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Warrior Rising [PDF / EPUB] Warrior Rising From 'a stellar talent' New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning comes another 'scorchingly sensual utterly delicious' New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter novel The Goddesses From 'a stellar talent' New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning comes another 'scorchingly sensual utterly delicious' New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter novel The Goddesses have had it with the Trojan War So much devastationall because of some silly male egos The worst of the bunch is that cocky handsome brute Achilles But the only way to stop a man like Achilles is to distract him with something far pleasurable than combat Enter Kat a modern girl from Tulsa Oklahoma The Goddesses transform her into a Trojan princess having no doubt that she'll capture Achilles's attention But can her independent spirit match the unuenchable fire of his epic rage Goddess only knows.

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    I actually started to read the book at 3am last night and i couldn't put it down I thought it would be boring and put me to sleep instead it was totally diffrent Witty funny downright sinful I loved it and I could not get enough of it Cant wait for the nex book She is continuing to stay at the top of my favorite author's list LOVED the book

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    Absolutely fantastic to read about Athena Venus and Hera getting together to stop the big bad silly men from fighting in the Trojan War any longer PC Cast NEVER fails to write a book I will love forever

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    PC Cast steals my breath away I have not started her YA series but her adult writings shivers One of my favorite book of hers is Warrior Rising It's based on the famous Greek Trojan War It's the 6th book to the Goddess Summoning series which you don't have to read in order they're all separate stories and in my opinion of the hottest You follow 31 year old Kat who gets sucked into an 18 year old body She's supposed to stop Achilles from advancing the war This is where my personal preference comes in Hard moody sexy troubled man who's actually sweet and innocent You see a different side to him and he's someone you'll grow feelings for too I seriously want to lick him from head to toe Is that a little much? MaybeKat is independent fierce smart and extremely caring She's the type of person you want to have as a friend Both of them together are a perfect match He's the big testosterone warrior and she softens him The plot has a good pace it's not slow or boring It's definitely a book for someone who wants a step above YA so please don't read if you're not ready for romance to go in depth

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    sighsI don’t know where to beginThis book left me speechlesslooks upI need inspiration because i cannot describe this bookI freaking loved this book It has to be the best in this seriesSomeone give PC Cast a medal because she deserves oneThis was pure geniusHonestly speaking i hated the Trojan War because of how it turned out but this book made me love itI never put down this book from the minute i got it and actually got in trouble with my bio and chem teacher for not paying attention in class Yes it was that goodBut it was worth it and when i finished i read it againThis book has everythingRomance to die forRib cracking comedyDrama you name itYou know when you see a review and someone says the book was a page turner and kept them glued to their seats Well this book certainly didI hate the fact that this is the last one in the series and i really wish PC Cast would write but beggars can’t be choosers but i loved it and i will read this book whatever chance i get p

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    Loved it I love Greek mythology and this one was a winner

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    PCCast will always and forever remain as one of my favorite authors No matter how similar or predictable her books may be they always attract me and keep me reading I love the way that she writes her novels with such a huge sense of reality and yet how she seems to keep this sense of historical truth in her piece as well I felt that there was a lot within this book that was worth reading enough to keep the adrenaline racing and have me wanting to NOT put the book down The author made me chuckle with the crafting of her two modern mortal characters for I was able to clearly visualize them within my mind as young women unmarried and yet desiring of some lust and love in their love She crafted them with her words perfectly meaning that it was evidentally alive in my mind as I was reading making it a much enjoyable readOf course I kept envisioning the guys as half horse half men but that is merely because I am familiar to her other books goddess by mistake but as I continued to read I was able to really see what it was that she was painting with my head I loved the way that she did not make the book over cliche and showed that love is about work its about realizing the flaws and accepting them no matter what I just felt that in some ways the book had some messages and morals to it that we all have an angry side to us that takes over but no matter what it does not have to be all and end all of us We can be who we want to beThe romantic touch of the book was very well written and even the hot and steamy sections have me suirming within my seat a little which just showed to me how realistic she had made her book feel I found myself unable to put the book down and was determined to get to the end to make sure that it was a happy ever after Tears formed in my eyes when it seemed like the story of kats friend and her lovers cousin was at an end when it seemed he would die My heart was screamiong at the pages begging for them to not let the character die And yet at the same time I felt kats fear and worry when her lover went of to war and was not himself I felt her concern For me the author really made the emotions breathe and be with her words She made the reader connect with the piece so that they were not only reading it but they were feeling it and experiencing it I loved every inch line word and chapter of this piece It is one of those books that I would happily read over and over again if I ever needed a novel to read Not once have I been put of by one of her novels and hope to read and own her entire collection of books as I go on in life

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    Also known as Warrior Rising This is an amazing story with a little twist I loved the modern and the ancient coming together to bring you a story that is sure to have your attention I recommend all the Goddess Summoning series I wish she where to write

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    this was an incredible story based on the Great battle of Troy i fell in love with Achilles PC Cast is just so good at capturing the heart and soul with these books

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    I can say as an Ancient Greek junkie and because of my total infatuation for the Trojan War and Brad Pitt Achilles I absolutely had to read this book and I am so incredibly glad I did because I loved itThe characters were real and likable and it was so different from the regular YA book where they both are teenagers at High school in some small town in America with a Mary Sue female protagonist and Hot Mysterious and painfully boring guy as a love interestI found myself cheering Kat on which I can say really surprised me because I usually don't like the main girl in novelsBriseis really annoyed me in Troy the movie so I was pretty glad to read so much Briseis bashing in this bookI give it four and a half stars and not five only because the ending did not really do it for me it was abrupt and the chapter before the epilogue seemed way fulfilling I wished for a bit fluff at the end of the war

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    Another fun and charming volume of the Goddess Summoning series this is the story of what happens when three of the major goddesses Hera Athena and Venus decide that the Trojan War has gone on long enough and hatch a plot to have a modern woman Kat distract the Greek warrior Achilles so that the war can finally end It’s positively addicting I started right before bed only to put it down out of sheer exhaustion and wake up extra early to finish it Everyone knows how the Trojan War ends but following along with Cast on her own interpretation of events was fun and full of some great romantic moments She has a knack for giving great personalities to the ancient Greek gods and creating fully fleshed characters that are easy to relate to This is probably one of the best volumes in the entire series; I would totally recommend it even if you’ve never read any of the other ones

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