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  • Brainwash The Secret History of Mind Control
  • Dominic Streatfeild
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  • 23 May 2016
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10 thoughts on “Brainwash The Secret History of Mind Control

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    This low rating is not because this was a bad bookOn the contrary it is well written well researched interesting and informativeIt's just that the subject material is SO DARKTortureThe CIA giving drugs to unsuspecting peopleThe CIA preying on criminals and prostitutes people who can't or won't go to the cops and experimenting on themMore tortureHypnotismDoes heavy metal make teenagers kill people? I think this is total bull and the author seem to agree with mePsychiatrists who abuse and torture their patients in the name of science or because they're getting funding from the CIA to do soMoonies and other religious cults and why so many young people convert and leave their families behind giving all their possessions to the cult and sometimes committing mass suicideA whole chapter dedicated to a man who was accused falsely by his two daughters of raping them A modern day witch hunt the girls soon named 5 or so other cops their dad was an ex cop and their mom in the rapes and satanic rituals The dad was put in prison for 14 years and dozens of other people's lives were ruined their mom's their brother's the cops they accusedTorture torture and tortureDid I mention torture?The worst thing about it all the absolute worst thing is that all cases in this book are real proven and researched up the yin yang God it makes me sick what human beings do to other human beings It's just disgusting Now the book is great Like I said interesting well researched well written but it's about things I never wanted to know and I never want to think aboutRead only if you have a strong stomach for this kind of thing

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    Dominic Streatfeild has done an incredible amount of research and conducted numerous interviews with those who used the methods he writes about and also the victims of such methods The author does not insist on his point of view but compares and contrasts available information and leaves the room for the readers to come up with their own conclusions This is a must read book for anyone interested in the history of mind control and the current use of it in Ira Afghanistan Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere

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    First off the author Dominic Streatfeild should be commended for a very solid job of reporting A rare skill todayBrainwash answered for me a uestion Is a Manchurian Candidate style brainwashing possible ? Where an individual is unaware of secret instructions implanted through brainwashing techniues; instruction that can be triggered by a handler in the future My take away from the book is no People can be seriously temporarily permanently messed up confused physiologically broken physically mentally socially impaired and coerced to do things they would not ordinarily do but not secretly implanted with instructions In most cases in this book you could interchange the word brainwash with torture The authors sites some famous cases of modern brainwashing The Russian torture of the Hungarian Catholic Church head Josef Mindscensty and American POWs in Korea to describe the processFirst stage starts with a period of solitary which allows the prisoners self doubts to work Feeling of aloneness abandonment uncertaintypowerlessness and despairSecond stages Physical Mental and Social torture Everything in the prisoners world that is comfortable predictable and controllable is gone Excess stress not allowed to eat changing things so there is no schedule sensory deprivationhooded time uncertain of date if it is night or daybeatings irregular periods of sleep incorrectly told of confessions and statementsgiven misinformation of family and political events noise piped inpetty actions that annoy verbal argumentskept in a drugged or barely awake state prisoner may go asleep in one outfit and wake up clothed differently may be fed and fed again 10 minutes later forced to stand till collapsing force to soil oneself in front of guardsPavlov was a decorated Soviet scientist Asked by Lenin to report how his conditioning theories to humans An anecdote a 1928 flood in St Petersburg left dogs fighting for their lives as their basement room filled with water This dramatic event removed their conditioning; they no longer drooled when bell was rung Once again retrained to drool on ring of a bell but conditioning was again removed when flooding conditions were recreated A noted English psychologist William Sargant postulated a theory that these techniues could cause man to reverse his most personal belief Sensory Deprivation being hooded being isolated and feed tapes on propaganda leads to better acceptance of propaganda An awful section on British deep interrogation techniues on IRA suspects in the 70's Prisoners hooded for a week straight in an undisclosed place Told they would be thrown from a moving helicopter while blindfolded and thrown from a three foot height Publicity from this event has been noted by Sinn Fien Members as overwhelmingly helping their fund raising and recruitment efforts at the time More to follow

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    Dominic Streatfeild's book is an interesting and highly readable account of mind control experiments undertaken after the Second World War to around the 1970s It casts its net wide and covers the following topics in thematic rather than strictly chronological chaptersDrugsInterrogation TechniuesHypnosisSubliminal MessagingSensory DeprivationReligious CultsFalse MemoriesThis is all very interesting and Streatfeild does a great job of using personal testimony to sandwich in the denser stuff about psychology and chemistrybiology However the book left me wanting and was undermined in several key waysFirstly the work is highly Anglo Centric The central focus freuently used to draw all these disparate concepts together is the CIA's infamous MKULTRA programme 1953 early 1970s and its many sub projects THE UK receives a lesser amount of focus and there is a particularly harrowing discussion of a series of awful experiments in Canada another MKULTRA sub project The techniues which may or may not have been used by Communist powers appear as a sort of bogeyman or as perceived by Western intelligence officials and are completely dismissed out of hand in the final chapter This seems a bit of a cop out As an historian born right at the tail end of the Cold War I have no agenda here other than historical balance and I cannot believe that the Russians Chinese etc didn't have their own programmes looking into this This is perhaps something we will never know because unlike the MKULTRA papers and indeed akin the British files which the account makes clear were still restricted researchers will probably never get access to those files in the still chaotic Russian archives and the still controlled Chinese ones This is to say nothing of whatever research was being done into mind control by the other Western nations France West Germany etc Middle Eastern African and Asian countries during this period none of which is even mentionedSecondly the work is a bit all over the place at times Rather than provide a systematic discussion even of MKULTRA Streatfeild chops and chooses different stories to illustrate the techniues There is nothing necessarily wrong with such an approach at face value but the chapters on religious cults subliminal messaging in rock music and repressed memories are essentially three completely separate stories which only superficially tie in to the MKULTRA narrative They make for interesting stories in their own right but this is supposed to be a history not a scrapbookFinally and spoilers if there can be such a thing in an historical work his conclusion is simple brainwashing is essentially escapism as it provides and convenient and simple excuse for what are in reality complex problems ie why someone becomes a suicide bomber Brainwashing was introduced into the lexicon by the CIA embarrassed that US POWs had been broken in Korea and looking to demonise the Warsaw Pact CIA attempts at brainwashing were all failures and ultimately the human psyche is too strong to be permanently altered against its will He comes down hard on conspiracy theorists an easy target in any case in his final chapter and while acknowledging that some techniues such as sensory deprivation or hypnosis can achieve some impermanent results and laments the world's continued fascination with brainwashingAgain ostensibly no problems here Anyone with any concept of propaganda a notable omission from the book will understand how accusations of brainwashing can be used to demonise an enemy Streatfeild has provided ample evidence of the futility of MKULTRA and the other experiments carried out in the book Conspiracy theorists usually are bonkers The human psyche may be too strong to be broken and remade by intelligence agencies or psychiatristsYet all this ignores what Streatfeild himself has proved several times namely the massive human capacity for self deception In one chapter a young boy believes Judas Priest told him to commit suicide in another an innocent father falsely confesses to a non existent series of crimes against his children which escalate beyond horror into absurdity directionless young people join 'new' religions such as the Unification Church under what are at least initially false pretences Why are people doing this? What one might call Billie Piper's theorum 'Because they want to' seems of itself a lazy generalising response Further if this is not some form of self brainwashing then I am not sure what is Perhaps we need to expand the definition which in this case appears to be an attempt by an external agency to impose its will against the subject's resistance to include these examples of self deception Similarly it is regrettable that the book does not bring things up to date Naturally there are constraints from sources and this is shown in the epilogue when Streatfeild is forced to rely on an old CIA interrogation manual and interviews with intelligence officers a flaw of the entire book really since these people obviously have a vested interest in these programmes and a broadly similar attitude towards them However it would have been interesting to establish the relationship between what went on in the 1950s 1970s with what still goes on today in a systematic way this is hinted at right at the end when Streatfeild notes that brainwashing research with drugs sensory deprivation etc has made a comeback It would be a herculean task to find out about these contemporary programmes and unfair of me to castigate Streatfeild too much for not dwelling upon them but there is surely a fascinating story to be had in bridging the gap between the 1970s and the present daySo in summary a highly readable but flawed and sometimes inconsistent book that left me wanting to know a lot about the events it describes

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    when i saw this among the bargain books i was like this book is really for me i read this almost a year ago and prior to that i already had enough idea of MK ULTRA CIA brainwashing and all the conspiracies here in this world we live in so the moment i took hold of Brainwash there's no turning back surprises me that even the music industry mind control was included in the bookBrainwash is a very interesting entertaining book especially for those interested in conspiracies and whatnot the stories are amazing lots of parts are definitely disturbing sensory deprivation electric shock subliminalism etc the effects are horrifyingStreatfeild is a critical journalisti'm still hoping for though say what about this Lady Gaga brainwashed theory and other famous artists allegedly victims of mind control also topics like Bill Clinton and Barbara Bush under hypnoses those are recent brainwash theoriesnevertheless truly this book opens your eyes and put things in perspective to the reality of the world we live in this is a wake up call like a slap in your face eye opener

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    This guy is amazing but this subject did not keep my interest enough It is very thorough investigative journalism but the conspiracy theory has never been a big draw for me despite the writing being good His book Cocaine is fantastic and I think appealing because he draws the relevance of cocaine in anyone's life and makes us think how ingrained it is in our lives without us being aware Government mind control is a little less impacting to everyone and I think that where it lost me

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    I enjoyed this book but it fucked me up

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    A very interesting and vast topicTruth drugs trauma and hypnosis I'd never heard of truth drugs beforeCould it really be possible that the mind of a human being can be tampered with to the point that the person literally loses their mind Tamprered with to the point that they can be somewhat programmed eg programmed to believe they have committed crimes that they didn’t commit and reuest to be executed as punishmentCould drugs or induced hypnosis be responsible for this?Or maybe operant conditioning using unpleasant or tourturus and severely traumatic experiences to condition the mind to react to things in a certain way Fear and trauma in animal experiments saw their learned behaviours and personalities do a complete u turn In humans the same effects have been documented even to the point where people have changed their religious beliefs Psychologists refer to this type of thing as behaviourism and it has been argued to be a means of controllingprogramming and predicting human behaviour moulding a human personalityPavlov did lots of reared experimentsresearch a bit of A Level Psychology is coming back to me now lol and Bandura was another theorist who did similar experiments around operant conditioningIf someone is brainwashed doesn't that make them a slave to the brainwasher controlled and programmed their freedom and liberty stolen Streatfeild also goes on to explore the use of brainwashing in warfareDrugs that can alter your consciousness to a state between sleep man awake a point at which the mind is less inhibited and reveals truths and secrets and personal info that the sharp conscious mind ever would and sticking a hypodermic needle in someone’s vein and increasing their dose as and when they seem to be shaping out of it during an ‘interrogation’ a general anaesthetic barbiturate nembutal research by Horsley 1931 showed women in labour under the influence of this drug started to reveal al sorts of things inhibitions were removed in a matter of seconds A truth drug had been discovered This new way of getting into an unconscious mind was termed nacroanalysis perfect for any shadowy figures wanting to interrogate someone they just can’t seem to break Chemical brainwashing which could also be done viaput in foodSubliminal messages electric shock therapy interrogation methods and tortureintrigued? Then read on

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    4 45 stars Non fiction history books can border on being dull but that wasn’t the case with this book I enjoyed Dominic Streatfeild’s accessible and engaging writing style I discovered this book while specifically researching about Project MKUltra but now I’m inclined to read another non fiction by Streatfeild on a different subject I’ve never felt the need to stop reading a book to pin post it notes on different pages to bookmark useful information I wanted to remember until this book Well researched and interesting Sometimes even creepy to read during late nights and early morning hours especially the chapter on Judas Priest’s subliminal messaging Definitely worth a read if you’re into this subject It changed the way I view how impressionable the human mind is and the way certain trauma can “rewire” itI’d consider this my favorite non fiction I’ve read this year

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    super interesting content lot's of cases that I'd heard about but Streatfeild went super into depth with them the amount of research the author did for this book is amazing he interviewed everyone that agreed to it writing was engaging and I appreciated his sense of humour which made reading this ultra depressing subject matter very enjoyable sometimes he didn't really come back to cases which he started a chapter with and things didn't really come to a close? on the other hand some thingspeople kept cropping up but he wouldn't really link the last time he spoke about it for example the stories about William Sargant are very much scattered throughout the book ?? thought it would be science based rather than historical and political but it was still a fascinating book and I think the author did the subject justice

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Brainwash The Secret History of Mind Control[PDF / EPUB] Brainwash The Secret History of Mind Control What would it take to turn you into a suicide bomber How would you interrogate a member of Al aeda With access to formerly classified documentation and interviews from the CIA the US Army MI5 MI6 and What would it take to Secret History MOBI ò turn you into a suicide bomber How would you Brainwash The ePUB Ñ interrogate a member of Al aeda With access to formerly classified documentation and interviews from The Secret History Kindle Ñ the CIA the US Army MI MI and the British Intelligence Corps acclaimed journalist Dominic The Secret History of Mind PDF or Streatfeild traces the history of the world's most secret psychological procedure From the cold war to the height of today's war on terror groups as dissimilar as armies religious cults and advertising agencies have been accused of brainwashing But what does this meanIs it possible to erase memories or to implant them artificially Do heavy metal records contain subliminal messages Do religious cults brainwash recruits What were the CIA and MI doing with LSD in the s How far have the world's militaries really goneFrom the author of the definitive history of cocaine Brainwash is reuired reading in an era of cutting edge and often controversial interrogation practices More than just an examination of the techniues used by the CIA the KGB and the Taliban it is also a gripping full history of the heated efforts to master the elusive secret techniues of mind control.

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Dominic Streatfeild is an author Secret History MOBI ò freelance journalist and documentary maker based in the UK Brainwash The ePUB Ñ who specialises in military and security issuesStreatfeild studied at Kings College London has served in The Secret History Kindle Ñ the British Armed Forces worked for the BBC and as an independent documentary maker and The Secret History of Mind PDF or journalistStreatfeild's television work includes BBC’s Exocet detailing MI and the SAS’s clandestine war for.