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Nothing Forbidden [PDF / EPUB] Nothing Forbidden SEUEL TO SOMETHING FORBIDDEN Max and Katie have tasted something forbidden opening their marriage sexually to other people It's been a wild ride and they are stronger for the experience Max craves and SEUEL TO SOMETHING FORBIDDEN Max and Katie have tasted something forbidden opening their marriage sexually to other people It's been a wild ride and they are stronger for the experience Max craves and gives his headstrong wife the green light to play on her own even as she vows to never risk their relationship again But is that a promise she can keep in her new world of sexual freedom In this seuel to Kenny Wright’s Something Forbidden follow Katie as she explores the new and exciting world suddenly open to her When nothing's forbidden can she keep touch with what's real what's important or will it all slip away.

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    The second book featuring Max and Katie Callahan unlike the first book which was told from Max’s point of view this book is told from Katie’s point of view which illustrates just what a talented writer Kenny Wright is A thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating read from start to finish so enjoyable I wished it would not end and there are not many books I can say that aboutAfter the nearly losing each other Max and Katie are closer and stronger but the excitement of trying other men is still with them especially Max He trusts her enough to allow her complete freedom saying “Nothing is forbidden” So will she choose the likeable and charming Bradley or another man who makes a stunning reappearance in the name of AJ Max and Kate’s friends Nadia and John help in different ways as the naughty slutty side of Kate begins to show will she reject it or embrace it?

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    I thought it is about time to finally to draft a review to a book series I found great pleasure in especially since there finally is a female perspective to identify myself withAfter having read the first installment I came with high expectations it was such an immensely tense story that kept the reader on their toes for the entire time right up until the grand finale a plot that weaved itself through the entire book to keep us guessingTo tell you right away the seuel does not exactly measure up on the storyline at least not im my humble opinion but that does not make it a bad read and I would be far from critizing such gifted author the contrary I know seuels are challenging and sometimes you feel that there just isn't a story left to tell but I strongly believe there is still potential and I would happily encourage Mr Wright to be audacious enough for another installmentAnd I would recommend to everyone who has missed the preuel to remedy that as soon as possible The story itself unfolds a little slower it plays with the desire and irresistable pull of sexual attraction to something new and refreshing under the constrains of a relation where there are still some wounds to be licked The writing is crisp and steamy when needed I would have wished for John and Max to have a impactful role I believe their characters were a mite pale and could have or still find some further development to return the very thrilling tension that marked the first installlment a masterpiece for meTo root for the protagonists be hooked by the swings of their emotions and moral compass fascinated by the decisions our minds make born by desire misunderstanding guilt and what Now with all my rambling I realize that I haven't actually said much about the actual book but I hope by my passionate review alone does speak for it's ualities it is piued with sensual and smoking hot sexual scenes that do leave a suprise for the reader here and there stillIn two words ? Seuel please

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    Wow this book was hot You could feel the love between Max and Katie Their love scenes were hot but the love scenes between Katie and her new lovers were smokin' I won't be forgetting the scene between Katie and AJ in the yoga room at the gym anytime soonAlso loved the ending of this book I see there's another book in this series I'll be reading it soonLove Kenny Wright's books nice clear writing hot love scenes engaging stories

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    I found this a bit meh after the great storyline in the first bookthat is not to say its a bad bookbut there wasn't much story to follow on withand it just showed Katie had been non stop thinking about other guysalthough doing this kind of thing had nearly destroyed their marriage in the first bookbutit seemed she couldn't wait to open her legs for almost any guy interested in hershe had turned into a real slutnymphomaniac nowand although she was using Max her hubby to justify things she knew deep down it was heralthough max was giving her a free passshe was starting to keep secrets from him as well didn't have enough in the story to make it different from the usual run of the mill books of this genrebut not a bad bookbutnowhere near as good as the first booknot one of Kennys best books but still worth a readespecially if you read the excellent first book

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    Oh katie I love you I love u too kenny How to come from both of you

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    I was thoroughly unsatisfied for the first half of the book as it was uneventful to say the least But even though few predictable events proceeded as I was nearing the end I found myself grinning Kenny has a way of pairing infectious characters with build up of excitement and good writing to make a satiating story I honestly hoped for kink that was extreme and sweeter conversations between Cate and Max to drive up the empathy and sexiness but this was fine fulfilling and happily ever after is much to my preference than empty sex leaving me to feel like I just watch bad porn Thank Kenny

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