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    Oh well that ends my 2018This book is disturbingly goodMiah is a psycho Alex is AlexStay away from this because Kittens Kittens poor KittensSee you next year I hope yours ends with a bang read like mine Happy new year

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    Okay I've been itching for so long to get this review out and now I've bugged and bugged and bugged the author for his permissionWhere to start? Where the mother in all hell to start? It’s got to be Miah I have a list of ualifiers and describers as long as a novel that I can use to describe Miah LaFon sexual sadist brutal aggressive obsessive controlling psychopath He’s unlovable untouchable a cold bastard in so —so many ways but the best thing about him? He wouldn’t give a shit about what I think I wouldn’t even register on his level of indifference And that’s what I absolutely LOVE about his character I go balls in when I find a character like this The need’s there to pull him from the pages tie him down in a padded cell break him enough to see how he ticks and it disturbs the hell out of me that Miah fascinates me like this there’s nothing and I mean NOTHING redeemable about him But butI keep thinking about the Three Days Grace song with Miah the lyrics from PainThis life is filled with hurtWhen happiness doesn't workTrust me and take my handWhen the lights go out you will understandPain without lovePain I can’t get enoughPain I like it roughAnd poor Alex He’s got all of Miah’s focus his need to brutalise to control to give it rough What I love about this is how it addresses the uestion Can a masochist who enjoys pain really be a challenge for a sadist? A sadist draws something from pain but if it’s enjoyed it possibly dilutes the impact for the sadist And you see Miah realise that once Alex does what he does Miah gets nothing rightly so for pouring his frustrations into a very brief BDSM lifestyle and it shows a very definite difference between good Doms and someone who shouldn’t be anywhere near the lifestyle whatsoeverAlex isn’t a masochist; he doesn’t get anything from the physical and psychological torture that he’s put through He bleeds just to be held in the aftermathAnd through this it shows abuse in such honest ways how the victim is torn to pieces with what happens but sometimes just sometimes there’s a craving to be back in it Most victims hate that part of themselves and you see it in Alex how he tries so hard to get on with his life but he knows Miah a deep part of him loves his brother so much and what happens at the endOh boy This is so dark This gets a five for me because of its honesty because it romanticises nothing because it’s pure psychological torture and shows balls with going down this pathIt won’t be to everyone’s taste so please read the content warnings watch the trailer on Joseph Lance Tonlet’s Goodreads’ Author page There are multiple triggers here I will be honest and say one of mine came up It’s the first time I’ve picked up a read that deals with brothers in this way but like I said this isn’t about to go where readers think It’s a psychological thriller with the psychological pressure applied to Alex in all of Miah’s controlling waysIt’s clever; it’s gritty it’s dark; and I’m really gutted it wasn’t one of mineARC received honest review given Full disclosure I know Mr Tonlet but that has no bearing on how much I frickin' loved this story

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    45 Stars It’s no secret that I have a penchant for taboo reads and as any other read they don’t always workThe good news is that Crucial Lessons is a mesh of all elements I look for in a taboo read But then this is Joseph Lance Tonlet an author that always impresses me There is something in his writing that fascinates me It takes me out of my comfort zone it leaves me suirming and uncomfortable just the way I like itThis story is incredibly wrong in fact this is sick and disturbing two important elements in a dark and twisted taboo read Still these 2 things alone don’t guarantee a hit I believe Tonlet is successful at writing wicked things because he has what it takes to cross over the shock value mark Talent That magic spell in the writing voice so strong and hypnotic that you stand no chance but to dive in and prey you wont go to hellWhat a shame that book 2 never happened because Jeremiah LaFon is one of the most fucked up interesting sadist characters I ever came across shiversA super short read and yet it couldn't be intenseReed the warnings as this is NOT for all Note This book contains graphic violence non consensual sex child abuse and animal cruelty BANNED BY KINDLEI bought it from

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    OHMYFUCKINGGAWDDid I just read that? YepDid I like itand even enjoy it?? Yes and Hell YesMiah Alexander have so uickly wormed their way into my life I NEED of this twisted fckeduppedness that JLT can give us My uestion ishow long do we have to wait for the next one?This book was rec'd to me because I was in the mood for 'twisted'it sure as shit delivered Thanks to those who mentioned this one Note to Fellow Readers Please pay attention to ALL the warnings tags This is NOT a book that you should grab up all willy nilly and 'try' to read it because you wanna push your boundaries Only read it because you KNOW you like your books with some Fcked up characters situations

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    What a beautifully twisted tale This story had me on the edge of my seat gut churning the entire time This is not a romance but it is a dark and disturbing story of physical and psychological torture If you've made it through and enjoyed stories like The Flesh Cartel #1 Capture and Antidote you'll probably like this one too but take the warnings seriously if you are thinking of picking this up Opening and closing with the men as 30 year old adults the majority of the story takes place when they are in their late teens with one horrifying look at the boys when they were as young as 10 Miah is a psycophath and his younger by only 9 months brother Alex is the unfortunate focus of his abuse In fact it's an obsession Miah wants complete control of Alex He wants to own every inch of himMiah has instilled a fear for his life in Alex so he takes the abuse when it comes but he yearns for the uieter times when Miah's attention is on him As much as he hates what Miah does he still wants those scraps of tenderness that occasionally come as few as they may be and knowing they will result in even suffering Alex finds out that he does have limits one day and that is the last the brothers see of each other for 10 years though Alex has never been out of Miah's thoughtsJoseph Lance Tonlet did a great job in portraying the unapologetic brutality of Miah and his laser focus on Alex His stated reason for why he tortures Alex seems however to be in direct conflict with some of his actions especially in light of how he unsuccessfully tried to satisfy his needs since the men were separated The ending chapter proves the lengths Miah will go to in order to get Alex back but we know little about what Alex has been through in the last 10 years and I am not willing to believe he is the same person he used to be I'm hoping he'll be able to give Miah a run for his money in the next part I can't wait to peel back some layers on these twoBR with Bev I'll schedule us for Part Two as well

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    A review by The Blogger GirlsI truly don’t know where to start with this review I was blown away with the storytelling abilities of Mr Tonlet in Grif's Toy and though this story is so very different from that one the underlying skill is what still strikes me the mostI guess it can’t be said enough that this story is not for the faint of heart; that the warnings are there for a purpose and should be heeded seriously With that out of the way this is the extremely twisted tale of two brothers one who is an extremely disturbed and sadistic bastard and one who isnotThis story starts in current day giving you a sense of how things are being played out now but it uickly goes back to the horrors of their childhood Jeremiah Miah lords over Alex often in very cruel ways The lessons he chooses to force Alex’s compliance are nothing short of chilling My heart was in my throat through much of this and I just wanted to wrap Alex up and steal him away from Miah while at the same time hoping Miah gets what is coming to him in spadesDisturbed sadistic and manipulative bastard That is Miah on the outside On the inside he is very complex and the whole time you just want to understand though I don’t think we ever truly will what the heck is going on in his brain The level of psychological let alone physical trauma he inflicts on Alex is a bit mind blowing Does he care even a little? Clearly he must on some strange level to have basically made Alex his life’s workAlex is so sweet and conflicted and just trying to survive My heart broke for him so many times until he finally makes his break How he managed to make a life for himself is beyond me though as I said earlier Miah has not given up even all these years later The level of Miah’s control seems to have no boundaries nothing holding him back from doing whatever it takes to bring back Alex and restore things to the level they were throughout their young lives Just when you think Miah can’t stoop any lowerThis is one of the most powerful short stories I have ever read You will zip through this on the edge of your seat cry and scream at the words being told and yet long for at the end The words just flow and you won’t want to skip a single one If you like these kind of deeply dark psychological mindfucks I highly recommend and strongly urge you to pick this story up It does not disappoint on any level I cannot wait to see where Mr Tonlet is going to take us in the next segment but I have no doubt it will be another amazing ride

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    Beautifully fucked up The kind of book that made me uestion my moral compass because holy hell I should not be so damn intrigued by Jeremiah LaFon He’s a sadistic psychopath with absolutely no fucks to give about anyone else’s opinion It’s a seriously well done character study into the mind of Miah and his brother Alex Alex gave the story its balance and a character to root for and empathize with Growing up as the victimized brother to Miah’s brand of attention would do some hardcore damage to anyone’s mind For a short story there was a great amount of history given and it made me “get” the dicked up family dynamics I think it’s because the author did a great job of showing and minimal telling It made Miah’s character that much frightening A few well placed thoughts and actions of his gave a world of story in one or two paragraphs There were a couple of moments that were really tough for me to read Wait who am I kidding there were a lot of moments But what I’m getting at it is you need to pay attention to the tags for the story My breaking point could have been with the animals if there had been any additional that would have been it for me like it would be for many I bring this up because you should know that it wasn’t gratuitous or overly graphic Disturbing? Absolutely But it had a point and spoke to Miah’s mind in a way that gives huge impact to the reader and to AlexThe nighttime conversations between Miah and Alex were just as disturbing as the beatings Alex took For me the uitest moments can bring the greatest unease They can lull the victim and reader into a false sense of security and make us step back from the edge a bit and drop our guard That’s pretty much the worst plan to have but damn I wanted that moment for Alex so badly even though it was doing him no favors in the long run No matter what Miah is his brother and Alex loves his brotherI cheered for Alex when he was finally able to make his break but also wasn’t naïve enough to believe that would be it The escape was a tease and the end broke my heart and intrigued the hell out of me While the story doesn’t end on a cliffhanger per se it does open the door to a whole new chapter for this extremely disturbed relationship I’ll be right there ready to read it too Of course I’ll have to have something on deck that is so sickeningly sweet I’ll get a cavity just reading it for brain cleansing purposes but it’s totally worth every word

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    I wrote the following review nearly a month ago Per the author’s reuest I held my review until the book's release As I prepare to post it now I realize that my reservations on continuing with the series have mellowed I’m anxious to get to book 2 than I would have thought This review reads a bit different from my norm simply because when I wrote my initial thoughts I was a mess Head fuck describes this all the way around But I'll refrain from using that term too much because I'd like to get this review on ReviewI know you like dark stuff but do you like to read really dark stuff? I've been given an ARC for something that has pushed all my limits The warnings include but aren’t limited to animal abuse forced submission incest Take these seriouslyIt was only 56 pages and to be honest it was brilliantly written but I'm stuck on writing a review Author Jack L Pyke and Vicki SilkeeeeeeReads recommended this new to me author Maybe I was expecting of a mind bender which it is but it took the path of true torture to achieve that twistedness “I Don't Like You That's why hissed Miah” Half of the mind twist results in one brother hiding from the other Then he’s found That’s where this short leaves off The other half of the mind twist is on me How could I possibly want to read ? But I do I really do need to know How Alex survives If the author can convince me that Alex could have “true” feelings for Miah And whether or not Miah can have any redeemable ualities I don’t think so None So why would I want Alex to get what he needs from Miah? See head uh bender There's a thread of deepest primal power and submission that connects even your stongest denial to the story The head screw that Miah puts Alex through is visceral You will feel it Hate it And if you're like me try to find meaning by dissecting it That is an element that I loveThere is one puzzling plot issue for me Why didn’t Alex run away much earlier? I find myself trying to ignore that and move on but it’s nagging at meI don’t know how far I’ll go with this I’m being honest It’s tough stuff and it’ll have everything to do with my mindset Again the writing is near flawless but the subject matter may prove too traumatizing for me I'm learning that I do have limits So that was a month ago And those nagging thoughts haven’t stopped Like a drill to my brain Lance Tonlet’s writing twisted as it is has transfixed my morose curiosity If I can convince the author to let me get my hands on book two I’ll devour it No promises on likeability but I guess sometimes one wants to be pushed further than they think they can go Take a look at my MaleMale Romance Book Blog

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    This is the first time I’ve given 5 stars to a standalone short story And I recommend it to no oneIn good conscience I can't suggest you go into the kind of emotional turmoil that I’ve just been through I learned that I have what's at least a soft limit and this one slammed up against it with a couple of instances of view spoileranimal cruelty hide spoiler

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    The author's warnings are there for a reason This is NOT a sweet and fluffy romance readso if that’s what you’re after step away from that one click button and your kindle do NOT pass go do NOT collect £200 5 dark and very disturbing stars from me Well Mr Tonlet what can I say?? It was everything that I was expectingand so much Like some of the darkest things I’ve readmaybe on steroids hehe I’m not going into the dynamics of the story; it’s covered fairly well in the blurb at the top but there are a whole load of adjectives I can and WILL use just to describe ONE of the brothers Jeremiah or Miah who is a complete and utter psychopathso if you are wavering about reading this one these should make your mind up for youcold calculating detached depraved perverted horrific degenerate twisted sick and thoroughly immoral which by my definition is transgressing accepted moral rulesI think you get the picture A ‘person’ like Miah well they should lock him up and throw away the key for good shouldn't they BUT is Alex really any better?? Someone who sort of accepts that being tortured beaten and sexually abusedall in the name of brotherly love is normalor as near to normal as these two can get?? Yes there’s certainly an element of Stockholm syndrome about it but Alex keeps coming back for he ought to be able to escape before his brother finally kills himso you have to wonder if he’s actually into the mental and physical abuse that’s being heaped on him than he lets on cos it shows his brother loves him which I know sounds weird but could it be true?? Anyhoo back to that ending in 'real time' just like 24 Talk about a cliffy Alex MUST have something on Miah surely cos he would know that Miah would do anything yes ANYTHING to get him back even after all this time he’s so desperate to regain possession of his brother Will that little freak Rod help Alex to bring about his brother’s downfall and hopefully death or will there be yet another twist in the tail?? I can’t wait to find out Thanks JLTThanks to Deb for another good buddy read We can certainly pick them

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Brothers LaFon Part One Crucial Lessons [PDF / EPUB] Brothers LaFon Part One Crucial Lessons Novelette 16000 words 56 pagesGenres Gay Erotica DsAlexander LaFon lives a nightmare but he deals with it Deals with the fact that his mother abandoned him as an infant deals with the fact that his fa Novelette words pagesGenres Part One eBook ☆ Gay Erotica DsAlexander LaFon lives a nightmare but he deals with it Deals with the fact that his mother abandoned him as an infant deals with the fact that his father is never home and deals with the fact that his older brother Jeremiah tortures himHe dreams of escaping his mobile home prison and finding a normal life Of breaking free of his agony finding Brothers LaFon PDF \ a woman to love becoming a teacherBut some horrors you can never outrun There's nowhere to hide Some nightmares chase you in your sleep and steal your freedom like a brutal thief Some brothers never give up and never answer why Note This book contains graphic violence non consensual sex child abuse and animal cruelty.

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