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Just Stay [PDF / EPUB] Just Stay College really isn't all it's cracked up to be At least not for Seb who spends most of his time studying and working hard generally annoyed with people and all the dumb stuff they do It's what he does College really isn't all it's cracked up to be At least not for Seb who spends most of his time studying and working hard generally annoyed with people and all the dumb stuff they do It's what he does and he's pretty content with that That is until Evan stumbles into his life one night This enigmatic charismatic guy that every girl on campus seems to be pining over and whom Seb at first finds just as appealing as he does annoying And just like that everything changes This book has some mature content.

About the Author: Mika Fox

Mika is an author who loves to write about love and among her works are contemporary relationship dramas as well as fantasy esue romance adventures Most of her stories center on LGBT protagonists and relationships She moves around a bit is still trying to make sense of being an adult and she has a weakness for chocolate movies and superheroesSweaters Cigarettes on UK's best s.

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    Seb is a uiet college student who keeps himself to himself avoids the wild social life and the drinking in favour of studying and doesn't bother that he hasn't really got any friends He is disturbed from his studying late one night when someone starts banging on his dorm room door and from the person doing the banging it's clear they've come to the wrong room This is his introduction to Evan who is a little drunk and trying to hide from one of his many one night stands Evan barges into the room and begs for refuge for few minutes until the coast is clear Despite them never having met before there's an easiness to their interaction A few days later the two literally run into each other as Evan is once again running from another scorned female They take off and hide out in a bar and here begins the beginning of a friendship that eventually leads to Neither of them had thought about being with another guy before their attraction to each other so it's a whole mess of mixed emotions and feelings The writer conveys the sexual tension and chemistry perfectly and the boys are explosive together They have some hiccups along the way which got me a bit panicky and I loved the silly conversations between Evan and Seb which made me laugh and smile a lot So glad they got such a lovely HEA sighs

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    I started reading Just Stay when it was online fan fiction and I fell hard for the story so hearing of it becoming a book was just the best news Now I've finished it and it was such a lovely story of two students Seb and Evan finding their way through friendship insecurities family problems and love

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    I'm actually embarrassed to say that I finished this book It isn't written well at all; the author constantly switching tenses is just one problem of many The thing that really gets me though is how inconsistent Seb and Evan are as characters I don't feel like the author had a firm grasp on his own story

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    Sometimes the writing style was a little off and there were uite a few errors in grammar and spelling but it was a good read I liked both of the main characters and I liked that they had flaws and not everything was wrapped up nicely in the end there were still unresolved issues there The sex scenes were well written and gave enough detail without going into straight porn

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    It's well written sweet and romantic Full of cliches Nothing wrong with that just don't expect anything mind blowing or original

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    Better thanthe rate receivedBought this book a while back just reread I hate giving negative reviews so only rated todayThe editing was atrocious and a great story was tainted And its a Damn good tale and because of that I persevered for the second timeIf this editing was paid for sue for your monies back any decent judge would award extra unaskedFox this story deserved due diligenceSo I still highly recommend and if your anything like me prepare to be annoyed and captivated

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    Feels like a draftThere were too many grammar mistakes for me to be able to give the story a higher rating and the writing style needs improvement but the story was cute Seb and Evan were both enjoyable characters It was unnecessarily long though Overall it feels like a good first draft of a book but way editing and re drafting should have been done before publishing

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    I would actually say 45 stars to be honest and the only reason it isn’t a 5 is because some grammatical and tense errors annoyed meOh my goodness this book gave me the feels There were wonderful ups and agonizing downs I loved Evan and Seb and their story was great The ending came much to uickly but I guess I couldn’t ask for with a wonderful HEA ending

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    I just finished reading this book I truly enjoyed the book A good LGBT read I don't wish to add spoilers but if you are youngish or young at heart or a romatic sap as I am then read this book You won't regret it and you may even cry at parts I recommend this novel

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    i did like it but kinda boring and the writing style wasn't my cup of tea great if you're in the mood for something fluffy and lighthearted most of the book was just the two of them being in love i didn't feel like there was enough conflict or plot in general

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