kills himCamila's traveling companions fellow paladins Talitha and Altrael and sorceress Fausta think of her as cold emotionless and self righteous They try to keep her grounded and to see beyond her narrow minded view and retain her humanity But they are not always successfulIf Vhaldrynn is guilty of Wrath then Camila is guilty of Satan's favorite sin from The Devil's Advocate Pride and Vanity She believes that she is doing God's work and that she is merely his vessel but she is actually following her own ascended view of humanity and she is willing to kill others to enforce it In some ways that makes her no better than VhaldrynnCamila's pride ultimately proves to be her downfall Satan finds that he can lure her just as easily as he could Vhaldrynn In his horrific confrontations with the female paladin he forces her to face her own demons including a literal one that is activated by her self righteousness and pride and the violence that comes with thatEmpire Paladin Realm of the Dead features characters that walk a thin line between good and evil Once they fall so far into the individual sides they might how similar those sides actually are

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    Epic JourneyEmpire Paladin Realm of the Dead Empire Paladin Series Book 1 by MS Valdez is a bold and daring epic novel set in the mid 13th Century The well developed and engaging narrative involves the enemy known as the Lord of the Dead against the Holy Roman Empire and the Order of Paladins and four Paladins in particular All paladins have been gifted with powers Lord Vhaldrynn Malleus a palladin is able to heal the severest of wounds as well as the power of resurrection Additionally one paladin Lady Camila Chastaine eually brave and heroic is also invested in the battle between good and evil A battle she not only fights outwardly but inwardly as wellA paladin is a knight that is known for their heroism and deeds of courage and chivalryFrom the very start the reader is immediately enveloped in a epic drama that involves the forces of good versus the forces of evil Through its beginning character development and into the developing plot the reader is introduced and becomes well acuainted with the events that are transpiring during this timeframe and the uest and drive of each of the main charactersThe story takes a dark twist as Lord Vhaldrynn Malleus' faith is challeged due to the horrible death of his wife and children The impact of the evil alters his faith and he encounters the Evil One or Lucifer The sinister pact is sealed between the former faithful paladin and the Morning Star God is denied and the most challenging warfare between the Church and the forces of evil is at handEmpire Paladin Realm of the Dead Empire Paladin Series Book 1 by MS Valadez has all the ingredients of an epic read It is a story of good vs evil law vs lawlessness courage and bravery lost faith an army of the dead and plot twists and turnsIt also contains content meant for mature age readersThe novel is written in an epic fashion and is worthy of the reader's time and attention

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    The first entry in M S Valdez’s ‘Empire Paladin’ series ‘Empire Paladin Realm of the Dead’ is an instantly captivating surprisingly brutal piece of historical fiction with a heavy emphasis on the ‘fiction’ set in the Holy Roman EmpireThe story follows a classic ‘good vs evil’ template pitting our hero Camila against a grief stricken Paladin Malleus who is bent on misguided revenge What follows is an intense action packed adventure that stirs up healthy doses of horror and suspense Add to all that some fantastic ‘zombieundead’ fun and you have yourself a true genre bending page turner that cleverly fuses fantasy and historical fictionFor his part Valdez really nails the mood from start to finish painting vivid scenes and populating them with immediately intriguing characters Eschewing well established tropes from the get go the author also cleverly opts for a female protagonist a paladin knight named Camila Chastaine to guide readers through this violent thirteenth century taleAnd while the novel steps deeper and deeper into the fantasy side of things as the narrative unfolds Valdez’s adherence to an accurate historical context never wavers especially in regards to the Roman Catholic embellishmentsAs the first entry to what is sure to be an epic ‘can’t miss’ saga M S Valdez’s ‘Empire Paladin’ is a success on all fronts—highly recommended for fans of a period specific fantasy andor GOT esue stories that blur the lines between history and horror

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    Empire Paladin is a brilliant read it's fantastical historical and all round a whole lot of funIt follows the perilous journey of Camila a Paladin knight in service of the Holy Roman Empire at a time when stability and security are of paramount importance with the Pope gone and the Empire in a vulnerable state Lucifer himself has raised an undead army at the command of another Paladin who in grief for his family has turned against God and against the Holy Roman Empire There's a lot going on here the historical setting is in itself really well set out and remains a great feature of the book throughout against the backdrop of which not only an epic good vs evil plot is added but also the fantasy element of an undead army and all the action packed thrills it brings In all of this the importance of Camila's character being cast as a woman can get lost which I think is also really powerful not to mention refreshingIt's also worth saying that the good vs evil plot is really well nuanced and deals with the causes of anger and the existential uestions raised by grief as much as with the violent conseuences of Vhaldrynn's actionsThe style of writing is as compelling as the content but a word of warning it can get a little dark hard hitting at times so it's not necessarily a book for the faint hearted I'll definitely be reading to see what happens in the rest of the series

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    In 1241 the Hole Roman Empire is under siege from outside and within The death of the Pope further throws the Empire into chaos setting the stage for ambitious men seeking to consolidate their power In this tumultuous age a lone Paladin Knight by name of Camila Chastaine is set on a dangerous mission with fellow Paladins They must seek out and stop one of their own who has been corrupted by Satan and taught the powers that will allow him to raise the dead for his own purpose This is only the first in a series so you can bet on the fact that there will be plenty of action intrigue horror zombies and grand battlesAs the first book this one set the stage nicely The worldbuilding was done well we have a clear picture of where we are in history with the added bonus of magic being real and used on a regular basis to either protect the masses or to hurt them The story is written very well I was sucked in uickly and the pacing held my attention with a uick but steady race towards the end

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    Unbelievable this is another masterpiece added to the collection this year has surely surprises me in many ways and this is another amazing bookSet in the Roman Empire the Pope has recently died the struggle to keep the peace is increasing and one brave paladin knight Camila commits to her duty to protect the realm against everything that poses as a threat the thing is what if that said threat defeats her?This book is amazing it’s dark it’s scary at times there is a lot of action the protagonist Camila is stellar and well you think that sums up the entire book right? It’s not even half of it trust me It always fascinated me how authors portrayed times like this the amount of details invested in the set and period of time is compelling you feel how the story engross from a simple war between good against evil to a much dark and complicated story books like this one deserves much attention from us read it this is such an uniue story

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    Empire Paladin Realm of the Dead by MS Valdez is not for the faint hearted I don't recommend this as a bed time read either It's been written with an adult reader in mind It's a historical dark fantasyThe scene is set in the year 1241 the holy Roman Empire is being torn apart by several up rests including Civil war Unfortunately the Pope has also died causing the church to be in turmoilWe meet Camila Chastine a paladin knight for the Holy Church she finds it hard however to maintain her duties to protect the Empire Realm As she tries to maintain order in the Empire She receives from Rome an urgent summons conceiving a new threat to the Empire As Camila and her fellow troops join forces to defeat this evil she has a harder fight to face with an even greater evil with her mind and soul at bayI have to be honest I didn't enjoy this it was too dark for me But for someone that loves dark thrillers I'm sure they would thoroughly enjoy this

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