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Navy SEAL Justice Covert Cowboys Inc #5 [PDF / EPUB] Navy SEAL Justice Covert Cowboys Inc #5 A conflicted navy SEAL and a determined FBI agent join forces in New York Times bestselling author Elle James's continuation of Covert Cowboys Inc FBI agent Melissa Bradley is used to cryptic assignm A conflicted navy SEAL and Justice Covert Kindle × a determined FBI agent join forces in New York Times bestselling author Navy SEAL MOBI :ß Elle James's continuation of Covert Cowboys Inc FBI agent Melissa Bradley is used to cryptic assignments like this retrieve SEAL Justice Covert PDF º package from PO Box and deliver to old friend Package in hand she's attacked by thugs and she's SEAL Justice Covert Cowboys Inc eBook ☆ not about to trust the tall dark and dangerous rescuer who claims he was sent to protect her A former navy SEAL turned cowboy suddenly reinstated as a SEAL there's clearly to James Monahan's covert op than he'll admit When their mutual friend goes missing they join forces deep in the swamplands of southern Mississippi to find him But as a dangerous band of traitors terrorists and killers close in survival means trusting each other their toughest mission yet.

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    When a mutual friend of former Navy SEAL James Monahan and FBI agent Melissa Bradley goes missing the two decide to join forces to find out what happened to their friend Navy SEAL Cord Schafer went missing after he was shot during a live fire training exercise and is presumed dead Through James's influential new boss at Covert Cowboys Inc James gets reinstated to his Navy SEAL team so he can look first hand into Cord's disappearance Melissa is working the civilian side of things Neither James or Melissa is looking for a relationship but when they are together they can't seem to stop the strong feelings that are growing between themThis was an extremely entertaining story Fast paced and action packed with two likable lead characters with great chemistry James was a handsome and sexy SEAL I enjoyed the parts when James went to his training and the camaraderie among the fellow SEALs Melissa was a very strong heroine who was able to look out for herself when necessary She was also a very devoted friend I really liked James's SEAL buddies and look forward to reading their books A good atmosphere was created with the Mississippi setting the heat the travels into the swamplands The book had a satisfactory ending even though the mystery wasn't completely wrapped up Hopefully it will be solved in the next book Navy SEAL Newlywed

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    Elle James is one of my favorite authors in Harleuin's stable of authors She is special and I love her work for the most part This series has had it's ups and downs as far as the writing and plots go but this book stands out as the best in this series Suspense romance and a plot that just rings true for the most part Fast paced with a taunt plot there is nothing to slow it down For a short form novel under 300 pages it has everything it needs and nothing that is doesn'tFormer Navy SEAL James Monahan is the new guy at Covert Cowboys Inc He left the SEALs when his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and now that he has died Jim has joined the group He received a call from his best SEAL buddy that shadow a woman that Cord sent a package to Things go wrong from the beginning of this op and Hank has James reinstated to his old SEAL Team to try and get to the bottom of what appears to be an intelligence leak leading to the deaths of at least two menMelissa Bradley is an FBI Agent and the best friend of Cord who calls her with a strange reuest But that's what friends are for She is attacked and rescued by Jim but Mel is not about to trust anyone at this point When Cord goes missing the information she retrieved becomes even important Neither Jim or Mel were looking for the powerful connection they found with each other but they both must work together to find Cord and uncover what really happened on that top secret op and why

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    Very good book with action that kept me hooked from the beginning Both Melissa and James got messages from their friend Cord asking for their help He asked Melissa to pick up a package at the post office and bring it to him at a local bar James was asked to watch out for her because Cord suspected that she might be in danger because of it Thanks to Cord's call James was there to help Melissa when she was attacked by thugs The escape was exciting and the initial interactions between Melissa and James were pretty funny Melissa is a tough FBI agent well able to take care of herself and she has no trouble telling him so But when they discover that Cord is missing they decide that working together is the best way to find himJames had been a navy SEAL before he left the service to take care of his dying father After his passing James went to work for Covert Cowboys Inc and had just started when he got the call from Cord Fortunately this sort of problem is right up their alley and his boss pulls some strings to get James reassigned to his old SEAL team where he can investigate easily His inner protector wants to keep Melissa out of the investigation and safe but realistically he knows that's not possibleI loved the interactions between them Both are smart and determined and uite stubborn when circumstances call for it They were also surprised by the attraction that flared up between them Melissa is wary of it because she had been burned in relationships before by men who couldn't handle her being an FBI agent Trust builds very uickly between them as they work together and that trust opens the door to other feelings I liked the end where they decided they wanted to get to know each other better rather than declaring instant love It was a pretty sweet scene in the hospital room tooThe suspense and action of the story had me riveted to the end The uestions about what had gone wrong on the mission that sent Cord looking for answers and then his disappearance were the basis of the story James and Melissa made a great team as each of them used their strengths to ferret out information The intensity of the danger kept going up as the bad guys tried to stop them The final confrontation was pretty gripping as James with the help of the team raced to save Melissa I really loved seeing that she had a big part in saving herself Part of the mystery has been solved but there are still uestions about who is behind it all I'm looking forward to the next book to see if they are answered

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    This series of Covert Cowboys Inc is a wonderful series I love all the action in the book and the style of writing that Elle has She captures you right at the beginning of her story and you breeze right thru it I love her characters as they are also ones that you take trust in and I am always hoping they win in the end Elle hit this one out of the park

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    CHI seriesLoved it Mystery action and romance what could you ask for Love the whole Elle James covert cowboy Inc Series

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    Review of Navy Seal Justice This was a very good book and I will recommend her books to anyone who loves romance novels She is a wonderful writer

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    When I pick up a book by Elle James I know I'm in for an adventure Navy SEAL Justice is an awesome story that held me captivated from page one and left me wanting to read the next book in the series as soon as possible Melissa Bradley takes a few days off from the FBI to do a favor for her childhood friend She knows there is something going on so she takes plenty of precautions when she picks up the package she is suppose to deliver to her friend Cord later Melissa is a tough chick that will do anything to help her friend She knows how to hide in plain sight how to kick butt when necessary and when she should accept a little help when in need James Monahan's first assignment for his new job is to get to his friend and offer assistance This guy can also kick butt and ask uestions later He is determined courageous and is fiercely protective of his friends When Melissa and James find out their mutual friend has went missing they decide to work together They know something is wrong and they have to figure out what might be going on Their mission is full of danger plenty of drama a whole lot of suspense and some hot attraction to each other They work really well together even when times get really tough and there is literal danger around every corner Just about the time I would think these two might be safe they were once again in another dangerous situation I found myself holding my breath a lot during Navy Seal Justice This is part of the Cover Cowboys INC series and is the first in the series I have read I didn't feel like I was missing any essential information I had no problem at all becoming fully engrossed in this book uickly I think you could easily pick this book up and read it as a stand alone if you haven't had a chance to read the other books in the series yet If you are an Elle James fan like I am I think you will enjoy this story as much as I did It is classic Elle James with plenty of drama action suspense and hot romance The characters are well written and easy to become attached to uickly I can not wait to read Navy SEAL Newlywed to see what happens next in this series I was given the opportunity to read this great book so that I may share my thoughts with you As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Navy SEAL Justice

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    Mel and James were paired up by a friend to try and help with a mission gone wrong So as they try to figure out what's going on what was in the mysterious package they found they couldn't deny the attraction they felt for one another He went back in his SEALS team she took a job as a waitress at the local bar where the SEALS hung out And they were to find out what was going on with their friend Rip Cord hoping he was still alive Love Mrs James writing their love story was not dramatic oh we can't be together but I'm attracted to you attraction but one that they were willing to embrace In the end they thought perhaps maybe they couldn't be together because of the distance between them and James thinking she likedloved RIP He did ask her to marry him But all ended well and I'm excited for the next book as I accidentally started it before this book and realized it was about Rip and the perfect girl for him Who just so happens to be a character from a previous story

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    Lots of suspense SEALs romance and adventureI enjoyed this book a lot; it's the first one I've read in the Covert Cowboys Incthis is part of a series but stands alone I will say that while the main story is concluded I was left wanting to read and I think the next book will answer uestions that were left unansweredThis book has a bit of everything in it suspense action a strong heroine a strong hero romance and SEALs What could you ask for? The blurb for the story is accurate so I won't bother to restate it Just know that if you like SEALs and action and adventure with a little romance thrown in you should really enjoy this book I'm looking forward to reading the next one Navy SEAL NewlywedI was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review

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