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Daring Passage: Book Two of the Spirited Away Saga [PDF / EPUB] Daring Passage: Book Two of the Spirited Away Saga In this much awaited seuel to SPIRITED AWAY – A NOVEL OF THE STOLEN IRISH slave Freddy O’Brennan is on the run In 1656 determined to pursue freedom for herself and her young children she braves st In this much awaited Book Two Kindle Ñ seuel to SPIRITED AWAY – A NOVEL OF THE STOLEN IRISH slave Freddy O’Brennan is on the run In determined to pursue freedom for herself and her young children she braves stormy seas treacherous castaways and corrupt Virginia Colony authorities Romantic sparks between Freddy and ship Captain Colin Shea Brophy smolder and threaten to explode As they paddle dugout canoes into the James River wilderness Freddy and her friends must navigate a Daring Passage: eBook ñ choking gauntlet of ruthless slave catchers frontier bounty hunters warring natives and a Cherokee renegade out for blood DARING PASSAGE BOOK TWO OF THE SPIRITED AWAY SAGA is a word historical novel that captures a rare glimpse into seventeenth century colonial Virginia.

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    Book Two of the Spirited Away Saga takes us into the teeth of the storm where Freddy Colin Birdie and the children flee from Barbados in their uest to find a place to call home Sailing to America brings its own terrors complete with colonial politics religious persecution and the ever present fear of having someone discover that they're runaway slaves Even in the New World freedom is not truly free and a slip of the tongue could destroy everythingMaggie Plummer continues an excellent story in Daring Passage Freddy and Birdie are still the strong and sweet women we met in Book One and we are lucky to learn about Colin with the story being told both by Colin and Freddy in alternating chapters The author really makes the past come alive as we meet corrupt customs officials uaker Friends and the every day colonialsWhile I loved that the author was able to show us that the colonials weren't either good or bad we were limited to seeing well off officials and plantation owners While I would have loved interaction with the every day people of that era the story revolves around their journey through the wilds to find Birdie's people with the hardships carefully written so they are not overlooked nor made to be overbearingI highly recommend reading this book especially if you are interested in the early colonial days and interactions with the native people This is not a stand alone story however and you will want to read the first book Spirited Away in order to get the most out of this tale I'm happy to say that this second book is as strong and well written as the first and I look forward to reading other stories by this authorThank you to the author for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Spirited Away was truly I book that I fell in love with I think it was because for the first time I learned about Irish slavery That's what historical fiction is supposed to do teach with emotion And the opening book of this series did just that So I was truly excited when Daring Passage became published so that I could continue the fascinating story As the first the seuel has the same power and thrust of the first book This time the characters travel to the new colonies of Virginia There they meet danger and real life and death predicaments especially if they are discovered to be runaway slaves A stunning plot memorable characters and lovely succinct writing make this novel truly shine I admire Maggie Plummer's ability to weave a spellbinding tale while digging up facts and research that is new and that teaches readers I look forward to books in the series along with future books and topics Maggie will one day certainly write about Although the two books will stand alone I recommend reading both to get the true benefits of this engrossing taleThank you to the author I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    A delightful read The story moves uickly but thoughtfully The chapters are short but there is a lot of adventure in each one Having read Spirited Away first Daring Passage was an enjoyable continuation of the first story with greater character development Interesting details were also mentioned that indicate research was necessary Thank you Maggie Plummer for a brief interlude in an era I knew little about

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    Very interesting storyI read The 1st book which was free and immediately bought this one I cared about the characters I wanted to see them get to birdies to see if they would be accepted The idea of spirit sisters was new but a delightful idea The detail in the book was comfortable and didn't seem boring as when some writers go on and on

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    Nice to know what happens to the characters from the first book Still historically accurate Not bad if you can get through the effort to display junior high romance First book was better

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    Amazing storyThis is a beautifully written novel in which the author should be highly commended for her detailed descriptions of the escape of slaves and their babies from the West Indies from an English plantation owner The fact that English Irish Native American German and Dutch are represented here is an added bonus The story will stay with me a long timeI'm greatly impacted by the multicultural group who travel to Virginia The religious intolerance is so unbelievable it leaves me stunned and angry The very close relationship between the Native woman and the Irish woman both very young and both slaves is done to perfection as are their multiracial children they are attempting to save and free from slavery and oppressionI give high marks to this author and the book I think everyone should read this book It certainly gives you food for thought Outstanding

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    4550A different take on the early colonial days of the US this series explores what slavery meant not only to the African slaves but also to the Indians and Irish who were enslaved as wellRead full review in the 2015 JulyAugust issue of InD'tale Magazine

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    Very good book Keeps you guessing what could happen next It contains history and romance through each chapter and does a great job of continuing the story line from the first book

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    Good storyA simple story of a man two women and their children escaping the horror of plantation slavery crossing the sea and finding a new home among the people of the Native American woman Many trials and tribulations during the long journey A good read

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