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Yes [PDF / EPUB] Yes What if youth wasn't wasted on the young On the eve of his fortieth birthday Ian Parker is looking for a reboot He may be the proud owner of a trendy coffee shop in Austin called La Tazza Magica but h What if youth wasn't wasted on the young On the eve of his fortieth birthday Ian Parker is looking for a reboot He may be the proud owner of a trendy coffee shop in Austin called La Tazza Magica but his love life has been MIA for years During a trip to Denver with his best friend Mark Ian buys an enchanted chocolate from a mysterious candy store—then wakes up from a nap two decades younger After the initial shock Ian realizes a uirk of the universe has given him a second chance and with Mark’s help he devises a plan to start over With a new lease on life Ian sets his sights on handsome architect Bartley James a regular customer at La Tazza He pursues Bartley as Ian’s twenty one year old alter ego Ryan with decidedly unexpected results Joining Ryan on his adventures are Matthew the dreamy new barista Jeremy the geeky high school math teacher and Sam the pizza delivery boy Even as misunderstandings and expectations collide Ian remains determined to right his past mistakes and find his off ramp to happiness.

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  • Brad Boney
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  • 04 February 2016

About the Author: Brad Boney

Brad Boney lives in Austin Texas the th gayest city in America He grew up in the Midwest and went to school at NYU He lived in Washington DC and Houston before settling in Austin He blames his background in the theater for his writing style which he calls “dialogue and stage directions” His first book was named a Lambda Literary Award finalist He believes the greatest romantic comedy of.

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    The blurb lead me to believe that this book is a standalone but that is not entirely the case Characters from Boney's three other books play a fairly big role in YesI have read The Nothingness of Ben and The Return but not The Eskimo Slugger and there were moments I was confused as Topher and Stanton's relationship had clearly progressed beyond the end of The ReturnIn other words this book is part of the Walsh brothers universe and best read as part of a series uentin Ben's younger brother is now in college and is a regular at a coffee shop owned by Ian a 40 year old man who's view spoilerHIV positive hide spoiler

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    Sometimes you don't realize what you've got 'til it's goneSo this is of a finding oneself than a romance Sure there's love but the real conflict is Ian accepting himself Kinda of a Catch 22 here Ian has a Tom Hanks Big moment after making a wish Except like in all time altering scenarios there's a twist Turning forty and feeling like he's missed out on so much wasted so much time and made HUGE mistakes Ian makes a wish And with a little help from some righteous Denver THC food products changes his life So there's a paranormal element here that's not as extreme as you might imagine I played along with it because I found Freaky Friday Big Shaggy Dog entertaining The MC has musical partners going on here for those who are sensitive to that take note Frankly made complete sense to me in the context of the story though the involvement with one character seemed a bit rushedThe interesting part of the story to me was would you really want to be you and do it again Sure the initial fun and crazy of doing it all is great but what about when you realize the traps Everything's changed people treat you differently and even though you're the same and want to keep some things constant they're not It all shifts like a kaleidoscope and you have to shift too There are gains and losses The ending was a bit uick in the wrap up which was surprising since it's the hardest part and it jumps really fast to resolution One last thing I appreciated the HIV positive story line and the inclusion of drawbacks balancing risk and the discussion of the pariah status and generational difference in discourse That was actually fascinating to hear Mark and Ian's take on things versus Matt If you approach this as a man vs self book then you'll be happy but if you go into it expecting a grand romance you'll likely be disappointed Overall entertaining romp that has a few serious moments and a couple epiphanies

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    No rating as I did not finish this bookI am a fan of Boney’s work The world of The Nothingness of Ben The Return and The Eskimo Slugger are favorites of mine with great characters who were lovely to see pop in and out of this story Though you can read this as a standalone I always like the nuggets given by authors to their readersBut I have to admit that this was hard for me to get into I kept picking it up and putting it down in favor of something else to read I liked the idea of the story but this one didn’t suck me in and make me fall in love the way the authors work had done before I couldn’t connect with Ian not when he was 40 and not after he ate the chocolate kiss with the Manick Butter There was something off about him and I couldn’t engage nor feel invested in him at all I hoped that would change sadly it didn’tI get that Ian has this chance a do over if you will and I know he is a dude so the first thing he would do is go for a hookup but the way he lamented about Bartley in the beginning this didn’t mesh well I didn’t connect with Ian and I surely didn’t connect with Ryan I made it to 45% with a lot of skimming and decided to call it uitsIt could be my mood It could be the overabundance of porn stars in the book that doesn’t have a porn star in it I am not sure It could be Ian’s health and I won’t even go into that I can’t get into that without getting a tad ragey This book sadly just didn’t work for me I honestly don’t care who Ian ends up with at all it’s just meh for me at this point

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    35 StarsI love magic and the fact that this book involved magic in any way was very exciting for me I know that when I'm looking at a Boney's book I'm gonna get a creative fun read with a very heartwarming touch I guess this book is in some way a kind of spin off of the Walsh kids universe and unless you want to be left with a constant huh? who's this? kinda face I would recommend you to read the other three books by this same author before getting to this one The Nothingness of Ben The Return and The Eskimo SluggerI'm kind of conflicted about this story On one hand there were things I loved and enjoyed a lot but then there were others that didn't really sit well with meWe have Ian a 39 years old man who has made some mistakes in his life and some of those mistakes had terrible conseuences Ian owns a cafe in Austin Texas For his 40th birthday his friend Mark takes him to Denver so they can celebrate Ian's birthday there pot is part of the deal of course So they go to this little store and there Ian gets a chocolate that is supposed to make him so very high The name of the chocolate is Manick Butter the whole thing around the name of the chocolate was interesting and fun to read He decides to eat it in his way back home Austin and so the magic beginsHave you ever wondered what would you do if you could turn back time? Or what would you do if you had the chance to wake up one day being 20 years younger? I don't know about others but I know I have So Many Times Unfortunately having the chance to do this comes with a price Everything changes no matter how much you want things to follow the course they used to have before you went back to be 20 all what you have is somehow lost and you have to start over So yes you may gain many great things but at the same time you lose too many amazing things as well including you the real you so the uestion in the end is is it worth it?When Ian wakes up after eating the magic chocolate he's 20 years younger He has to come up with a cover up story and a new identity RyanI LOVED Ian but I had major problems with Ryan You see in the beginning of the book we have Ian being completely smitten for Bartley a hot architect that is a regular costumer at Ian's coffee shop La Tazza Magica Ian however is insecure because Bartley is like 9 years younger than him and thinks that the architect is into younger men So when Ian wakes up being younger he thinks he hit the jackpot and decides that this is his chance with Bartley Things take a different road though and Ian really starts behaving like a 21 year old This annoyed me because in reality he has the mind of a 40 year old man He starts doing things that tell me nothing about the feelings he supposedly had for BartleyThe whole idea of having a second chance is not fuck up the way you did the first one and I don't think this happened here view spoilerIan is HIV positive When he wakes up as Ryan he isn't any and yet he goes bareback again While it didn't have any conseuences it annoyed me a lot hide spoiler

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    I typically love Brad Boney Like a lot Two of his other three books have been 5 stars for me This one gave me mixed feelings Parts of it I just loved There is something about the author's storytelling style that I really enjoy I love how his characters always smoke pot in at least one scene sshhdon't judge me I love how his characters always have a topic they discuss within the story music and baseball in past books This one was gay porn and mm TV shows from other countries Can I just tell you how many hours of Googling I did while reading this book? I loved the whole concept behind this story Regretting the choices one made in life and getting a do over Who hasn't wished for that at some point? I also loved that we got to see the guys from previous stories and I swooned a little every scene that included Stanton and Topher Lastly I love his pop culture reference in his books Tons of them in this book made me laugh out loud My favorite I think Think about prison at your age Have you ever see Turned Out? Or Oz? Sure I know it looks hot when it's Chris Meloni but this isn't fiction young manSo I loved all this Where did it go wrong for me? Our MC Ian I didn't like him I did at first but when he went back to a younger age he lost me I thought he was selfish and I thought the whole point for the do over was to learn from your previous mistakes It didn't seem to me that he did that at all He had a single mindedness in pursuing Bartley that didn't really make a lot of sense to me as they had never actually gone on a date or had serious moments together and I thought Ian's treatment of Matthew was just horrible Yes he was in the body of a 20 something year old but his mind was still 40 I felt he should have had respect for a young man who he knew cared for him AND was his employee Nothing about the relationships between Ian Matthew andor Bartley felt real to me I didn't feel any of their connectionsI also had a really big personal issue with one of the events in the story I'm going on a mini rant here so be prepared if you look under the spoiler tag view spoiler There is a scene where two characters who barely know each other choose to not use condoms based on each other's word that neither have anything It really bothered me Is this based on my personal opinions and beliefs? Totally But still it really effected my enjoyment of the plot I thought it was really irresponsible behavior on the part of the MC The MC has HIV Now because he's gone back in time he's not infected with it at the time of the unprotected sex but in his real life he lives with the disease and the medicine and the side effects everyday Why on earth would he then have unprotected sex with a stranger in his do over? I just couldn't get my head around this And it's not just about HIV It's about Hepatitis HPV and any number of other sexually transmitted diseases I work with terminally ill people every day and I've seen too many lives ruined by these diseases Any time I read a book where condoms are not used in casual relationshipshook ups it bothers me It's always a deal breaker for me hide spoiler

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    view spoilerI decided to read this sooner rather than later because one of my friends gave it a one star rating I really like Brad Boney's books so I wanted to see how I'd rate it Where do I begin? Let me say that I didn't like Ryan at all And I didn't understand some of Ian's choices At one point I actually thought I might have to DNF I'm not a man and will probably never understand men but I find it hard to believe in this day and age that people use Grindr and Craigslist for hookups 40 year old Ian is HIV positive but he gets a chance to relive his life and make better choices one would think Well as 21 year old Ryan he meets Jeremy on Grindr and they have oral sex the first night they meet As my friend Rebecca mentioned in one of her reviews you can get HIV from oral sex; the chances are slim but it can still happen I didn't like that Ryan and Jeremy hooked upAnother thing I didn't like was I didn't know who the love interest was gonna be Since this is in the Walsh world I was expecting it to be the other gay Walsh brother but then I realized he already had a boyfriend I thought Matthew was a really smart character and I really liked the advice he gave Ryan but then Matthew and Ryan hook up and decide to have bareback sex WTF? People lie Why would you take someone's word that they're negative? Also there are other diseases out there beside HIV that you can get that would make finding sex partners not so easy Why don't they ever talk about herpes genital warts hepatis C and such????Some of this was fairly predictable and that surprised me a lot I figured out that Bartley would be HIV positive as well I don't know how I feel that this turned out to be a dream seuence This was not as special as the other books Oh before I forget some things were pretty tedious All that talk about the porn stars I watch porn but I don't know their names I did google some of the names to see what they looked like Also the JeopardyTrivial Pursuit game went out a bit longAlexander Marlow did make an impression on me I like him a lot Weird and uirky I'd like to read a book about him and Matthew Sam and Jeremy I couldn't care less hide spoiler

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    I tried I really did The writing isn't poor uality by any means but the plotline has so much potential and frankly it wore me out mentally I knew in my heart of hearts where it was headed and decided to stop earlyThis book just didn't do it for me I will however give some of the authors other works a try in the future

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    Ian Parker lives a comfortable life he is a successful business owner has great friends and is liked by pretty much everyone he meets A mistake he made a decade ago changed his life irrevocably and Ian lives with that everyday but with his fortieth birthday approaching he's feeling a little nostalgic On the plane back home after a trip to Denver Ian has a chocolate kiss that promises to be magical then wakes up twenty years younger Once he convinces his best friend Mark that he is in fact Ian and stops Mark from having him arrested or committed they set a plan in motion for Ian to have a do over You know how we always say If I knew then what I know now well Ian is about to learn the truth of that statement Ian becomes Ryan Ian's nephew to explain the resemblance and comfortably inserts himself into Ian's life and he is just as friendly and liked as his uncle Ryan is thoroughly enjoying all the attention his younger fitter body affords him From pizza delivery boys to grindr hookups the barista at the coffee shop and the elusive architect that Ian had his eye on before he ate a jacked up chocolate kiss and woke up twenty years younger Ryan has always been under the impression that Ian was gone for good that this second chance at life would be the rest of it for him But as he gets to know Matthew and Bartley he becomes aware of himself and what it is he truly wants in life He comes to realize that his second chance at life could cost him his chance at true love This book is full of twists and turns mostly with the IanRyan character and what he wants but doesn't really want but does want Yes it is a little bit confusing at times but then Boney's books are always full of this type of story line I absolutely loved the moral of this story though the grass is not always greener you know Ian lives with HIV he is very responsible and conscience about it but of course he wonders what his life would be like had he not made that mistake When given the opportunity of a life free of the disease would he make different choices you'd like to to think so What if the right choice is back where you started? Full of strong secondary characters that help keep the story going and there are a lot of familiar faces from the Nothingness of Ben world So I really enjoyed the chance to catch up with uenten Topher and Stanton see how the Walsh boys are doing and how marriage is working out for Topher and Stanton This is a story rich with dialogue and full of musical TV and movie pop culture references There are conversations about the guys favorite gay porn stars as well which was uite hysterical Overall this was a fun read for me all about appreciating what you have and living life to its fullest A different kind of love story for sure but I uite enjoyed the ride

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    I have grown to love Brad Boney I know in the past I've been hesitant to start his other books because I didn't know how much heartache I would be dealing with I haven't been let down yet I absolutely adore it's one of my favorite books ever and to see them pop up all over his books makes me warm inside I love that he is able to build this magical world his writing is always whimsical I like that he deals with real life topics on top of the romance aspect In this book we meet Ian forty year old coffee shop owner of La Tazza Magica who's in a slump and has a major man crush on Bartley James Right off the back I fall in love with the characters Ian and his best friend Mark travel to Denver for some debauchery and it's hilarious I won't give away what happens Enter one Ryan Parker who I really liked except for him making one of the dumbest mistakes in his life I was so mad at him did you not learn anything from your uncle Ian I'm so happy Mark said something because I was thinking he couldn't be that careless Of course Boney paints this magical time with an abundance of gay porn history I knew nothing about but I definitely Google some things and can I say Hello Al Parker All in all I like how everything ended up my only thing was the ending with Matthew I didn't think it was fair to him how it ended seeing as his feelings for Ryan I didn't believe that he would just accept what Ryan said I loved the Walsh clan Stanton Topher Marvin and the Dime Box grew all making a presence in this book I am certain that Brad Boney just gave my friends a new game night game it was totally fun with that scene as well as that amazing shout out to Teen Wolf

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    I actually finished this book Friday but didn't have to write the review until todayI was going through the March 2015 MM release list and came across this book I loved the premise Like the movie Big but in reverse and gay as one of the characters says at one point The preview was also really engaging and so I decided to give it a tryI really wish I'd re read my review of The Nothingness of Ben before I'd said yes to Yes thoughThis book is a giant disappointment and mess of unfulfilled potential even worse than the aforementioned bookIt starts off interestingly enough Ian is about to turn 40 successful owner of a bustling coffee shop near the University of Texas campus in Austin called La Tazza Majica the magic mug but he's unhappy He's view spoilerHIV positive hide spoiler

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