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Jock Auction [PDF / EPUB] Jock Auction Sexy high school footballer Kyle has two big blind spots first he assumes he’s straight and second he doesn’t know uite how much his shy geeky classmate Craig lusts after him When the two are thro Sexy high school footballer Kyle has two big blind spots first he assumes he’s straight and second he doesn’t know uite how much his shy geeky classmate Craig lusts after him When the two are thrown together after a charity slave auction however how incredible the sex is turns out to be hard to miss Problem is Kyle’s awakened sexuality is on a collision course with his hot teammates and not everyone in his conservative Midwestern town is uite so open mindedWhen Kyle unexpectedly gets up close and personal with another closeted jock and realizes in the process that there’s than just teenage hormones between himself and Craig he’s faced with a choice walk away or fight for what until now he didn’t know he wanted Meanwhile Craig is learning that there’s to his appetite for athletic guys than playing the meek submissive and Kyle’s mea culpa arrives right on time for him to explore some of the kinks he never knew he hadHard bodies meet even harder truths as two very different guys discover that while you can buy someone’s time you still have to win their heart.

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    Longest one handed read ever Seriously This has got to be some sort of record I've read my fair share of porn and erotica that borders on porn and I've come up with a set of guidelines if you will that I affectionately refer to as the Porn Club rules First rule of Porn Club It needs to be hot The hotter the better Think bushel of habañeros and work down from thereSecond rule of Porn Club Brevity is the order of the dayThird rule of Porn Club Go long only if you've got a semblance of a story OR awesome charactersFourth rule of Porn Club Go for OTT imitate The Tingle Not really a rule per se just sound adviceOnly the first rule of Porn Club was followed here The sex is stupid hot and varied These two knuckleheads plow the hell out of each other every which way to Sunday They get a little kinky They have a penchant for that we might get caught and that makes it hotter sex even at school in the Nurse's office In case you're wondering they do get caught a couple of times and take it in stride What they lack is connection intimacyUnfortunately there's only so much cock talk I can take and 260 pgs of cock talk was overkill I've never been so bored with two horny teens Both Kyle and Craig are about as interesting as paste which lessened my interest further I can forgive them the instalove I remember being 18 and one date meant you were in love I get it What I can't forgive is this snoozefest of a story Jock Auction is a slice of life tale that goes on and on and on Besides the sex nothing happens It's all told through Kyle the jock Kyle is straight until he gets bought by Craig at a charity auction The events that ensue and bring these two numbnuts together are too asinine to even go into Suffice to say he's not that straight afterwards and proceeds to dive head first into the mosh pit of Cockapalooza This stretched the limits of my reality suspension something that's not my strong suit even under ideal circumstances He's checking out teammates in the showers gets handsy with one of them even gets fucked by him and his monster cock which makes him realize his feelz for Craig An epiphany inducing monster cock What a novelty Despite their devotion he's still cockadoodle Always checking out other dudes' cocks has a permaboner that's oozy often most freuently on the carpet Ewww Seriously dude No one wants that in their carpet I get that he's a horny teen but would it be too much for them to have a honeymoon period where they only have eyes for one another?Neither of these MCs are fleshed out I don't know a thing about either of them aside from the obvious They say the love each other I don't see it Kyle thinks in 10 words yet his action are akin to Bill or Ted with virtually every sentence containing the word dude They never have the talk and bareback and in Kyle's case with than one person which is beyond stupid in contemporary society In a nutshell I never invested in them as a couple If these two make it to summer break it'll surprise the hell out of meSo the sex was a hot if tedious 4 hearts with a 1 heart story and a heart deduction for violating the Porn Club rulesRecommend to fans of straight to gay jockgeek fantasy wish fulfillment stories with the proviso that you skim all the talking bits A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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    Taking a risk on a new author is always a gamble and when a book is so new that you are one of the first to read it it almost feels like a responsibility to other readers to let them know a few things up front This is listed as YA but there is A LOT of sex in every which way with than one person in this book The sex is dirty and intense I know some folks don’t like to read that with boys in high school even if they are seniors so I am tossing that warning out earlyNow thenThis is total high school PWP and for me that was okay PWP has its place and when you are strung out after an emotional read books like these are exactly what you need Now having admitted that I have no issues with PWP this book left me a bit confused 999% of the time Stay with me on that percentage and it being so damn close to that of condoms and their preventability of spreading STD’s No I am not going to jump on a moral soap box with this BUT the no glove but lots of love deal with than one person made me pause and want to toss local health clinic fliers at Kyle and his boy toys Good lordI am not sure if the author was going for the PWP theme with this but they nailed it It was like every porn clip you could find of every sex act out there and it was in this book and most of it happens in the first five chapters Not that I am complaining mind you I was suirming in my chair and blushing at my desk as the boys explored I’m just letting y’all know what goes down so you know what you’re spending your money on Mmm Kay? Moving onKyle gets bought at an auction to raise money for the football program While the other guys get bought by chicks Kyle gets bought by the shy emo boy with glasses Craig Kyle thinks he will be washing cars or cleaning out an attic but when he gets to Craig’s house and gets kissed? Attics are not what get clean bad pun penalty? Deal with it So anyway Craig kissed Kyle and then they talk it out Kyle tells Craig he is not gay Craig tells Kyle he’s crushed on him since kindergarten aww and then Kyle decides to give Craig a lap dance Mind you Kyle still believes he is straight at this point and even after they play salami tonsil hockey ughCraig buying Kyle at the auction was a brave thing to do He just wanted to spend time with his crush and honestly the skinny emo kid had no idea how Kyle would react to spending time with him let alone be kissed It was brave reckless and adorable and thank goodness it paid offI love a good finding your sexuality story The psychology of it intrigues me as a guy figures out he is attracted to other guys and then takes it from there But I need a connection to buy into it and I never got that with Kyle There is a lot of sex that happens between Craig and Kyle and while Craig opened up and spilled his crush story to Kyle before they did anything I wanted to believe that Kyle was getting than an orgasm out of being with CraigThis takes a twist as the blurb tells you when Kyle and his teammate hookup I wasn’t thrilled with that because I really like Craig but this isn’t my journey it’s Kyle’s and he is young full of testosterone and hornier than a ten peckered owl and boys like do not always think with their big brains and usually their smaller ones dangling between their legs Kyle has a lot to figure out and it could be too late after what he has done to CraigI went back and forth and then back again with this book Yeah there is a lot of sex but it was hot so I was okay with it most of the time I think it would have been easier to take some of what is done because it’s hella dirty – dirty sex dirty talk if the boys weren’t seniors in high school It was just advanced and very porntastic for young men but what do I know?You have a lot of things being done and thrown at you uickly and ducking all the new thoughts of Kyles as he meets it seems each teammate’s gay sibling was tough There were some great moments of dialogue between many of the boys and thoughtful small chats with Kyle and Craig that could have led to intimacy but it led directly to sexI don’t know exactly how to rate this There were things I liked and things I didn’t The sex was hot but I wouldn’t call this romance because I had zero connection to either character and never formed that investment I need to fall in love with their story This was PWP and like I said that’s okay because it all has a place and a shelf for it

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    More sex per suare inch here than I've ever read Great witticisms The sex between these 18 year old guys is much advanced than I'm having at 25 Almost Anyway I enjoyed this story and made my boyfriend help me practice some of their moves Hope you enjoy this book as much as I did

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    This book could probably be described using only cheesy gay porn video titles Football Jock Bones Hung Emo Twink Barely Legal Bros Bang in the Kitchen You Me and Your Brother Makes ThreeOh My This books gets intense Fast It was just underwear moistening and pornographic which is oh so much fun but there's not much to this book than that Attempts at a story feel half hearted almost like the story and character building parts are thrown in to give the reader a break from the sex scenes when really it should be the other way round And that's a bit of a shame because Craig is adorable I adored Craig and a couple of the other support characters but found Kyle to be a bitblahIf you're going to like this book you'll have to be willing to over look rather glaring points of plot conflicts and complete unbelievability view spoiler 1 When Kyle decides he might like boys he doesn't fuck aroundwell actually He does A LOT Within 2 weeks he goes from having sex with only one past girlfriend to licking his own cum as it drips out of Craig's ass Oh and He also lets Louis watch as his brother gropes and shoves his fingers in Kyle's ass before deciding he'd rather fuck Kyle himself while Ty watches and gives tips What madness is this? This is pretty much why I rated this book at only 3 stars You can't wander around bareback fucking all your friends and molesting half the football team and then try to scrap together some kind of romance and true love for two of them It's just nonsense at that point 2 It gets stated multiple times and in various ways that this town in super small super conservative with churches than people Yet Kyle only manages to encounter 2 people with any issue with him and Craig Jeff and his mother Everyone else is gay or has a gay brother son uncle cousin and is totally cool with it so much so that they all want to lick Kyle and touch his junk and fuck Craig cause it looks so hawt 3 What kind of horribly irresponsible people are running this high school and where the fuck are all these kids' parents? Kyle Craig and the whole crew pretty much go wherever and do whatever they want when they want Skip school leave halfway through spend nights with each other because no one's parents are ever around or looking for them How on earth does a kid get assaulted at school and nearly choked unconscious and somehow no parents are called? 4 For most of these characters being on the football team there wasn't much football played They do like to shower though hide spoiler

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    Because the idea was an original one and because i think that the author has potentialCraig an emo nerdy guy has a crush on Kyle and he buys him at an auctionWhen he reveals his feelings Kyle is surprised at first then flattered and then they begin a big make out sessionAnd from this moment on the sex beginsAnd let me tell you there is A LOT OF ITNow this is not a problem and believe me i am a perv who wants sex on pageBut i never felt a connection between the characters other than the sexual oneI didn't feel the love if you know what i meanEvery discussion or fight led to just sexAnother HUGE issue was the totally unsafe sexI won't throw a lecture here but the lack of condom use made me feel really uncomfortable especially since Kyle had sexual intercourse with another person Condoms weren't even mentioned Kyle and Craig kept on fucking like rabbits without even getting tested view spoilerAnd why did Kyle have to lose his virginity on a kitchen counter to his teammate who was prompted to do so by his brotherRight after he had had sex with Craig hide spoiler

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    Ok wow so this was HOT HEAVY I mean seriously kinky shit in a good way Despite liking Kyle a lot and thinking Craig was real fun–their sex was scorching hot–there was A LOT missing especially feelings and sigh honestly the sex was just too much Every chapter had at least two sex scenes or ? I lost count after Kyle and Craig did it like four or six? times then Kyle and Louis and Kyle went back to Craig for some “make up” session And that was even before I reached half the book Phew The book started out fun and shit got real after only a few pages AND the writing totally got me hooked But I was starting to miss something when I realized after 30% there was still only a lot of sex and nothing else happening I really enjoyed their sexy times even if I thought the kinkiness was a bit over the top and like I said the characters were all likable and stuff but Kyle and Craig did NOTHING beside fucking NOTHING ON PAGE at least Kyle said too though that he didn’t even know Craig but suddenly he was in love with him Huh Yeah I get that feeling and stuff can be overwhelming after doing someone a bunch of times and Craig WAS a nice boy when he wasn’t all kinky and shit ; But the author didn’t make me think feel or see that their relationship could be anything beyond their mutual sexual attraction which was sad I don’t need the story to be fluffy cuddling and cotton candy and all but there should be some kind of romance that at least makes me feel something besides getting majorly turned on Just saying Oh and why did NOBODY use a condom? OOI don’t mind them barebacking but uh it just threw me off the first time when they didn’t even think about using one and then nobody else even considered condoms? That was just a bit odd Kyle did Craig then Louis did Kyle then Craig did Kyle and so on uhwell scratches headI mean the story wasn’t set in the 1800’s

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    This book was not what I expected but that does not mean that I did not enjoy itThe story is told from Kyle’s point of view It was interesting to read his thoughts but sometimes I would have liked to read what Craig thought about things I have the idea that I got to know Kyle better than CraigI think this story is erotica with a touch of romance The story went from one sex scene to the other with now and then a few pages to help the story along Because of this I felt that almost only the intimate side of the relationship was developing on the pages and that I missed some of the emotional development by talking I would have liked to have a bit story but wow were those sex scenes hot I expected to get bored because there were so many but Craig and Kyle really had some chemistry togetherI liked how the theme prejudices was handled in this book and there were some great secondary characters I am sorry to see that this will probably not be a series because I would love to be a fly on the wall when Jackson and Louis come together

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    I'm not sure why this one isn't rated higher especially seeing that it's a perfect way to scratch an MM itch without an overly complex plot to get in the wayimage error

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsWhen Kyle is forced into an auction that will support his football team he is surprised who ends up with the winning bid Most guys will be doing odd jobs around the house cleaning gutters raking leaves What will Kyle end up doing for Craig the gay emo in his senior class? Craig has always lusted after Kyle When he found out about the auction he knew it was his chance to spend time with Kyle They never uite hung out in the same social circles Kyle doesn't know what to expect when he gets to Craig's house for his slave weekend Craig kissing him is the last thing he thought would happenWhen push comes to shove Kyle is thoroughly enjoying Craig's attention He is just finding out what this new found life means he's a horny eighteen year old who makes a mistake A mistake that costs him what he didn't even know he wanted Can he make it right? Will his big reveal gain support or lose friends and those that he thought loved him most?You don't know what it's like to grow up knowing you're gay that you don't get to have the person you want that you can't even look at them without running the risk of getting beat up How that makes you long for it even Eighteen year old horny boys Yeah that kind of explains a whole lot about this story There is sex an unbelievable amount of sex I was actually jealous they were getting so much action amount of sex sex I was worried that the plot would get lost in the sex scenes but it didn't There really was a sweet love story underneath all the other stuff I enjoyed the read it was hot

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    35 StarsSo this is not what I thought I was buying It was slim in the romancelove department and HEAVY in the sex department This was basically erotica with the barest story worked in I LOVE sex in books but by the end I was like please don't let them have sex again If there had been an actually chemistry and connection between Kyle and Craig it might have been okay All they did was have sex so I didn't feel like they were a true couple I didn't feel this was an emotional or loving relationship Most relationships start off as physical attraction but there has to be than that and I didn't find it in the book They have to be able to talk I never witnessed any than sex They didn't go on a date Nothing I think they watched tv or a movie once or twice This book had real potential and I wish it would have lived up to it I actually wished he would have put Jackson and Kyle together Even the little time they spent together they had a connection and a chemistry things in common They were funny together and I bet they would have been hot as hell together

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