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Ugly [PDF / EPUB] Ugly There are many ugly things in this world but Julius Graves is considered one of the ugliest of those things His Big Lips Big Nose and Jet Black Skin have always been the perfect recipe for nasty stare There are many Ugly things in this world but Julius Graves is considered one of the ugliest of those things His Big Lips Big Nose and Jet Black Skin have always been the perfect recipe for nasty stares cold shuns and violent beat downs his entire life Once Julius moves to a new neighborhood the torment he thought he escaped gets far worse when he becomes targeted by a menacing crew that’s led by an egomaniac that’s determined to make Julius’ life a living hell Julius finds refuge in an unlikely ally that sends his life spiraling even out of control at the cost of losing someone he loves the most.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 297 pages
  • Ugly
  • Rod Cornelius
  • English
  • 12 March 2016

About the Author: Rod Cornelius

Rod Cornelius is the author of four urban books – Single Again Ghetto Eyes The Trusted and The Best Kept Secrets – along with being the co founder of Akirim Press books Along with having been a professional writer for many years Rod is also a scriptwriter with a Media Arts degree coming out of the University of South Carolina with plans on directing and releasing a movie in the futureFor now.

8 thoughts on “Ugly

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    WowI'm speechlessUgly drew me in with the just the title but the story was compelling heartfelt and left me speechless I felt as though the author wrote with passion and conviction I felt he wrote from a place of a person who was placed in this situation but lived to tell his story I cried so much because I related to every hurtful thing someone said to Jules and it brought back painful memories of high school and being called mean name by lighter skin people It always amazed me that someone would judge you based off the way you look and never once consider the fact that you're human and have feelingsI'm going to stop because I can go on but everyone needs to stop and think before they speak and if you don't have anything nice to say just be uiet Please don't sleep on this book I think u would be truly amaze and challenge your inner self

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    AmazingThis book is a eye opener Kids these days are so mean and they don’t know what another kid is going through but all they care about is if the next person is going to laugh at what they say and how popular they can be if they are mean to another kid This book is amazing and it opens your eyes on how kids are these days If only kids worried about their studies and education before they worried about picking on the next person kids would be smarter then they are now

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    A bittersweet tragedyThis book was utterly amzing I hated that the kids were so mean to Julius I blame the system for failing kids who are being bullied I fell in love with the characters Julius his mom and Simone They were the only constants in his life Please let there be a seuel where he lives He and his mom move to another neighborhood and he and Simone get together and go to college I know this is farfetched but I love the underdogs

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    No Happy Ending HereLoved it Hated itwhat can I say?Haven't read a book in a long time that brought forth than one emotions I am always apprehensive to try a new writer a second title for me from Mr Cornelius his writing skills peaked my interest for another read by him which is rare when it comes to a new author

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    BulliesYou never know what another person goes through Makes you look at another person differently A very good read for young people

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    Great bookI really end reading the book was shocked by the ending I read part 2 if it ever comes out

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    OmgOmgI never cried so much reading a bookmy heart is achingJulius went through soo much during his lifehe never bothered anyonehe just wanted to live his life as a kidI just don't no what to writeeveryone should read this book and talk to all kids about bullyingit has to stop

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    OMG This book was so good butsad I'm gonna let my 14 year old son read it because it also think it's a learning tool against bulling

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