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Chanakya Neeti [PDF / EPUB] Chanakya Neeti Chanakya also known as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta c 370–283 BC was an Indian teacher philosopher and royal adviser He was initially a professor of economics and political science at the ancient Taksha Chanakya also known as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta c – BC was an Indian teacher philosopher and royal adviser He was initially a professor of economics and political science at the ancient Takshashila University in Takshashila in present day Pakistan He managed the first Maurya emperor Chandragupta's rise to power at a young age He played an important role in the establishment of the Maurya Empire which was the first empire in archaeologically recorded history to rule most of the Indian subcontinent Chanakya served as the chief advisor to both Chandragupta and his son Bindusara whose son was Emperor Ashoka Chanakya is credited with authoring two treatises said to be the first of its genre in the world – the Arthasastra Economics the ancient Indian political treatise; the Nitishastra the Chanakya Niti a treatise on the ideal way of life and his policies.

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    “Peoples happiness should be King’s happiness Welfare of people is King’s welfare For a king there is no task which is only individualistic and pleasurable to him only It is king’s utmost duty to look after progress and welfare of people of his country”Kautilya also known as Chanakya aka Vishnugupt c 350 275 BCE was an Indian statesman and philosopher chief advisor and Prime Minister of the Indian Emperor Chandragupta the first ruler of the Mauryan Empire Kautilya belonged to the Brahmin caste the priestly class he was originally from Northern India and a professor of political science and economics at the University of Taxila He was fully knowledgeable concerning the Vedas literature and it is also believed that he might have had some knowledge of Zoroastrianism He mentored Chandra Gupta Maura a Shudra Low caste person to become king With Chandra Gupta he repelled the invasion of Greeks and also dethroned DhananandThis is the English translation of his Chankya Neeti First the shloka is given in Sanskrit then it is written in roman and finally the English translation is given Some explanation is also given in brackets if reuired The shlokas given here are for practical use in statecraft These are not theoretical This is proven by the historical facts that how he defeated the mighty Nandas Some examples are reproduced below1 Without good assistance a king can take no right decisions2 Courage alone is not enough to achieve success in one’s mission3 An irritable or foul tempered cow is better than having thousand dogs 4 One’s wisdom fails at the onset of the evil daysAlthough the teachings are excellent some have become outdated Some of these are anti Dalit and sexist in today’s context Some of those may be correct when written but lost relevance in today’s age Some examples1 A woman by nature is liar courageous deceitful foolish greedy impious and cruel These are innate attributes of a woman 2 Women have a knack of talking to one man casting an askew glance at other and loving secretly a third man They can’t devotedly love just one man3 The power of Brahmans is knowledge of the king his army of the trader class their wealth and of the menial class their service ability Chankya asserts ManuSo this Neeti is mixed bag in present context It should not be followed verbatim and in toto but in small doses We should use our wisdom and use it as per the changed times wherever reuired There are many printing mistakes and at some places there are boxes instead of words A better proof reading was reuired Translation could have been better45 stars

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    Chanakya Neeti With complete sutras is a scriptural narrative of sayingsslokas from one of the great philosopher of all time Chanakya man behind Chandra Gupta Maurya first mauryan emperor Chanakya played huge role in building this empire by teaching and assisting King chandra gupta from childhood He is well known for his knowledges in various fields other than governering like philosophy teaching jurist and economistThis novel was divided into six parts for understanding of readers each part describing various aspects of life and it's even relatable to today's happenings All the aphorisms are described in a detailed manner with simple english and sutras were in sanskritIt was edited well to make the readers connect easily but some of them are out dated I mean it can't suits for upto date Some of them which shows the superiority of brahmins as higher caste some shows the superiority of men over womenOverall it is a good book to read and some of his thoughts were still fresh which can make you feel wow and a pure form of inspiration

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    Amazing book Great life truthsspecially for mens in the form of shlokas and their explanations It is a philosophical book of chanakya mentor of the great emperor Ashoka

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    Neeti Book Review A Bundle Of Wisdom #BookReviewChanakya Neeti With Complete Sutras from Grapevine comes at a very right time The book carries a bundle of wisdom hailing from the age old various shastras Chanakya compiled the book originally by picking the most valuable pieces of wisdom from various Shastras keeping in mind some key disciplines of life like morality ethics governance etc Chanakya as we all know was a great thinker leader Mentor educator strategist teacher economist philosopher advisor jurist and diplomat He is among the first initiators towards creating a united India It was his dream to create a grand India that he assisted Mauryan emperor Chandragupta Maurya in his rise to power There are 570 sutras or learning from Chanakya in the second section of the book The first section comprises of Chanakya Neeti in 5 classifications These 5 classifications are The Individual Society Good Company General Observations and MiscellaneousThe book Chanakya Neeti is not a one time read Since it is a book of learning and wisdom you can read it again and again in any seuence starting from any page Every time you read it it promises to give you a new piece of thought and learning The book is important for anyone There is learning for everyone in this book for any age and any profession Right from a student to a professional carrying ample experience and knowledge will get great learning to boost their professional and personal life Like one of the Chanakya Neeti says teaching a dunce pupil associating with melancholic persons or supporting a vile woman is a sure invitation to grief and pain All three activities will be a sheer waste of energy efforts and fame Another Neeti is a gem in terms of logic and knowledgeChanakya Neeti Is A Great Source Of Knowledge In fact this particular Chanakya Neeti says you need to be alone at the time of worship Two people if study together progresses well Three persons are important for singing Four persons need to be there while going out Five people together can work optimally in a field Finally in a war you reuire many persons Every Neeti and Sutra by Chanakya is directly applicable to life and therefore is a great source of learning for everyone

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    Chanakya was an Indian teacher philosopher economist jurist and royal advisor who has authored the ancient Indian political treatise the Arthashastra Being the pioneer of the field of political science and economics in India his work is thought as an important precursor to classical economics His works were lost near the end of the Gupta Empire and not discovered until the early twentieth century as refAnd with this little information and the introduction given in the book we will come to know the greatness of Chanakya and the power of his words From the first page to the last the book is essentially packed with a complete enlightenment that will be needed for the mankind It is a wonder that how a man is able to think of something that can be applied in the practical life even after decades The book opens with praising the lord like any other great books in Tamil and goes ahead with explaining every relatable and existing thing in the world Being completely packed with Sutras you can just open any random page of the book at any odd hour and the book will readily light something positive directly into your mind and you will indeed feel your soul getting enriched after reading the complete book This book will help you to become and act practical knowledgeable and what not

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    If you have not read chanakya's work before and you are looking for an easy book to read this is one of them which will help you understand Chanakya's neeti in short The cover is of the famous look of Chanakyas tilak and hairdo Sanskrit scriptures are also given in the cover itself The book consists of aphorisms by chanakya on lifelovewar and certain principles he used to follow The sanskrit transcriptures are given and then it is explained in english which can be understood very easily His sutras can be taken into daily life and working as well Language is easy for anyone to understand One page at a time will be good so as to apply those or understand the sutras well  You will learn alot about life and understand the way he used to tackle things through sutras  Why he was called as one of the most great thinker amongst his times and why these sutras are also famous now You will find alot of relatable sutras which will help you see the rightwrong doings of oneself and help you dive a little life How one can also improve their thought process The book is a bag of knowledge definitely one should readoverall 45

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    Cover is beautifulTitle is apt reassuringly trueIt has been aptly cleverly selected according to the virtues imparted via the sutrasThe book is divided into 6 parts 5 parts pertaining to life the last part comprise the sutrasEach section again comprises of individual responsibility benefits wisdom information distributed evenly across the book Each subsection discusses in details as to how it can be implemented in our day to day livesVarious necessary components of life have been explained in simple way in a simple manner The language chosen is as simpleAt first the Veda shastra annotation has been provided in Sanskrit Followed by the English font which can be read for those who can't read hindi or sanskritAt last but certainly not the least the meaning of the text has been extracted extrapolated explained in English It enables the reader to understand things in a simple easy wayThe method in which the entire book has been depicted translated has been presented to the readers is really useful goodA really good book for all the readers especially the people who tend to study research purposes in commerce finance or economics

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    OK readI consider it to be an ok read Wisdom wise it has some things you can adopt in your life While reading always be cautious that shlokas have been written in a particular time and age This means they are not completely true for modern age Specially things on women From modern standards they are downright offensive But read with open mind and rather than taking things literally take them scientifically analyze them and be aware of context Plus I felt it would be better if somethings were direct literal translation and open for reader's interpretation rather there is a lot of writer's own interpretation Also a lot of typos

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    Well Holding this book in my hand i remembered the television show of chanakya and the cover of the book resembled exactly the same The cover is catchy and bright The philosophy lovers will anyway grab the bookThe blurb is short crisp and clear cut on what the book is basedThe book is written in simple language The sholkas are translated to english and explained them wisely Sometimes awestruck with the theme of understanding in depth Since philosophy is my thing i could relate few or things deeplyThe life seems so hard unsatisfying difficult to deal with but you always have easy options to deal withThe book also took me to school days where we had chapters lessons and morals about the king kingdom ministers wise people foolish ones and smart advisor tooThe book is pretty simple yet you will have to have time in understanding the same in depth to understand the sameI would rate 45

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    Chanakya neeti is a collection of aphorisms dealing with various practical aspects of life Chanakya aka Kautilya was not only a thinker but also one of the best philosophers the world can ever witness This book contains selected gems from different shastras This book contains the english translations of the original chanakya neeti The cover of the book is simple yet catchy The title of the book is very apt The blurb is short and crisp and gives readers an insight to the different themes discussed in the book like ethics morality including some general observationsThe best part about the book it that it has explained various aspects of life in the simplest possible manner All the sholks are first written in sanskrit and then in english The translation of each slok is very properly defined in lucid languageThough most of the shloks still find relevance in the mordern world it cannot be said that it is completely relevant today as it was at the time it was written There were few things which i found outdated as per today's culture and norms Also there were few complex shloks whose translation was not satisfactory A better and in depth explaination was reuired at some placesOverall a good read to understand and follow our rootsRating 45

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