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Bold Seduction The Hornsby Brothers #1 [PDF / EPUB] Bold Seduction The Hornsby Brothers #1 An Intriguing PropositionPassion Seduction Pleasure These are the ualities of any courtesan worth her salt As owner of The Starling Club London’s most notorious house of ill repute Madame Philomena An Intriguing PropositionPassion Seduction Pleasure These are The Hornsby Kindle Õ the ualities of any courtesan worth her salt As owner of The Starling Club London’s most notorious house of ill repute Madame Philomena McGrattan has seen it all heard it all done it all There is little that surprises her any and even less that excites her So when she is presented a Bold Seduction Kindle - chance at an irresistible seduction she can’t help but rise to the challengeA Dangerous GameStudiousness Practicality Discipline Such are the attributes of a good scholar and such are the principles Lord Spencer Hornsby has built his life around Alone in the Welsh countryside with only his wolfhounds for company Spencer has thrown himself into his work There is little time for Seduction The Hornsby Kindle × the pleasures of society not even to think of the joys of the fairer sex But when an unexpected guest arrives at his isolated hunting lodge Spencer cannot help but be baffled by the presence of this dangerously beautiful woman And when he discovers the reason for her arrival and the pleasures she promises he cannot help but find himself irresistibly intrigued.

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    Sizzling SensualBold Seduction by Karyn Gerrard is a beautiful love story Gothic style filled with hope and passion with a touch of eroticism The love scenes are explicit but very well written I just love stories of courtesans Bold Seduction was a real treat for me to read I really loved the 1st story in this new series The Hornsby Brothers What happens when the passionate courtesan Philomena agrees to a dangerous game with the disciplined Lord Spencer Hornsby? Excitement and slow seduction will create an irresistible attraction between Phil and Spence let's say that both were meant for each other even if they came from different backgrounds Is there hope for this beautiful and charming courtesan to really fall in love with this man? Will Spence's life change forever? Both characters are irresistible in their own ways You'll love both of themMs Gerrard knows how to catch your interest from the first page till the end Read this one in an afternoon I love stories with a little spice I received an eARC from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I’m excited to read The Vicar’s Frozen Heart her next novella in this wonderful seriesTo be released on September 1st

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    Ms Gerrard is starting a new historical series and I'm loving itHere are the reasons I'm sure you'd love it tooHow many stories are out there with the virgin hero? Not many I'm sure but every one of those that I've read I've loved I believe the reason for it is their vulnerability despite their obvious strength The heroine was someone you may have doubts at first but just give a chance and you'll love her spunk and complex backgroundAs for the chemistry between the two? Off the charts Ms Gerrard can always put a well written and plausible plot and her prose is wonderful but it's the chemistry between her characters that keep me glued to her books Highly recommendedMelanie for b2bComplimentary copy provided by the author

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    My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book for visit Punya ReviewsIt’s been a while I’ve a Karryn Gerrard book so I had to remedy this immediately Her latest offering is a historical romance book 1 of the Hornsby Brothers series Bold Seduction It’s a short story between a Madame of a brothel and OMG hear me scream a virgin hero If you know me much like those hunky Highlanders virgin heroes are also my favorites as are the gigolos Don’t ask me why I’m just weird that wayPhilomena or Phil as she goes by is the Madame of a posh brothel One day she’s approached by two of her regular patrons about an assignment of a birthday gift for a recluse friend she can’t help but wonder Who remains a virgin at 30? A member of the nobility nonetheless In Philomena’s 10 yrs in this profession she has yet to come by a virgin peer so the whole thing snags her attention right away These two young men wanted to send one her girls as a ‘birthday gift’ to his castle situated in a remote area It was as much a good natured joke as it was their intention to help their friend hoping he’d finally join the rank if you know what I mean The price they offered is uite good so Philomena herself becomes tempted to take up on the job Though she hasn’t been with a man for the past couple of years since she’s started her own brothel being weary of it all Philomena has been eagerly waiting to retire and finally settle down as soon as she can manage to gather a good enough nest egg to see through her purpose At 32 she can’t hope for Now this new development will definitely add to that venture of hers Besides this is such uniue a situation that Phil thought she herself better handle the young man’s initiation into the carnal activities With that in mind Philomena starts her journey hoping to be done with the whole business 2 days at bestIf only she knew that her life was about to change and for goodSpenser Hornsby is the third son of a Duke; the ueer one that no one seems to get at all He’s a scholar to boots very intelligent and his days are spent in studies and research From a young age Spencer was different than his two elder brothers Harrison and Tremaine We aren’t introduced to anyone of Spencer’s family in this story but only as mentioned by Spencer himself His family loves him and he returns the feelings however Spencer prefers to live alone He doesn’t want any disruptions to his routine d familiar lifestyle More precisely he can’t stand the disruption which causes him to lose his temper In his childhood he had these crying bouts because of which once his father was advised to send him to an asylum The Duke was incensed at the very suggestions of it However the damage was done to Spencer’s own reputation He became known as not only ueer but also the mad son of the Duke Years of such sht was another reason why he preferred to stay hidden away in this remote castle that was given to him by his father buried in the pile of old dusty tomes and researchOf course Spencer knows about sex If anything his brothers’ bragging about their conuests has livened up uite a few drunken nights when Spencer spend time with them He also had some ideas about the goings on since both Harrison and Tremaine would try and give him lessons on what to do to a lady to make her moan and scream Both brothers though never mocked him only wanted to help And though they didn’t understand Spencer all that much they loved him and had always been protective of him and his ‘odd’ ways I loved that there was no pressure from them on Spencer to prove his ‘manliness’ in the sack It goes without saying that Spencer’s social skill is atrocious I did wonder when had he become such friends with those two guys who went to Philomena about the whole thing because Spencer rarely ever ventured out of his familiar known surrounding which is why he was a virgin probably as was due to the fact that peopleor women thought him ‘odd’ Either way he always thought he’d rather research on the notion of carnal activities rather than taking part in it He thought was that type of man who’d never know love or that sort of affection from a woman because of how he was Because he’d been told he’s not good looking or charming enough But Philomena was on her way to change it all which would inevitably disrupt Spencer’s world in the most pleasurable way The starting of the story was rather fun When Phil finally arrived at the blasted castle bumping on a wooden cart that set her a hurting she finds the castle in shambles There were no servants to speak of but a drunken old biddy who up and leaves the moment she spies on Philomena all righteous that she won’t ‘wait on a prossie’ Not that Philomena cared a whit The farmer owner of said cart brings up it’s that remote an area food and other supplies for Spencer once a week Even the temptation of a bribe won’t work on this guy so Philomena gathers she’s stuck here for a week instead of 2 days that she’d initially plannedThen there was her introduction to the man of the house whom she finds in his man cave of every activity; his library She rather hears his deep and beautiful voice first and it strikes somewhere deep within among other things ; that Philomena thinks if his voice can get that type of reaction out of her it can’t be all bad With that she finds that a bit of her earlier doubts melting away But wait a min if he’s all alone who the hell is he talking to? Turns out the man not only talks to himself while he’s working on his research but also to his dogs Theodora and Justinian Upon viewing him though Philomena begins to have second thoughts He looked unkempt without shave as if he doesn’t wanna waste his time on grooming himself when he can do research Like it or not some things were going to change in that household if ‘Phil’ was going to spend a week there and take charge since it was obvious that the master of the house had no interest in itPhilomena not only starts taking care of the kitchen and the food both cleaning and making she also makes a point of Spencer needing to bathe and shave Once he’s cleaned up though she’s uite happy with her handiwork It seems underneath all that facial hair there lives uite a handsome man with a pair of gorgeous blue eyes Oh Philomena can barely wait to go on ahead with her ‘assignment’ now Even though sex had always been a chore indeed this may yet prove to be a very interesting improvementEven though Spencer was rather dumbfounded at first to find the exact cause of Philomena’s presence in his home he recovers swiftly Then he’s reluctant due to his own vulnerabilities not knowing where it’d lead Even then he can’t deny her certain womanly charms that he’d failed to notice in any female species before now Or maybe it’s just her that’s causing all that lusty thoughts in his head Spence can’t say what is it exactly but it’s obvious his body knows what it wants And it wants PhilomenaFrom that point there starts a comfortable little friendship between them surprising yet not at all unwanted I was glad that they didn’t jump into bed right away It took a few days for both Philomena and Spencer to get acuainted with each other in trying to find footing and a balance in their budding relationship It becomes obvious then that even though they have differences in their opinions they get along uite nicely Together As if they’re already a couple There was no uestion that they liked each other very much That realization brings forth another dilemma especially for Philomena She’s here on a ‘job’ to see through She’s supposed to be leaving soon after that Most important of all he’s the son of a Duke so she can’t be having secret hopes that there might be something like an attachment forming between them as there’s no way that can lead to anything special however much they like each other’s company Spencer on the other hand had different outlook on it all As their relationship deepens and he’s finally a ‘man’ if you can say that thanks to Philomena things undoubtedly begin to change in his world It’s as if the center of it has been shifted to make room for someone new; a woman no less He’s surprised to find how comfortable he is with her on such a short acuaintance that Spencer simply can’t let go of her How important was the fact that Philomena didn’t threaten his comfort zone Being with her also made Spencer realize just how lonely he’d been all these years This also made me realize just how important a change this was to him Spencer didn’t have the harsh reality marring his thoughts so he was instantly in love with Philomena despite her background Now all he had to do is to convince her that his feelings are realEasier said than done because Philomena’s reality was much different than Spencer’s own Though she was from a good family she became an orphan early in her life which changed her circumstances forever The story of her becoming a prostitute was rather sad because that wasn’t supposed to be her fate if things didn’t go bad Though she had maintained a standard in her profession always no matter what Philomena knew none of these would matter to the society So when Spencer finally acknowledges his feelings all she wants is to run far away from here Yet in her heart she knew she had fallen too She didn’t want to hurt Spencer yet saw no viable options either Her reluctance would cause uite a bit of rift between them as she was uite convinced it was a very bad idea I couldn’t blame her for her thoughts really Somehow they must overcome it all to give love a chanceHonestly the only complaint in the story I had was the rush in the romance I enjoyed the idea behind the story so much it would’ve made me happier if this was longer and had a few chapters portraying Philomena and Spencer weathering the glares of the society It seemed too easy in the end though I’m glad that they acknowledged it wouldn’t be easy for them but they still wanted to be together nonetheless Now I’m uite eagerly waiting for Spencer’s brothers’ stories which I’m sure would be the next installments 35 stars and recommended if you’re looking for something steamy and uick no innuendo intended no seriously ;p

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    Adorable I'll definitely be reading of this author

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    I really liked the premise of this a brothel madam finding love with a reclusive eccentric virgin but I had a difficult time connecting emotionally with the characters mainly Philomena I didn't like that she was called Phil as every Phil I personally know is a middle aged blowhard jerk; it just kind of brought me out of the story and my mind kept envisioning her as much older than 32 and frumpier than she was actually described With her being a madam a bit of crudeness comes with the territory but it was a bit much at times Spence was really interesting He's so sweet to his dogs and is definitely of a romantic once he's inspired but he can be really intense due to his anxiety I'm not really sure how to classify it And call me a nerd but I wanted to know about his researchI would've liked an epilogue mainly because Spence is the third son of a duke who's now in love with a former courtesan and madam what happens when he brings her home? His family sounds decent enough but we don't get to meet them I want to root for these two and I'm curious how much they're mentioned further on into the series My brain believed they could fall in love in so short a time frame and make it work but as I was reading and watching their love unfold it just didn't give me the warm fuzzies in my heart I like to get when I read a romance

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    Madame Philomena agrees to an assignment to seduce a 30 year old virgin for his birthday Taking on the task herself she never expected her own feelings for the reclusive manSpencer is content with his life alone then Phil comes along But can anything come from this can there be happiness for a lord and a madame?Historical Romance emotions and smutty fluff in a great comboDisclaimer I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review

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    What a pleasant steamy surprise New author for me and I am glad to have found her I was very hesitant to start this story as I normally do not like courtesan heroines at all But this story came across as believable enough sweet and tender and did not drag on forever The only thing that slightly irritated me was that the heroine's name was shortened to be called Phil Every single time I read that word I would read it as a male name and keep getting confused that I was reading about the heroine and not the hero The book was not super long some might think the ending was rushed but I was actually happy enough with how it ended and used my imagination to fill in the blanks for their future On to the second book

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    A very good surprise I think I got this one as a freebie and didn't expect much of it but as it has happened before it was a very nice discovery The characters were very likeable at the same time vulnerable and strong the setting was original I really took a liking to Spence and Phil and rooted for their happy ending even though I know what happens after the end is going to be complicated but nothing that can be overcomeIt's not an erotica it's a spicy historical romance with a very sweet story as well as steamI'm off to read from Karyn Gerrard PS 1mn after I wrote this review I found out that the next book in the series is only 084€ just bought it

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    I didn't want the book to end I loved Phil and her scholarly virgin Wowjust wowthis book reminds me SLIGHTLY of pretty woman in a way Phil is a courtesan her backstory is heartbreaking but you need to read it to find it outbut even as a young girl Phil was going to be the author of her story despite what was done to hershe would make the best of it Spence is tall and wolly when Phil comes to his homehis backstory is also heartbreaking a bullied nerd would be the words nowhe is no longer than childbut he carries that childs scars He is alone he is lost in a world of scholarly pursuits and has no time nor enough self esteem to have a relationship with a woman 2 friends of his purchase a woman from Phil's brothel to help him lose his virginityhe is about to celebrate his 30th birthday and he has only ever been kissed once also not a nice memoryThese two meet and it is shockingtheir connection their unorthodox courtshipas she is trapped here for a weeknot a day2 days as expected begins with her removing his scraggly hair and monsterous beard to discover wonderous cheekbones sexy lips and amazing eyes The relationship between them is NOT hurried and immediately becomes no longer a job for her nor a gift for him the love between these two damaged yet wonderful characters is a heartbeat of it's own I loved this book and I pray there will be a seuel of these characters or a revisit in stories perhaps of his parents or brothers stars

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    Bold Seduction ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Written by Karyn GerrardThe Hornsby BrothersThis is an unusual story about two most unlikely people crossing paths and finding love Philomena McGrattan is the owner of an infamous house of ill repute When Phil is asked to travel to Wales to deliver a sexual birthday gift she finds herself intrigued by the idea Phil has not entertained men personally for three years and wants to get away for a day or twoHer assignment is to have sex with Lord Spence Hornsby also known as the Professor The Professor will be thirty years old and has never engaged in sexHornsby lives in a very isolated area and is very annoyed when his unexpected guest arrives The heavy snowfall makes it impossible for Philomena to leave his estate for a week During this times of isolation these two confide in each other and begin somewhat of a friendship along with a physical attraction for one another The sexual scenes are uite explicit but based on this story I thought were seemly true to the situationHats off to Ms Gerrard for a great first book in her new series

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