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Suffer The Children [PDF / EPUB] Suffer The Children It is 1904 and an Oxford don decides to spend the Christmas vacation conducting research in rural Norfolk But in the library of the country house where he is staying he finds the records of a terrifyi It is and an Oxford don decides to spend the Christmas vacation conducting research in rural Norfolk But in the library of the country house where he is staying he finds the records Suffer The Epub / of a terrifying tragedy A short story A homage to M R James.

About the Author: Dominic Selwood

Dominic Selwood is a bestselling author journalist and historian His latest bestselling book Punctuation Without Tears is out now 'A powerful little book sure footed simple feisty funny and profoundly helpful' The IndependentDominic is Suffer The Epub / the author of the international bestseller The Sword of Moses 'a rollercoaster crypto thriller a ride that thrills and educates’ Daily Expre.

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    I love selwood's prose stylehis respect for the English language is clear as he writes a spooky short story that is clean and concise yet creepy and suspenseful

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    This wasn't really that much of a horror or ghost story at least to me but it was written in the same style as many very old horrors so that it read like Stoker and Poe There was a sophisticated touch to the story that lent to its felt age The book was an interesting and very short read It starts off as a professor getting ready to go on vacation while from there by a stroke of fate or luck whichever you so may choose he finds a colleague who offers him a place to stay so he can do his seasonal studies And again by fate or luck he gets shut in a house where he is pulled into a library that holds an old journal of his host's father and the mysterious events that he faced on his own trip It was a page turner to me and kept me busy reading it for the tone was authentic I was wondering where the horror or ghost story would strike while fascinated to see how it turned out The ending of the actual ghost part was a bit of a letdown but all in all I enjoyed it For the modern horror fan or ghost story who needs to scare him this may not be the write story but for those who favor the older writings I would recommend it Received this book as part of the First Reads Giveaway at Goodreadscom for free in exchange for a review

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    I received a copy of this short story in exchange for an honest reviewWhen the main character get to spend the holidays in Norfolk with a friend he couldn't have imagined the family horrors That's what you get with this short story There's a bit of mystery a chilling ghost story and to top it off the author continues in his homage to MR JamesThis short story was mysterious intelligent and wonderfully creepy It's not uite as dark as The Voivod but it doesn't lack in lustre The pacing had a smooth rhythm that had me reading much faster than the first and the ending didn't disappointSee this review and others like it wwwthereadershollowcom

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    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest reviewSuffer the Children is set in the early twentieth century A professor of Oxford whilst conducting research in a library belonging to an acuaintance discovers a journal written by his associate’s father In this journal contains a horrifying account of his travels to Sardinia This is a short subtle horror story that reads like it was written in Victorian times Selwood has mastered this style and the tale leaves you with chills long after you’ve finished reading An excellent short story that I highly recommend

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    I won a signed copy of this book and I have to say though it's only a slim book it was excellent If you like a good ghost story something similar to MRJames then this is for youChristmas 1904 and an Oxford Donspends the holiday season doing research in Norfolk Whilst looking through some records in a library he finds something that terrifies him Want to know what it is? hmm sorry that would be telling

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    I received this book as part of a goodreads giveawayThe story has an old feeling reminded me of late Victorian The story follows a visitor to a Mediterranean island During his visit he befriends the local priest During the visit the priest becomes ill and asks that the recent discovery of coins be put back before disappearing into the nightThe book is very small but very well written

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