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Angel Dares Benedicts #5 [PDF / EPUB] Angel Dares Benedicts #5 Angel is impulsive Disguising her savant ability to control water doesn't come easily to her Then she meets the broodingly handsome Marcus at a music festival where they're both performing and finds h Angel is impulsive Disguising her savant ability to control water doesn't come easily to her Then she meets the broodingly handsome Marcus at a music festival where they're both performing and finds herself all at sea For when he sings her soul answers with its own music Like the tide their mutual attraction cannot be held back but Marcus's mistrust of Angel's gift is even stronger How can they ever be together if Marcus is unable to accept who Angel Angel Dares PDF/EPUB ² is or what they could mean to each other And with the net closing in on the Savant community it's time for everyone to choose a side A stunning new novel from the best selling author of the Savants series Finding Sky Stealing Phoenix Seeking Crystal and Misty Falls.

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    SpoilersThe usual YA fluff it would have actually been a fun read if the 'hero' hadn't been such a horrible dim twit and if the heroine had some self respect and wasn't so desperate about someone who didn't give a damn about her The secondary characters and the friendships between characters were written well though Angel was nothing but a doormat she was a fun character before but she turned into a whiny needy pathetic mess as soon as she met Marcus He kept insulting her and walking all over her and showing how little she meant to him but the silly cow kept chasing after him no matter how badly he treated her The most annoying thing was at the end after all he'd done to her she was the one who was apologising to him and begging for forgiveness when she'd done nothing wrong He was the one who needed to redeem himself but that never happened She seriously needed to get a spine and some self respect Marcus was the absolute worst he treated Angel like crap for pretty much the entire story He did nothing but constantly judge her and think the worst of her Even when she was in danger he didn't believe her and when he did sort of believe her he wasn't bothered that she could die he was concerned about getting to play his music than whether she was dead or alive His excuse about not believing that she was in danger was ridiculous as well since he'd seen that Davis guy attack her the day before I don't know why Angel forgave the fact that he was pissed at her for ruining his concert by deigning to be kidnapped and close to death his attitude regarding that whole thing was unforgiveable Then there was his non apology at the end Angel thought she was going to play her music with her favourite band live but instead he made it all about him and stole her thunder Also him writing a song for her wasn't enough to make up for his callousness especially when he'd already wrote a whole other album about some other girl Angel was nothing special but she was too stupid to realise that He was a pathetic excuse for a hero Why was Victor not doing anything about his girl? He was just letting her rot in a prison in some war torn country Don't know why the series is still called Benedicts when they're nothing than background characters now The way the series is going with each hero being crappier than the last I expect the next one to go all out with his douchiness and try to kill the heroine

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    This series is a bit of a comfort read for me the books are all cute funny and incredibly easy to read and they're perfect palette cleansers when I'm in the mood to read something light hearted I love the concept of the Savants for anyone new to the series Savants are people born with some kind of psychic ability they all have completely different powers so you never know uite what idea the author will come up with next so it's always interesting to see how each of the characters abilities workAngel Dares is a perfect summer read since most of it takes place at a music festival We met Angel in the previous book so this story gives us a chance to catch up with previous couple Misty and Alex as well as some of the other Benedict brothers that we've all fallen in love with along the way Angel is a talented musician and singer and along with her band she's at the music festival hoping to land her big break the last thing she expects is to stumble across her soulfinder Angel is a little wild and very impulsive which has a tendency to get her in trouble her Savant powers allow her to control water which makes for a fancy party trick but she has to work very hard to keep her secret because using her ability is second nature to her and she has a habit of using it as a way to calm down when she's nervous Marcus is her complete opposite in most ways he's also a talented musician but he's part of an already successful group and they're headlining the festival He is much serious than Angel and doesn't really know what to make of her it really doesn't help that he knows nothing about the Savant community either he doesn't even know that he has an ability so the whole thing comes as uite a shock to him especially when Angel starts talking about Soulfinders and communicating with him telepathicallyI loved Angel she was so much fun and she's definitely the kind of girl you'd want to be friends with Marcus is harder to like and at times he really annoyed me because of the way he treated Angel I get that she threw him for a loop and he was struggling to know how to react to her but let's face it he was a bit of an arse at times and there were moments when I found it hard to root for them as a couple No matter how much he irritated me one minute he did have some incredibly sweet moments and the you find out about him the easier it is to understand where he's coming from I wish he'd come around just a little sooner and I could have done without one particular event towards the very end of the book but it all worked out in the long run so I've forgiven him nowI love that there is always some kind of mystery or extra element to these stories alongside the romance and it looks like the Savants are now facing an enemy who is determined to get evidence of their powers and expose them to the general public I'm not going to go into detail for now but I will be very interested to see how that continues to play out throughout the series I also love that we're getting to see the older Benedict brothers find their soulfinders throughout the series I get that they're a little old to be main characters in a YA series although I really would have loved separate books about each of them but this is a nice way to tie all of the stories together It's Will's turn to fall in love in Angel Dares and I'm really hoping Victor will be up next as he's always been my favourite The main character of the next book Summer is best friends with both Angel and Misty so I'm sure we'll be seeing of them and I'm hoping with the introduction of a new group of Savant characters means that the series might continue on beyond Summer Shadows

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    Joss Stirling's SoulFinder series is one of my favourites I love the whole idea of the Savant community and the fact that all these couples are destined to be together but have to find each other first 'Angel Dares' was another terrific addition to the series The main character Angel meets Marcus a fellow musician at a festival and is drawn to him through their music He is originally distrustful of her gift and refuses to believe in the savant community which makes their relationship extremely difficult Angel however is such a positive person that she won't be deterred and tries to get him to change his mind with often mixed results I might addI have to say that as much as I love this series I am a little disappointed that the direction of the stories has shifted away from the Benedict brothers and instead has focussed on some of the younger characters I would have loved to have seen the whole book based around Will and his personal search for his soulfinder but this was relegated to being nothing than a sub plot I realise that some of the brothers are slightly older so I can only imagine that they were deemed too old to be the central focus of a young adult series All the same I miss seeing them at the heart of the story There were glimpses of them in the book though which did keep me very happy I thought the plot was good especially the inclusion of the threat which hangs over the heads of the savants This led to a really dramatic conclusion which was both exciting and gripping Hopefully the next book in the series will be about Victor Benedict who has always been one of my favourites I'm hoping that he will eventually be lucky in love

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    It should have been Will's bookDon't understand why the brothers are being turned into the side characters where we witness them finding their savants from some next person's point of view I can't feel my babies love and passion there's just no substance to these books any it frustrates the hell out of me This could easily been a novella instead of the full length book If the next book isn't Victor's but that little irrelevant girl Summer i'll legit be so mad and will DEFINITELY NOT BE READING IT WHATSOEVER

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    okay wow this is one of my favourites in the series It was just perfection oh marcus 3 sighcan not wait for another book in this series That really is all I can say loved angel so so much

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    As soon as I finished Misty Falls I just knew that I had to start Angel Dares next because although Misty’s story was over I was excited to see what would come next the Savant world and of course I wanted to get to Angel and find out about her story If I’m honest I’m not really a massive fan of stories because based around music so I tried not to judge this book too much before reading and give it the benefit of the doubt and I’m surprised I enjoyed as much as I did I think it definitely helps that the book is written by Joss Stirling thoughLike I said before I really enjoyed reading Angel Dares It's a great addition to the series and makes you invested in these characters and their lives Angel is such a fun character that you see all different sides to her personality during the story She can be fun and honest at times but she can also be a little rash and by being so leads her into trouble But that's what makes this story so good Angel is an unpredictable character so you just don't know what kind of trouble she's going to get into but you can guarantee it'll be dangerousWhen Angel meets Marcus it's definitely a love hate relationship but with a slight twist Most of the other stories in the series have been about people that already know about the savant world because they're aware of their gifts But what happens if someone doesn't know their a savant? And that's the case for Marcus I really liked that Marcus didn't know anything about his gifts it definitely put a strain on his and Angel's relationship but as a reader it was interesting to read I also liked that Marcus' story brought new characters into the fold that weren't aware of their savant status It makes me interested to know about them It's clear the savant world is becoming and dangerous but with every book I read I can't help but wanting I'm eagerly awaiting details on Stirling's next book in the series and I can only hope she doesn't stop there eitherIn all Angel Dares is a daring and page turning read and a story that you should definitely read Thank you to Oxford University Press for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Ahhhh I'm so happy to see another one Totally luvin this series it's so cliched and the romance is cheesy but its fab and super entertaining I like my protagonists to be witty sassmastas and Joss Stirling does it right can't wait

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    The fifth installment of the Benedicts series Angel Dares take the readers on a romantic adventure of soulmates Angel is a musician with the band Seventh Edition a violinist to be exact Her spunky personality is constantly getting her in trouble but that doesn't stop her from trying to help one of the Benedict brothers find thier soul mate or soulfinder as they call them in the world of Savants Savants are people with special abilities like telekinesis water bending and detecting lies Each book that has written by Joss Stirling in the past has been superb therefore I am not surprised that I fell in love with Angel Dares It's voice and characters held my attention captive leaving me unable to put the book down Each character and each moment was developed uniue and emotionally charged I found it interesting how the soul finder situation went down for Angel Don't worry no spoilers I found that I didn't really like the romantic lead but at the same time loved him as a character In Angel Dares each character is uniue and rounded for a better reading experience The plot of the novel was not the deepest but was still riveting and had me wanting I most definitely recommend Angel Dares and the Benedicts series and give Angel Dares the rating of FIVE STARS OUT OF FIVEWant of me? Go to

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    Omg This book Wow I absolutely adore this series but I think this book is my fav hands down Like mixing rockstars good music couple of yummy Benedicts and soulmates? Heck yeah sign me in man I loved everything in this book the characters the action the story line the length of it absolutely everything I love how even if this counts as romance we still have badass action in spades Loved the heroine soooo much soo funny and loony she is perfect The hero is my soulmate I love him yeah he has an asholish phase but you get him you understand why in the end and well he is just perfectI realized that I don't remember exactly what happened in Misty Falls and I need to reread it So I'm going to rectify that right away and Misty Falls is my next read Oooops sorry book that I was currently reading I know I've abandoned you for Angel Dares and yes I'm sorry to tell you that I'm also going to abandon you for Misty Falls Sorry not sorryYou can read this books even if you haven't read the other ones in the series cause I'm sure you'll get the point but it's prettier to read them allsooo What are you wAiting for? Go readcan't wait for Victor's story like I need it ASAP

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    Actual rating 25 starsI hate that I'm giving this a low rating I like this series and the idea of savants but this one just didn't cut it for me The first three books were great the fourth was okay but I just couldn't rate this one any higher than 25 stars without it being a lieI'm not saying that I hated the book It was fun and easy to read like the rest of the series and it did have me laughing in placesBut it also had me cringing a lot of the time It just felt juvenile than the others and I don't know maybe not written as well? Angel and Marcus to say they were the main characters were very bland and I didn't like either of them I preferred the side characters to be honest I know for a fact that 13 year old me would have loved this book and given it five stars straight away so maybe the fact that I'm now 20 made it such a let down for me

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