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Fish in the Dark [PDF / EPUB] Fish in the Dark Fish in the Dark is the astonishing playwriting debut by Larry David the multiple Emmy winning star of Curb Your Enthusiasm and co creator of Seinfeld This sidesplitting play a testimony to David’s Fish in the Dark is the astonishing playwriting debut by Larry David the multiple Emmy winning star of Curb Your Enthusiasm and co creator of Seinfeld This sidesplitting play a testimony to David’s great writing talent is also his first time on Broadway—in fact his first time acting on stage since eighth grade In Fish in the Dark Larry David stars as Norman Drexel a man in his fifties who is average in most respects except for his hyperactive libido As Norman and his family try to navigate the death of a loved one old acuaintances and Fish in PDF/EPUB or unsettled arguments resurface with hilarious conseuences Fish in the Dark has its world premiere at the Cort Theatre on Broadway on March starring Larry David.

  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Fish in the Dark
  • Larry David
  • English
  • 14 August 2016
  • 9780802124401

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    Guys I think I figured out why I don't like playsReal uick on this one it's Larry David it's like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and if that's what you like you'll like this too If you're not into it then don't read this I'm a huge fan so there you goAlright playsThere are two dialog related rules that I try to follow in writingThe first one is that you shouldn't try to advance the plot through dialog Yes I know that dialog is often a catalyst for plot I have to tell you something or can bring the inner stuff going on with a non narrator to the front When you did X I felt Y but for the most part it's a good thing to avoid Think of dialog advancing plot as the worst version of Sherlock Holmes We have a guy solving mysteries in his mind and narrating aloud to Watson a detailed version of how he figured out what he figured out The BBC Sherlock is compelling as all hell and that has a lot to do with the mind palace as a physical place on screen the explanations being rushed and meted out while some kind of other action is going on the fact that we see all the clues and answers in real time and only need uick flashes to get on board and the straight up charm of the whole affair If it was just Sherlock and Watson in a room chatting we'd all wish Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman would just uit this whole thing and get back to desolating and Smaug'ingPlays are almost all dialog and rely uite a bit on dialog to advance the plot Think about a Shakespearean character A bunch of people run off stage spotlight on one dude and then he says aloudto himself exactly what he's going to do here in just a minute He says it to no one really Just you know talking about an intricate plot out loud under a spotlight Like we all do from time to timeThe other problem is that plot advancing dialog doesn't usually feel real If you listen to the way people talk the way most people talk doesn't actually involve listening and responding listening and responding and a dialog set that's like a staircase ratcheting up step by step taking us upwards in terms of tension and forwards in terms of plot If you listen to how people talk they hear someone tell a story ask clarifying uestions sometimes and for the most part seem to be waiting their turn to say their own piece RARELY does someone listen to someone else talk and respond to what that person actually said That's how interviews are done but not conversations Before you assume I'm just talking to the wrong people listen in on some conversations in public and see what you thinkOkay here's the other thingWriting should sound like people talking That's a stylistic personal preference but it's why I don't really enjoy certain kinds of writing especially academic writing When someone says The writing it's like he's trying to prove he's smart I think what people usually mean is This doesn't sound like someone talking and I don't believe in the authenticity of this voice at allLots of plays sound like writing to me Not like talking The way they talk is always a little too cute or clever They know what they're going to say next always because THEY DO know what they're going to say next I think it's built in to the aesthetics of plays to have this kind of dialog and that's cool but it just rubs me the wrong wayOne thing I hate about playsHow the hell have we all decided that the thing in Hamlet where he does a fake play is a good plan? Is this supposed to be a good plan or are we as audience supposed to be like This guy is a fucking idiot and that's the ride I'm on? Because if the second is true then I guess it makes sense But Ham seems to be putting a lot of weight behind his stepdad being made uncomfortable by a play Let's say I suspected my partner of cheating I don't think that I would be like I've got it I'll show her Fatal Attraction see if she becomes physically uncomfortable in a noticeable way and then I'll have all the proof I need Seriously? She shifts in her chair and I jump up all AH HA? Nailed it

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    Really funny I wish I got to see this performed

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    pretty prettypretty good

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    Reads like an episode of curb Highly recommended for all fans of the show; otherwise I wouldn't bother

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    Never been a fan of Larry David but wanted to see what all the fuss was about with his hit Broadway play As it turns out not much it doesn't READ funny but might be mildly diverting with an expert comic cast It reminded me of those ubiuitous Ken Ludwig plays with lots of shouting and noise and plot twists usually revolving around sex that you can see coming a mile off or maybe ersatz early Woody Allen

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    I think this particular play would be far better live while I could understand where the comedy would come from on stage I felt it rather lacking on the page however I did love the ending and as it was a short uick read I'd say it was worth it just for the end

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    What happens if you take Seinfeld but turn it into a family situation instead of a group of friends? With George as the star and Jerry as his richer slightly younger brother Elaine as George's wife and Kramer as a wild Uncle Throw in a few family members the usual mundane absurdities that only Seinfeld could do the complete lack of empathy and normal human emotions and some really humorous yet sarcastic back and forth Now you have Fish in the Dark uite possibly a 5 star performance on the written page even with Larry David's voice in my head as Norman it's hard to give it than 3 But I would definitely pay to see this performed by a cast of Larry's choosing

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    OMG This guy is a hoot I LOVE reading his writing because I can just picture him saying the lines It’s so uintessential Curb Your Enthusiasm I loved this play It’s a uick read but it’s packed with hilarity At one point Norman’s wife threatens to kill him to which he replies “If you ever killed me she’d drown you in the toilet bowl then impale you and use your head for a tchotchke” 37 I don’t think I need to say any about this title Thank you GG for giving this book to me

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    Fish in the dark is a cute play As someone who revered Seinfeld and Curb your enthusiasm my expectations were very high And while this isn’t my favorite play I’ve ever read it’s got just enough of Larry David’s flavor to make it worth your time It won’t change your life but you’ll get a few laughs

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    Classic Larry DavidI don’t usually read plays since so much of the enjoyment is in the acting and delivery But knowing Larry from Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld it’s so easy to picture this play in your mind Pretty pretty pretty good

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