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    35 stars The best book so far in this series and the best book by Donaldson that I’ve read A very high stakes penultimate book Donaldson plunges the reader right back into the plot without any recaps or explanations Thankfully I read The Gap Into Power A Dark and Hungry God Arises just back in May and was able to dredge the details from my memory fairly uickly The CEO of the United Mining Company The Dragon doesn’t appear very often in this installment but he lurks in the background Finally we begin to divine his intentions regarding the fearsome Amnion aliens Hint it may be good for him but maybe not for the rest of the human race I really hope that the final book will reveal a few details about the threatening aliens their culture their relationships to one another their motivations They are just too intriguing Of course I’ll also be reading to see what happens to all the various humans who are integral to the plot line It will be interesting to see how the author wraps all of this drama upBook number 334 in my Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Project

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    Another solid entry into the Gap Series this book starts the end game and the way book has ended I am really on the edge of my seat to find out what happens in the series next and how does Donaldson ties everything up I am so impressed by Donaldson in this series that I am going to try reading his Thomas Covenant series again Regarding the book the plot gets even darker and Donaldson again shows his mastery in playing with your mind The only issue I have with the book is the conversion of dreadful Angus Thermopylae into something sane it is hard to imagine a character like him can have redemption because at the start of the series as I have already mentioned in my previous reviews that he was the most insane dark character I have ready in fantasy or sci fi so far But Donaldson manages to change character in this book and although it is an underlying techniue of the author to do so with many of his characters but I certainly could not digest it Some of the strong points of the book are1 World building regarding Masif 5 system 2 Character driven plotLet me elaborate on the above points now1 World building regarding Masif 5 systemIf the last book was all about the illegal shipping yard called as Thanitos Minor this time all the action takes place in planter system known as Masif 5 Now this system is a blessing as well as hell for the ships due to the fact that it has mineral rich rocks scattered all over the only issue is their are two singularities present in the system which makes spin and crash on each other due to which it is damn hard for ships to cruise in such systemDue to this fact this place is suited for many illegals such as Dr Deaner Beckmann who has made a study of life surviving inside of an singularity Donaldson writes some fantastic descriptions regarding this system due to which you are able to imagine it fully and picturize it in your mind2Character driven plotAs has been the case with all the books in this series it creates a uniue set of characters and throws them together and observes them It is just like chaos theory “The crucial point is this pure randomness or unpredictability cannot exist in the presence of limits; by virtue of its very existence everything which exists is limited; therefore pure randomness and unpredictability cannot exist Anything which resembles chaos must exist within some set of limits”It is all about power in this series the Dragon ie Holt Fastener has vice like grip on the UMCP ie United mining company police and due to the events which have taken place between Milos Tavernier and Captain Succorso he has managed to pass a bill which gives UMCP complete authority on all security related to human spaceThe only species which humans have to fear so far are the Aminion who with their mutagens can transform human genes into one of their one it is this fear that Holt has used so far The only person who is standing in his path over absolute power is Warden Dios he is a cop who has tried to the right thing from the start but due to Holt he has done so much shady deals that he just can't stand it any longer and decides to take some action to set everything rightThus when two giants collide there is going to be collateral damage and the other characters in the series have to pay the price for the actions of these twoThere other many fascinating characters in the series like that of Morn Hyland who although has suffered so much still manages to cling to her humanity when she finally decides to give Angus some control over his actions it is this fact I find most disturbing because how can you forgive a person who has mentally and physically abused you Donaldson writes these characters with so much grit that you start to take them for real and you feel for them when any of them sufferExcept my few issues with the book I really loved this book and give it a solid 45 stars

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    910'Chaos and Order' gets even darker than the previous books with Donaldson continuing through his magnificent talent to bring and a much stronger story as we get deeper and deeper; with less politics action and some great twistsThe story continues with the protagonists trying to escape from their enemies but the Amnioni have reached the limit of their patience as the only thing that want is to get back what was stolen from them and without really caring if they have to bring even and a war for thatOn the other side Angus and Nick will find themselves again against UMCP's schemes; and also a big dilemma which either it will save them or it will utterly destroy them However all it takes for everything to go to hell is one order; just one simple order Isaac priority Gabriel From the start till its very end the book proves a lot stronger than its predecessors with Donaldson bringing us this time in a epic scale story as he combines everything that he was preparing from the previous books very beautifulOf course the book has some flaws that personally bothered me a little like when Donaldson changes characters he has the habit to repeat some scenes again and again though from the opposite perspective which sometimes can become a bit tedious and I think that it could have been handled better if these scenes were shorter if not completely goneAlso the story of the Valdor planet remind me somewhat that of Thanos Minor from A Dark and Hungry God Arises although they're certainly different compared However in the end these things I can’t say that they really bothered me so much as Donaldson’s writing remains to be in a very high level as in the rest of the series which for me is one of the reasons that I continueOverall even though the book felt a bit heavy at times it is actually a really good and strong book and perhaps the best in the series so far as Donaldson take us deep into the wild space in a vast chaos with a hungry god having just been awakened

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    I'm only going to say this once for all 5 books they are a stellar sci fi series that any genre addict should read They are not as great as the first trio of Covenant books but they are a lot better than some of the recent sci fi books churned out That said they are also than a little disturbing and by the end than a little hard to believe Even sci fi character can't bend so far until they break and the main villain of this franchise does such a personality 180 that as a reader you're left with 2 choices put the books down or shrug and move on as best you're ableIf you choose the latter you are correct because these are a nice series of stories and although intended most likely to be a bit darker than they turned out to be Real Story or #1 is like a plague of death whereas the other four are bad colds they're still a romping good read with memorable characters I've read through this set twice in my lifetime and never say never because maybe in another 20 years I'll itch to pick them up again and that's saying something

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    The best one yet When did this series get so damn good?The stakes rise on both a personal and interstellar level as Morn and the rest of the crew aboard Trumpet struggle to survive amidst chaos and treachery Meanwhile war with the technologically superior Amnion looks imminentFair warning this series is dark; and seems to get darker with each instalment It's like Donaldson sits back and thinks what else can I do to really fuck with the characters? Really drive them insane? Well it's called 'The Gap into Madness' for good reasonI love it Really helps me connect with the characters knowing the stakes are real That there's nothing Donaldson won't do I've got high expectations for the final book in the 'Gap' series Read this series

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    This series is every bit as good as Stephen Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant and for me the even better Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Stephen Donaldson's writing style is most suited to the epic novel or novels As he progresses through intricately woven plots he builds empathy and antipathy for characters whose roles relative to eachother he gradually reverses over time almost leaving the reader unawares until we find that we are rooting for the ones we started off hating and booing the ones we thought were heroes at the start The emotive implications are deep and involved for each character plumbing the depths of a particular human being's virtues and degradation to their ultimate conclusion both in and of themselves and in relation to the other character's as they swap roles in the story From victim to oppressor to savior and round about and back again Stephen Donaldson keeps you guessing and surprised throughout each novel in the series again and gain both in plot and character which of course are intricately linked and he does it with the consummate finesse of a master I have just started the fifth book which I am luxuriously euipped to read in the original hardcover release the previous four I own are all in paperback I have raced through this epic sometimes far into the night it has been that compelling But something holds me back from rushing it now otherwise the pleasure and suspense and consummation will be over to uick

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    Stephen Donaldson's Gap series is one my favorite series My father handed me the first one saying This first one is full of violence and rape and you'll probably hate all the characters in this first book but the story just keeps getting betterHe was right The story begins with a space pirate attack on a police ship and the rescue of the last survivor on the police ship and concludes with the human race fighting the Amnion an alien species capable of extreme genetic manipulation Despite the ever increasing complexity of the plot which starts with a three main characters and ends with inter galactic political intrigue the characterization is what really makes this series worth reading It is a masterful study of hero and anti hero Review applies to the SERIES

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    Even listening to the audio version of this book will leave you feeling like your life is being wasted on its poorly executed content It's pages and pages of one dimensional characters having dry conversations with each other which barely further the plot No uips no funny one liners no philosophical ponderings; just paragraph after paragraph of at this point completely unrealistic characters talking about what they might do in the future or what they may have done in the past rather than actually doing anything in the present with the exception of extremely poorly written action seuences in which you have no one to route for because every character is an emotionless drone who you either know nothing about or who has done at least ten things you hate since the beginning of the seriesThe worst part is that there are countless points where Donaldson could have done some characterisation explored some interesting psychological developments or delved into the finer points of his milieu but instead he chooses every time to plod on with his attempt at plot having his characters play the part of detectives in a really bad mystery novel where the mystery was already figured out by the reader in the last book because he piled on the foreshadowing like a two year old putting catsup on a hamburgerDo yourself a favour and don't waste your time on this book or this series

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    This series seems to get better with each book It’s dark following in the steps of its predecessors yet there are small rays of hope that keeps the reader engaged with characters who aren’t exactly the best of humanity Their flaws are huge but they struggle on against some almost impossible odds While you may not like them you can still find yourself rooting for them And I never thought I’d be saying thatThe space battle is fantastic which is something I rarely can say since so many seem to go on forever Not so this one It’s just long enough and brings to the end some characters while others find that their lives are going to take yet another 180º turn The future is anyone’s guess I just hope I’m guessing rightly

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    When a book or anything else is as exceptional as the Gap Series has been so far it means that there are waaaayy reasons to appreciate the finished product than just those we've discovered In other words the presentation is hitting us from every angle and with than enough of the subtle things that make us smileChaos and Order continues the adventure with all the advantages that a luxurious 5 volume set can bring to bear on character development and storyline It brings a deeper introspection than the previous 3 books and therefore continues the deliberate composition that has given each volume so far a distinctly different feel and purpose And it still pushes things along at a fantastic pace

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The Gap Into Madness Chaos and Order [PDF / EPUB] The Gap Into Madness Chaos and Order As the planetoid Thanatos Minor explodes into atoms a specially fitted cruiser escapes the mass destruction and hurtles into space only a step ahead of hostile pursuit On board Trumpet are a handful o As the planetoid Thanatos Minor Into Madness MOBI ð explodes into atoms a specially fitted cruiser escapes the mass destruction and hurtles into space only a step ahead of hostile pursuit On board Trumpet are a handful The Gap eBook Þ of bedraggled fugitives from an outlaw world old enemies suddenly and violently thrown together in a desperate bid for survivalAmong this unlikely crew of allies are Morn Hyland once a UMC cop now a Gap Into Madness Epub à prisoner to the electrodes implanted in her brain; her son Davies “force grown” to adulthood by the alien Amnion and struggling to understand his true identity; the amoral space buccaneer Nick Succorso whose most Gap Into Madness Chaos and Epub / daring act of piracy could be his last; and Angus Thermopyle unstoppable cyborg struggling to wrest control of his own mind from his UMC programmersLocked in a lethal batter against one another for control of Trumpet they also find themselves the target of Punisher a police ship whose human captain Min Donner is torn between her duty and her sympathy for the outlaw crew she’s been ordered to capture Yet as Min races to reach Trumpet in time Warden Dios the director of the UMC Police receives a darker directive from the mysterious semi immortal Dragon ruler of the Gap Into Madness Chaos and Epub / UMC Kill everyone aboard Trumpet except for the one person whose blood carries the mutagenic key to ultimate Amnion triumph—the ability to appear perfectly humanIn a final titanic showdown in space amid uncharted comets planets and asteroid swarms these forces will converge in a contest of skill and survival on which their future—and the future of the galaxy—depends.

  • Hardcover
  • 617 pages
  • The Gap Into Madness Chaos and Order
  • Stephen R. Donaldson
  • English
  • 22 August 2015
  • 9780553071795