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    Deadly Force by Misty Evans in a 2015 publication This book is a part of the California Violent Crimes Task force series The books I read by Misty Evans the I like her writing style This is an excellent romantic suspense novel sure to please lovers of this genre Bianca and Cal are separated heading toward a painful divorce Cal was a high octane Navy SEAL who is now on leave and under investigation after a failed mission left three men in his unit dead and Cal with PTSD Bianca is genius and works for the NSA She has inadvertently stumbled across some information that leaves no doubt in her mind that she is a target for assassination Cal is the only person she knows she can trust the only person who will protect her and keep her safe So despite their marital woes the two will find themselves working as partners to peel away the layers of an incredible plot that could cost the president of the United States his life In the process Cal will learn a side of Bianca he never knew and Bianca will finally crack Cal's stoic exterior Startling truths will emerge along the way that will rock the nation and leave Cal and Bianca's fragile relationship on the line perhaps forever I love stories like this where as you read further into the novel bits and pieces are revealed which had me trying to puzzle out who to trust who was behind the plot what are their motives and have all those deep thoughts mixed in with tons of action and hot steamy romance Bianca's I is what makes her so good at her job but it's also makes it hard for Cal to understand how her brain works and just how important her work is Bianca had a hard time growing up which has an effect on her thoughts actions and emotional needs Cal is a hard nut to crack and I wasn't sure how to take him sometimes He is not emotional at all but you know he feels things deeply he just has a hard time expressing it There is a lot of water under the bridge for these two and while it's obvious they still love one another a great deal it's not clear if they will ever be able to work out their issues But while parts of their relationship problems are being talked through for the first time and the two are than willing to use this time to enjoy being with each other they are under the gun in a big way and they have no idea who they can trust So before they can make a decision about their marriage they will have to get through this crisis a mission that will hopefully clear Cal's name But just like their relationship the odds are not in their favor especially when they finally discover the unbelievable utterly shocking truth This is one ride and crazy ride really well plotted with realistic twist and turns not just thrown in there for shock value but to keep the suspense building at a tantalizing pace I enjoyed the mature couple working through marital issues and of course I have a soft spot for those SEALS Bianca's troubles are common for many women and it's easy to empathize with her The other major issue the author incorporates into the story is Cal's PTSD Again this is an issue many who serve our country will face I believe it's important to draw attention to it and I applaud the author for handling the delicate subject matter without hitting the reader over the head with it Overall this is was a really great romantic suspense story that kept me entertained from start to finish and I highly recommend it 5 stars

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    Plot 45Characterisation 55Prose 45How much I enjoyed it 45

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    Cal Reese is alone and his life is in ruins Why did he survive when the rest of his Seal team died? Now He's struggling with PTSD Thank goodness for his black Lab Maggie Suddenly his estranged wife Bianca is there begging for his help An assassin is after her She knows what happened with Operation Warfighter and now she's a target Will they survive the next 24 hours? Bianca is extremely intelligent and determined to do her job as an NSA agent She loves Cal but was willing to let him go The trauma of her childhood still affects her and makes her afraid to trust Cal was career military and was driven to serve his country He loved Bianca and was always her protector but he had trouble telling her I loved this couple I wanted them to realize that they were perfect for each other This story is a filled with suspense tension and treachery that extends to the upper levels of our government Misty Evans has done a wonderful job Her careful plotting kept me guessing until the very end The clandestine and isolated settings added to the tension I enjoyed catching up with familiar characters from previous SCVC Taskforce books Deadly Force pulled me in from the first page I couldn't stop reading I needed to know who was behind the plot The realism in this story was like a punch to the stomach This series just keeps getting better Deadly Force is a keeper

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    Once I started this book I could not put it down I read it in one day I love the story of Bianca and Cal a married couple finding their way back to each other I also loved how Misty brought a much needed topic about veteran soldier's PTSD through in this book The only thing I didn't see is if Bianca would be going back to the SCVC taskforce I know she is going to be with her husband but is she still going to be part of the SCVC taskforce that is the only cliffhanger that I don't know about

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    Bianca and Cal married heading for divorce but still totally in love with each other it's a shame their jobs are getting in the way of their happiness but when an assassin goes after Bianca there is nothing Cal won't do to save her even if it means losing her forever

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    I absolutely love this series Action packed from beginning to end I highly recommend this book and series

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    This is the 3rd book of the series I read one of the other series first I would start with this series if I were a new reader If you want to read what the book is about read above the reviews This book is based upon a group of alphabet agencies working together as teammates who fall in love while working cases Our hero is torn up after a couple of failures Failure one was the last mission he was on The second is his marriage which he’s waiting for the divorce to come any day now Both of them was his life Then one rainy night his heroine wife shows up needing his help to keep her alive Who was he to refuse? Our heroine is gutsy determined and scared out of her mind She knows she’s being hunted and the only person who’s strong enough and has enough skills to protect her is her hero husband However he probably doesn’t want to see her eitherThe plot is different and you immediately get to feel you know both the hero and heroine Of course because of the other series which they star you get to really know them then However this is the story which started all that Anyhow it shows you how our couple and a friend all know each other and how the other books in the series weave within it as well This is the main story I wanted to read because of the other series and it wasn’t what I thought it would be but it was still worth the waiting and it answered some uestions I didn’t even know I had Great book As I’ve said above this is the book I was waiting for and I wasn’t let down I hope they keep them in some of the others within this series

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    If you are looking for a sweet romance this one isn’t for you But if you want an action packed nail biting whodunit suspense filled romance then this one is definitely the one for youI have to confess that at the beginning I did have a hard time remembering who the multiple cast of characters were did and what agency they belonged Once I got over that I let myself enjoy the storyThe story centers around brilliant if at times socially awkward NSA analyst Bianca Marx and Navy SEAL CallanCal Reese His last mission turned out to be a disaster and he is likely going to be court martial To make matters worse he is suffering from PTSD These two have been together since childhood got married but now Bianca is seeking a divorce When she catches up with Cal shots are fired and Cal goes into bodyguard modeThere is ever a dull moment in this storyAside from an engaging thought provoking plot and complex characters the author reminds us the effects war has on the brave men and women who give their lives to protect us PTSD is real and we as a society need to do to help them not only get well but also return to civilian life The use of service dogs as support has been shown to be very beneficial For that reminder thank you Ms EvansI was entrusted a copy of this book The opinions expressed are solely my own

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    Cal seeing Bianca then seeing the gold bands they each still had on was it the divorce paper she wanted sign Telling him she was in big trouble and only him could keep her alive for the next 24 hours I know what happened at Operation Warfighter He lost 3 men and now he was under investigation from that Instincts he wanted to protect her She didn’t want to mess his life up again but she had a target on her back With gun shots they were going to find out if the boat was sea worthy Tense fast action plot

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    Deadly Force book 3 in SCVC Taskforce Series is hottest most action packed and conspiratorial book so far Bianca is briefly working at The SCVC Taskforce but usually she’s an analyst for a secret government department Even though Cal Reese and her are going through a divorce when she believes her life is in danger she heads for the only person she’s ever trusted and loved This series just keeps getting better and better

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Deadly Force Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce #3 [PDF / EPUB] Deadly Force Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce #3 Some secrets can killNSA agent Bianca Marx is determined to save her marriage even if it kills herwhich it just might do since she knows a secret about her estranged husband’s last mission that has Southern California PDF/EPUB ä Some secrets can killNSA agent Bianca Marx is determined to save her marriage even if it kills herwhich it just might do since she knows a secret about her estranged husband’s last Force Southern California Violent Crimes MOBI :ß mission that has put a target on her back A highly skilled assassin is hot on her trail and the only man who can keep her safe doesn’t want anything to do with herShe’ll be dead in hoursunless he can save herAfter Deadly Force MOBI :ß his marriage failed Navy SEAL Callan Reese threw himself into his work On his last black ops mission three of his men—three good men who counted on him—were killed Now PTSD and a military investigation have sidelined himuntil Bianca shows up She claims someone high up in the US government wants her dead and the assassin after her is also after himThe couple that spies together dies togetherOn the run from the very government they serve Force Southern California Kindle Ö Bianca and Cal only have each other When they uncover a deadly scandal threatening the nation they’ll have one chance to save the dayand one last chance at love.