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    This was a good short story to read when you're int he mood for something hot and fast There isn't much romance going on but there are plenty of sexy times that will keep you intrigued I would have rated higher but the fact that so much of the beginning reminded me too much of the movie The Secretary was too weird for me It was almost like the author was taking that plot and trying to make it her own but left in too many similarities Could be a coincidence but for me it was just felt too odd

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    Reread May 2019 down from 4 to 3 Original review This book was hotAn older man who is forbidden not just because he's her boss and 20 years older but also because he's her father's best friend The only thing that could make this better would be Dean's POV and it being longer

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    Meh uick listen Not that hot And awfully similar to the movie Secretary

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    Hot taboo novellaThis novella is taboo for multiple reasons Age gap of 30 years dad’s best friend and he’s also her boss for a short period of time It’s a bit edgy considering the hero is a little pushy with her at first so I’d say it flirts the line of dub con in some instances If you are not triggered by dub con and love big age gaps then you may enjoy this read I thought it was a uick and easy read The age gap skeeves me out a bit but hey it’s well written even if it’s not exactly my jam

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    35 starsVery uick read it's a novella but the story does feel complete This premise is pretty wrong but the heat is undeniable and the connection is tangible I like Jessica Hawkins ability to 'go there' with these kinds of topics Great writing for a short

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    Alexander James has just been dumped by her boyfriend and cancels going to Mexico for spring break Instead she opts to stay home and work for her parents friend Dean Brittany while his secretary is on vacation for the week Wanting extra money to buy this killer dress to wear to a fraternity formalhoping to win back the boyfriend who just dumped her Well to say that this short book escalated uickly would be an understatement Seems as though Mr Brittany has got the hots for his new temp This book was steamy hot and uite the page turner Could only wish for another round to see where this relationship goes As this book just ended

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    Oh this was a uick sexy fun age gap forbidden short story Alexandra needs money for a dress so she works for a week at her father's best friend's office to earn the money Dean tries to restrain his wants but sometimes temptations win out This story is not for everyone but I enjoyed the sexiness This specific video review will be included in the December 2018 wrap up For other video book reviews check out my YouTube Channel Steph's Romance Book Talk

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    Short and Sweet Hot and Sexy I really truly enjoyed this story Exactly what I needed A uick read to get me in the mood For reading ; I was in a reading slump and now I'm not

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    This was good I like the slow pull that Alexandra felt towards Dean aka Mr BrittanyThe downside for me is I'm a fan of insta lovish esp from the male MCInstead Dean kept saying just this once and im all like No not once How about ALL the time PI like a decisive alpha male and for me he was sending too many mixed signals before he finally gave ALL the way over #CommittedOVERALL Good read with some steamy scenes

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    That was not consensual and I had to stop or I would've thrown my kindle Very short book basically skips character and story development in favor of having someone in a position of power force himself on her despite her objections I'm not mild sexually by any means but if she says no the first time he approaches her and repeatedly after he touches her it isn't consentual that's a hard limit for me

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Strictly Off Limits [PDF / EPUB] Strictly Off Limits Alexandra James gave up her spring break for an offer she couldn’t refuse—a week long job that would earn her enough money to buy her way out of a broken heart But if she thought her new boss woul Alexandra James gave up her spring break for an offer she couldn’t refuse—a week long job that would earn her enough money to buy her way out of a broken heart But if she thought her new boss would let her off easy because he’s her father’s best friend she couldn’t have been wrong Dean Brittany demands perfection from his employees but none so than his new temp since correcting her mistakes seems to fuel his unexpected attraction to her Unfortunately for Strictly Off MOBI :ß him eighteen year old Alexandra is Strictly Off Limits Strictly Off Limits is a forbidden romance novella originally published in the Forbidden Fruit Anthology Volume no longer available It's a uick read at words.