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Dear Stranger [PDF / EPUB] Dear Stranger Dear Stranger was originally published in 2012 by Totally Bound PublishingA case of mistaken identityDuring a masked ball Sophie Crandle’s mask gives her the courage she needs to follow the man she Dear Stranger was originally published in by Totally Bound PublishingA case of mistaken identityDuring a masked ball Sophie Crandle’s mask gives her the courage she needs to follow the man she expects will propose to her into the gardens where she brazenly asks him for the one thing that will tell her if she can accept him—a kiss And what a kiss it is Her elation turns to horror however when she realizes she is kissing the wrong man The man who has awakened her desire is not the man who is courting her but his brother the Earl of Dearbourne A notorious rake he is likely to ruin Sophie than provide her with the social acceptance she needsA woman he should not pursueRichard Hearst the Earl of Dearbourne receives the shock of his life when he discovers the beautiful woman falling apart in his arms thinks she is kissing someone else He is determined to claim her for himselfeven if the man she is meant for is his brother.

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    This novella started off on a steamy HOT note and was going really great until the author just ruined the ending with a fizzled out reconciliation scene I was so disappointed with that All the sexy hot build up the chemistry the raunchy verbal banter and the H's wily scheming creates delicious conflict but then it ends with a bland reunion of the MC's All the ingredients for a perfect uickie romance were here We have a hot blonde H in the form of Richard the rakish Earl of DearbourneAnd a beautiful young heiress heroine called Sophie Crandle whose aunt is bullying her into marrying the H's younger brother HenrySophie meets Richard while they're both at a masuerade ball and she asks him to kiss her because she thinks he's Henry Henry's close to proposing to the heroine but she needs to know if they're physically compatible before she can marry him The H is a rogue who takes her up on the kiss because he's not the type to deny a beautiful young lady such a special reuest I was glued to the pages and celebrating at this point because the chemistry between these MC's was off the charts Everything was going so well and I won't reveal further details because it's such a short novella and doesn't deserve to be spoilt; suffice it to say that the H pulled out his A game when it came to scheming and plotting to get Sophie away from Henry and into his own arms Their sexual relationship was also a bit unconventionally clandestine since the H had not yet been ready to propose marriage I did enjoy his jealousy whenever other young men started to court her but her aunt threw a huge obstacle into the MC's romance when she blackmailed Sophie into accepting another man's marriage proposal The MC's are estranged for a short while and the heroine refuses to see the H He sends her a letter which she doesn't read and the author forgets to even mention the contents of that all important note to the reader That was not well done at all I like having all loose ends tied up The ending was also very tame and abrupt “You don’t mean” He nodded “I think it fitting that we take a page from your parents’ book and elope” She kissed him then and this time she knew exactly who she was kissingthe one man who was meant for herSuzanna Medeiros Dear Stranger Kindle Locations 806 808 Total E Bound Publishing Kindle Edition I cannot believe that so much pathos and angst ends on such a simple note and that's why I can only give this novella 3 stars instead of the 4 The author should not have ended the story in that way because the reader deserved

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    This novella by Ms Suzanna Medeiros surprised me with some witty humor a charming story and nice characters Okay Ms Medeiros is a new author for me but I am a sucker for a steamy regency historical romance that I couldn’t resist it either I liked the synopsis of the book plus the beginning of the story was charming and lastly the female protagonist The story isn’t bad even though I don’t usually like to read sex scenes preferring witty sexual banter and hot kisses in a regency story but the sex was well written and very tasteful not being overly erotic Lately I am in the mood to read novellas because usually novellas put me of the mindset on a beach with great weather which we haven’t been having nice weather with it being cold and rainy So since I read by mood I have to appease it I want a shorter romantic story with characters and a uick resolve Lady Sophie Crandle has been attempting to get her betrothed Henry Hearst to kiss her so comes up with a brilliant plan Sophie spies a man leaving the crowded room at a masuerade ball Intending to follow the man out to the garden to receive a long awaited kiss from her supposed betrothed Henry Sophie is entranced and desires the man that she is kissing Unfortunately the man is not Henry her betrothed that she is kissing but Henry’s older brother and the earl of Dearbourne Richard Really I liked Sophie she was a determined young lady that somewhat follows some of the rules of propriety sure she breaks that by getting Henry or rather Richard to seduce and kiss her in the gardens I didn’t understand her true family relations with her aunt and wanted a little explanations of that though I also wanted to know what she does that sets her apart from her female peers and even why Richard likes her So I felt that Sophie despite her female lustful cravings for Richard needed a little bit evolvement Richard on the other hand might have been described as a rake but I didn’t really see that He did annoy me though why did it take so long for him to make a decision into marriage when he turned Sophie into a mistress which made me a little peeved So he wasn’t winning any points with me Even Henry Sophie’s betrothed made me wonder what happened with him and Ellen Still I enjoyed the story can recommend it for my friends that want to break away from the old staid regency and will get books from Ms Medeiros

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    Short and SweetI admit this is a very short novella and I wish it was a bit longer at the end so we could see a developed happily ever after for Sophia but I don't think the story is lacking any major conclusion

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    I really enjoyed Sophia and Richard's story Mistaken identity leads to true love What can you ask for?

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    Sophie is an heiress seeking respectability who falls for the rakehell Richard after mistakenly kissing him at a masuerade thinking he's the younger brother she's almost betrothed to Her struggle between propriety and passion form the crux of the story A short and un engaging story The writing is forced and explanations are given for things one would assume are known to the characters concerned For example Richard talking of giving Henry Sommerfield and explaining that it is not entailed something Henry would have known Richard's change in character from a well known rake to a caring brother and lover is too drastic an about face too early in the story even considering this is a novellaThe need to elope at the end seems entirely against character for Richard as an Earl who in any case would be expected to marry and Sophie is an appropriate candidate And for Sophie who is betrothed and doesn't even consider her fiance's feelings social norms or her aunt who has taken her in and expects Sophie to follow norms and has not been portrayed as anything other than caring and once disappointed

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    Suzanna MedeirosSophie wants to kiss her almost fiancé to see if they are compatible in passion She kisses him at a masuerade and the sparks fly between them One little problem she kissed and enjoyed his brother the Earl Richard is so in lust with Sophie that he must find a way to get his brother away from her I enjoy novellas because sometimes I just need to entertain my mind without a 300 page book Also to see if I like new author Ms Medeiros has written great characters funny situations great steamy scenes and has made me a new fan I give this novella 4 fingers up and 7 toes

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    A girl is about to get a proposal and wants to test if she will enjoy their marriage bed And to get he groom to be she sneaks out of masuerade ball room and asks him to kiss her in a maze Unfortunately or fortunately it turns out that she kisses a brother of her intended and after that everything goes to hell Very fast paced short story

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    Such a short story hard to write a real review

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    Re read this I can see why it's only a 3 from me It's a lovely story with sexy bits but it felt like the ending just cut off suddenly I was uite surprised when there were no pages

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    Very good readI love this author She brings the story to life Dear Stranger was a fast paced and interesting read

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