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Surrender The Invitation #2 [PDF / EPUB] Surrender The Invitation #2 Welcome to your wildest fantasyThe invitation arrives out of nowhere No name No address Just one simple challenge 'Play with me' The games are intoxicating each one thrilling than the last And pleasur Welcome to your wildest fantasyThe invitation arrives out of nowhere No name No address Just one simple challenge 'Play with me' The games are intoxicating each one thrilling than the last And pleasure is the ultimate prizeHe knows my secrets He sees my darkest desires He can drive me to ecstasy and I don't even know his nameThis is your invitation Now it's your Surrender The Epub / turn to decide Are you ready Discover the red hot new erotic series from the author of THE SEDUCTION.

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Want Roxy's Hot stuffGet Freebies Sneak Peeks news hotstuff SIGN UP NOWRoxy Sloane is a romance junkie with a dirty mind She lives in Los Angeles and loves writing sexy complex stories about pushing the boundaries and risking it all.

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    ★★★★★ The Invitation book 2 of 3 A mysterious invitation to carnal games kinky sex But at what price? And who is behind it all? “I can show you the union of pleasure and pain I can make your body feel things you never imagined” The Invitation series is a stand alone seuel to The Seduction series Books best enjoyed if read in orderBook 1 The Invitation PreuelBook 2 The Invitation SurrenderBook 3 The Invitation ReleaseThe Invitation Surrender book 2 picks up a three years after book 1’s ending MBA graduate Ashton Pierce Ash has since returned to England to take over his family empire as CEO for Venture Inc while Justine Jenkins JJ passed the state bar moved to Los Angeles and took a job at a law firm More on why and what exactly happened will unfold with story Finally all of Justine’s hard work has paid off She is heading to New York to serve as lead counsel in a copyright infringement lawsuit Imagine her shock when she arrives for a disposition and learns that her former best friend and one night stand Ashton is the silent investor behind the opposing party Things in her work life pretty much goes downhill from there as Ashton and Justine go head to head in the lawsuit manipulated by a hot cold and elusive Ashton Add to that that Justine has no love life and not much of a life outside of workBut her sex life takes a turn for the better Upon her arrival she starts receiving mysterious invitations notes and gifts taking her on a merry go chase of its sender while exploring her sexuality Justine is used to being in charge but for the first time is willing to let someone else be in control of her actions and pleasures “Welcome to your wildest fantasy Are you ready to play?” Though working with Ashton is stirring up old feelings much stand in their way; work unresolved issues and secrets Plus her mysterious lover is pulling her deeper into his world of carnal games and BDSM What started off as fun and sexy play uickly becomes complicated when Justine finds herself so caught up it’s taking over her mind body and soul Who is the master puppeteer and what does he ultimately want? I am totally captivated by the mysterious and larger than life Ashton Pierce Ash He is everything that I could ever ask for in a hero Eight words to describe Ashton Aloof charismatic enigmatic focused jaded burdened complex and ruthless I feel that Justine Jenkins JJ does a good job holding her own Seven words to describe Justine Driven smart decisive complex lonely adventurous and successfulThe Invitation Surrender book 2 offers a mixture of sex drama and mystery set against the backdrop of Justine’s journey of sexual exploration and growth Needless to say it ends with a cliffy I am looking forward to book 3 The Invitation Release for the conclusion of their storyMysterious and suspenseful plot Larger than life hero Ashton Pierce Strong heroine Off the charts sexual situations Excellent story telling I am highly recommending “When you’re begging When you’re drunk on my cock wet and gasping I’m going to ride you darling ride you till you break” Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 5 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 5 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating NABook editing rating 5 no edits spotted NAOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes ARC provided to me by author Roxy Sloane in exchange for an honest review The Invitation Preuel part 1 is FREE for a limited time SMASHWORDS

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    Just when I thought she can't get better than her last thing Roxy Sloane proves me wrong every time Every next thing she writes is better than the previous one She is the real master when it comes to writing erotica and dirty talking But what appealed to me the most here was the fact that she not only delivered hot sex and filthy mouth but added sensuality That scene in sex club? Oh my not only was it sexy and dirty but oh so exciting arousing and so so sensualJJ is working on a case in New York It's big it's important and it's a focal point in her career There are some serious money and huge company on the other side of the table with a mysterious CEO And surprise surprise this mysterious CEO is none other than Ash He is back but he is no longer someone she used to know He is cold ruthless and distant And with no explanation why he didn't bother to contact her for the last three years That's the mystery I need answers forIn addition to Ash we have another mystery man He leaves her messages and gifts alluring her enticing her making her bend to his wishes and fulfill her wildest fantasies And we won't find out his identity until the last pages Leave your door unlocked Put on the blindfold and wait for me I want you naked on the bed on your hands and knees Who would say no to that huh? JJ doesn't thank god and they playOh boy do they playI loved this one obviously But damn I need answers like yesterday As always waiting for another installment will be torture

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    4 Surrendering StarsI couldn't wait to dive in to this one and find out who sent the mysterious invitationwas it Ash? Someone else?The whole book invitations continue to arrive but the mystery man's identity is never revealed Wear mePlay with meWelcome to the UndergroundSoonI want to touch youLeave your door unlockedput on the blindfold and wait for meI want you naked on the bed on your hands and knees caught up in the feelings this mystery man brings out in her JJ revels in the suspense and naughtiness She gives over control to the man behind the invitation She savors the pleasure he brings Bringing her to the edge but never completely taking her Always leaving her wanting Just because Ash hasn't been revealed as the mystery man doesn't mean he isn't back in the picture On the opposing side of the case JJ is representing Ash is the money behind the project Gone is JJ's best friend from law school The man she spent the best night of her life with Ash is now ruthless and hard Completely changed from the man he was three years agoNow they are working against each other JJ is torn between what she feels for the mystery man and the lingering feelings she has for Ash Why didn't Ash ever contact JJ like he promised? What happened to Ash over the last three years? And then the final invitation arrivesMystery man's identity will be revealed The Plaza Hotel5th Avenue Suite8pmWear me They finally come togetherThe blindfold is removedWas the mystery man Ashton??? The only man I’ve ever wantedThe only man to break my heart This one ends on a bangI thinkmaybeIDKThat last damn line of the book ARC kindly provided by Roxy Sloane in exchange for an honest review

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    3 stars Justine lands on New York for a new case and as soon as she arrives to her room an invitation awaits her with a gift from an unknown source Her intrigue is piued but she has to focus on her case which is crucial for her to win not only because she wants to help her client but also because she wants to walk proudly back to LA with a successful first case But as soon as she meets the opponent lawyer she loses her balance realizing it's Ashton her best friend who left back to London after their graduation and the one and only passionate night they experienced He had promised her that he would keep in touch but he didn't keep his promise and Justine is bitter not only because of this but also because he now seems different Colder Determined not to let him win this case she will do the best that she can to stay unaffected by himThe gifts from the mystery man keep coming and as they become bolder Justine will want to unravel the mystery surrounding this person Who is it? Why is he being annonymous? What will happen if he reveals himself and she'll be disappointed? Okay I have to say that I enjoyed this one it was really hot but something was feeling off the entire time I was reading this Maybe because it seemed too creepy to me I know it's fiction but realistically thinking the heroine would be too stupid and naive to follow this mystery man and his orders She hadn't seen his face she had no idea who could be the mystery man but she was willing to join underground sex club and sign contract in the dark even though she's a lawyer and knows how important can be a signature And say I'm okay with that The most stupid thing she had to do was view spoilerkeep her door open blindfold her eyes and wait for the unknown man to join her Without a care in the world if this man was in fact a rapist a murderer or some creepy freak hide spoiler

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    FIVE I BELONG TO ASHTON PIERCE STARSBR with Dee Mel and Sharon This series keeps getting betterI am truly a fan of Roxy SloaneShe has proven she can deliver some of the BEST Erotica stories EVERFrom the last paragraph of the Prologue I felt like Roxy went into my mind found out what my deepest fantasies were and wrote this one just for meMost other men don't realize They think sex is about friction and girth They think surrender is a pair of handcuffs and a silk scarf They don't understand a woman's most powerful erogenous zone is her mindBut I doI know your darkest desires I see what you crave when he's holding you at nightI can show you pleasure beyond reason beyond your wildest fantasiesAll you have to do is accept my invitationAre you ready to play?YESI was readyThree years have passed since JJ graduated from Law SchoolShe's living in LA and is heading up her first huge caseJJ has flown to NYC to meet with the lawyers of a company that is suing her client for rights to a video chat software program he developedShe never expected that the client would turn out to be Ashton PierceThey haven't seen each other since the last night they spent together on graduation night JJ has never forgotten Ash and feels as if he treated her as a meaningless one night stand since he never bothered to keep in touchThere is a bit of tension between them and at first Ash comes off as being very cold and indifferentDuring all of this JJ is receiving mysterious letters and extravagant sexy gifts from a secret admirer The things that this man will have her doing were so INCREDIBLY HOT I almost had a meltdown I seriously can't remember sex scenes as FREAKING HOT as these I needed a couple of cold showers The time she went to the sex club I had to wipe the drool from my mouthOMG that was beyond some of my deepest fantasies and that ending??Holy Hell I am 100% in LOVE with ASHTON PIERCEThank you Roxy Sloane for creating a character that I swear I feel like I already had a deep connection with He is the man I've been fantasizing about for uite some time now I seriously feel like you took a peak into my fantasies and brought him to life in this storyLadies I HIGHLY recommend this seriesIt is simply FANTASTIC

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    4 HOT Starsimage error

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    LIVE 4 It’s getting hot in hereStarsI couldn’t wait to jump into this one after the way the preuel ended It has been three years since JJ and Ash’s epic one night stand and she hasn’t heard a word from him since It was hard for JJ to lose her best friend confidante and lover in one night but she fought to move on from that heartache She moved back to Los Angeles is working at a firm and is on track to make partner in three years The story picks up with JJ in New York City to work a case of intellectual property theft When she arrives to her corporate apartment she receives a mysterious key and invitation This is only the beginning JJ receives multiple invitations and has multiple interactions with the sexy mystery man I cannot adeuately describe how steamy the mystery interactions are this guy is a dirty talker which I love Their meetings are off the chart hot and just my cuppa teaSome books are all sex but that is not the case here JJ is in New York for a case and when her opposition enters the room you are hooked “I see his gorgeous face the face that’s haunted my dreams for the last three years” Ashton Pierce Can they move on? Does she even want to when she has a mystery man spoiling her and providing countless orgasms? More importantly who is this man?This one has you going back and forth anticipating what will happen and then BAM its overthat final sentence leaves you guessing I loved this installment I am hooked and I cannot wait to see what happens next ARC kindly provided by Roxy Sloane in exchange for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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    5 Seductive Stars BR with Mel Patty and Sharon 3 My imanigination has gone haywire with this book Please excuse me while I get a hold of my emotions so I can properly convey an acurate description of this highly erotic story Ok I'm ready nowit's been two days and I still can't get over how hot this book was please be ready because you will go absolutely crazy with this novella but in a delicious way ; So this second book picks up right where the first one left of JJ has just landed a big case and she is in New York City to meet with her new client as well as the company they will be fighting against The minute she walked into her new fabulous apartment her best friend is letting her use there is a beautiful box with an expensive looking key inside but no note but this is enough to intrigue her This trip to the big city turns out even interesting for Justine when she learns at her big meeting who is the CEO of the company she gearing up to go to court with none other that the man himself Ashton Pierce She's happy yet sad to find her long lost best friend who she left after the best sex of her life three years ago He's changed though he's no longer the charming and funny guy she once knew he is still devastatingly gorgeous but also cold and and calculating After a few fights Ashton keeps trying to spend time with JJ but she is also getting attention from a mystery man who has been sending her seductive gifts and drives her crazy with lust On one hand she wants to forgive Ashton for not contacting her in all the years and start up their friendship but she's also very intrigued by all the sexy things the other enigmatic man in her life is making her do; he is showing her a wicked world she is enjoying very much The whole time you are reading you are right there with Justine bitting your nails trying to figure out the mystery man real identity and what is it that Ashton really wants lucky for us we find out in the very delicious and intense ending that will leave you screaming and craving of this sexy story Please Hurry upRoxy Sloane and release that third book because I really need I gotta say I'm allergic to cliffhangers but the ending of this book wasn't bad at all the author gave us our answer but is impossible not to be needy for I enjoyed this author's writing style and needless to say I plan on reading every single one of her books I really think she's a master of the erotica genre If you are looking for a really steamy book and you like gorgeous British man you will hit the jackpot with this read

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    4 SO HOT stars I can’t tell you much about this without spoiling it So here it comes After being apart for three years Ash and JJ are now against each other in a case Ash never forgot her and he now believes it’s the right time for them but he broke her heart three years ago so he has to try harder At the same time we have the invitation And these unknown guy she is always blindfolded is showing her a complete new world she’s getting addictive toEventually she will want to know who her mystery sexy guy is but is she ready to handle the truth? Get ready for another awesome and scorching hot wild ride

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    4 Talk dirty to me Ashton Pierce STARS I can show you a pleasure beyond reason beyond your wildest fantasiesAll you have to do is accept my invitationAre you ready to play? It’s been 3 years since that magical night Ashton “Ash” Pierce and Justine “JJ” Jenkins have spent together and JJ hasn't heard a word from Ash since even though he promised to contact her once everything is settled back at homeHer heart says he might have a good reason maybe But her mind tells herso she does the only thing there is to do MOVE ONNow JJ works at a law firm in LA and is currently in NY working for a lawsuit that will determine the future of her career With the mysterious key and oh so sexy invitation she found in her new flat of which we read about at the end of Book #1 at the back of her mind she goes to a meeting with her client's opposition and comes face to face with the last person she would have ever expected to Her ex bestfriend the person that once knew her the best her one night stand that she has never been able to get out of her mind Ashton Pierce But he is different now He is cold and calculating Distant The intimacy they once shared is a long memory There is one thing that has stayed the same though Ash is still gorgeous and his baby blue eyes still make JJ's knees weak when they meet hersMeanwhile the mysterious packages with gifts and notes keep coming and JJ finds herself intrigued by all of it She lets herself get carried away by this enigmatic and sexy man that she has no idea about the identity of meeting up with him but never seeing his face He always lurks in the shadows and hides behind blindfolds But the gazillion orgasms are SO WORTH IT You don't need a whip or handcuffs to know I'm the one in control here I tell you how I want it I tell you when You don't come until I say you can is that clear? With so much going on JJ finds herself torn between the lingering feelings she has for Ash and all the alien feelings that the mystery man has sparked inside her I have someone who wants me a man who drives my body wild Any woman would kill to have someone lavish her with attention gifts and crazy hot orgasmsBut what about your heart? Will JJ be able to forgive Ash for ignoring her all these years? Why didn't he ever contact her like he promised? Does JJ still have feelings for this man that has broken her heart? Can she ever trust him again after working so hard to move on from the heartache he caused?And most importantly WHO THE HELL IS THE MYSTERY MAN? To be honest the answer has been obvious to me from the very start but still that doesn't mean that I didn't love reading the suspense JJ was in so the fact that I wasn't surprised at all didn't bother me that muchWhat Book #3 needs is to be a dual POV so that we can better understand Ash I think What he's been through for the last 3 years is still a mystery and I would love to learn it through his thoughtsBest thing about this book HOLY JESUS that dirty talk I was panting and clutching my e reader like my life depended on it the whole time I was reading That man is HOT HOT HOT Pheeeew I want When that lush body breaks apart and you come screaming for you’ll be looking me in the eyes You have my word on that PS Mystery man picked up the BEST SAFEWORD EVER

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