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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon [PDF / EPUB] Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Another life altering uest another struggle between honor and lust for power another generation of warriors forging alliances and enmities The adventure romance and artistry of Crouching Tiger Hidden Another life altering uest another struggle between honor and lust for power another generation of warriors forging alliances and enmities The adventure romance and artistry of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon continues in this novelized companion to the first ever Netflix debut film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Sword of Destiny based on the novel by Wang DuluSeventeen years after the legendary fighter Mubai dies protecting the world conuering sword The Green Destiny four great warriors are called together to guard the formidable weapon once The forces surrounding the sword Crouching Tiger MOBI :ß irrevocably altered the life of Shulien Mubai’s lover but seventeen years later she is still honor bound to defend the blade from the power hungry warlord Hades Dai The young fighters Wei fang and Snow Vase switched at birth also have heritages and inheritances that inextricably link them to both each other and the fate of the sword And Silent Wolf Shulien’s former fiancé returns from presumed death to thwart Hades Dai—and rekindle an emotionally isolated Shulien’s feelingsJam packed with all the hallmarks of an epic adventure—sacrifice battles betrayal vengeance redemption and destiny—this saga also explores the deeper meaning of true heroism and virtue As Wei fang and Snow Vase search for identity and forge their places in the world of warriors and heroes Shu lien and Silent Wolf struggle to reconcile both the traditions and heartbreak of the past with a fragile hope for the future.

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
  • Justin Hill
  • 15 April 2016
  • 9781602862876

About the Author: Justin Hill

Justin is an English novelist whose work has twice been nominated for the Man Booker Prize He was born in Freeport Grand Bahama Island in and was brought up in York He was educated at St Peter's School York and was a member of St Cuthbert's Society Durham University He worked for seven years as a volunteer with VSO Voluntary Service Overseas in rural China and Africa before returni.

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    Disclaimer ARC via Netgalley It should be noted that this is a novelization of the script for the screen to the film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon while this book and the movies are based on a pentalogy the film and therefore this book contain some major differences from the source material by Wang Dalu Shulien Michelle Yeoh’s character from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon finds herself dragged rather unwillingly out of herself exile to see to the safety of the Green Sword yet again In many ways while this book does tell the reader what happen to the other characters from the previous movie it also feels like a redo of the phrase movie Once again we have an older would be couple and a younger would be couple who are fated to be together It’s not a bad book but in many ways it is simply a slightly happier version than the first movie The most interesting parts are the ones with Shulien and not solely due to the fact that she is the hold over character from the movie It is in the scenes with her that the novel slows down and is actually than round two of the same story It is in these scenes that there are reflections about honor power and duty While these reflections are transfer to the character of Snow Vase they are dealt with to a stronger degree with Shulien It’s not the best book in the world yet it is than a cheaper novelization It does make me wish that the original pentalogy was available in English

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    Posted first to Blog Critics as Book Review 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Sword of Destiny' by Justin HillMartial arts and Sword play are at the root of the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon series Crouching Tiger Hidden DragonSword of Destiny by Justin Hill follows on the artistry of Wang Dulu the creator of the above series When Duke Te master of the Iron Way dies the Green Destiny sword is no long safe in the world Having been protected by the Duke at least in rumor the legend draws those who feel the pull of such beauty However in the wrong hands such a sword of power can create peril in the martial arts world Yu Shu Lien the legendary female warrior has been in hiding in solitude as long as the sword was safe The sword was in part responsible for her pain and the loss of her own love Li Mu Bai She knows she must now travel to Beijing to protect the sword but there are others whose motives aren’t so pure gathering to strike as well From the past comes Yu Jiaolong on the trail of the elusive sword craving it for her fierce daughter Snow Vase The Green Destiny pulls together a strong and exceptional group of characters into a battle of bravery with an anxious but necessary conclusion Justin Hill is a great story teller and brings a strong group of characters together weaving a fantastic tale of greed and revenge A take from the above series of Wang Dulu you find both beauty and symmetry in the sword play but make no mistake the danger is constant and the strength of the characters holds you enthralled If you are a fan of the Iron series you will find this to be an exciting edition one that gives closure and yet opens your senses to the beauty of a profession that seems magical then real Yet that is the beauty of martial arts and sword play Timing and movement patience and agility create the beauty of dance but the danger is powerful luring you in to the incredible power of both This would be a wonderful gift for your avid reader it would be of interest to those who enjoy action adventure mystery magic and even epic battles It has something for most everyone Hill has given us another great work one you can enjoy many times over

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    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon based on the book by Du Lu Wang9 out of 10Crouching Tiger has caused a sensation when it was launched in 2000 winning 4 Oscars Golden Globes BAFTAs and many other coveted awardsIt has indeed a mesmerizing story although a sardonic critic might still dismiss at least some parts of it as cartoonish and far fetchedAfter all when have you last seen people fighting and flying over bamboo forests and not just once but as on a regular Wednesday habitThat was the cynical view for in fact the fantasy associated with these flights adds to the charm originality creative value of the film rather than substract from itFurther the introduction sets the stage for a different world a transformed reality the importance of meditation martial arts mind power in this very intriguing unusual motion pictureYun Fat Chow is master swordsman Li Mu Bai who talks early on to Yu Shu Lien aka Michelle Yeoh about his isolation period of meditation in a retreat where he could not spend timeFor an absorbed meditation he would need to be detached from the world cut all ties and immerse in the infinite sublime to reach what would be called Nirvana although not in his religionThe reason why he could not be absorbed in the absolute away from the world of the mere mortals is his love for Yu Shu which he has not confessedSir Te the elder that has an important position in the hierarchy of the place is sure of his affection and jokes with the woman stating that Li Mu Bai would soon come clean or else he would interveneHowever other important incidents interfere for a precious sword is stolen and a police inspector is killedHe had come from a Chinese province where the infamous Jade Fox had killed his wife and committed many other vicious crimesWhen she was tracked down she fought with ferocity and killed the investigator reproaching her protégé for all this clash that forces her to hide and live in dangerJiao Long is portrayed by Ziyi Zhang the actress that for some reason I thought was involved in the recent financial scandal wherein the Chinese authoritarian officials have made her disappear for months only to state that she owes the public purse over one hundred million dollars in unpaid taxesIt could have been another star it must be an acclaimed artist or else they would not talk of that vast sum just in taxes but I for one never believe what authorities in a tyrannical state sayin fact I mostly think it is the oppositeIn our communist system and I am sure this is good for Red China we had this joke uestion for Radio YerevanIs it true that Mr Popescu has been given a white Dacia the local car brand?No it is not a car it is a bicycle it is not white it is black and it was not given to him it was taken away from himJiao Long steals the precious sword for she has been influenced by the villainous Jade Fox and the young attractive woman is using the wrong role model for her path in lifeShe would fight with master Li Mu Bai and he sees the extraordinary talent the fabulous skill she has with these flights in the bamboo forest over houses and all and he thinks she could become his discipleThe proud arrogant young woman rejects the offer with utter disdainShe would travel in the country and boast that she is not a pupil of the great Li Mu Bai as people assume after they see the destruction she causes but that master is her defeated enemyThere are many scenes of beautiful astounding martial arts that go beyond the mere skilled conflict seen in other modest featuresThe clashes become a wonderful superb ballet in which all possible weapons look like being used from small arrows to swords and various complicated tools of the tradeHumor has its place when the apparently innocent naive girl is challenged by various strong massive men sure that they can destroy her if they just puff once only to see that they are no match for the stupendous Godess of BattleIndeed she does not defeat just one or two opponents she appears to be able to take on a whole army crushing maybe than fifty fighters and at the end the building where they battled is slowly crumbling as a result of the fantastic literally power of this small figureApart from the love story between Li Mu Bai and Yu Shu Lien there is a tumultuous affair involving Jiao Long and Dark Cloud although the latter couple start on war path and only after serious disputes become loversThe film is spectacular and thought provokingStudies with monks and people who mediate for than three hours every day have shown that their minds are capable of incredible accomplishmentsOne of the cases that comes to mind has a well known polemicist facing a meditator that has gained such a control over his mind that he has managed to deflate render the man that would dispute with anyone communicate with adversity combat with extraordinary vigor rather tame and harmless for the Big Warrior found that he could not oppose the Bright Luminous Meditative Mind

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    For this review and check out my blog I was just a teenager when I first saw the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon I had never seen a film like it before and it captured my imagination and gave me a new found respect for foreign cinema It has been about sixteen years since Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon came out in British cinemas and now it is back in a big way with a new film called Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Sword of Destiny coming out on Netflix in February Alongside the film release we are also being treated to the book written by Wang Dulu and Booker Prize nominee Justin HillI have never read a book like this one before It is strange to read something completely new which features characters I know well from somewhere else It was great to see what happened to some of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon's best loved and most iconic characters Both Shulien and Jiaolong are back in this seuel and there is also a host of brand new characters as well For the most part I liked Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Sword of destiny I wanted to love it but it didn't grip me as much as I would have liked I thought the storyline was good and I enjoyed how everything came together It was poetic in some places and epic in others and it was all brought to vivid life with the writing It is the writing that comes out on top Everything from the scenery to the epic battles is beautifully written Great care has been taken to set a tone for this book and stick with it all the way through I found all the characters to be well rounded and interesting Out of all the characters it is Shulien who carried most of the emotional weight Much like her role in the movie she is forced to shelve her own needs in order to carry out her duty The moments where she looks back at her life and what she has lost are the most poignant of the whole bookHowever there were times where this book managed to bore me It was not always an easy read and sometimes I found myself getting distracted There are just moments where this all felt a little slow and I wanted a little character to the book I think it all comes down to taste as a whole this book didn't always work for me but that is not through a lack of talent on the author's part Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Sword of Destiny is a beautifully constructed book with some stunning writing It just could have used a little pace at timesA free copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review

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    “The Sword of Destiny” transports the reader back to the landscape of ancient China when it was revered to be a warrior who followed The Iron Way The story picks up seventeen years after the death of one of the greatest warriors Mubai as he defended the legendary sword The Green Destiny Shulien who loved Mubai must now come out of her self imposed exile when The Green Destiny is once again vulnerable to falling into the hands of the evil warlord Hades Dai Two young warriors Snow Vase and Wei fang also find their destiny intertwined with Shulien and the famed swordMr Hill’s words come alive on the pages as the story unfolds – the landscape the inner thoughts of the characters and of course the agility of the battles The warriors fight with such elegance and grace and you feel like you’re watching a beautiful and intricate dance play across the stage Sulien’s character is the most complex—her feelings when she held Mubai as he took his final breaths her need for reflection and solitude as she mourns a life that can never be and finally her responsibility to the sword’s safe keeping No warrior is safe and evil is conuering the land Can four warriors keep the sword safe or will it fall into the hands of one of the most evil warriors ever born? This is the journey Mr Hill takes the reader on and he does it with such skill that before you know it you’ve finished the story and are begging for Highly recommended

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    I have never seen the film but I have heard nothing but good things about it this prompted me to read this when the opportunity arose Plus I believe Netflix are making this into a film too with Michelle Yeoh returning as Shu LienOf course the setting for this novel is China and it really is the star of the show beautifully described and incredibly inviting making for the perfect contrast against the battling warriors The synopsis says it elouently than I can but the story follows Snow Vase a young woman who has been raised by her warrior mother and is following in her footsteps It also follows Shu lien the legendary warrior who comes out of retirement to find out what has happened to the Green Legend a sword which had been under the safekeeping of the late Duke Te I don't want to spoil the story for you but if you enjoyed the original film or you enjoy reading a story with beautifully written characters and wonderful scenery plus a bit of romance then you can't go wrong with this A great read to immerse yourself inThanks to Little Brown for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

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    I really enjoyed this one The narrative is simple and soothing but completely immersive painting pictures of ancient China and WuShu warriors in the mindAll four of the main characters Shu Lien Silent Wolf Snow Vase and Wei Fang all complex and engaging each with their own journey and emotional arch to complete If I had one criticism it would be that I wish some of the secondary characters and villains were fleshed out this much They felt a little bit characature that characterIf you enjoyed the movie 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' then I really recommend this one as I found it a very satisfying seuel Now if only someone would translate the entire series by Wang Du Lu into english my world would be complete Happy Reading

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    I'm sad cause mubai died and that he didn't want to marry shulien when they still had time I'm glad though that snow vase and wei fang found each other

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    This is a novelization based on a screenplay based on a Chinese novel Which is a seuel to the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon So in short this book should be doomed On the other hand it's a good looking book They went to the trouble to turn out a novelization and hired an actual writer to do it and I was in the mood The book does fall into a few traps that plague novelizations In the era of completely unreal action seuences dealing with those in a non visual medium is difficult This movie is not yet out but if it's predecessor is any guide it will be full of wire work superhero level martial arts That's hard to translate and the author does a very good job up until the grand finale Luckily the emotional fall out of the battle is important and translates much better There is a group of characters I think of as the dirty half dozen who do not serve much purpose in the book It is easy to see how they will serve a better purpose in the movie where these characters can be portrayed visually with little screen time In the book we do not get to know them well enough for their actions or their fate to make any difference On the plus side the author does a very good job of portraying China Is it historically accurate? How do I know but the setting was a living part of the story A meta reason for me enjoying this was its size and scope This is historical fiction but the feel is much of the fantasy genre I haven't read much fantasy in recent decades The template is serial novels that run to millions of words Such a monster demands certain moving parts You need a huge conflict with super high stakes to sustain that many words You need a huge cast of characters to show every bit of your huge conflict in detail It's the reason that Star Trek movies are never about exploring the galaxy and the ship is in danger they are about the Earth is going to be destroyed and the galaxy is in danger You have to give those folks paying a hundred bucks to watch a movie and eat popcorn with their whole family a big enough bang for the buck But the smaller stories get left behind Even though this is a seuel and part of a larger work it doesn't read like Wheel of Time or Game of Thrones This is a smaller story at a human level and I appreciate that There is no grand prophecy or chosen one guiding these people which I find refreshingI can't in good conscience give this than three and half stars though I will click four If you are the sort of person thinking of reading the book in the first place you'll probably get what you need from it

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    When I was approached about this book a while ago I was immediately intrigued by the book description ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ is not a book I would usually read but somehow it really interested me and I was in desperate need of reading something a little different And different than my normal reads it definitely was First of all ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ takes place in ancient China and involves warriors Second of all this book includes Martial arts and Sword play Those are all things I honestly wouldn’t read a book about And apparently there have been movies about this book something I really didn’t know For me it was a completely new story And overall I did like it The writing was easy to follow and written in a way that I wanted to keep on reading The characters where interesting and the story was fascinating because I was just so out of my comfort zone But men the names I’ve mentioned a view other times that I have a problem with names especially if there are many and if they are in a way alike Well add Chinese names to that list of things that make me confused Yu Jiaolong Li Mu Bai Yu Shu Lien They may not be alike but I just couldn’t seem to remember which name was with which character I literally needed to see where the chapter was about to get who we were talking about Frustrating Maybe I need to start writing them downThe battle scenes where really something different It’s not often that I read a book in which a battle almost felt beautiful But Justin Hill really achieved thatAlthough I don’t think I will be reading other books in this style and about this subject I did really enjoy it It was just not something I would want to read again

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