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    Holiday Abduction is book six in the Alien Abduction series by Eve Langlais This was another fun purple alien romance Jill is not sure what to do Her farm is going into foreclosure and she has no way of bailing herself out She’s hoping for an alien invasion Vhyl is in the filed of acuisitions; which means he collects andor steels things He is also a purple alien I had a lot of fun with both Jill and Vhyl Jill grew up with her grandma who believed in aliens so when a purple guy shows up at her front door instead of freaking out she stays cool and finds out what he wants Things soon turn into a run to survive from another alien who wants Vhyl dead and the government showing up looking for aliens Their romance is fast but fun The adventure they go on is exciting and keeps the story moving Holiday Abduction is a short read and everything moves fast but it was also a wonderful and strangely sweet adventure Rated 4 Stars

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    Vhyl arrives on Earth in search of an artifact when he lands on Jilly's land Jilly grew up with a grandmother who believed and in a moment when everything seems dire an Alien arrives and shakes everything up With the men in black in pursuit and Vyhl going by John Smith they are on the run Vhyl decides that he wants Jilly though and maybe she is what he needs by his sideFun filled book Vyhl is a bit obtuse but it is in such a funny way Liked Jilly she is a feisty woman and thought this story was a entertaining ride

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    This novel was wonderfully exciting and fast paced Langlais’ tale is vibrant and larger than life The ‘Fine Art of Acuisition’ is even better than the ‘Mercenary’s Guide’ from earlier in the series It gave me a deeper sense of the alien culture while also making me giggle I also appreciated how Langlais tied the entire series closely together via shared celebrations between all of the major characters The sassy snarky writing really let me get inside the heroine’s head Jilly was probably my favourite heroine in the series Her sense of self worth and desire for a certain life was enchanting Her grandma’s advice was preciously priceless It had me laughing every time I enjoyed Vhyl His actions and reactions were all so genuine Topped off with his internal conflicts – what he should want as opposed to what he does want – made him a lot of fun to get to know Langlais has once again created a fun fast paced story that took me right out of this world It was a fantastic read that I was sorry to see end

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    While Vhyle is pretty knight like in some respects he really isn't in others Fun hot and well written Holiday Abduction also showed us some of the characters from the earlier booksThis and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog unConventional Bookviews

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    Vhyl loves being on the wrong side of the law and no one stops him from getting what he wants Not even a cute human with a primitive weapon will keep him from the artifact he came to earth to retrieve Though if he was to be honest and why would he do such a ridiculous thing? the time he spends with Jilly the he sees she may be the priceless treasure he's searching forLike his cousins before him Vhyl uickly learns that dealing with human females is not easy Jilly has a strong will sharp mind and will never do what she's told by her alien abductor Of course her defiance is a turn on for Vhyl and getting her to obey his orders is a sensual undertaking both thoroughly enjoy There's nothing really original about either character because pretty much all series heroesheroines are similar but that doesn't take any fun away from the story When I read these books I expect a hot outlaw alien with a soft spot only for his future mate and a human with a lot of sass and courage where others would cower and Holiday Abduction does not disappoint Vhyl's arrival on earth doesn't go unnoticed by the government or an extraterrestrial enemy This book is less than 150 pages so there's no long epic battle yet there's ample action to keep me amused and invested in the story Holiday Abduction is another delightful strangely sweet adventure in the Alien Abduction series Definitely worth checking out and if you're looking for a gift for a PNR lover consider this series Stephanie

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    Nothing says Christmas like a purple alien set on acuiring his own gifts off the wish list The only trouble is that Vhyl has trouble determining just which gift is the important when his hunt for a priceless artifact leads him to an alluring barbarian alien female who doesn't seem all that impressed fearsome reputationHoliday Abduction is a hilarious sexy sci fi romp just like Eve's other books in the series If you like the other five books you'll like this one as well There's a bit of excitement because the government tracked Vhyl's landing and are after him there is a rival seeking to acuire the artifact that is hidden in Jilly's home and of course there are some passionate as well as tender moments between Vhyl and Jilly too And when Christmas arrives Jilly gets to spend it with the other five human mates I especially liked that we got to see how the other couples have made out since they all fell hopelessly in love with their other halves Or their other third in one case P

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    Ms Langlais' humour has made her one of my favourite authors whose storylines rarely disappoints me Love that she is Canadian and often makes references to Canada in her booksCheers

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    Nothing says holidays like a purple alien set on acuiring his own gifts off the wish list The only trouble is that Vhyl has trouble determining just which gift is the important when his hunt for a priceless artifact leads him to a sassy sensual barbarian alien female who doesn't seem all that impressed with his big bad rep Jilly went from alone at Christmas and looking a foreclosure and eviction in the eye to going on the run with a virile arrogant purple alien warrior who is reluctant to get into the Christmas spirit In the end she must decide to go with him for further adventures into the unknown with no guarantees or stay with what she knows even if it feels empty and lonely without VhylI laughed so hard at times as I read this hilarious sixth installment in the alien abduction series While the big holiday reunion at the end might be poignant if the previous five installments were read it is not essential that a person has read any of them to appreciate this scream of a story Personally I have several of the earlier books to read still and I did just fine with the storyOkay so it's not just funny there's uite a bit this story offers There's a bit of excitement because the government tracked Vhyl's landing and are after him there is a rival seeking to acuire the artifact that is hidden in Jilly's home there are some passionate moments and also tender moments between Vhyl and Jilly too But fine yes its a sexy sci fi romance romp that this author excels at and staged against the backdrop of Christmas Odd how his past studies of the barbarians on Earth never properly conveyed how attractive some of them were Perhaps her suggestion of abduction and probing should make my list of things to do while planet side Sure there were laws against meddling with humans And yes it could cost him his life if caught or discovered Danger? Law breaking? Wild sex with a new species? Things were looking and promising Loc 11% Vhyl Holiday AbductionThis was a nice bit of holiday sass and fun and I would heartily recommend it for anyone looking for a uick light hearted but sensual sci fi romanceMy thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    I wanted to like this book I wanted to like it so much I pre ordered it on my Kindle I've read all the other books in this Alien Abduction series so I knew to expect a little fluff some sexy scenes humor and adventure Unfortunately when I sat down to read Holiday Abduction I felt like the characters were underdeveloped and the plot and action reminded me of an old Wiley Coyote cartoon as opposed to a light romance While the characters in other books within this series were consistently likable and strong with a bit of goofiness and arrogance thrown into the mix that's not the case with Holiday AbductionThe hero came off as a self entitled clueless jerk and to my mind never redeemed himself Everything he did was to benefit himself even saving the heroine was to assuage his own feelings The heroine emitted a strangely apathetic personality which in turn made me apathetic toward her plight Neither of main characters seemed to have any genuinely passionate feelings about anything other than the hero's obsession with treasure I get the treasure angle after reading previous books in the series but this particular hero didn't have enough good ualities to override his thieving mercenary lifestyle I would normally read a book of this length 142 pages in a few short hours Holiday Abduction didn't retain my attention so it took me a few days because I kept putting it down I wasn't thinking about the characters at all once my kindle powered down Have you ever had one of those caricature artists at a festival draw your portrait? The characters in this book reminded me of those county fair caricatures where a select few traits are blown out of proportion while the setting and bulk of the picture are left undone Will this poor experience keep me from reading other Eve Langlais books? No of course not I didn't enjoy this particular book but I liked enough of her other works to keep me reading Reviewer Phoenix Andrew

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    I decided that Holiday Abduction would be the perfect early gift to myself to start the season I couldn't have gotten that right than if I had hit the lottery Vinyl has solidly hit the top of my favorite purple dude list alongside Brax and Xarn Never will you meet another stalwart alien clinging tightly to his lack of morals and need to wreak havoc and mayhem And Jilly Love this heroine She enjoyed being caught up in Vhyl's chaos despite the woes he brought down on them wrapping him up in his incredulity to the point he just had to keep her hint of course there is an HEA This tale is a fantastic knee slapper that will have you giggling snickering and downright snorting thru tears from the beginning to the end Don't deny yourself; buy it read it then pat yourself on the back for a purchase well made

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Holiday Abduction Alien Abduction #6 [PDF / EPUB] Holiday Abduction Alien Abduction #6 Vhyl is determined to acuire a certain lost artifact but when he lands on the forbidden barbarian planet known as Earth he finds than expected An attractive human female is in possession of the pricel Vhyl is determined to acuire a certain lost Alien Abduction PDF ✓ artifact but when he lands on the forbidden barbarian planet known as Earth he finds than expected An attractive human Holiday Abduction Epub / female is in possession of the priceless object and she’s agreed to hand it over—for a priceApparently she doesn’t know of his reputationor doesn’t careIntrigued by her fearless nature—and Abduction Alien Abduction PDF Ë her luscious brown skin—this acuisition expert can’t resist stealing a kiss But before he can take his enemy arrives to stake a claimIt seems Vhyl isn’t the only one interested in Jilly’s treasure—and Jilly herself On the run not only from Earth forces but his enemies too they must fight to survive and evade captureHowever he can’t escape the effect the human has on himIn the end Vhyl has to make a choice—Jilly or the priceless treasure he came for.