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Love Kisses and All Things Warm [PDF / EPUB] Love Kisses and All Things Warm In Love Kisses and All Things Warm bestselling writer Preeti Shenoy puts together some thoughts on love and its side effects Written with her trademark perceptiveness and lucidity the collection — e In Love Kisses and All Things Warm and All ePUB ✓ bestselling writer Preeti Shenoy puts together some Love Kisses PDF or thoughts on love and its side effects Written with her trademark perceptiveness and lucidity the Kisses and All Epub Ü collection — especially put together for Valentine’s Day — contains five short essays and five hand drawn illustrations by the author With observations on office romances on what love means to us why there is no age limit for it and why kisses are the ultimate expression of passion this e book single is a perfect gift for anyone pondering about love anyone in love and for everyone who has ever been in love and wants to find it again.

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    Short n SweetI had bought the e version of Love Kisses and All Things Warm by Preethi Shenoy uite some time ago and had forgotten all about it I picked it up late one night as I wanted to uickly read something and started with the author’s note on love where towards the end she had listed “You may believe in love or you may be cynical about it – but if you are left with a fuzzy warm feeling after you read these I shall consider my job done” I immediately smiled as I fall into both the categories being the maniac Gemini that I am At that moment my cynical side took over and I decided that I would read it stoically and not feel or let anything in Through five short essays Love Changes Everything Nothing Official About It The Kiss of Life A Relationship That Changed My Life and A Timeless Love Story – the author tries to demystify love This one particular statement from the author’s own life shines through “If people were songs all the guys I had dated were thirty second ad jingles on a radio spot while he was November Rain played on thousand watt speakers” And I could not stop the tears that silently ran down my cheeks To paraphrase the author’s own lines love is the driving force of life and one cannot escape it

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    Second Fifth chapter's are really nice Other than that i feel its horrible

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    A 5 Minute read Nothing much to elaborate aboutFew Mini Stories with her own opinions on Love Umm That's it P But nevertheless it isn't worstSo read it while you are having coffee or tea Gosh It's really such a small book just 20 Pages

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    Don’t For Even A Fraction Of A Split Second Let The Size Of This uick Read Fool YouIf You Think That Size Matters Between The Covers When It Comes To Books Then Think Again Because You Could Be Left Amazed As To How Much Content Author Preeti Shenoy Has Actually Managed To Pack Into Just 24 Pages Of This 5 Essays Anthology And What’s More There Is Almost Something For Everyone Who Has Been Is Or Yet Craving To Fall In LoveEven Though This e Book Was Penned Back In 2015 Every Single Of These Essays Is As Fresh As Though It Is Hot Of The Press That Can Only Be Possible When The Content Between The Covers Is Minus A Shelf LifeFor Those Who Have Been Following Preeti Shenoy’s Regular Column In The Financial Chronicle Some Of These Essays May Well Get Refreshed To The Readers But This Being An Independent Format And A Different Context Nothing About Any Of These Essays Give One A Feel Like You Been There Before Apart From The Essays Each One Comes With A Uniuely Original Illustration Done By The Author Herself That Puts The Text Into A Meaningful Perspective If The Meaningful Thoughts Of Preeti Shenoy On The Various Aspects Of Love In Their Assorted Dimensions Are A Pleasant Eye Opener Then The Illustrations Are Bound To Bring A Smile On The Face As They Illuminate The Essay By Offering The Personal Perspective Of The Author If That Does Not Suffice What Shall Leave The Reader Beaming With Joy As One Of The Essays On Love A Relationship That Changed My Life Is Actually An Autobiographical Essay Where Preeti Shenoy Lets The Reader Into Her Own Love Story And How It Culminated Into A Happily Ever After WeddingThat Grows Stronger With Each Passing YearApart From This Personalised Essay The Other Four Essays In This Anthology Are Love Changes Everything That Is The Curtain Raiser Followed By Nothing Official About It The Kiss Of Life Finally A Poignant Essay A Timeless Love Story To Bring Down The Curtain On This Feel Good Read

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    Nice Thought for loveLovely bookThe way she describes the LOVE is perfect for the first time loversSimple stories that you can read with a Cup of coffee and traveling time easy to understand and connected to readers

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    GoodI read this first book of Preeti Shinoy which I like most A very short book indeed to read in a one go Depicted nicely

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    As usual Preeti Shenoy rocks

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    It contains a few of the essays from her book “Why we Love the way we do” Its better to read that contains much varied information

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    Well this was something that you can find on a column about love on a girl's magazineNothing pretencious of courseIt says a couple of things about love from a cientific perspectivestages in a relationshiptalks about kisses and workoffice relationsIt's all very general and states facts that are well known by everyoneIt was nice that in each subject she makes references about her ownn culture and i found her drawings pretty cuteThis is a read meant to be read when you are waiting for the doctor

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    The book is a good one time read but if you are thinking it has a story to tell then you're wasting your time and money Of course author's opinions and viewpoints are good to read on such a psychological topics which reuires a meditative observation She has beautifully put down her feelings into words and expressed her feelings well Overall it was a satisfactory read but not an outstanding one

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