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Oliver The Cat Who Saved Christmas [PDF / EPUB] Oliver The Cat Who Saved Christmas A friend who brings light at the darkest of times Oliver the cat is a timid little thing and rarely ventures from his home in the Foresters’ ArmsThen his life changes dramatically when a fire breaks A friend who Cat Who PDF ✓ brings light at the darkest of times Oliver the cat is a timid little thing and rarely ventures from his home in the Foresters’ ArmsThen his life changes dramatically when a fire breaks out in the pub kitchen and he is left homeless and afraid But with the kindness of the humans around him he soon learns to trust again And in his own special way he helps to heal those around himHowever it isn’t until he meets a little girl in desperate need of a friend that he realises this Oliver The PDF or village needs a Christmas miracleA warm and uplifting novel this is the tale of a little cat with a big heart Perfect for fans of A Streetcat Named Bob and Alfie the Doorstep Catback cover.

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Oliver The Cat Who Saved Christmas
  • Sheila Norton
  • English
  • 07 July 2016
  • 9781785031830

About the Author: Sheila Norton

I live in Cat Who PDF ✓ Chelmsford UK with my husband Alan We have three married daughters and six grandchildren I've been writing ever since I was a little girl and finally achieved my lifelong ambition to have a novel published with the acceptance in of 'The Trouble With Ally' Prior to this I'd been having short stories published in women's magazines for about ten years My most recent books are.

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    This book was a uick and easy read and I finished it within 24 hours I found it uite pleasant gently moralistic and for me it is definitely for young people There is no plot to speak of The narrator is Oliver himself and it is one of those books where animals take on human characteristics as in children's books It didn't exactly challenge and to be honest I did find it 'twee' It has many five star reviews so I am in the minority

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    Oliver is a little cat whose kindness and concern for humans amazingly changes the lives of everyone he encounters Author Sheila Norton skillfully weaves together a heartwarming story of selflessness kindness and grace that will appeal to anyone who loves cats

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    Oliver loses his home when the pub where he lives with his owner George burns down During the fire Oliver runs away and ends up being taken in from the November chill by young Dan who lives a struggling existence with Nicky The two work in London but live in the small village where the costs are lower but still can barely put food on the table Caring for Oliver would be a stretch but neighbor Sarah and her little girls step in to help feed the animal while George is staying with his sister in London The fire has not only taken out the pub but a good portion of the village hall where many activities occur The biggest problem is the day nursery which will have to close Nicky who is newly pregnant works in a nursery but the salary in the village would be too small Oliver manages to manipulate the lives of those around him in order to be the cat who saved Christmas and manages to not only improve Nicky and Dan's lives but those of two grouchy pensioners a sick girl and most of the village just in time for the holidays Fans of James Herriot's All Creatures Great and Small or similar animal memoirs will find this to be a pleasant and diverting holiday read There are not great surprises in what Oliver manages to do but that's part of the charm of the book Everyone's life gets better in time for Christmas instead of being besieged by trauma This is a good story for all ages although it does address Nicky's impending unplanned and unwed motherhood as well as dancing around the amorous career of local cat Tabby who has managed to get another cat Suki pregnant There's nothing inappropriate discussed but it does come up Oliver The Cat Who Saved Christmas is an charming introduction to classic British village tales and would make a great gift for fans of this genre as well as people who prefer cats My daughter is getting this for a present She just got a cat I don't know where I went wrong This was a bit on the schmaltzy side and while it was from the cat's viewpoint it freuently veered into information the cat couldn't possibly have known The bit with Tabby being angry about getting Suki pregnant was a just weird and unnecessary except that Oliver is telling the story to one of her kittens

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    ARC received from Netgalley Rating 5Cover The Cutest One Sentence Summary The life of a fictional cat living in a small village Review You may think from the title and the description that this is actually a children's book in a bad disguise but I assure you it will melt even the coldest adult heartThe book is told from the perspective of Oliver the cat and whilst it is his partly his a story about his life through his eyes you get to learn the toils and troubles that each family in the village is going through during the festive timeThis is a really cute easy to read book for all animal and Christmas lovers alike

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    This darling story about Oliver a temporarily homeless cat whose owner’s pub burned down who moves in with two neighboring families and brings positive change to them and in fact their whole village Told from Ollie’s perspective to a new little kitty it is full of gentle humor and warmth and will be a precious addition to your Christmas bookshelf Charming view of British village life with pleasant characters and surprise twists

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    A gentle read good to have a breather after reading some intense books Set in England with a cat as the main character in a small village we see the goings on the trials and tribulations of the village people through Oliver's eyes

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    I can’t say enough good things about this charming and delightful tale Told by Oliver the cat who did than just save Christmas in his little village this story is pure enchantment from beginning to end Though Oliver may be endowed with than just normal cat smarts he is a gentle and caring creature and not at all proud Having had a rough start in life he is uite affectionate if a bit cautious He lives at the village pub with George but that peaceful life is interrupted by a devastating fire Now in temporary foster care and shared by two families Oliver is soon ensconced in the affairs of many of the villagers It has been said too many times I fear and I am sorry to repeat it that it takes a village to raise a child In this case it takes a cat to save a village In telling his story to a much younger kitten we learn all about Oliver’s life his bravery and his cleverness A wonderful tale wonderfully told this story is for all who love cats and Christmas or just are fond of a heartwarming tale

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    I loved this book It's told from Oliver the cat's point of view I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because everything falls too neatly into place at the end I know it's fiction and it's a very sweet story It's just incredibly unrealistic I would still recommend this book to friends though1

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    managed to be both ridiculous AND heartwarming

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    I challenge you to read this book and not end up smiling for large parts of it This is one of those incredibly sweet books written from Oliver the cat's perspective and it is clear he is full of love for his various humans and tries his best to be helpfulYou see as Oliver explains early on all cats are born bilingual so they can understand both cat and human and he thinks its a shame that humans can't seem to learn cat So Oliver is able to do all sorts of good deads for people in his little town and noone uite believes it wasn't a coincidence that he was around every single time Early on in the story you realise that Oliver is telling his story of last Christmas to a little kitten its clear the little kitten is enjoying listening when he stops playing with his tail and other such cattish behavioursFrom Oliver's point of view you learn about the lives of people living in the town mainly from him listening to them talk He does also have cat friends and I loved the interactions of Tabby and Suki Oliver hasn't had an easy life and he will slowly tell you himself the reasons he finds it hard to trust male adult humans I loved though how he referred to children as human kittens and that hands are paws There is something so charming about seeing life from the eyes of a cat I don't want to give too much away but suffice to say Oliver is a truly special cat and there is a decent helping of Christmas spirit and the kindness of strangers as well as a great community banding together feeling from this story I really enjoyed reading Oliver the Cat who Saved Christmas and would recommend it to all animal or Christmas lovers Thanks so much to Ebury and Netgalley for this review copy This was my honest opinion

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