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    Devastating loss hidden pain and confusing emotions magnified by being a teenage boy not uite a man but too old to act out like a child Eric has tried to bury his emotional tsunami over the death of his father The Farewell Season by Ann Herrick takes us into the heart and mind of a young man struggling to understand life while not knowing how to move forward or admit his feelings even to himself The result disconnection from everyone around him resentment for added responsibilities and a high voltage fuse just waiting to blow Will the start of the high school football season be the healing constant he needs or will that let him down too?Enter Glynnie school reporter looking for a story about Eric and football for the school paper Glynnie is aggravating obnoxious and a bit of a loner a loner who is tenacious and refuses to hear the word NO COMMENT no matter how cruel Eric is about it She starts off as a thorn in his foot but slowly a friendship forms sharing occurs and Eric finds he is looking forward to seeing her the next time Only his guilt over continuing to live on knowing his father can’t stands between Eric and happiness Just maybe Glynnie is the key Eric needs to unlock all that is trapped inside Her foot is in the door and life looks better with her in it Is it time to grieve let go and move on? Grab some tissues because this one is going to hurt in a good way Ann Herrick has nailed the voice and heart of a teenaged boy who finds coming of age difficult at best Ms Herrick has colored her world in a rainbow of colors each color being another stage in the grieving and growing process until they become a bridge of colors leading the way from sorry to happiness love and feeling whole for a boy who has lost so much Beautifully written filled with endearing characters that each play into Eric’s emotional turmoil this is a slice of life from the darkness into the dawn Targeted for teens there is a message of triumph over tragedy that will warm your heart I received this copy from Ann Herrick in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date October 1 2014Publisher Books We Love LtdGenre Coming of Age Age Level 12 18 Great BOY readPrint Length 133 pagesAvailable from Reviewed for

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    Eric Nielsen has been kind of a dick since his dad died unexpectedly a few months ago He seems to have gotten stuck somewhere between the denial and anger stages of grief and it's made him stand offish and surly even to his beloved cat But his grouchiest grumblings are reserved for his Mom and younger sister It doesn't seem to occur to him that they might be hurting too or that his attitude is making things even harder for them Despite all that it's difficult not to like Eric He really doesn't know how to deal with his loss any other way and he's hurting himself just as badly as he's hurting those around him And now with football season about to begin the fact that everything has changed since last year at this time really can't be avoided any longer And what's up with that new girl Glynnie? If she's so determined to be dowdy why can't Eric stop thinking about her to the point of spending enough time with her to realize that he's not the only one with father problemsThis is really a lovely book with a sweet tone and story that pulls you into its world with a subtle embrace until you begin to care deeply about the characters and the way they are all dealing with change loss grief old pain and new beginnings It's not a book about big events it's a small scale story of one boy in a small town but the emotional impact is still big MC Eric of course is the focal point but all of the characters are fully fleshed out with real feeling personalities and voices Not to slight the other side characters but Glynnie is especially loveable It's pretty cool for a YA family dramaromance to be written from a boy POV but then to have the female character be the kind of uirky off beat independent type we ususally see portrayed as a guy like a Sarah Dessen boy only she's a girl is really uite amazing and Eric is certainly lucky to have found her and to have figured that out The vibe and flavor of the little town of Crystal Lake is beautifully portrayed especially through all of the mouth watering Scandinavian foods so lovingly and temptingly described I'm not really a huge sports fan and there's a lot of football in this book But like Lance Armstrong so aptly said it's not about the bike It's about the emotional impact of Eric's commitment about what football meant between him and his Dad it's about how change comes to everything in ways that we are going to have to deal with even if it's not fair that make the football element relatable even for nerdsThis is a uietly emotional read that will sneak up on your heart and tear ducts if you let yourself sink into its world I very much appreciate that author Ann Herrick provided me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

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    To say Eric is “troubled” after the death of his father is an understatement After his father passes away Eric is left hurt confused and angry He lashes out at everyone and cannot see anyone else’s pain Where he used to find fulfillment in football Eric now only finds anger frustration and empty dreams Over time he will develop a friendship that will help him deal with his feelings he just has to deal with them before he does something he can’t fix When I first read the premise to The Farewell Season I prepare to be moved Usually I easily connect with stories that deal with personal issues of triumph after tragedy and the journey they reuire The Farewell Season is definitely one of those stories I will admit that I cried while reading this book because I am that connected with Eric Yes I totally bond with a guy In a book Who is fictional Go Figure Eric starts out sounding like every other stereotypical jock Arrogant Conceited Cocky But then I see beneath the facade to his true character I see the teenager who has just lost his father at a pivotal part of his life the teenager who has looked repeatedly to his father for support and guidance and then has him abruptly ripped away and most importantly the teenager who has never grieved over his enormous loss This Eric is someone I can empathize with someone I can feel hurt shame pity and triumph with Oh I still don’t like his behavior—at times I want to bean him over the head for his rudeness Though I empathize with him I am still furious that he is hindering everyone else’s attempts to move on And the rude way he talks to his mother grates on my nerves In short he sounds like a sullen teenage boy I really like Herrick’s writingobviously it moves me to tears but moving beyond that the story isn’t overdone The Farewell Season isn’t an overly long book—only about 150 pages Though there are definitely aspects of the subplots that can be explored fully I think that The Farewell Season ends in a good place If it stretched out longer I think it would have ruined the ending for me Besides this way maybe I’ll get a seuel The Cover I think this cover is a great representation of the story underneath it Unlike most YA covers that have a girl in a dress this one actually has symbolism I really like how the football player is out of the line of sight for the camera and how I can see the girl in the background It looks like the football player is walking away from her which I can see happening in the story Very fitting cover This book does have profanity I give The Farewell Season 45 out of 5 stars Very Highly RecommendedSee of my reviews here

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    First a heartfelt thank you to the author who provided a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review Now to my thoughtsThe Farewell Season was one of those books that has a simple honest story It's all about real people experiencing a life changing event and how that event affects and shapes them Eric his sister and mother have experienced the kind of loss that most everyone will at some point in their livesthe loss of a loved one The way Eric deals with his father's loss was very real and very true to how I would imagine a teenaged boy might react Ann Herrick did an excellent job showing Eric through his stages of grief They say that as you progress through those stages you'll experience many emotions one of which is anger maybe some bitterness even Eric is clearly in that stage at the start of the story He pushes his family and friends away isolates himself snaps at people around him including his best friend and his coach He treats his mother as if it's all her fault He almost seems to be on a collision course of destruction that could potentially derail him Enter GlynnieGlynnie was one of those uirky characters that you just have to love She's a little bit of a nerd ask too many uestions and seems to know exactly how to chip away at Eric's layers of grief Watching her uestion him get under his skin and make him think was so interesting It seemed like she knew just what to say just which uestions to ask that would goad him and get him to open up without realizing itI loved watching Eric grow and change throughout the story as he worked his way through his issues There aren't that many books of this sort out there that are written from the male perspective so this was refreshing I thought Ann Herrick did a great job getting into Eric's head and making his character seem real and believable All in all this was an simple honestly told story that was full of growth and warmth I would definitely recommend it

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    The Farewell Season is a story about a boy dealing with the loss of his father Eric is struggling with his emotions and can't seem to find the right outlet He's at the beginning of his senior year and his last football season but he can't seem to be excited about it Not only is he acting out on his coach and teammates but he's fighting with his younger sister his best friend and broke up with his girlfriend He won't open up to his mother either Then Glynnie enters his life She's a uirky newspaper writer who wants to interview Eric at the start of the season Glynnie is also dealing with some family drama and she finds herself opening up to Eric As they get to know each other better they find that they are both dealing with loss just different circumstances Eric begins to find some peace after the time he's spent with Glynnie Once the season begins Eric feels like he is able to move forward and appreciate where he is and the people in his life This book was beautifully written There were moments that I laughed got frustrated and cried but mostly I felt hopeful that this boy and this girl would be able to comfort each other and begin to heal Although the story isn't heavy on romance Eric and Glynnie do begin to date I found the romance sweet and endearing If you're looking for a tender hearted book this is a great story for you

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    The Farewell Season is about Eric a high school football player who is grieving the loss of his father With the new football season about to start Eric is hoping that his life will return to normal again That hope gets shredded when he starts fighting with his sister best friend Rolf and his mother I absolutely loved this book This was a uick read that held my interest from page one The Farewell Season is an inspirational book that would tremendously help any young adult who's dealing or has dealt with a loss in their life I know from experience I lost my father five years ago I am not a football lover however my father was and I wanted to point out that this book isn't all about football its about Eric his family and his grieving There is a little sweet innocent romance which was refreshingly simple Ann Herrick has a wonderful way with words and and the characters were realistic This is a book that will make you cry laugh and sigh with a smile at the endOverall I really enjoyed The Farewell Season Ann Herrick did an amazing job and has made a new fanSpecial Thanks to Ann Herrick for providing a kindle copy in exchange for an honest review

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    You can feel the excitement in the air The sweet smell of freshly cut grass freshly churned dirt made from dozens of cleats and the aroma of those few precious weeks between summer and fall float on the breeze The sounds of clashing bodies and grunting opponents seems a fitting soundtrack to the ambience it inhabits It’s the beginning of preseason football practices and Eric Neilson one the high school’s linebackers is amidst the battlefield that is the football field But what most of his teammates don’t know is that Eric has also been fighting battles on a different war field and just how affected he is becoming by his time in the struggle It had only been four months since his father had passed A father who was so largely involved with his football interest and subseuent achievements that the pain of such a fresh wound was only becoming increasingly magnified each time he stepped out onto the field With each practice his eyes would wander from his target to the unfilled space in the bleachers that his father used to occupy during his lunch hour to cheer his son on in the preseason Soon however he did notice the presence of someone new Glynnie a girl who was known for her journalistic efforts with the local newspaper and was interviewing one of his teammates who was injured in search of a story for her column and had caught his attention by her uirky sense of style Shortly after his acknowledgement of her did she approach him in the hopes that he would allow her to interview him for her piece A most unlikely fit Eric did not think much of Glynnie at first But little did he know that the connection which awaited the two of them in the future would be the beginning of his accepting his grief and becoming the man his father would have been proud of Just when he was least expecting it and in the throes of his self inflicted emotional torment a bright spot began to shine through This unexpected friendship with Glynnie started drawing and of his focus toward happier things Toward things that could maybe make life seem normal again Here was this girl whom he had overlooked for three years and yet she was the one he found himself sharing his struggle with When surprisingly they both bond over the frustrations they feel in connection to their fathers that relationship only grows stronger But because Eric has yet to let go and face his grief there was always going to be something standing in the way of his happiness What Eric had to realize is that what was standing in that barrier was himself Anne Herrick writes a captivating tale about a boy who loves to play football All of the elements of the sport are infused in every page of this book taking you back to the time when you were in high school and the main event of the week was the Friday night football game You can almost feel yourself back there wrapped in nostalgia while still holding focus to the originality of the story she has written before you It is a beautiful thing to be able to recall you past and still absorb a new story being told to you as a way of identifying with the world the author has created Herrick does this beautifully but this is not all that she accomplishes in her writing Herrick breeches a topic that for most is very difficult to broach much less express in a way that doesn’t sound preachy but instead speaks right to where we all have at one time or another found ourselves This is a story about how you cannot outrun your broken heart You cannot uit your so called failures You cannot burry your heartache You cannot bring back your past The you feel you are running from your feeling and the event that spurred them the faster in fact you are running right back into them to simply live it over and over and over until you break Losing a loved one is simply unbearable alone To lose someone whose placeholder in your life is irreplaceable and then to act as if you are untouched by that lose is simply impossible but it is a feat that all too many of us think that we can take on But through her character Eric a good kind boy next door kind of guy Herrick shows us what can happen when the impossible burden brings us to breaking She executes these avenues of heartbreak and healing with such agility and care that there is no way that these messages could be missed To those of us who have experienced this type of emotional turmoil it is a reminder that we must continue to carry on and actually allow ourselves to feel our feelings To those who have not yet encountered this inevitability of life it is a depiction of how life can hit you in the last place you ever expect it to Eric was all too used to taking hits on the football field and walking away from them unscathed but when he had to take such a massive blow to his heart the same actions he took with football were no longer valid It’s in the learning of this that he would find healing and by connection so can weI give this book 5 out of 5 stars Barring a few small editing typos that I found which may have been an error in my download in the book everything about this book was seamless I could not put it down In fact I read it in one day I was so pulled in by the story and the emotions it brought with it I was reminded of some of my own feelings that have been pushed down and now feel inspired to reexamine those situations to ensure that I am making the most out of my life and not letting my emotions make me I wish much success for this book and would be hard pressed to find anyone who would not want to experience its impact

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    Thank you to Ann Herrick who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewLet me start by saying that I loved this book It's one of those satisfying feel good stories that leaves you with a sense of closure at the end The characters are your average everyday people who could easily be family friends or neighbors They've just lost the patriarch of their family and although life goes on they will never be the same I was touched by their story and even brought to tears as they struggle to put the pieces of their lives back together This story has the ability to touch all hearts because loss is universal it's a language we all speak And even though grieving is an essential part of overcoming loss we don't all willingly give ourselves over to it What then occurs is the inability to heal properly and move on The story is told from the point of view of Eric Nielsen a 17 year old boy who's lost his father to a drunk driver It's been 4 months and Eric hasn't allowed himself to fully address his grief Instead he's kept his feelings bottled up This results in difficulty dealing with relationships with his mother sister best friend new football coach and ex girlfriend as well as identifying and confronting his feelings about his dad Can you really be angry at someone for dying? He finds fault with everyone around him his mom smothers him sister is a brat best friend is too upbeat new coach rides him too hard and this bothersome girl Glynnie is getting under his skin He can't seem to find his footing as he tries to navigate through this new life without his dad Football played a huge part in their relationship does he even love football any? When the realization dawns that life is NOT fair and that we often get cheated anger insecurity and confusion are sure to followHis dad encompassed everything a good father should be; ever present loving supportive invested dependable You can imagine the giant void his death has left in Eric's life Maybe you don't have to imagine Though I haven't grieved the loss of a parent yet I could identify with him with all the emotions he experiences I grieved over the loss of the safety and security of my family when my parents divorced when I was a young girl This experience was at the forefront of my thoughts and what I drew upon to help me relate to Eric This is exactly what happens with Glynnie She and Eric find in each other a kindred spirit This book felt like a breath of fresh air It left me with the kind of satisfaction I would feel at the end of an episode of Little House on the Prairie There was a sweet innocence to it that I hadn't realized I missed After reading the synopsis I was afraid that this book might be too serious that it might be depressing It addresses some serious subjects; loss of a parent depression conflict with family jealousy the grieving process But these issues are handled delicately as to avoid bringing the reader down The story never gets dark In fact by the end of the book I felt uplifted My only complaint about this book is that it ended This is a story I recommend for everyone Young old male or female A beautiful story to remind us that if we have loved that love is ours to keep We can keep those we've lost alive in our hearts and memories and pay tribute to them as we push on and live our lives to the fullestFollow me on my bloghttpwwwleavemommyaloneblogspotcom

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    As I posted on com under the review section for this bookAnn Herrick is a gifted writer that artfully takes the reader into the adolescent heart and mind In her most recent young adult novel The Farewell Season viewpoint character Eric grapples with his grieving for his father His struggles are poignant and bittersweet with touches of humor Ann Herrick is a master of portraying both the darkness and the lightThis story is also one that both fans of football and people who are not sports fans would enjoyBravo Ann Herrick

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The Farewell Season [PDF / EPUB] The Farewell Season A story of how love heals and love endures Eric and Glynnie go from butting heads to grudging friendship to something Eric used to think he'd live forever but not any As football season starts he hope A story of how love heals and love endures Eric and Glynnie go from butting heads to grudging friendship to something Eric used to think he'd live forever but not any As football season starts he hopes he can live normally again after the death of his father But his refusal to face his grief results in anger at his coach fights with his sister resenting added responsibilities and disillusionment with football It takes a special relationship with Glynnie who is struggling with The Farewell MOBI :ß the divorce of her parents to open his heart to love again.

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