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    This is a fast moving and very unpredictable trilogy I do recommend to read it one right after the other as it's so much easier to follow the plot and characters that way When I had downloaded this a few days ago I hadn't expected to enjoy it so muchbut to my surprise I just flew through the pages And now that I finished the third book I want to know what happens next Luckily there is a fourth book availableSo what is this story about? It's about a woman named Tressa who grew up in a very isolated town surrounded by thick fog And no one knows what exists past the fog if anything It's been that way for a long long time And dragons are just myth and so is magic Then one day a dragon falls out of the sky Tressa and two others leave the town to brave the fog And what they find is a large world they know nothing aboutThis story the trilogy is like a soap opera It's fast moving lots of action fights and all of the excitement you love in a tale Through the pages I first found myself being ok with a character liking him or her but then rapidly changing my mind as the character in uestion did something I truly loathed So many of the characters in here have dark sides or hidden goals And they allow them to come fourth instead of controlling it That's why I say it's like a soap opera Some of the actions were truly horrid The book never made me cry or anything but I didn't like what some of the characters did And so you ponder if the hero is really a hero? I won't name any names because that way it won't be ruined if you decide to read itbut it is main characters I guess it shows that no one is perfect We all have flaws make mistakes and are ruled by dark sides that sometimes emergeAnd the plot twistswow Some really big ones in here And very original ones too The biggest one deals with the secret of the honey that was in the town The secret of why this particular honey is so very important is not revealed until the end of book 3 and the reason is so shocking Totally unexpected And there's other plot twists as well Just when you think you know how things are going to be you get a big surprise out of the blueLots of dragons in here of courseother creatures as well Magic healers who live by their uniue set of rules a world well invented with different landsall in all great world building The characters change and grow as they progress through the story Romance too of course The thing I liked the best was the very unpredictable plot

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    UnbelievableWhat a ridiculous story I would think it's for 12 year olds if it wasn't for the constant sexual angst of the main characters When they suddenly jump each other after witnessing the violent bloody death of their lifelong friend it was than I could tolerate That's as far as I got I couldn't take it any

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    Didn't take long for me to give up on this Book one even Way juvenileAt least it was free

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    Reading the first three books as a set I was pleased to see how swiftly the prose moved along The characters changed and matured with the story which was relayed through their eyes This made some sections confusing as the reader had only what characters knew One complaint a bunch of very unexpected and initially distracting plot twists occurred making it difficult to understand what was going on

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    Fast Paced but FunThe author wastes no time with the fluff of story telling I personally would have preferred a bit to the constant action action action of every page turn The world is interesting the story is good with only tiny inconsistencies but the romance part of the story is very frustrating to say the least I won't say and spoil it Worth the read for sure

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    I'm so torn about this bookseries I will review them all as one as the review is about the same for all three anyway but I will avoid major spoilers I read several harsh reviews and almost skipped this but I'm glad I didn'tI think I'm going to be generous and give this three stars It hooked me uickly and kept propelling me forward way than the recent mega prize winning novel which bored me to tears This is a fairly good story although it definitely needs some major work An editor would have fixed every issue and I probably would have given the book at least four stars five if the editor was really fabulousThe town of Hutton's Bridge has been cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious fog that brings death to all who enter The town remains isolated for eighty years until one day a dragon falls from the sky into town and dies in town suare Now the residents KNOW there is a worldlife somewhere beyond the fog Three heroes take off looking for help for their sick villageGreat hook eh? The story itself is for the most half? Two thirds? part interesting and pretty great especially if you happen to be a big dragon fan like myself But I have to mention the problems because there are just too many to overlook The beginning almost lost me It seemed like immature writing at first though I'm glad I stuck with it because the author found her groove and really does have skill as a writer The prologue and chapter one are the weakest mainly in the dialogue and flat characterization of the antagonists Bad guys are bad with no redeeming features whatsoever One note bad guys with no complexity whom the author makes sure we will not like because they are Really Really Jerks This does change later in the books but only to sneak surprisebadguys on us out of nowhere from people who were supposedly Not Jerks There's an undertone of misogyny that bothered me especially since all of the leaders are females So why so much talk of “whores” literal sex workers not name calling and women's places and using boobs to accomplish much? I get that fantasy worlds tend to be a bit medieval and often are sexist but when our main protagonist is a strong young woman and every single city and kingdom we see is run by women then all the misogyny seemed really out of place Luckily that was mostly in book one and it wasn't bad enough to make me put down the book It's wholly unnecessary and doesn't make any sense thoughThere are lots of typos That is a thing which GREATLY bothers me in professionally published work – luckily I got this for free It says something about the strength of the story that I continued on to the end despite all of these typos And the inconsistencies So many inconsistencies Our MC uses her Womanly Wiles to ask about tips when seeking work in a tavern but they made a point of saying that no one in Hutton's Bridge used money There were no taverns no coin in circulation so how does she even know about tips? More than once yes than once the author uses the simile of things “bubbling over like a volcano erupting” or something like that but no one in Hutton's Bluff knows what a volcano is we read from Hutton's Bridge viewpoint characters and we never see any volcanoes in the world throughout the book A character's name changes from Book 2 to Book 3 He was only mentioned by name once in Book 2 but still That should have been caught long before publication Book 2 I think it was also mentions “I can't believe just one moon ago” but it was actually several months back in Book 1 We also have Middle Book Love Triangle Syndrome – which came out of literal nowhere separating a supposed Lifelong True Love The FIRST sentence in chapter one of Book 3 has a typo Your opening sentence should be the strongest one Also the mysterious plague in HB was never explained and when we next meet the villagers no one is sick or needed the medicinehealers which our heroes didn't actually bring anywaySome timeline issues that bothered me early in Book 1 make sense after learning some secret reveal info I don't want to give anything away but some of my gripes make better sense knowing this so it's worth giving certain characters a healthier dose of suspension of disbeliefHowever my biggest issue was the ending of Book 3 Retribution We're left on an unacceptable cliffhanger I don't mind leaving a bit unanswered for following books especially if it's regarding a whole different plotline but this book opens a can of about half a dozen new plot points at the very end and doesn't wrap any of them Some were sudden and out of complete nowhere no foreshadowing or even explanation Just “Surprise This is actually now a completely different story Buy the next book to learn ” It sounds like a whole lot of bad And I mean yeah that stuff is a pretty significant amount of bad Some folks apparently had a lot of trouble with the sex but these are all adults and sex is a normal part of life Yes even especially sex after trauma and grief The sex scenes are vanilla and completely ungraphic usually of the 'fade to black' variety so I don't see the issue unless you're just uncomfortable with sex existing and peoplecharacters enjoying itAll that said I still liked the story and am seriously contemplating finishing the series by reading the last two books I sped through them and enjoyed the ride Only problem is I don't really want to pay for the next two As a writer myself that's saying something I find it hard to justify when there are so many issues which should have been so easily fixed before publication The story would have been so much stronger and I would have a healthier respect for the professionalism of the author I sincerely hope she avails herself of one – a good one – because this could easily be a very amazing tale As it is it's just kind of so so overall

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    Dragonlands opens with a prologue standard fare for many fantasy novels overnight the town of Hutton's Bridge is cut off from the outside world by a circle of blinding fog that holds life threatening dangers Not only that but all the adults disappear leaving only the children under the age of 16 The main story begins decades later when the oldest surviving citizen of the town Sophia is dying and her granddaugher Tressa is facing an uncertain future Her grandmother's death will cause a leadership challenge that will significantly affect her either the annual tradition of sending three people out into the fog will see Tressa facing almost certain death; or she faces the lecherous advances of the new leader who wants to do away with the annual tradition but only to further his own endsTressa chooses to leave the village anyway with her childhood friends Connor and Bastian and makes it through the fog Only on the other side they discover the the outside world does still exist However so does magic and so do dragons and other dangers even unimaginableMs Jensen has taken a basic premise and created a fantastically broad world peopled with flawed honourable loving despicably lovable characters They are unpredictable and go to extreme lengths to save their countries and the people they love from dangerI enjoyed these books I was a little surprised when I got to the end of the box set and discovered that there were another two in the series to complete the story but from what I have read so far the plot is full of unexpected twists As in real life nothing is assured no action can ever be trusted fully and no character is safeThe plot moves at a terrific pace The tension is balanced well from chapter to chapter and from book to book At times the characters' interactions get uite racy And there are surprises some of them good some of them unpleasant but Ms Jensen leads the reader with a steady hand to tell a really good storyI did have a couple of problems with the books I found that there were a handful of times where the characters acted in a way which was unprecedented based on what I knew of them so far It was puzzling and disconcerting but fortunately the pace and the interest kept the plot moving so that those became relatively minor issuesAnd if one were to compare this with other fantasy novel series I did feel that the story while broad and sweeping did lack the depth it reuired to make it epic It moved a little too swiftly to create a detailed physical and emotional landscape In physical terms this was a world which had so much potential for development but retained mostly broad brushstrokes with the odd oasis of detail Likeways the emotional and philosophical landscape seemed to be limited to powermongering and revenge with a large dose of betrayal There were other themes – adventure love family – but the three former seemed to be the strongest and made for a flavour that kept repeatingHowever I really really enjoyed this set Will I read books 4 and 5? Most definitely

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    Starts Off VERY Slowly But if you get through the first half of the first book it does gain momentum further along Still there were too many hints early on that weren't explained until several books later and that's just seriously annoying If it isn't going somewhere in the same book leave it out or at the very least keep those allusions to a minimum It's as annoying as you'll understand when you're older is when you're a kid If it weren't for the taunting non clues and the slower parts I'd consider this one of the better books I've read this year Once the plot got off its fumbling procrastinating duff and started moving it was a decent read There were also some moments in there where characters went from acting in harmony with their described personalities to um what the frak was THAT about? Honestly with all these issues it's surprising to note that it was still enjoyable enough to rate 4 stars I'm still interested enough to read the next book even though the ending was the biggest WTF moment in the whole thing promising to be just as eye roll worthy as many of the passages in this one I really hope this author gets better or at least gets a tougher editor when it comes to pacing and foreshadowing There's a lot of promise here and I hope this diamond in the rough finds a really good gem cutter

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    This book is the weirdest mish mash of writing Starting out it seems like a YA book the way characters act hardly any good communication then a mystery so many things that aren't revealed to the reader without a reasonmaybe suspense or to keep you reading but I wish the writing kept me reading not some story important fact that was mentioned but not revealed until the end of book 3 but even that left other uestions about what was written and then a pretend dark fantasy style I say pretend because it only comes out occasionally and so a few scenes get that gritty dark feel but the rest doesn't so it comes out as a YA book with dark fantasy green freckles because they were trying to blend in and look normal but they instead stood out

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Dragonlands Dragonlands #1 3 [PDF / EPUB] Dragonlands Dragonlands #1 3 Enter the world of Dragonlands with the first three novels from this bestselling epic fantasy series Includes Hidden The mystery enshrouding Hutton’s Bridge is as impenetrable as the fog that descen Enter the world of Dragonlands with the first three novels from this bestselling epic fantasy series Includes Hidden The mystery enshrouding Hutton’s Bridge is as impenetrable as the fog that descended at its borders eighty years ago Each year three villagers enter the mist searching for answers No Dragonlands Dragonlands PDF \ one ever returns Then a dragon falls from the sky to the town suare dead—the first glimpse of an outside world that has become nothing than a fairy tale to Hutton’s Bridge Except to Tressa Tressa grew up with Granna’s stories of the days before the fog fell When Granna dies leaving Tressa without any family Tressa ventures into the fog herself vowing to unravel the foul magic holding Hutton’s Bridge captive What she discovers beyond the fog endangers the lives of everyone she loves Hunted The fog that trapped the people of Hutton's Bridge for eighty years has disappeared but now so have the villagers Fearing the worst Tressa and Bastian must navigate a new and dangerous world in search of their people Among their allies are a healer a warrior and even a dragon but their enemies are far greater Hutton's Bridge has long protected a powerful secret one the dragonlords will kill to control As the realms rise Tressa and Bastian risk everything to save their people until one must make the ultimate sacrifice Retribution Tensions are mounting in the Dragonlands The dragon hordes are mustering each with its own agenda But Tressa must conuer her personal demons before answering the call to war Gravely ill her body undergoing mysterious and frightening changes she travels to a distant land for the answers crucial to her survival What she discovers rocks her to the core As the battle begins a long slumbering magic dark powerful and brutal awakens And Tressa learns the ones you love most can become your greatest enemies of all books Desolation and Reckoning sold separately.