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Hit Miss The Contract #2 [PDF / EPUB] Hit Miss The Contract #2 The second book in the New York Times bestselling Jeter Publishing imprint Hit Miss is a middle grade baseball novel inspired by the youth of legendary sports icon and role model Derek Jeter“Just tr The second book in The Contract PDF/EPUB ç the New York Times bestselling Jeter Publishing imprint Hit Miss is a middle grade baseball novel inspired by the youth of legendary sports icon and role model Derek Jeter“Just try to make solid contact stay level and in control Positive thoughts only right” That’s the advice Derek’s father gives him Hit Miss PDF/EPUB ² about batting—and a lot It seems that Little League season is here Throughout the long Michigan winter Derek thought that Opening Day might never come Now at last he can pursue his dream of one day playing shortstop for the New York Yankees As luck would have it he’s on the Red Sox this year Miss The Contract Epub Ù and they seem to have talent than the Tigers the team he was on when last season ended in disappointment His best friend Vijay is with him again and Derek gets the same number——that his father wore in college Now if the new kid with the chauffeur turns out to be a player well the Red Sox might just win it all But as Derek finds out both baseball and life are hard Before the season is over he’ll break out of a slump bring his teammates closer together learn a new sport solve the mystery of why his sister Sharlee seems so uiet and suffer the conseuences for violating “The Contract” he had signed with his parents Before he can move closer to his dream there are many lessons to be learned.

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    The Kalamazoo Gazette is the daily newspaper of Kalamazoo Michigan home to young baseball sensation known as Derek Jeter Our reporters are on the field with Derek right now profiling a ten uestion interview with him Some of his most recent occurings are documented in his very own novel Hit and Miss and many of the uestions asked today will be based on his novel Interviewer Our first uestion for you Derek is what do people think of you while playing baseball within your town? Derek Well fortunately at this point people think very highly of me which makes me happy but as of late I haven’t been my best at the plate Interviewer Can you explain those struggles at the plate? Derek The season just started and through the first four games I am yet to get a hit but It’s a long season and eventually If I stay positive I will get back into the way things usually are Interviewer Well good luck at the plate Derek we hope you break out of your struggles very soon Anyway our next uestion for you is are your parents helpful when it comes to baseball? Derek Yes for sure Both my mom and my dad are very helpful my dad helps with the physical baseball playing kind of stuff while my mom helps eualize school with baseball so yes they are great and really encourage me to play to the best of my ability Interviewer That sounds fantastic you are really lucky to have such helpful parents Onto the next uestion in your recent novel Hit and Miss you become friends with a new kid named Dave we’d like to know how difficult was it helping Dave with baseball? Derek At first I really didn’t like Dave so it was a little awkward but he’s actually really nice and he’s big so if his swing gets right the ball can go a long way so it wasn’t easy but it wasn’t super hard either Interviewer Well that’s good to hear our next uestion for you is what did your friends first think of Dave? Derek It was tough because Dave is part of an entire different social class than all of us and some things that we do make it seem like he’s taking a step down from where he’s at And just like me they didn’t really like him either but after some time everyone started to like him So in the end my friends welcomed him and after a little bit they appreciated him a little bit Interviewer You guys must have been very welcoming and that’s a huge act of kindness that I’m sure is much appreciated by his parents and many others within the town Derek ThanksInterviewer Your very welcome and our next uestion is what made you give Dave a chance?Derek All my friends with myself included kind of stereotyped him to the average snobby rich kid so we immediately assumed he wasn’t a very nice kid But he was on our baseball team so we had to interact with him and we really started to like him That is when we decided to give him a chance and it was well worth itInterviewer That is an excellent story now lets zoom in on what’s going on right now with baseball for you what in your game do you think needs the most work right now?Derek Mechanically I think I’m good but I need to bring a positive and aggressive approach to the plate I can’t be afraid to get out I have to be confident I will get on base I think that is what needs the most improvement at this point in time Interviewer I’m sure you will be able to make that adjustment Next what is your end goal in terms of playing baseball? Derek My end goal is to play shortstop for the New York Yankees If you don’t set the goal high you will never reach it and that is exactly what i’m doing with this goal Interviewer That is a great mentality and a huge goal but why the Yankees specifically?Derek I want to play shortstop for the Yankees because I used to live in New Jersey and my grandparents still live there and whenever I visit we always go to a game together and they are my favorite teamInterviewer Well that’s going to take a lot of work and I am sure you are up to the task That leads us right into our next uestion how much practice and work to you put in to baseball?Derek Right after school I always do my homework first and as soon as I’m done I always play baseball with my friends and if I’m not doing that I’m at my team’s practice Interviewer Wow you are definitely committed to the sport One of our final uestions for you Derek is why are you so into baseball and where does your commitment to the game come from? Derek My passion for baseball definitely comes from my Dad He played baseball in college and introduced me to the game My commitment comes from how much I love playing I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it as much as I do Interviewer That is great reasoning because people forget that baseball’s a game and your supposed to have fun playing it Derek Absolutely I would never do something I don’t have to do unless it was something I enjoyed as much as I enjoy playing baseball Interviewer That’s fantastic Derek and our final uestion for you is does your family come to cheer you on if so is this helpful to your performance? Derek My Dad will show up to everyone one of my games while my mom makes her best effort to come with my sister but a lot of times it’s difficult for her because she has to take care of her And yes them cheering me on only motivates me to put on the best show I can on the field Interviewer Well it was great being here with you Derek and I wish you the best of luck in the future and hope to find you at Yankee Stadium one day Derek I appreciate that and hopefully next time you see me I will be in Pinstripes

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    I rate this book five star because I have always loved sports books by Derek Jeter and this one is about him in a new season of baseball This year he is on the Red Sox team with his friends Vijay and Dave Derek gets the same number 13 and also plays shortstop the position where he wants to play I recommend this book to people who like the author Derek Jeter He has many adventures in this book like playing on a new team and he is trying to get to his dream of being a baseball star Will he win the championship game and become what he wants to be when he grows up?

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    The theme for this book is when you face challenges in life push through it and you will get through it

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    E Book from Ohio E Book ProjectIn this seuel to The Contract young Derek is back playing baseball with his friend and neighbor Vijay There is a new boy Dave and the other children make fun of him because he is very wealthy and has a driver Chase take him places in a Mercedes because his parents travel a lot Derek goes over to Dave's without calling his parents and runs afoul of their rules spelled out specifically in an actual contract but they seem to like Chase and allow Derek to hang out with Dave Derek also takes care of an issue that his sister Shere has with a fellow kindergarten classmate but not in a productive way and also gets in trouble for that He and Vijay have a bit of a misunderstanding about Dave and playing golf interferes with Derek's baseball swing but everything works out in the end Strengths This book is written to conform to one of Jeter's principles Think before you act and Derek does a few things he shouldn't but his parents deal with his trangressions in a constructive if tough way It's nice that Derek tells Dave about his difficulty fitting in to the school because of his parents' interracial marriage There's plenty of baseball and this reads like a middle school book than the first one did Weaknesses Super preachy and formulaic this got on my nerves a little bit I also wondered how a kid from a mansion with his own driver was hanging around with kids from the Mount Royal Apartments What I really think The first book has circulated well and this is a very positive book so I'm willing to overlook its small faults

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    I loved this book so much Derek gets on a team he thinks is really good except one player named Dave who he kind of felt bad for because Dave was getting bullied of his inability to play so Derek decides to play golf with Dave because that was Dave's favorite sport Derek's thought changed when his team goes 0 2 and meanwhile Derek's in an 0 8 slump Next game changes his thought on his new team His team won and he got his first hit of the season and Dave hit a homerun Then Derek's little sister tells him that she's being bullied by a kindergardener Then Derek gets so mad at the kid he makes him cry and next thing he knows hes in the office talking with the principle This made Derek super upset and mad at himself Eventaully his team get's in the playoffs and before Derek knew it he was in the champion chip against his favorite team the Yankees They end up losing the champion chip but Derek said the season was fun and he had a great season Meanwhile he had just remembered that since school was out he was going to his aunts house He had also just remembered that he had promised Dave that he would play golf as soon as the baseball season was over He ended up getting to golf with his friend for the whole summer This book was great and it taught many lessons like even the stars weren't always stars It also teaches how to make friends and prevent bullying This book was good for kids into baseball like me and want to be really good at baseball

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    In this book it talks about Derek's life when he was younger and how he signed a contract about rules he follows In this book Derek plays for his young little league team the Boston Red Sox Derek meets a young boy and teaches him about the game of baseball while the boy teaches Derek about golfI personal think that this book is amazing I would recommend it to people who play sports or just like sports

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    This book was good because It tells me about how Derek Jeter as a kid and how he has a love for baseball My favorite part is the whole book If I had to rate this book 1 to 10 it would be 10 out of 10I would tell everyone to rad this book

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    I reviewed this book at barnesandnoblecom

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    The book Hit and Miss written by Derek Jeter and Paul Mantell talks about the challenges and experiences Jeter faces during his hard work to get into the MLBOne big thing about Jeter when he was growing up is he made a contract with his family One of the things on his contract was “Think before you act” This book also has some info about how Derek dealt with the new kid coming into his school and how he made the boy feel comfortable He also had 10 life lessons that he faced when he was a kidJeter had to face many challenges and experiences while growing up as a kidOne experience that I think was the biggest challenge this book that Jeter had to face was the new kid coming into Derek’s school I think that this was a challenge because Jeter’s friends were making fun of the new kid because he was rich Derek was trying to let the new kid in but his friends were making it very difficult This was also a challenge because the new kid was very shy and I think that Jeter had to find a way to let the new kid in without making it sound like he was going to make fun of him One example from the book was one day after practice Jeter came up to the new kid and started to talk with him but the new kid started to try and walk away from Derek He also said you’re just like all the other kids you will make fun of me and pick on me I also think that this was big for Derek because his best friend was also making fun of the new kid and this could affect Derek’s relationship with his best friend Derek was very cautious about not breaking his contract Derek and his parents made the contract to teach Derek to be responsible One example is when Derek went with one of his friends without letting his parents know where he was going to go His parents then said because he broke the contract then he wouldn’t be able to go to the Yankees game Derek then had to earn his parent’s trust back The contract was a big part of Derek’s childhood I was interested in reading this book because I am a big baseball fan and I know that Derek Jeter was a very good baseball player I play baseball and I want to play in the MLB But I wanted to know what a baseball player’s childhood was like and what he did to get into the MLB because then I could learn from the book I also thought that in some parts of the book I felt like I was in the book I also feel that I made a lot of connections to this book I recommend reading this book Alek Shweiki

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    “There may be people that have talent than you but there is no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do” Derek Jeter In the Autobiography Hit Miss Derek Jeter and Paul Mantell start off by introducing Derek andhis father Charles They go to play basketball and then introduce his motherDorothy and his little sister Sharlee This book is about how Derek Jetergrowing up as a kid He really is a normal kid he goes to school plays littleleague baseball and makes new friends The main lessons of this book are to alwaysfollow the rules never judge someone on how they look and think before youact This book was really good it is a great book if you’re a baseball fan especially if you are a Yankee or Derek Jeter fan This book was very noteworthy every time you started reading it you could not stop you just have to know what happens next The book teaches things like if there's a new kid at school or in town go and talk to them and maybe come out with a new friend Also it teaches kids to be humble and try new things It also teaches kids to respect your parents and follow the rules What I mean by this is the book hints to you that if you want a healthy and loving relationship with your parents it suggests that you make boundaries with your parents like you have to be home by a certain time on weekdays or no hanging out with friends until your homework is done Derek had a contract growing up with certain rules he had to follow in order do have special rewards that’s why I mentioned that One of the most important lessons in this book is never judge someone before meeting them You could look at someone and think you know how that person lives but if you have never talked to them or even meet them you do not know a lot From the book there is a new kid in town and he is on their baseball team Half the kids haven’t talked to them and think they know everything but they don’t Derek actually talks to him and realizes he is not as people see him that is why you never judge someone I recommend this book to sixth and seventh graders that play or love baseball Just because its about Derek Jeter one of the greatest baseball players ever and how he grew up playing baseball and making new friends and how he formed into the person he was I really liked this book because it just covers how Derek and friends finish the school year and start the new little league baseball season This book is great for a middle school grade level just because it is not that long it is about a past professional sports player and how he described his life growing up and it teaches valuable life lessons that you can use in your personal life to live a good lifestyle

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