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The First Time in Forever Songbird #1 [PDF / EPUB] The First Time in Forever Songbird #1 For seventeen year old Melody Williams life is a constant struggle to stay alive and one step ahead of those who seek to reclaim her In one brief instant her solitary life is turned upside down when I For Time in Forever Songbird PDF or seventeen year old Melody Williams life Time in MOBI î is a constant struggle to stay alive and one step ahead of those who seek to reclaim her In one brief instant her solitary The First PDF/EPUB ² life is turned upside down when Issac James a member of the one of the world's hottest singing groups runs into her literally with his little blue Porsche Along with his band First Time in ePUB ¹ mates and best friends Tyler Jesse Tristan and their manager Damon her life just is no longer lonely but just First Time in Forever Songbird MOBI :ß got a whole lot complicated.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 153 pages
  • The First Time in Forever Songbird #1
  • J.C. Amato
  • English
  • 12 February 2016

10 thoughts on “The First Time in Forever Songbird #1

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    I love CL Stones book so this one of cause was almost as good I personally prefer the first person narrator point of view but here the third persons wasn't doing any harm eitherI loved all the boys and can't wait for the next book since this book was cut off in the middle of the climax Who the hell does that? I just hate cliffhangers so I was going to give only 4 stars but then on the other hand the rest of the story was just worthy a 5 star ranking so there you goBut JC Amato you better publish the second book soon or I will have to suffer through stories which ends are still to wonder about

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    Why do I get the feeling we will be hanging on this cliff FOREVER?

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    swoonI've been dying for Reverse Harem books They're soo difficult to come by When you want all of the boys to be love interestsI'm a little scaredthis book came out in January 2015 but I'm not seeing anything about a second one? Is there going to be a second one? What's the plan here? You can't leave us hanging like thatThe writing had a juvenile feeling to it and my Kindle copy was riddled with spelling errors bad grammar and plenty of missing punctuation That's not really something that bugs me but the writing uality did throw me off a little I do wonder how old the author is There are some heavy parts that I usually enjoy reading about dramaangstetc but they could've been handled so much better It was almost like let me tell you my entire sob story in three big paragraphs then we'll all move on Boys will get angry for a bit but then we'll laugh and eat pancakes A good portion of the book felt like a checklist than a journeyThe boys weren't very believable with just how uickly they fell for Melody Even Tristan who wants to hate her knows that he feels something deep for herit's lacking the believably factorOtherwise it was too short Ahhh I'm dying for Need this second book so badly Probably should've waited for the series to be completed before I started on itI did truly enjoy this story though I would consider it one of my guilty pleasure books

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    Looking forward to book 2I thought the story started off slow but the cliffhanger ending makes me wish the next book was already available Unlike other reviewers I see very little similarities between this book and CLStone's academy series yes there are a few good guys and one troubled girl but that's where the similarities end in my opinion To be honest there are going to be similarities with every book in the same genre so I don't see this as a big deal The guys are singers and the girl has a very different history then the main character in the academy seriesI took off one star because this book needs some editinggrammar fixes Right now the book feels a little unpolished because of these current errors and sometimes these errors took me out of the storyThat being said I thought the book was pretty well written and each character's POV felt both distinct and relatable I loved how the author weaved in little details about the boys backstory without bogging the reader down with details all at once Overall I look forward to reading the next book in the series which is surprising since I normally abhor boy band books though this book is so much than that and can't wait to follow Amato's journey as they become a polished and profound offer So what are you waiting for? Click buy now already

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    It was an okay plot line The characters were okay This needed some series editing There were uotation marks when there shouldn't have been and then there were no uotation marks when there needed to be A few misspelled words Just need some editingHeroine wasn't buy able She suffered abuse at the hands of her uncle and aunt but did not show signs of being abused mentally After she shares her story with the guys I couldn't help but think magic penis syndrome times five She connected with the guys way to fast for my liking Other than that I was on autopilot I am going to read the second book because the ending to this one made me curious I don't know if I will continue with the series after that I guess we will see

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    An interesting and entertaining readThis one turned out to be so much different than I expected Getting a second chance at life is within her grasp but I will have to wait for the next book to see where it goes

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    I loved it I just wish I knew when the second book was coming out

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    35 Actuall rating

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    Four Forte Stars I was doing some stalking when I ran into book two Having seen this book on many RH lists I held back because most people were saying that they never thought book two would come out Seeing that I wouldn't have to wait for long I decided to finally read it Melody is homeless and hiding when she literally gets hit by a car and passes out She is brought back to their hotel where she meets the members of the hot new boy band Forte Melody is on the run from years in the foster systems abuse and an evil aunt and uncle The plot builds and the boys fight falling for her each in their own way This one ends on a MAJOR cliffhanger and I am so glad that I waited to read it I'm not sure how I would have survived otherwise

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    This story contains insta love zero world building rape as nothing than plot deviceexcept there is no plot grammatical errors and characters with absolutely no personalityThere was also slut shaming of any girl who wasn't Melodythe female main character there were no secondary characters and the writing inspired no emotions in me besides irritation at the book not being over yet It ended on a cliffhanger

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