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Back to School Murder Lucy Stone Mystery Book 4 [PDF / EPUB] Back to School Murder Lucy Stone Mystery Book 4 TINKER COVE'S OWN AMATEUR SLEUTH LUCY STONEDISCOVERS THAT SCHOOL DAYS CAN BE MURDERIt’s back to school time in the peaceful Maine town of Tinker’s Cove and for mother of four Lucy Stone it isn’t TINKER COVE'S OWN School Murder PDF/EPUB é AMATEUR SLEUTH LUCY STONEDISCOVERS THAT SCHOOL DAYS CAN BE MURDERIt’s back to school time in the peaceful Maine town of Tinker’s Cove and for mother of four Lucy Stone it isn’t a moment too soon But trouble at the local elementary school soon has the sometime crime solver juggling family job and night classes with another mystery to solve And it starts with a bangA bomb goes off with the noon lunch bell but not before all the kids are safely evacuated and Carol Crane Back to Epub / the new assistant principal is hailed as a hero But days later Carol is found murdered and everyone is stunned when the most popular teacher at the school is arrested for the crime However not everyone is to School Murder Lucy Stone Kindle - buying the open and shut case including Lucy Stone who senses there’s to things than meet the eyeIt soon becomes clear that Lucy is flirting with danger as sizzling secrets and explosive surprises provide a primer for the most diabolical of motives Hot on the trail of a clever killer the dedicated to School Murder PDF/EPUB À mom and seasoned sleuth must harness the courage and cool aplomb to uncover a crime that just might give her an education in the fine art of murder.

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    Probably the best Lucy Stone novel I've read Great storyline the cast of characters was spectacular and it was a real mystery I was actually stumped until the very end Would highly recommend

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    Lucy Stone is juggling the demands of managing a household with four children and getting them off to a new school year plus working her part time job at the Pennysaver Tinker Cove’s weekly newspaper when a shocking announcement comes over the police scanner Lucy rushes to the scene of a potential view spoiler bombing hide spoiler

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    This book started out pretty good but the prejudices and generalizations just got to be too much for me Basically everyone that wasn't a liberal was a complete idiot I can't stand it when books push a certain way of thinking Won't be picking up this author again which is too bad because I really liked the character at first

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    DNF 17% I can’t handle any of her dickhead sexist husband and her pandering to him she gets a new job and he thinks it’s “unacceptable” because dinner was at 630 and not 6 no thanks I think cozy mysteries are not for me but we know i'll keep trying them anyway

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    Lucy Stone is filling in at the newspaper and glad that school is back in session She decides to take a college class so she can get her teaching certificate The first day of school there is a bomb threat and a bomb goes off at the grade school The town is shaken up and the principal blames the science teacher she also fires the janitor a well loved man The principal is held up as a hero because she recused a little handicapped boy who had been locked in a closet While Lucy is investigating she finds that the principal has had other rescues and thinks it was staged A very conservative minister is trying to get it passed that teachers have to send a note to the parents before they talk about anything that is offensive to him Lucy’s husband is out of work and owed a large sum of money so the stress is on I didn’t like the part of the story where the college professor hit on Lucy and she almost has an affair with him It seemed too out there to be part of the story Since the book was written in 1997 parts did seem dated 0p

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    Not a very successful mystery The twists didn't ring true and I was maddened by the character's relationship which takes up a good part of the story I kept flipping back to see if perhaps I had missed something and the book was actually set in the 60s Main personal conflict is that she wants to go to work and the husband expects her to be at home cooking his dinner and taking care of the kids though the husband when he gets home early sits around drinking beer and feeling sorry for himself and wondering where his dinner might be

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    Only 1 star because I had to give it a ratingLucy is enjoying herself immensely filling in for someone at the Tinker's Cove newspaper Investigative journalism is right up her alley and it isn't long before she has something to investigate after a bomb goes off at the elementary school The new vice principal Carol Crane saves the day by rescuing a student still in the school and everyone hails her a hero However there is than meets the eye with Carol and when she is found murdered there is no shortage of suspects as she wasn't uite as heroic as one would thinkI hated this book I rarely have such strong negative words to say but I just can't hold back Below is a partial list of some of the things that bothered me the most Before I start ranting about my personal opinions I will say that this book felt greatly unfocused Lucy would have a revelation and would seemingly forget about it until a chapter or two later There were a few loose ends and things that didn't always make sense There are some spelling and grammar issues so if that is a big button for you proceed with caution The mystery itself is weak but one of her better ones so far Lucy working at the newspaper does make it so the book is about mysteries than her personal life I originally started this series looking for a cozy where the sleuth is married in a good relationship uickly I found this wasn't that series but still enjoyed the brief glance into Lucy and Bill's life together This book found Lucy interested in another man and she even went as far to go to his apartment 'in the name of investigation' and kiss him I am absolutely disgusted by her behavior I don't care how long you are married adultery is never OK or justifiable On top of that she doesn't tell her husband she just makes it right in her own twisted little mind and that seems to be enough for her In the end of the book view spoilerthe man she kisses and is attracted to are together when they solve the murder thus bringing their bond closer So she cheats on her husband with him yes kissing is cheating Then he is painted to be some sort of white knight You have got to be kidding me hide spoiler

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    Another Lucy Stone re read for me and I had forgotten the ending so that was a plus Excellent story with a clever mystery A

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    I enjoy this series despite Lucy's rather unlovable mate I wonder where this relationship will go as I read further into the series? Lucy herself is likable and this mystery was interesting So far I have found the books in this series to be fun uick reads

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    I really have to confess although I like the series this particular one was very off putting for me As much as I tried to ignore it and concentrate on the story itself the author's choice of bias in some situations became glaringly obvious I don't want to scream liberal or feminist but it was there in big bold descriptions The main character Lucy is working full time at the local paper temporarily As do most working mothers she struggles to balance work home and childcare Fine I don't mind the author outlining that part of Lucy's experience within the mystery But she also deals with a husband who expects his dinner on the table immediately when he comes home a clean house and uiet obedient children or he sulks Lucy bends over backwards to accommodate him Now the author can't have it both ways Is Lucy an independent woman feminist or is she a parody of a Donna Reed housewife? The other thing that stuck out was when Lucy went to the Republican candidate's coffee making great pains to let us know she's a Democrat The author describes the women as Stepford type wives They wear pastel dresses Lucy had not seen so much pastel since her last roll of Necco wafers and sit up straighter acting excited when the MEN come in Throughout the book the words Christian values seem to be an anathema which also irritated me Yes the character of the preacher wasn't the best but not all Christians are like that and not all Christian preachers are insincere or hypocritical But apparently the oh so accommodating Congregational Church which Lucy only attends infreuently is so much better Bah I won't even begin to tackle the diatribe the author includes from the mouth of the elementary school principle that makes it seem as if uestioning the competence of teachers or curricula by parents is a worse sin than murder No it is a wholly unappealing list of opinions I abhor wrapped in a lukewarm mystery

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