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    This is the memoir of Elizabeth Frost and it is the tale of a woman’s love and loneliness between 1979 and 2006 It explores the love shared with her two live in lovers her mother and Kurgan her Rottweiler pet dogI found this book an intense read with a closeness you get with best friends I developed an empathy for Elizabeth very uickly as she described fully her feelings towards men It enabled me to get into the mind of this woman as she fell into and out of love with the two men in her life It was a rollercoaster ride for her as she stumbled from one relationship crisis to the nextHer writing style was easy to take on board and I was pleased that her memoir progressed steadily and did not jump backwards or forwards She has lots of advice and social comment to pass onto the reader which added so much depth to her memoir For exampleWhether it’s our father’s fault or someone else’s we as women take it on ourselves to please a man and love him until we become lost inside his soul It shouldn’t be that way but it usually isandHe liked his women loud tough and a little on the trashy side Bar brawling women who drank smoked and partied with the best of them Rough talking whores who looked like they had been rode hard and put away wetHer uick descriptions of her lovers were good tooHe was not an ideal candidate for a daughter to bring home to meet the parents Ex con unemployed drinking tattooed rocker on a motorcycleandKurgan lay in my arms still asleep That was it I was cooked The dog had my heart my soul and my love For the next 15 years I had hisI enjoyed reading Down Came November so much as it is such a frank and open memoir And then I got to the end when there is a big twist and I thought “Bugger poor lass” I consider Down Came November to be a good read and I will vote it 4 stars

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    This book started off a bit slow building the main characters Elizabeth Trost background and romantic history when I first started reading this book I was uite frustrated that the summary explains the most important plot points before I even read the book but all was forgiven once I got to the end The end was a good twist that made me pause and re read Making me re evaluate what I just read I did not expect it and was pleasantly surprised at how it ended

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    An Absorbing ReadThis story grabbed me from the first line and held me engrossed until the very end which delivered a heart stopping twist I did not see coming I look forward to reading other books by this author

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    A sweet but dramatic readA tangled web of relationships told realistically The best the worst and everything between of love hope friendship and family laid bare All in a mesmerising and engaging story told with a familiar and friendly voice

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Down Came November [PDF / EPUB] Down Came November From the author of the bestselling book Weedmonkey comes the haunting story of a shattered life and the broken woman who is plunged into the depths of madness after tragedy destroys her world On April From the author of the bestselling book Weedmonkey comes the haunting story of a shattered life and the broken woman who is plunged into the depths of madness after tragedy destroys her world On April Elizabeth Frost lost her mother Three weeks later on June th her fiancé’ was killed on a construction site in Down Came Epub / Virginia A month later on July th her brother committed suicide leaving behind two young children who were killed in a car accident on September th Falling back on her ex boyfriend she tries to rebuild her life only to find him dead of a drug overdose on October st On November th Elizabeth Frost came undone.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 284 pages
  • Down Came November
  • Lisa V. Proulx
  • English
  • 10 August 2015

About the Author: Lisa V. Proulx

Lisa V Proulx is the Award Winning and Bestselling Author of books She writes Inspirational Non Fiction and Horror Her bestseller WEEDMONKEY won an Honorable Mention in MemoirsNon Fiction in the Reader's Favorite Book Awards and it was featured in the Miami Book Fair Under her pen name Veronica Moreau she writes steamy erotic romance Down Came Epub / with a rock and roll edgeShe is also an Insp.