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Blowing Off Steam [PDF / EPUB] Blowing Off Steam Two guys a train and lots of steamSam Chancellor has been in love with the steam engine Old Bess since he was six years old Well maybe not literally but even when he’s lost everything else in his li Two guys a train and lots of steamSam Chancellor has been in love with the steam engine Old Bess since he was six years old Well maybe not literally but even when he’s lost everything else in his life he’s always had her But now her place in his heart has been unexpectedly challenged Her new driver Ryan Saunders is the embodiment of all Sam’s fantasiesRyan has Blowing Off PDF/EPUB ² written off Sam as just another geeky trainspotter—until the moment Ryan sees him without his usual shapeless hoodie and realizes that for a nerd Sam’s pretty builtWhen Ryan overlooks Sam’s awkwardness long enough to suggest a hook up Sam seizes the opportunity—and Ryan—with both very eager hands Finding common ground in their shared love of Bess their time together is better than Sam ever dared dreamBut there’s a reason Ryan never talks about his past And when Ryan's job is threatened Sam’s well meaning intervention puts both Ryan and Bess in deadly dangerProduct Warnings Contains train geekery bed hogging a hero with no experience and another with plenty to spare and a spider called Mabel.

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    35 StarsThere really wasn't anything wrong with this one Other than it was a little boring at times with all of the train talk I loved Sam the geeky virgin Ryan was a bit of a dick at times This was a very easy read Very little angst Plenty of hot sex All of that just got a bit lost in the train bits from time to time

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    A cute light read with geeks and a virgin What could be bad about that?I enjoyed this little story though I'm going to be honest those train facts bored me to tears I have a soft spot for a geeky MC but train obsessed guys yeah not for me In fact I wasn't really into the plot in general which is funny considering that I enjoyed the story a good dealBecause virginThe best part about this story was the enthusiastic hot sex I'm REALLY into a dorky guy who is hot but doesn't know he is hot It is very She's All That of me Sam was such a adorable little number and I was rooting for his walk down the stairs and show off his goods moment I also liked Ryan though I've read the story about the reformed rich brat with daddy issues many times before If you like train and virgins then you should get this book It is a fast easy read that put a smile on my face even if it didn't wow me Even if trains don't do it for you the light escapism of this story still might work Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    SUCH a charming book Sweet and light with a nerdy virgin and a reformed bad boy I SO enjoyed this Ryan could be a dick should be insufferable but not as Sam put it But SAM OMG Sam was the true shining star here I just wanted to smish him and love him and grope him Such an endearing character prob one of my fave innocent nerdy twenty five year old virgins ever Look forward to by this author

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    35 Stars

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    I loved this completely charming story and it was refreshing to read a story that really focused on the growing relationship between the MC's without a ton of angst or misunderstandings I geeked out over the geekery and enjoyed every word Oh this story I loved it so Every last word The fan boy the bad boy the small town life and its characters and of course Old Bess the steam train I loved ALL the things If you embrace any bit of vintage geekery in your life you will enjoy this story immensely Sam is incredibly charming even though he’s living a stagnant life He’s inherited his elderly uncle’s home his friends and basically his whole life Problem is he’s a very young man and his prospects for a life and love of his own are pretty slim He spends his time train spotting hanging out in online train forums logging all things train y in his notebooks and spreadsheets tending to his uncle’s garden and working his dead end retail job He’s happy because that’s just who he is but there’s no denying he’s lonely Then he sees Ryan the engineer of Old Bess Sam’s greatest love Ryan is highly skilled at his job but he’s got the air of a bad boy about him with good reason that totally intimidates Sam so he admires from a distance both Ryan and Old Bess alike They finally have their meet cute and damn if it isn’t cute And steamy I loved these two together and I think that was my favorite thing about the whole story The evolution of their relationship was such a refreshing read It wasn’t overly angsty there weren’t a bunch of outside forces affecting them they were just total opposites getting to know and importantly getting to appreciate one another They started out just ‘having fun’ but they didn’t fight the progression of the relationship just to be stubborn dicks like so many characters do and I loved that The story did have its twists that affected their lives though and the bit of mystery gave the story an edge Sam’s misguided and somewhat naïve attempts to help Ryan gave a needed blast of reality that sucked to read because I was busy being in love with their relationship and I didn’t want anything to go sideways but the bit of pain worked to give them perspective and kept them from being too good I really liked how the author worked it all out in the end It wasn’t too easy there was a chance for Sam to be the hero he was meant to be and all the loose ends were tied upI highlighted so many uotes while I was reading because I just really enjoyed the author’s writing style and the way she could sum up emotions in one sentence The story was really well told and the conversations between characters were so easy to read It was funny the characters were charming and I am looking forward to reading of the author’s words

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    I know way about trainspotting then I ever ever thought possible but I do not care I just really enjoyed this story There was just something about it that had me turning the pages just to see what would be next for both of these boys It was just so sweet and happy with just enough drama to keep me completely invested I really enjoyed it and am so glad that I took the chance even though there were trains

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    A Joyfully Jay review 5 starsJoy Lynn Fielding is a new author for me and her latest novel Blowing Off Steam was not only sweetly romantic but chocked full of interesting facts about steam locomotives Now before you think that you need to be some sort of train enthusiast to really get this story never fear There is a rich plot line and two wonderfully drawn characters who inhabit this trainspotting world this author has so carefully createdSam has led a life that is best described as lurking in the shadows Orphaned at age eleven by a fatal car crash killing his parents he is sent to live with his Great Uncle Ken who does everything he can to love and raise this very hurt and lonely boy But Sam was different and often the ridicule of his peers bullied unmercifully as a teen Sam withdrew into himself and never really acted upon the desires he had growing up the ones that involved other boys Now he lives a life where most if not all of his friends are retirees and he lives uietly in his a small town where watching the trains particularly Old Bess is the highlight of his week What little social interaction he has comes for trainspotting chat rooms and his sexual life is relegated to using his hand while watching porn late at night That is it until Bess gets a new driver and Sam begins to see than just trains to keep him fascinatedRead Sammy’s review in its entirety here

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    I honestly didn’t know there was a hobby of trainspotting I leave a book happy when I have learned something new Sam loves to spend his time doing just that He spends the remainder of his time talking to his online friends about what he has seen and sharing his train stories with people that share the same love of trains that he has All of Sam’s friends are online He is a loner The people he has in his life are his co workers the leftover friends of his deceased uncle's All that changes when Ryan notices that the geeky trainspotter isn’t sporting the body of the geeky boy he believed him to beThe new life that Ryan is trying to settle into isn’t the one he has always been used to His clubbing and sexxing days are over No partying all night and having numerous regular hook ups For the most part Ryan is okay with all of that He finally has a job he loves He’s getting settled into his new home in a new town Finding Sam as someone interesting to pass his time with is certainly an added bonus Sam is one of those characters that is impossible not to just love His exuberance alone makes Blowing Off Steam worth reading The opposites attract thing that Ryan and Sam have going keeps the sexy going The Ryan discovers about Sam has the effect of Ryan discovering about himself Everything fell into place in a way that made this book really work Even the conflict that threatens Ryan’s job thus him sticking around with Sam made went with all of the train geekery that filled this read I’m definitely going to have to read books from Joy Lynn Fielding

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    35 StarsI should admit right up front I like the nerdy hero Sam in this book love trains I am not a trainspotter like Sam but I like them enough to go to every train museum I see and take long and short train trips whenever I canSo this book had me at trains lol The old steam train and Sam are wonderful in this book I love me a nerdy shy hero Ryan is a lot selfish and unkind than I think Sam deserves but it he growsThere is a plot afoot which adds drama to the story but I would have been content with Ryan growing much in his character and Sam valuing himself but all in all a fun love story

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    DNF at 50%Apparently a combination of 1 Boring storyline with train talks that just didn't engage me at all 2 Rather arrogant love interest yes I didn't like Ryan not even a smidgen and 3 A theme of 'deflowering gay virgin' that I never cared about is a three strikes you're out for meI did think Sam to be sweet and kind of adorable But he alone couldn't force me to continue readingAs always DNF books are unrated

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