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Always Wesson Rebel MC #1 [PDF / EPUB] Always Wesson Rebel MC #1 I never understood the phrase there’s a thin line between love and hate until Dallas Wesson and I became usThe beautiful green eyed biker with the broken soul tantalizes me with glimpses of the man I never understood the phrase there’s a thin Rebel MC ePUB ↠ line between love Always Wesson MOBI :ß and hate until Dallas Wesson and I became usThe beautiful green eyed Wesson Rebel MC Epub µ biker with the broken soul tantalizes me with glimpses of the man behind the vest He‘s gravity I have no choice but to return to him regardless of what it costs me Our story is messy unconventional uninhibited and insane Still it’s real and until now it’s always been than enough I’m broken bleeding out and completely wrecked I walk away Yet he refuses to let me go Because no matter how much I resist him we both know what lies between us is for always.

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    DNF 30% Sooooothis book was not what I was expecting The blurb didn't give much out but I read my fellow GR reviewers thoughts on this book and I was expecting a steamy ménage What I got was a watered down version of MFFM sex and some girl on girl action that put me to sleep Not to mention that the author kept jumping from the present to the near past then again to the present then to a much further pats then again to a much recent pastit was exhausting trying to keep up when the sex scenes where literally singing me a lullaby to bed time Long story short? I do not recommend unless you are an insomniac in desperate need of some sleep ARC generously provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Um WHAT? What was that? Oh yeah it was the book i read Alwaysbetter try never I don't know how to start my review but i'll give it a shot nonethelessLet's start with some facts first of all the book is wrongly advertised and that's something the writter should be concerned with There is an audience for everything but marketing a product to the wrong target group may cause some trouble This is not a story about a couple's love hate relationship but a swingers wet dreamAnd it's not even good Told by not two not three but four POV's and always jumping through time you don't even have to get to the end for your head to spin and burn Because there is no normal timeline of the peresent which is just a summary of the real story the past which is mostly MFFM sex the past before the past crazy ass drama and the past before all which doesn't even get to be explained cause it's too messed up to comprehendA book that could have been so good greedy with depth sad and elating at the same time turned out as a cheap immature and yes disgusting at points lukewarm drama Even though there are too many problems in here situations that don't belong in such an emotional story a screwed up timeline and a main couple that plainly sucks the two supporting characters save the day in the end The only silver lining in this whole mess is Danny and Ro even if i didn't like her at first I don't know if i will ever decide to read the next part of this series but if i do at least this time i would go in knowingly with my eyes wide openTHOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK Multi POV I don't want to sound stuck up and i really don't mind at all kinky reads but the whole sharing doesn't go hand in hand with the main core of the story and that's what pissed me off It's totally unnecessary and poorly done Great start Danny was great I really want a good end and a good life for him and Ro I hope they get their chance to do what they really want Dallas was an ass but i understand he had a difficult life His father was awful I liked Cora's father ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review Thank you

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    DNFTwo brothers sharing there women ??NO THANK YOU It should have warring

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    15 StarsI'm not sure where to begin reviewing this book or how to do so without giving anything away; it was so complicated and really just confusing There were times I was like hmm this is kind of interesting then I would think okay this is just straight up weird and I'm not liking this but mostly I didn't really know what was going on Sometimes confusion about what's going on can be appealing because I'm curious about where a story is going but for this book I stayed confused throughout pretty much the entire story I do not understand this author's writing style What was the most frustrating and confusing aspect about this book was the constant switching of past and present POV The beginning of each chapter would start with a few paragraphs in the present and then the rest of the chapter would be some retelling of a past event Okay that's a little weird but what made it almost impossible to get through was how there was no rhyme or reason to the flow of the past events One chapter it would be some memory from two months ago then it would be a memory from two years ago then three years ago then one month ago Meanwhile the first two thirds of the book the present tense was taking part over one day But the last third of the book took part over an entire month Confused? So was IBut wait there's The blurb leads you to believe the book will be about the two main characters Dallas and Baby Girl aka Cora Surprise It's actually kind of about four people and told through four POVs More confused? Yes I was as well The relationship between the four people felt unnecessary kind of bizarre too complicated and I just didn't like it There were some aspects of the relationship that made me uncomfortable and something I don't enjoy reading about but that may not necessarily be the case for everyone who reads it What I think readers can agree on was that it made the story way too confusing and slowed down the story severelyThere was so much drama I know drama is usually welcome in most erotica books but this took it to new heights The overarching story taking place through present tense was dramatic enough on it's own but thrown in with that was an excess of drama from past events It was overwhelming I couldn't tell up from down and I got pretty fed up with it halfway through the book It was never ending making reading the book feel like an emotionally exhausting chore Not my idea of a fun or compelling readI would not recommend this book It kind of killed the whole MC premise for me I know I didn't mention the MC storyline in my review but it took a back seat to all of the drama and confusion in the book I don't know who would really enjoy it There is a seuel and the book ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger but I have no motivation to read the rest of the series ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Um Note to self research when reuesting a book First of all this was just confusing so many POVs and back and forth between present and past it gave me a freaking headache Two main lead couples and an extra one being ff the wives??? I don't get it Too many people from the start The story started out nice I guess but at 10% the leads were already proclaiming their undying love and making baby plans even though they were almost like bffssiblings? No The MC aspect NO The swinging should have a warning at least that was a shocker and it was at approximately 15% I mean really? So confusing all of it Nothing made sense I guess if it was erotica cause the plot was summarizing huge periods of time that didn't help connect with the characters to justify whatever the hell they were doing Sorry don't get it

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    Not BadFirst if you can get past the past and get to the present you have a story It got much better in the end I need Cora to get a backbone She can't keep letting him treat her like crap Dallas needs to get a grip he needs to prove himself On to next hopefully he does

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    Didn't realise this book was about 2 brothers sharing their women it my mistake as I should have realised as I later found out this author mostly writes ménage but it's not my cup of tea so stopped as soon as I realised the male leads did not have a monogamous relationship

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    I recently started reading for Shyla after I read her uick little MC novellas and she new I wanted from her so it's always good to meet new authors I was well not really disappointed but my expectations were high after the novellas I had read I thought that the book should have focused on one couple and not have so many points of view just maybe the main couples I also got lost a few times I wish she had the 'past' scenes all together in the beginning and then just move on with the 'future' scenes I loved Dallas though he's sweet in his own biker way eff yes Why do you think I always had some b with me? They were a distraction from the one thing I truly wanted I also loved how possessive he could be it's nothing to be ashamed of hell I'm glad I thought I was going to have to go kill a mother effer When I make you mine you'll be ready and willing I promise you that The cliffhanger wasn't really one I mean it just pointed as to what the characters will have to do and go through for the next book

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    Always WessonThis is a rude crude dirty raw and gritty book that I devoured from the first page to the last Cora grew up in Wesson MC club as baby girl cause she was the youngest and from the moment she set eyes on Dallas Wesson he has always been hers Not until her twenty first birthday did she know that her feelings were returned From that point on you're taken on a emotional journey of epic proportions The trials and tribulations that this couple faces along with the smoldering sex leaves you captivated until the last page and days after If you want a non traditional love story where the main characters actually have to work hard and get through so many obstacles to be together this is it Shyla never fails to leave us readers completely satisfied and anticipating her next release which is shaping up to be a dynamite series

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    Alright WoWDon't laugh but this was the first MC book I have ever read Don't ask why but SOA never appealed to me Colt May have changed all of that for meI changed my panties Three times I jumped my husband twice FSOG didn't even come close to the tightness Colt has an amazing imagination and she is one I will read again

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