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Les enfants du Capitaine Grant [PDF / EPUB] Les enfants du Capitaine Grant – Там там – каза той – Гледайте Гледайте Всички отправиха погледите си към небето в посоката която той така – Там там – каза той du Capitaine Kindle × – Гледайте Гледайте Всички отправиха погледите си към небето в посоката която той така настойчиво Les enfants Kindle - сочеше Черната точка видимо се уголемяваше Това беше птица която летеше на неизмерима височина– Кондор – извика Паганел– Да кондор – отговори enfants du Capitaine Epub Ú Гленарван– Кой знае Той се приближава Спуска се Да почакамеНа какво се надяваше Гленарван Разсъдък ли губеше.

About the Author: Jules Verne

Journey to the Center of the du Capitaine Kindle × Earth .

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    I read this one as a little girl and I remember I loved it I want to read it again

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    I hate to do this but I'm afraid I'm going to have to give my beloved Jules Verne a mere 2 stars for this book I have been huge fan of The Mysterious Island since I was probably 10 or 12 and when I found out this book was a preuel to The Mysterious Island I thought why have I never heard of this book?? Well now I know why Not every book every successful author writes is worthwhile The premise of Captain Grant's Children also published under In Search of the Castaways is a mysterious message found in a bottle The message was thrown into the sea by Captain Grant who has been shipwrecked and presumably marooned somewhere The latitude is the only number legible so a search along the 37th parallel south is begun Lord and Lady Glenarvan fund the expedition and provide the yacht bringing Mary and Robert Grant the children of Captain Grant with themSounds like the beginning of a fairly good adventure yes? Well alas there are complications The characters are rather wooden and unnatural and some of the situations are frankly absurd We began reading this book aloud after I had asked for it as a Christmas present We had to halt our readings when we got to the point where the party is hiking in Patagonia along the 37th parallel Huddled in a hut I said that on purpose for literary emphasis half frozen because they have been forced to hike very high in the Andes an earthuake suddenly turns the very ground into a moving avalanche of gravel and skree The search party almost ski down the mountainside with the rubble from the earthuake absurd situation #1 When they reach the bottom of the mountain they discover young lad Robert is missing while all the rest of them have somehow survived with only scratches absurd situation #2 Searching for him they eventually see a large condor flying while carrying something You guessed it the condor has young lad Robert gripped in its nasty talons absurd situation #3 Hoots of derision begin among the listeners and then become howls of laughter when a native southern American named Thulcave sees poor young Robert and shoots the condor in flight absurd situation #4 and the dead condor then continues to hold young lad Robert in his nasty pesky talons and falls like a parachute to the ground absurd situation #5 delivering a stunned but otherwise safe young lad Robert to his friends absurd situation #6 All this in about 10 pages Up until Thulcave arrived on the scene we had been rooting for the condor because young lad Robert was so annoying Poor Jules Verne was trying out a theme that he developed successfully in Around the World in 80 Days published in 1873 and then also later in The Mysterious Island published in 1874 But in this particular book it just isn't really worth it Read The Mysterious Island to find out about Ayrton and how he came to be on Tabor island

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    Dunaevsky Overture to The Children of Captain Grant moviehttpwwwyoutubecomwatch?vMIAKO1Lord Glenarvan his new wed wife McNabb and Paganel agreed to go aheadAnd sail on board the Duncan yacht to help the kids of captain Grant to find their missing DadThis uest lead them around the Globe in search of Scottish sailorThey risked their lives so many times yet kept their will and valorThey knew Britannia shipwrecked at 37th parallel of south latitude From Glasgow Duncan put up sails to Chile's shore on routeAcross the Andes they moved eastward through snow and ice on footThough no trace of Grant was found there they kept search attitudeVia Atlantic they've sailed away to down under landThe rugged wilderness with jumpy kangaroo and snappy crocodilesIn false belief that captain's search comes near happy endTo no use they have traversed few hundred humid hot Australian milesBeing tricked by Ayrton in his hope to seize the ship with help of pirates bandBy hand of fate the travelers were sent to land on shore of distant New ZealandJust to be captured by the tribe of violent MaoriBut don't worry since we all know a prioriThat in the middle of the bookTo keep the readers stay on hookNo matter how things went badMain heroes never will be deadAnd here we go in the near escapeOur heroes noticed their yacht miraculously anchored off the capeWhere evil man has been disarmed and kept under arrestWith all the troubles put aside good guys took time to restAnd finally just passing by on hardly noticed islandJames Grant alive and healthy suddenly was foundThe happy father reunited with his son and daughterAnd yacht has rushed back home to dock at peaceful Scottish harbor waterThis book was clearly my first admired boyhood's readAnd it has planted in my brains romantic wisdom's seed About courage and Jule Verne's good cause adventure creedWithout selfish treasure hunting weed that spoiling purpose driven by the greed1 Memorable 52 Social Relevance 13 Informative 44 Originality 55 Thought Provoking 36 Expressiveness 37 Entertaining 58 Visualization 59 Sparks Emotion 310 Life Changing Pivotal crucial determining defining momentous fateful conseuential climacteric transformational 15145335531 3510 35

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    35As ever it is uite an adventure to read a Jules Verne’s book It always amazes me how much he knew about geography zoology history and botany considering the time he wrote his books I really liked the characters which seems to be what I enjoy most about his books And although I feel this book could have been a little bit shorter I really enjoy itMe gustan mucho los libros de Verne por toda la aventura ue tienen y nunca deja de asombrarme todo lo ue sabía el hombre para la época en ue escribió sus libros Este libro en particular me pareció ue podría haber sido un poco más corto Algunos capítulos eran más descriptivos de lo necesario en mi opinión pero sin embargo me gustó mucho Lo ue más disfruté fueron los personajes y si mal no recuerdo es lo ue suelo disfrutar más en sus libros

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    I'll admit the movie wasis one of my all time childhood and lets face it adulthood too favorites So I went into this book with certain expectations Most were met and it was engaging exciting and a very entertaining read And about 34 of it or had nothing in common with the movie so I did not know exactly what was going to happen as I read it My major complaints are few and really not that major Some of the slang was unknown to me; the verbiage was at times difficult to get through during the longer paragraphs and monologues Overall I'd say it felt pretty winded and could have used some additional editingpolishing A personal annoyance was the level at which religion was highlighted in the book savages as groups were all described in generalities hugely insulting ones the women were largely useless and meek and everyone spoke of this as though it was the right thing and how on one line the characters talk about the native wildlife and how it is about to go extinct and in the next line they are desperately trying to hunt the elusive and rare creatures Oh also Mary Grant's love interest is 30 she is 16 These I intellectually understand are just products of the time period But it doesn't make it any enjoyable for me to spend hours reading about But as I always do with reviews I am focusing on the negatives The book really is great and despite these regular little irritants it is extremely enjoyable and generally well written The characters most of them are well developed and the relationships among them develop believably and naturally Of note the repartee between Paganel and McNabb is always great and everyone's love and respect for young Robert they never overtly pity or patronize him is truly touching In short it made me want to travel around the worldall along the 37th parallel of course

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    Have you ever liked something simply because it was loved by someone you love?Captain Grant's Children got that much going for it at the start of my reading because some 50 years ago it was loved by three young adventurous boys who would grow up to be my father and unclesAfter an adventurous summer hiking trip I was feeling adventurous myself I wanted to read a good solid old school adventure novelI really liked the premise the beginning and the ending caught my attention some tricky situations were resolved in a really clever manner there were uite a few interesting tidbits butBut the 19th century blend of an adventure novel and literary documentary didn't work for meThere was a plot definitely but slowed down by numerous descriptions of curious local weather conditions peculiarities of flora and fauna inventories of the ship's many sailsOn the one hand reading all this extra information was truly fascinating especially when a reader reminds himself there was no Wiki no internet no television in Jules Verne's time Gathering information plotting and writing the thing must have been exhausting A brilliant undertakingOn the other hand it was all just too much I might have been too millenial for itSo I can appreciate it but I didn't truly enjoy it

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    Rather long and has fortuitous I won’t go on

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    After watching the Disney version of the book I decided to read the book I thought it was a bit wordy but that seems to be the norm for 19th century writing The characters were the same but Mary Grant had a much smaller part than in the movie The ending seemed a bit anti climatic and the last chapters rushed to tie up the loose ends in a uick neat bow Overall I enjoyed it and would recommend this one

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    This is one of the classics that I read in my childhood It had a lasting impression on me about sea voyage and was partly the reason why I wanted to be a seafarer as a childIt is a marvelous book that every teenager should read Yet nowadays young readers seem to read some total nonsense these days

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    This is a wonderful adventure story The character Jacues Paganel is an exceedingly hilarious character Jules Verne does a wonderful job describing the various locales in this adventure You almost feel like you have been to these places yourself

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