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The Book of Ruth [PDF / EPUB] The Book of Ruth Since her youth Ruth Desponsyni the diamond eminent and only daughter of a materialistic English Canadian supermodel and a brilliant yet controversial billionaire amorist of French Algerian descent le Since her youth Ruth Desponsyni the diamond eminent and only daughter of a materialistic English Canadian supermodel and a brilliant yet controversial billionaire amorist of French Algerian descent leads an extraordinarily privileged and sexual life from the Ivy halls of Dartmouth getting poked by jocks and professors to an unforgettable menage a trios The Book eBook ☆ with the lusty young and the wanton on the posh Lake Winnipesaukee in moneyed New HampshireIn Toronto mother Val Desponsyni secrets away with a young well hung drone for an affair not too soon to become known while in Montreal dad Usak Desponsyni find similar even forbidden desires inside the chateau described as homeYet all is not pleasure in paradiseA fullblown scandal threatens the House that is Desponsyni From money to Islamic dangers are many and hardly cease coming as Ruth Desposyni a worshipper at the temple of male body organs As profound as it is pornographic The Book of Ruth is in part a numination on the nature of desire and pleasure and the experience of living a life that is sensually fantastic and specifically arranged to let desire and pleasure have their way with you An actual thrilling novel of staggering sexual promiscuity with references to comtemporary art metaphysical musings on nature of perception and aesthetic theory RUTH is also a story about taboo and forbiddence about a fortunate and famous family's complicity whether knowingly or unknowingly in creating not just a lust hunter but the most primal of love triangles one that ensnares a mother and father In The Book of Ruth Ej Bernard creates a luscious most powerful and candid erotic tale a deeply intelligent depiction of sheer entertainment solitary stimulation and unfettered sexuality The most fascinating eroticist since Anais Nin and Susan Bright.

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    DNF 20% I like to think I am a semi intelligent girl but this book lost me real uick

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    DNF at 10%This is a really shitty book I don't get what the fuck the author is trying to convey I don't uite see the point of the whole thing I can't be bothered to venture further than 10% Too many adjectives and the word dick has such colourful descript attached to itMan meat? Really? What the fuck

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    THE BOOK OF RUTH plainly put is a taboo work of art about love and sex passion and sexuality but most of all the realization that a modern woman's life is not always what it may appear to be That a rose is than what it smell like in summer Particularly the sensual side and inner self that countless flowers ie women and girls spend their lives trying to repress With a one of a kind style and uniue literary flare Ej Benard takes you on an intercontinental yet intimate ride with absolutely no inhibitions I mean a wild easily contemporary and chic worded journey where a rather sophisticated storyline is layered with graphic carnal acts NOTHING held backThe main character Ruth is a beautiful brat and occasional bitch who has it all and whose family has it all together Or so it seems on the surface Yet we find out that she's something of a sociocultural nympho that can't keep a man From jocks to professors she finds herself caught up in affairs with young tigers as well as old bears Surprised? Well that's just the beginning That's just one of the shockers in this stunner of a novelAs God is my witness I cannot in good faith and without feeling a little wicked explain this sultry tale and do it full justiceMiss Benard the knowledgeable author has to be a woman because men don't write with such physical emphasis and coital emotion she spins a web with inevitably desirable characters that you will love hate and possibly relate secretlyThis I can assure you if you haven't read The Book Of Ruth you haven't read

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    The protagonist Ruth is a college age attractive French Canadian woman She is an aspiring writer and photographer and comes from a wealthy family The story is told in first person This is erotica but the sex scenes seem to come about naturally and not forced I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and would read it again

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    This book was hot and steamy Definitely cannot read in public only in the privacy of your bedroom Warning If you are not into incest this is not the book for you Minus the incest this book could easily be the next fifty shades of gray

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    A lot of incest and taboos in this book Basically about a girl who just likes having sex

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