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Truckers The First Book of the Nomes [PDF / EPUB] Truckers The First Book of the Nomes Under the floorboards of the Store is a world of four inch tall nomes that humans never see It is commonly known among these nomes that Arnold Bros created the Store for them to live in and he declare Under the floorboards of the First Book Kindle × Store is a world of four inch tall nomes that humans never see It is commonly known among these nomes that Arnold Bros created the Store for them to live in and he declared Everything Under One Roof Therefore there Truckers The PDF or can be no such thing as Outside It just makes sense That is until the day a group of nomes arrives on a truck claiming to be from Outside talking about Day and Night and Snow and other crazy legends And they soon uncover devastating news The First Book PDF ↠ The Store is about to be demolished It's up to Masklin one of the Outside nomes to devise a daring escape plan that will forever change the nomes' vision of the world.

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Truckers The First Book of the Nomes
  • Terry Pratchett
  • English
  • 08 March 2015
  • 9780552573337

About the Author: Terry Pratchett

Born Terence David John Pratchett First Book Kindle × Sir Terry Pratchett sold his first story when he was thirteen which earned him enough money to buy a second hand typewriter His first novel a humorous fantasy entitled The Carpet People appeared in from the publisher Colin Smythe Truckers The PDF or Terry worked for many years as a journalist and press officer writing in his spare time and publishing a number of novels i.

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    My wife bought this for Celyn and I read it to herThere are plenty of good things to say about the book It has a moderate supply of Terry Pratchett's trademark wit for starters The nomes gnomes if you like are an interesting mix of clever and stupid and the addition of a lost history and their origin in the stars gives a refreshing sci fi twist to a fantasy in the real world story I wonder why that appeals to meI'm not sure what age range this is aimed at but it's published by Corgi Children's and I'm pretty sure my wife would have picked it up in the 11 year old or less section A large part of the humour is too old for 11 year olds I suspect I doubt many 11 year olds today know what a haberdashery department is or even perhaps an iron mongery or stationery department so when these words are slightly altered and used as tribal names most will only hear the whooshing sound as it goes over their heads So it goes with many of the jokesEven so it's an inventive story with various challenges facing our nomes not least the understanding of the human world When the outside nomes meet the store nomes and try to convince them there really is an outside a subtle satire on world views plays out whilst other concrete problems are overcomeWhat was lacking for me and why this fell shy of 4 was the characters Pratchett normally delivers strong and interesting characters Here though perhaps overwhelmed by the world building and all the opportunities for fun Pratchett really doesn't do the job The single nome we follow through the story does learn a lesson or two about leadership but there isn't any real emotional core or heart to the story I never cared about the nomes They could all have been eaten by badgers and I wouldn't have batted an eyelid This was uite an early effort by Sir Terry and he definitely improved with age Even so there's enough magic of the literary kind here to mean I don't count the money wastedI liked the book 3 I didn't really like it 4 or think it amazing 5 Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes

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    Every now and then I feel a touch of Pratchett withdrawal and have a look to see if there are any of his books I have not read yet Fortunately he wrote loads so I can usually find something and in this case I have scored the first book in a trilogyTruckers The First Book of the Nomes is a fun book about a colony of Nomes who live under the floorboards of a huge department store until the store is demolished and the story unfolds It is not uite as good as the Discworld books maybe because it is directed at a younger audience and although the typical Pratchett humour is there it is not uite as cleverStill a very enjoyable read and I cannot wait to see what the Nomes do next

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    It only took me a few pages to realise that I'd already knew the story to the first in the Bromeliad trilogyThere was a stop motion animation series that I'd watched as a kid seeing 4inch nomes inhabit a department store is pretty memorableWith each page brought back both vivid memories of the show and a bygone way of shoppingI still remember visiting old department stores Just as the nomes believed there was literally everything under one roofThat meant they didnt believe there was an outside that was until another group of nomes arrive at the storePrachett likes tackling the topic of religion and again its brilliantly handled hereFor the nomes that have a short life span the creation myth has them believe that Arnold Bros est 1905 has always been there home So a group of outsiders challenging the ideas really rocks the stores residentsPredominantly written as a children's book in the late eighties this fun adventure can be enjoyed by all agesThe store itself is due for demolition can the new arrivals convince those nomes who for generations believed the store was there sole existence have their viewpoint changed?Witty observations alongside funny snippets from The Book of Nome it's a true nostalgic classic

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    The first of The Bromeliad Trilogy leading to Diggers and Wings After Terry Pratchett died I read an obituary that stated when Pratchett reached heaven he was welcomed by Jonathan Swift who told him that he Swift wished he'd written Truckers The book is inventive witty and so clever I found myself rooting for the gnomes and hoping they'd succeed despite all the obstacles in their path With hindsight you only realise how good this book is when you see other 'comedic' novels being churned out that pale into comparison with Truckers I'm going to have to read this again very soon

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    Very very funny Surprised to see on that this book is listed as ages 8 10 I first read it in my mid twenties and enjoyed eually well now in my late forties You can't put an age limit on humour

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    I have been O Deeing on psycho serial killers of late and was in need of something completely different Went looking and when I came across Terry Pratchett I had a light globe moment haven't read any Sir Terry for about twenty years Went looking in my box of many thing and found Truckers an audio editionWhat a joy So funny I laughed out load I like listening to audio books when my dog is taking me for a walk Picture if you will a man well past his prime being dragged along by a 6 kgs dog laughing his head off The look of consternation on passers by had to be seen to be believed To make matters worse by way of explanation I'd point to my ears and say Sir Terry Mothers pulled children to to their sides saying promise me that you will have me put down before I end up like thatTerry Pratchett has the ability to turn very ordinary thing upside down and make them extra ordinary Things that were just there and taken for granted suddenly need closer attentionWhilst this is supposed to be a kids book I believe that it is really an adult book disguised as a kids book For a kids book there's a lot of finger pointing at organised religion politics and female emancipation or lack there of That a part this was once again a joy to readWill the thing rescue them? To be continuedThe narration is by Stephen Briggs and is beyond goodRecommended for grown up kids of all ages 5 stars

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    Review to come because post match euphoria

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    The librarian at our local library has amazing taste in books When she hands me a stack every time I go to the library I know I will like every single one She is such a motivation for me to read oftenThis book is the first in a series of three books and was recommended to me by her and she said You are going to love these She was absolutely right While reading the whole time I kept thinking I want to write books like these Forget the huge daunting novel How about a short uirky hilarious and fun short series for older kids? I think I can do thatThe book is about a bunch of gnomes They are very literal and live in the walls of a store They've been around since humans have even though they never show themselves to humans A group of gnomes shakes things up when they arrive from the outside a place no one thought existed The inside gnomes worship the store maker as their God and they try to follow all the signs in the store like everything must go The outside gnomes try to be patient with the inside gnomes funny ways and whimpy attitudes The characters are wonderfully intricate and the plots are almost silly yet still intriguing I read all three books in a weekI hope that someday my kids will read these stories and get as many laughs as I did Thank you Terry Pratchett You are so witty and I love your relaxed writing style

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    I really liked this one It was an exciting thoughtful and I thought intelligent story of the four inch high nomes and their struggle to find somewhere safe to live It was interesting to read about how they find ways to use the much bigger human sized objects and the adventures they have are surprisingly gripping and dramatic I am looking forward to the rest of the series

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    A small band of nomes think gnomes leaves the Outside and travels in the back of a truck to the Store where they discover a huge city of nomes For generations the Store nomes have lived inside divided up into contentious departmental groups The nomes learn that the Store is to be destroyed in twenty one days To escape the nomes must do the impossible the nomes must learn how to work together to drive a huge eighteen wheeler to a safe locationA silly delight of a book filled with the usual Terry Pratchett nonsenseSome random uotes“The important thing about being a leader is not being right or wrong but being certain Of course it helps to be right as well the Abbot conceded”“I don’t know enough words he thought Some things you can’t think unless you know the right words”“It was always a good idea he said to be good at something other people couldn’t or didn’t want to do”Nomes had always lived in corners of the world and suddenly there weren't too many corners any The numbers started going down A lot of this was due to natural causes and when you're four inches high natural causes can be anything with teeth and speed and hunger'What's up with him? asked MasklinHe's having to think she said That always worries people'According to Gurder the big pink humans that stood in Fashions and Kiddies Klothes and Young Living and never moved at all were those who had incurred Arnold Bros est 1905's displeasure They had been turned into horrible pink stuff and some said they could even be taken apart But certain Klothian philosophers said no they were particularly good humans who had been allowed to stay in the store forever and not made to disappear at Closing Time Religion was very hard to understand

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