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    45 stars Best fairy tale re telling that I've read so far That's normally one way that authors go with the re tell of a fairy tale Wait I would probably read and like that one Let's scratch that and start againKat is told by her mom to head up to the attic and clean up some of her old books for a yard sale In doing so she finds an old copy of Cinderella She is kinda clumsy so she ends up tearing the book when she falls down the stairsWhen she wakes up their is a troll there waiting and he tells her that the book was enchanted and the only way to get out of storyland is for the story to finish from where she tore the book On the first page She doesn't wake up as Cinderella though She wakes up as Katriona One of the ugly stepsisters Kat's a hot mess She hates the constant visiting the whiny girls all wanting to meet the prince the whole she bang Upon her presentation to the ueen she falls down and busts her buttShe has to find out who Cinderella is though Could she be the maid in the house Ella? But Ella has a mom Who is sick at home and younger siblings Kat does end up spending a lot of time with Prince Edward Get this No insta lurrve Kat is too busy doing her own thing and trying to end the curse In the meantime she does fall down and get dirty Because I am from the modern world it's natural that I'm not like other girls It's second nature to me that children shouldn't work at all that women should be allowed freedom to do anything they want It isn't because I'm special This book is so much fun The only time I shook my head with is was when the people in storyland used the word ain't That part just didn't ring true for me Now that ending I know it had to go that way but I still said a really big cuss word

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    99 on today 111715That ending Woof Totally killed it for me Sorry but it did Hated it Hated it Hated itI mean what was that? Gah No JustnoAnyway Other than my rather obvious disappointment with the last few pages I thought this was a pretty cute way to retell the Cinderella story Although I thought The Stepsister's Tale was a much better story if you're looking for something fromwell the ugly stepsister's point of view Ok so this girl rips part of a page out of a magical storybook See the Goblin King enchanted this particular Cinderella story I'm not sure why this kid has possession of it but she did Roll with itShe ends up in the fairytale and in order to break the curse and go home to her family and toilets that flush she has to make sure Cinderella gets Prince Charming Hilarity ensues She learns the customs grows as a person uncovers family secrets changes child labor laws helps a friend elope and falls in love with the prince Oops Yeah so she has to make a choice Stay with the man she's grown to love or try to force him to marry Ella who is in love with his cousin Can the magic of love fix her problems? If you know me then you know I like my Happily Ever Afters Nothing else will do and if I don't get what I want a tantrum usually happens One starring usually occurs and vitriol spews out of my mouther keyboard So I'm feeling pretty mature right now Still Very very very unhappy I received a digital copy for review from NetGalley and the authorAlso reviewed for

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Aya Ling and NetGalley “Am I one of the ugly stepsisters?”His grin grows widerDamn “If I have to be in the story why aren’t I Cinderella?” This was an interesting retelling of Cinderella in that it didn’t follow the original story very rigidly at allI felt uite sorry for Kat in this story she seemed to be given an insurmountable task in order to return home and to her family and I wasn’t uite sure how she would actually accomplish it “So all I have to do it get Cinderella to the ball the prince falls in love with her and then the curse is broken and I can return?”He waggles a crooked finger at me“Not yet You can’t stop at the ball when she runs out and leaves her slipper behind You must follow it all the way to the end The story is only finished when they’re married with wedding bells pealing and white doves soaring” The storyline in this didn’t follow the storyline of Cinderella but instead followed Kat as she tried to recreate the story and failed badly There was some very different situations with this Cinderella even having her own family and I was kept guessing for a long time as to what would happen “So when is the ball?”“No idea”“Where’s the fairy godmother?”“No idea” There was some romance in this but it left Kat in a very difficult position and I wasn’t sure how things would work out “I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t fall for you but I can’t help it” The ending to this was good although I wasn’t perfect I liked that this book wasn’t a straightforward retelling though6 out of 10

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    Sorry Sandra it turned out it wasn't for me But people I still invite you to read her review because it's a breath of fresh air I just love the enthusiasm of those wordsYou ought not be going out unchaperoned Miss Katriona he says rubbing the back of his neck It ain't properUnchaperoned my foot Next thing I'll be donning a veil and keeping my head coveredThis uote all in all has nothing to do with the bigger picture it's just a little sample of how this book is written It would be in fact a perfectly all encompassing example if I wrote it WITH totally random WORDS written IN caps WITHOUT any sensible REASONI Was AnnoyedBut back to the uote I think it's particularly representative because it shows the careless simplicistic juvenile attitude of the main character's voice In this case specifically I understand that for Westerners the veil may represent only a symbol of submission but for several peoples it's part of their traditions and their culture as well Not all the women who wear the veil are obliged to wear the veil and it doesn't necessarily represent a failure to achieve emancipation You can't just crack a joke like that like it is funny because it's not If I was a girl living in a State where I don't have to wear the veil by law and yet I still wore it I would be offended by a sentence like this Now this is not about the veil in particular it's just words are like bulls in a china shop Breaking things is so awfully easy Wouldn't it be better to be safe than sorry? To think twice before speaking or writing? End of speech I promise•How does all this affect the novel? You know the impulse to punch Snow White in the face when she was all like 'oh pretty little birds let's sing together I love all the animals' et cetera? Perfect Here it evolves pokémon style and becomes do goodism The protagonist Katriona simply got it into her head the she would save the children of this country she winded up in Athelia where children are employed in factories in appalling conditions Everything is horrendous and she's right to fight against this exploitation but the whole thing is handled in such an ingenuous and simplistic way I just can't It bugged me to no end•The writing as I said is the other big ginormous no Bad bad bad I am than sure than a second grader could have written something just as readable and probably he wouldn't have used those ignoble caps I shudder just to think of it•When Kat isn't fighting for children's rights in a kind of a little developed than medieval but not further specified kingdom she helps people eloping And nothing it just sounded important•Edward isn't bad at all not at all But someone really has to erase all these stereotypes from Ling's mind because let's guess in what kind of subversive and humanitarian activity he is involved1 Convince Katriona to give it to me2 Convince Katriona I don't give a damn about her servant3 Convince the Parliament children must be safeguardedAll three you say? No shit Sherlock•The ending but I should explain that here I am it's not you it's meing it because this kind of ending is something I personally detest with ardour doesn't work It just doesn't When at the end of the story the main character view spoilerloses all memory of what happened hide spoiler

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    OMG This book is surprisingly very good This is my first book of Aya Lingand my first time to read a fairytale retellingmost were watchedand I am instantly bewitched both by the author and the bookThis is a story of a 17 year oldKatherinewho devours book after book since she was fourwowshe really love booksShe is the student editor of their school paperwho stumblestutterand falls silence when she encounters a gorgeous guyIn shortshe's a klutzy shy girlOne daywhen Kat was cleaning the atticshe accidentally ripped the Cinderella book apart when she fell down the stairsAnd that's when she was suddenly transported into the world of Cinderellaas KATRIONA BRADSHAWone of Cinderella's stepsisters who they calluglyBy ripping the book apartKat was cursed and transported into the story itself as her punishmentAnd the only thing she can do to get back to her world isfinish the story to the very endwhere they live happily ever after The problem isEllaCinderella seems to have eyes set on someone elseand prince Edward openly dislikes ballsthe thing that should happen so the prince could meet Ella and dance with heras Kat has plannedAnother problem isthe fairy godmother is missingHow then is Kat going to achieve the happily ever after?I truly loved everything about this book the beautiful crafted storylinewith so much awesome twists and surprisesand the so well written amazing charactersincluding PoppyHenryBertramMarthaand even KREVthe goblin friend of Kat And the princeooohthe most swoon worthy prince I've ever met in a book A very down to earth princethe cutest and the sweetest I did swoon over and over this guyLolThis is how I picture prince EdwardAnd of courseKAT is absolutely brilliant and cunning I fell inlove with her character because her transformation in this story is perfectly strikinginside and outI loved how the author molded her from being shy and clumsyto being smart and braveThe author even put various issues in the story such as discovering Ella's historychild laborand fighting for the rights of the less fortunate that made the story realisticThe ending was okaybut I wish Kat view spoilerdidn't blurt out to KERV that she wanted to erase Edward memories of her'cause it turned out that she's the one who doesn't have memories of her fairytale hide spoiler

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    49That was hands down one of my favorite Cinderella retellings EVERStep right over into swoon ville ladies and gentlemenKatherine was cleaning out her attic that is filled with her books when she drops a copy of Cinderella It's so old that it falls apart Katherine trips blacks out and wakes up in the story as Lady Katriona Bradshaw one of Cinderella's stepsisterShe's the ugly stepsister but the term ugly is arbitrary just because her sister is drop dead gorgeous like you also kind of want her to drop dead she's so annoyingTurns out that that particular Cinderella book was created by goblins and if its destruction is attempted even if by accident such as in this case the person is punished by being forced to enter the story and live it out to its happy ending Only then can they return back to their worldA beautiful and heart breaking tale ensuesKat learns of the injustices of the Cinderella world and is a driving force in launching change such as child labor regulationsetcTurns out Prince Edward himself is also hoping to improve his kingdom and when this girl of noble standing comes out of nowhere and tries to protect the working class and peasantry he is uite intriguedI've already mentioned how much I love mature gentlemanly kind and sexy male characters right? Well Edward falls under every single freaking one of those categories Hell o new book boyfriendThis book struck home with me Kat's connection with Edward spoke UNSPEAKABLE VOLUMESWanna know why? Because Kat falls in love with EdwardAnd he's a book character so she can't have him because eventuallyshe's gonna leave story worldThat is how it is for me and for all of us You enter an amazing world you fall in love but eventuallytoo soonit endsIt freaking hurt to see that experience so obviously portrayed an everyday bookish struggle put on display in a way that made me really see it on a in depth level It hurt But it had to end because eventually Cinderella had to get her happy ending with Edward not Kat and Kat had a home to return toThe ending was so bittersweet and I want to cryview spoilerShe had no memory of the ordeal when she returned hide spoiler

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    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in BooksI had so much fun with this book I haven't read too many retellings but I was uite curious about this Cinderella story Unfortunately I was uickly distracted by other new shiny books and this one was lost in my virtual stacks I came across the audiobook and decided it was time that I give this book a try and I am so glad that I did I flew through this audiobook and really enjoyed my time with itKat lives with her sister and mother but she is transported to the world of Cinderella when she accidentally rips an old book Instead of Cinderella Kat fills the role of Katriona who is one of the step sisters It was a lot of fun watching her try to navigate this new world She had so much to learn with the differences in manners language and fashion just to start Kat decides that in order to get back to her world she needs to help the prince fall for Cinderella so she starts working towards this goalI loved Kat I loved the way that she couldn't help but try to make the world a better place even if she didn't plan to stay for very long Prince Edward was also uite wonderful He couldn't help but be drawn to Kat's fresh perspective They were really just wonderful together I couldn't help but cheer this pair towards their happily ever after The audiobook was narrated by Luci Christian and I thought that she did a great job with it I really liked all of the voices that she used and thought that her reading helped to make the story even enjoyable She had a very pleasant voice that I was able to listen to for hours at a time I wouldn't hesitate to listen to of her workI would recommend this book to fans of fairy tale retellings I thought that this was a really well done story that offered a new look at an old tale I do have to admit that I wasn't thrilled by how the story ended but that would be my only complaint I received a digital review copy of this book from Aya Ling via NetGalley and purchased a copy of the audiobookInitial ThoughtsI had sooo much fun with this one I thought that this story was really well done and it was a very nice twist on the Cinderella story that I know Kat was such a great character and I loved the way she wanted to make the world a better place Edward really did seem to be her perfect match I listened to the audiobook and thought that the narration was very well done I am not really sure about that ending but that is really my only complaint

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    A Cinderella retelling with some interesting twists some boring tropes clumsy shy teenage girl stuff a rather annoying ending I can see that the show goes on for another 2 books but I'm not invested enough in the MCs to go on right away or ever We shall seeMore details to come

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    What would have happened if Cinderella needed the ugly stepsister to get her happy ending? “Books open new worlds to me” I picked up this book because I was intrigued by the notion of hearing a fairy tale told from the point of view of one of the lesser characters in the story I didn't completely get what I was hoping for but all the same this book kept me entertained and I am going to continue with this seriesKat is awkward to say the least when it comes to talking to guys It often ends up with her falling on her face literally While cleaning out the attic she accidentally rips an old fairy tale book Cinderella Somehow she falls into the book where she learns that in ripping it she tripped an ancient curse She is trapped in the book until the happy ending can be achieved and it is Kat's responsibility to make it happen THE GOOD STUFFKat's role I was very drawn to the idea that Kat had to make the story happen that while she was techinically inside a book the story wasn't just playing out around her She had to make sure that all of the things we associate with Cinderella came to be the ball the fairy godmother the slipper the wedding and the happily ever after It was really interesting “If the Beast gave me a library like he gave to Belle I’d marry him too” Alternative versions Because Kat was the one who had to make the story happen there was of course numerous obstacles in her way That was actually something that I really liked because it had my head spinning trying to come with ways to make the 'slipper fit' so to speak Kat and Edward I really enjoyed both Kat and Edward the prince They were adorable likeable characters and their relationship was so cute Kat was adorably awkward and clumsy but she was also an activist with passion and heart My favourite part was how she and Edward bonded over their shared ideals for the future Edward was a true fairy tale prince in the best way he was not a womanizer he was not hung up on the attention of women He was just a withdrawn private man who loved gardening and dreamt of making a better future for his peopleTHE NOT SO GOOD STUFFCliché and unoriginal There were some things about this book that were a bit clichéed and 'done before' The whole 'main character falling into a bookother world' has been done many times with varying degrees of success This was neither really good nor bad And with that cliché of course comes the 'main character that stands out form the rest' Luckily however Kat does actually address this herself so that was a reliefFOLLOW MY BLOG FOR MORE BOOK GOODNESS

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    I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review354 stars At first the opening chapter made me think is this a joke? Cliché high school with shy clumsy average looking girl who's actually probably beautiful enough gorgeous new student in front of whom she ends up tripping beautiful rival with a ueen bee attitudeBut then it became fairly obvious that this was completely in jest a wink to the usual stereotypical introductions of the kind and it set the tone for the rest of the story Sure KatKatriona remained clumsy due to having to suddenly walk around in long dresses and shoes she wasn't used to not to mention curtsying and waltzing However that was normal in the circumstancesIn general I liked her character first of all because she was a good person acting for selfish motives going back home yet not ready to resort to the drastic methods When she realised that making Cinderella and the prince of Atheria fall in love may not be such a good idea she felt guilty about it and started uestioning the whole point is a happy ever after worth it if it means forcing two people into a mold? She was presented with difficult choices to make and had to find the strength to uash her own feelings in the processThe author played with a lot of tropes sometimes coming close to leaning on the fourth wall The elements of Cinderella's story were often subverted Elle Cinderella but how could she be the neglected sister when she already had a family in town? The prince who appeared as an aloof brooding guy had his own goals and didn't want to be seen exactly as a pretty wallflowers much like Kat didn't want to be told go home and be a lady instead of using your brains Kat even went as far as to remark that she wasn't a special snowflake the prince and other people noticed her and found her remarkable only because she had been bringing contemporary values into a Victorian like society values and ideas that were just normal to her—in her eyes this didn't make her special in any way This was a nice change from all those I'm different girls in a lot of YA stories if only because she was different and wasn't at the same timeI also liked that the romance wasn't of the insta love variety Kat remained focused on her mission as well as on the subplots she developed on her own humanitarian ones such as reducing children labour time and bettering their work conditions for want of being able to completely reform Atherian society She was too busy working on those on finding the truth about Elle and figuring out how to help her the fairy godmother was nowhere in sight at all after all that there wouldn't have been time for her to gush and swoon over a prince and that was definitely believableThe goblins were funny with their constant betting on the outcome of Kat's efforts I wish we had nown about them and about the enchanted books The writing style sometimes grated on my nerves as its childish flavour clashed with the adult themes child labour servants being treated like dirt There were also a few parts where the story jumped from one place to the other making me think wait when did Kat go back home? I'm not sure if this was a problem of editing though or of formattingConclusion Thoroughly enjoyable if somewhat predictable when it came to a few events But fairy tales are predictable anyway and for a retelling this one managed to veer off the usual Cinderella story enough to be a very satisfying one

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The Ugly Stepsister[PDF / EPUB] The Ugly Stepsister When Kat accidentally rips apart an old picture book she's magically transported into the world of Cinderella as Katriona one of the ugly stepsisters Life turns upside down now that she’s a highborn When Kat accidentally rips apart an old picture book she's magically transported into the world of Cinderella as Katriona one of The Ugly Stepsisters Life turns upside down now that she’s a highborn lady and must learn how to survive the social season including how to get through the door in a huge metal hoop The Ugly Kindle - skirt To get back she'll have to complete the story right to the end of happily ever after But the odds are huge the other stepsister is drop dead gorgeous the fairy godmother is nowhere to be found and the prince despite being insanely hot openly dislikes balls Can she ever return to the modern world.

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