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Load the Dice [PDF / EPUB] Load the Dice Eric left the BDSM scene years ago because he couldn’t find the right partner opting instead to meet men in uiet coffee shops and piano barsBut when his friend invites him to a posh hook up party he Eric left the BDSM scene years ago because he couldn’t find the right partner opting instead to meet men in uiet coffee shops and piano barsBut when his friend invites him to a posh hook up party he Load the Kindle - meets first time sub Jamie who he convinces to detail his sexual fantasies during a passionate night together The pair soon embark on a relationship that introduces Jamie to the BDSM scene and plays out his fantasies one by one But as they approach the final fantasy will Eric be able to walk away.

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    Re read March 2016Load the Dice was originally released as a 10 part series Since cliffhangers make me CRAZY I waited until the entire book was released as a complete series And I was so glad I gave it a goLoad the Dice was all kinds of delightful Two mature realistic men starting a tentative Ds relationship that turns out to be so much in the course of a year My favorite way BDSM is dealt with in MM romanceIn the first chapter of the book retired Dom Eric he has given up on the lifestyle after a decade of unfulfilling Ds relationships meets new to the scene Jaime and they hit is off like a house on fire Right of the bat these two men have a scene Too soon you think? Well no actually They actually talk then anything else and during their talk Eric asks Jaime to list his sexual fantasies And now the book is set upEvery one of the delicious dirty highly kinky fantasies Jamie wishes for are fulfilled by scenes with Eric Chapter by chapter The process is slow and the book covers about 7 months until their glorious HEASeriously this was hot as fuck and the pinnacle of MM BDSM with romance attached I compel BDSM fans to read this one You will not be sorryHighly highly recommended Content Warning This story does contain a purely sexual threesome I'm not a huge fan unless all parties have an emotional connection but it was handled perfectly here and turned out to be pretty damn hotI am on the hunt for an awesome romance filled MM BDSM experience I read this book last year so it's still pretty fresh in my mind but it is SO down and dirty and ridiculously romantic I just had to read it again It has exceeding my original feelings and is going to go on my favorites shelf Oh and if you want to help in my search for hot BDSM romance vote for your favorites on my new ish Best MM BDSM Romance Listopia With my thanks This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

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    Oh man This hit all my kinks Not necessarily my BDSM ones but the ones revolving around mature adults discussing complicated sometimes embarrassing and generally important issues together without shame and Big Misunderstandings and the like Swear to god I could orgasm from that alone This story is not a story concerned with interpersonal drama relationship angst or heedless passion Those stories definitely have their place but this one holds a place with me now for being incredibly readable engaging and enjoyable Fantastic sex scenes lots of education with regards to being SSC and in the end two guys I cared about who care about each other doing things that make both of them happily Occasionally they do them imperfectly but that's lifeI am just so happy that this exists and showed up on my feed

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    A nice BDSM novel where Dom Eric shows newbie sub Jamie the ropes of BDSM by trying out all the fantasies Jamie hasIt took me a week to finish this I just didn’t feel all that connected to Eric and Jamie I was kind of bored And I’m not even sure why because there are nice BDSM scenes in this one there is emotion friendship love the whole package But still I was boredOh and for those who want to know one of Jamie’s fantasies is seeing his Dom having sex with someone else so yes that happens too I knew to expect this because they talked about it in the beginning and I have to say it was actually pretty hot No jealousy or anything

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    uite possibly the best BDSM themed romance I have ever read; there were several things that I loved about LOAD THE DICE The first being that the characters are authentically written with tangible emotions that I was able to connect with instantly They express a wide range of feelings are insecure at times make mistakes and stumble along the road towards love How refreshing to read a book with both honesty and depthThe uality of writing is excellent; with few errors and a smooth ebb and flow between sizzling sexual scenes and the out of bedroom character dialogueFinally my favorite feature is the realistic portrayal of the BDSM aspects within this story Don't expect to find an overbearing Dom and a helpless Sub looking for a master because LOAD THE DICE is NOT your average BDSM story What it is however is an intimate glimpse into a relationship that honestly describes examples of how people who live within the community may choose to engage Gemel has included characters that represent a broad range of people from honest to untrustworthy Ones that live the lifestyle full time and others who much commonly live average lives that are enhanced by elements of BDSM within the intimacy of their own homes and other private settings Showcasing what healthy BDSM is ideally; a balance of emotional and sexual expression freely experienced safely and consensually between two eually strong partnersFollow along while Eric and Jamie discover their own personal limits what works for them as partners and what doesn't Watch as they balance their daily emotions with the intensity of those experienced while engaging in scenes LOAD THE DICE is an unexpected treasure that stands out like a shining beacon amidst a sea of What Not To Do BDSM themed romancesMoriah Gemel is one author that I will be keeping a close eye on in the future I'm eagerly anticipating further additions to this sensually and emotionally satisfying seriesMY OFFICIAL REVIEW written for Carly's Book Reviews

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    Nothing better that being on a mm roll as I dives on into this one

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    I really liked the characters story Informed MM BDSM eroticaromance story that could be considered beginner BDSM Each chapter covers a fantasy between the two main characters after they meet in an intriguing way in chapter 1 As they are exploring their fantasies the narrative takes a bit of time to explain safe practices I found this helpful even though I am familiar with the tenets of SSC yet I didn't find it to take away from the romance or the heat of each scene I read this in serialized e book format starting in Sept and just received the last chapter this weekend D I may find myself re reading when the published book arrives on my doorstep I think this is one book I will revisit time again when the need arises ; Big congrats to Moriah for her first published novel I hope there are such novels coming our way from her even if a different group of characters

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    This is not just another Ds piece of eroticaIt is unlikely that you will find another piece of erotic fiction uite like Gemel’s Load the Dice This beloved online monthly serial is now complete and in novel form and I would highly recommend anyone who hasn’t read it to treat yourself to a copy pretty much immediately This is an erotic love story with elements of BDSM in which consent and respect are emphasized uite strongly If you’re on the fence about whether or not to try a BDSM romance this is a fantastic place to start And if you are well versed in BDSM romance you will find this a refreshing change of pace from the world of wealthy arrogant smooth talking Doms and haughty resistant andor simpering subs This novel is special for a few reasons First and foremost the characters are human They are interesting flawed relatable loveable and sometimes awkward but they feel absolutely like real people and their growing relationship feels like a real relationship Eric the Dom is a bit nerdy and sometimes nervous about screwing things up Jamie the sub is a bit neurotic and sometimes kind of flighty The characters are endearing and have an easy and often hilarious banter with one another drawing the reader in and helping to create a sense of warmth and safety that pervades the novelAnother fantastic thing about Load the Dice is that it manages to be extremely hot while also slipping in insight and even education for readers If the book has one flaw it is that the emphasis on communication and the tenets of safe sane and consensual play is perhaps a bit too freuent and heavy handed but given how drastically misunderstood Ds play can be by the general public I am happy to see that it errs on the side of safety and respect if it is going to err on one side or the other Load the Dice begins with the two protagonists meeting at a scene party and “randomly” with a bit of secret nudging from one of Eric’s friends getting assigned to spend some time in a hotel room with one another Neither is entirely sure what he is doing there; Eric thought he had left the scene behind and Jamie is still new to the very idea still trying to figure out how it fits and what he wants So they start by playing a game Eric gives Jamie pleasure in exchange for telling him some of his deepest and as yet unfulfilled sexual fantasies and what follows is one of the hottest starts to an erotic novel that I have ever read But it doesn't stop there As the book progresses the two act out and fantasies from Jamie’s listWhat begins as a scene between strangers with some serious sexual chemistry leads slowly but surely to a relationship between two men who like to curl up together on the couch to watch Game of Thrones and bad movies on Netflix in between bouts of playing with view spoilerfloggers and ropes and blindfolds hide spoiler

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    Eric gets dragged to a party and finds himself facing the most delicious man he has seen for a very long time It turns out this is a Domsub type event almost a blind date When Eric's friend Andy loads the dice Eric finds himself in a room with said man Jamie But Jamie hasnt done this before and Eric is out of practise After this one night Eric knows he wants and breaks all the party rules They embark on fulfilling Jamie's fantasies and a few of Eric's but what will happen when the list gets to the bottom?I love MM and I love BDSM and so this one should push all my buttons and floated all my boats However it just didnt uite work for me Dont get me wrong its a good book its well written its just pulls face cos cant find the right wordnice Its the only word i can put to it NICEI did LOVE the way Eric introduces things to Jamie the communication is second to none and they has everything out beforehand It wasnt such a hard core introduction its like a gentle slide into the lifestyle and Eric and Jamie work hard at getting where they want to be Its written entirely from Eric's point of view and I would like to have heard from Jamie too Im not a fan of books written from a single person's point of viewIts a bit of a how to begin BDSM sort of book Like I said its well written some of the scenes are beautiful in their emotions There is no major falling out not shocking plot twist no vicious ex turning up its just plods along until they get to the bottom of the list and thats the only scene that REALLY did it for me the last one If you havent read any BDSM books before this might be one to start Its not a full on in yer face thing that some books are A good one too for MM newbies Just didnt uite work for me3 fangsreviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock

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    This book is excellent Gemel is a fantastic writer she has a clear and masterful way with words inviting us into worlds we may not be familiar with or might not have anticipated loving so much I swear even if you're not into BDSM this book will appeal to you Eric and Jamie's relationship is crafted so well and everything about it from the incredibly fucking hot first episode through their stumbling journey into emotional connection as their levels of trust and experimentation deepen was amazing

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    An amazing story about love and learning to accept the different parts of yourself regardless of thoughts in the past Unlike anything I've ever read before with clever characters and a story I'm already itching to reread

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