One Plus One Equals Three: A Masterclass in Creative

One Plus One Equals Three: A Masterclass in Creative Thinking [PDF / EPUB] One Plus One Equals Three: A Masterclass in Creative Thinking How do you make something out of nothing Up your game with this masterclass in creative thinking Combining Dave Trott's distinctive almost Zen like storytelling humour and practical advice One Plus On How do you make something out of One Equals Epub Þ nothing Up your game with this masterclass in creative thinking Combining Dave Trott's distinctive almost Zen like storytelling humour and practical advice One Plus One Plus eBook ¿ One Euals Three is a collection of provocative anecdotes and thought experiments designed to light a fire under your own creative ambitions From the First World War sailor who survived being sunk Plus One Equals ePUB ´ three times in one day to the one time 'merchant of death' who made his name a byword for peace and the gypsy who lost two fingers and then reinvented jazz From Plus One Equals Three: A PDF or boardroom to battlefield these stories of unconventional wisdom from one of the world's true advertising greats are a rallying cry for anyone who wants to think differently stand out and truly innovate.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 233 pages
  • One Plus One Equals Three: A Masterclass in Creative Thinking
  • Dave Trott
  • English
  • 25 March 2016

10 thoughts on “One Plus One Equals Three: A Masterclass in Creative Thinking

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    Do you often read stories that tell about the life story behind the success of such powerful public figures? Besides biography you may ever found them in magazines newspapers or motivational books From such narratives the information that I oftenly get is the fact that there's a long journey before someone being on top there are certain good habits and characters that lead someone to success such as dicipline hard work honest etc I think they are all just the basics because many people do hard work train themselves to be discipline but still there are some people on top while the others keep being ordinary So what is the thing that leads them to end up in different place?If you have been wondering about the same uestions as mine I would say that you ought to read this book This book will please you with interesting stories about little acts that unexpectedly could change the world At the end of the book you will get yourself realised that a masterpiece comes from anything we never imagine beforeDave Trott successfully delivers the message of the stories with his own style adding jokes in his writing The best thing I discovered from this book is that the book does not feel like it tells me a story and its values but it invites me to answer the uestions of Why this story is written up here? Is it just because the story is about the experience that lead someone to success? Or is it because this story is a typical motivational narrative? Just as the title says the author leads us to a discussion of how to make it possible for one and one to become three The author emphasizes that the ideas gathered the ending results should be innovative varied creative and produce unexpected combination This book is a shortcut for you who want to think differently and innovatively Reading this book is such a great experience for me This book makes me realise that the solutions of any problems actually has been right in front of eyes After reading this book I somehow feel stupid in a good way Here I will put a uote that was written to end one of the stories in sixth chapter The Value of Ignorance The uotes say something like According to the laws of aerodynamics the bumblebee can’t fly But the bumblebee doesn’t know that so it just carries on flying aroundLet me know what you think the message is about or maybe the story you like the most from this book

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    I’ve read some of Dave Trott’s stuff in the past and it always follows a vaguely similar formula He has a very uniue writing style in which he writes in short repetitive sentences and where he basically shares some stories and then tells you what the moral isHere the stories are all about thinking outside the box and finding opportunities where you might not have expected them So for example he uses a story about German U boats in the First World War to show how by forging ahead with a plan that other people ridicule you can potentially take people unawares and force them to totally rethink conventional wisdomReally it’s of an inspirational book than a practical hands on guide because it’s not going to just give you a list of steps to follow if you want to get things done Rather it’ll help you to think in a different way and that in itself might be all you need to get an edge over the competitionAnd the best thing is that while Dave Trott is an advertising man the ideas here can be applied just as easily to pretty much any form of creativity It’s certainly given me a few ideas that I’ll apply to my writing

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    One of the best books I've read this year I love the way Dave Trott wrote the book It is concise yet very interesting I also love his story telling which it is full with twist and surprise If you love the creativity read this book

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    I don’t know how so many people like this bookIt’s tweet after tweet after tweet It’s short sentences It’s shorter stories Great storiesTold in short sentences of 5 words Or lessTotally forgettableLike this review

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    It is essentially a collection of short stories all with some kind of creativity related lessons in the end all witty in their own way Some of the lessons that resonated with meWhat exists beats what doesn’t Don’t tell people what do do but give them a choice Use appropriate language uestion the uestion They don’t know what they don’t knowIf it’s broke don’t fix it see an opportunity in misfortuneThink what others aren’t doingI liked it I can easily see myself picking this one up from time to time to refresh my perspective on creative problems

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    “Masterclass” is a pretty misleading way to describe this book It’s a collection of stories that involve some aspect of creative thinking But that’s all This is definitely not worth the read

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    This book is described on the cover as a masterpiece of creative thinking For those who don’t know who Dave Trott is let me introduce him He is an adman whose agency Gold Greenlees Trott was the place to work during the ‘80’s I interned there briefly and he and his fellow creatives knew how to sell ‘You’ll be amazed at a Mazda’ ‘Allo Tosh got a Toshiba as well as the Maxell tape remember them? ‘Me Ears are alight’ Irritating to some but very memorable This is really a book containing examples of people who thought outside the box and who made a difference A 10 year old girl who knew that the Boxing Day tsunami was coming and saved everyone on the Thai beach that she and her family were holidaying on by just uietly insisting The supposedly foolproof Russian early warning system that apparently detected that the US had launched nuclear missiles against the USSR But they hadn’t the foolproof system had mistaken a bizarre alignment of the sun’s rays on high altitude clouds and a Russian military man prevented catastrophe by not pressing the button to launch Russia’s missilesIn the introduction Trott discusses creativity as a combination of old elements that come together to form a new idea and that the most creative people store up ideas and inspirations David Bowie is cited in one example as someone who was always interested in all forms of music and often not ones that were popular or current Anyone who like me visited the Sothebys exhibition of his art collection after his death will know how varied his tastes wereThis is book that makes you re consider how you do things and maybe you’ll do them differently in the future and not take the well trodden path

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    This book is a collection of interesting anecdotes It was good to dip in and out of I read it over the course of about half a year Each chapter gives a real example of someone who solved a problem creatively Some of the examples I had heard of many I hadn't and most are good for use in conversation If you're looking for methods to improve creativity or a how to guide then this is not the book you are looking for If you would like to read a selection of short real life stories which might inspire you to go against the status uo and approach problems from a different angle then it is worth picking up The book gives evidence through examples of people who have been successful or even saved lives by going against common knowledge The author clearly writes from a marketing perspective and many of the examples relate to this However the concept is universal and can applied to almost any area of life The book also gave the impression of being copied and pasted from a blog or social media platform and though sorted into sections it didn't feel particularly coherent or ordered This might due to how I read it spread out over a long time which is how I feel this sort of book is best read it helps the anecdotes to be memorable and it would likely be a bit repetitive to read one after the other Overall I would say the book isn't useful as such creativity is uniue to each situation but is definitely interesting and thought provoking Therefore it gets four stars from me

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    This book was good for travel every single episode was neatly written and enjoyed throughly This book invited me to finish coz such an interesting facts Fantastic Book

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    A masterclass to up your game Modest chapters with full insights along with practical real life examples A kind of book which you do not want to finish

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