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  • 20 August 2015
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     Live to Kill💀🔪🔫Alpha Humans in a Corrupt Sci fi 🚀 Universe💫Created by the Unified Governments for the wealth and power of the Empire Nations their cruel darkness has spawned Agent Soldier MXX Maxx🐺🔪🔫 Along the way horrified by the lawless government he worked for Maxx🐺🔪🔫 went rogue He works for himself nowMaxx🐺🔪🔫 is unenhanced by The now 🚫illegal mechanically engineered JaCs implants that his mercenary crew have In fact the JaCs implants are now the largest illegal business In the galaxyMaxx's ship the Beast🚀 is one of The most powerful and heavily armed in the galaxy too His crew of mercenaries are the best of talent and they are there for the credits Maxx's uses his crew like tools used as a means to an end It's all about completing the contracts His only friend is the credits the 💰moneyThe United Government wants his ship and the illegal 🚫 cargo aboard They are coming for himARC Provided by Hidden 💎GemsI also got this ebook with KUThis is a dark violent🔫🔪 and bloody view of the universe 💫 by Author Schlising📚 Maxx🐺🔪🔫 is tortured and drugged but he bides his time The urge for retribution is what gives him the will to live and kill💀🔪🔫

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    A Dark Dangerous Galactic ThrillerI enjoyed this novel The author has built a very dark and dangerous Sci Fi galaxy and created a heroanti hero cut from the same cloth as Robert E Howard’s Conan Maxx is a man at war with himself and most of the rest of the galaxy He tries hard not to care and at times fails miserably He thinks he’s got his role in the galaxy all figured out then people get in his way He’s tough and bull headed I liked himSchlising’s voice throughout is uniue He paints a very dystopian future filled with corruption greed and a desperate population The story unfolds as a rollercoaster ride across the galaxy with intriguing mysteries desperate moments and a twist at the end I never saw comingThis appears to be this author’s first book If so it’s an excellent first effort and I’m looking forward to

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    This book by Donald Schlising was definitely an action filled adventure combined with a high degree of suspense and a whopping big helping of body count with grisly and gory details in the multiple battle scenes It was also a story about the importance of having true friends you can rely on when the going gets really tough and there seems to be no way out of the mess you are in It was also a story about betrayal loyalty revenge and survival at all costs The mission was the only thing that mattered the rest was just collateral that could be sacrificed if necessary to achieve their objectives It was also a lesson to hang on to any human instincts and feelings that remain inside of dark hearted human and part human soldiers The story flowed with fairly rapid speed and certainly grabbed the reader's interest from the get go This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Hidden Gems Books

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    I received this book free as an ARC reader for review This book is in much the same vein as all those eye roll worthy action movies where the hero survives a handful of things that should’ve killed him defeats enemies stronger faster better trained than he and always seems to have an answer to get out of every situation Include the painfully obvious betrayal cargo and beautiful women and we have one overly wordy novel that uite simply tries too hard It’s got pretty much every Cliché on the list and then it simply ends mid story right as our “hero” figures everything out No I don’t plan on reading the second half “seuel” I already know how it will go

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    A lot happening Looks like a war zone Description are very vivid It does feel like something is going on behind the scenes Scary what people will do to others JUST for money Good story I liked the build up of hate from Maxx Ready to explode I received a complimentary review copy of the book and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review

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    I received this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads giveawayHiding this for spoilers just in case I add something that is spoiler likeMXX overall was pretty good It had a good pace and a fairly creative plotI'll break my review down into a few things Characters Plot Conflict SettingDescription and PaceCharacters At first I thought that the main character might turn out to be very Gary Stu like The main character Maxx wasn't greatly a Gary Stu There were a few instances where the fighting seemed a bit unrealistic but overall Maxx seemed to have his limits Similar for the other characters Character development wise the characters were a little developed and had some definable characteristics But the character voice wasn't immensely strongPlot However the lack of strong character voice was made up for in a fairly creative plot The characters had to transport cargo in opposition to enemies who wanted to set them off their course The plot also had good plot points and a fairly good plot twist Conflict The conflict was well established and referenced freuently throughout the book It also added to the amount of character development particularly with Maxx and Lirania The other characters also had conflict again helping character development and helping add another element to the story SettingDescription The setting was average described fine Some of the setting was common to the characteristics of the various places but some of it also had some creativity There was also a fair amount of weapons description and the weapons did have some creativity The description was not too dense and neither did it really take away from the story Pace There was a good pace to this book The tension and conflict helped create a nice undercurrent to keep the story moving along and the story only slowed briefly one or two times The pace helped carry the story Though somewhat minimal the character development also helped push the pace alongOverall four stars It was good uick moving good plot I personally would have liked some character development But four stars It's a good sci fi read

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    MXX Agent Soldier by Donald Schlising is a novel was the characters live and travel in space Different planets or race of people experimented with making an ultimate soldier to fight for an advantage point over the other planets The enhanced a person was the unstable they could become unless the device is removed But they liked the added abilities they were able to obtain MXX or Maxx was an agent soldier who didn’t believe in using the enhancements and even had to leave the woman he loved behind because she refused to have her enhancements neutralized to ensure her life and stability Maxx is finding the cargo in his ship is causing attention from the wrong people than he can handle Plus he must figure out who the double agent is on his ship My favorite part in the book would have to be where Maxx had the compensation JaC hidden I was surprised at who was really working with Maxx and who was plotting against him

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MXX[PDF / EPUB] MXX MXX is born into the galaxy's darkness and forged by its heartless cruelty Trusting only his gun and the edge of his knife MXX becomes one of the galaxy's greatest and most feared agent soldiers as he MXX is born into the galaxy's darkness and forged by its heartless cruelty Trusting only his gun and the edge of his knife MXX becomes one of the galaxy's greatest and most feared agent soldiers as he claws for his share of the scraps the Unified Governments leaves behind When MXX's latest mission draws the attention of the Unified Governments he makes the most difficult decision of his life Hunted by the most powerful leaders in the galaxy MXX strikes a new deal his life for the lives of his crew The Unified Governments fashioned a galaxy of wealth and power for the Empire Nations ignoring the heavy cost of their actions They created desperation and aggression They created a galaxy of darkness They created MXX and it's his time now.

About the Author: Donald Schlising

Donald Schlising is an author of science fiction and horror with a number of published short stories and creative works to his credit MXX Agent Soldier is his first published novel and the first book in the MXX seriesDonald lives in southern Wisconsin and in addition to writing MXX Two Promises the second novel in the MXX series he's also an award winning nature and landscape photograph.