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    There is so much to love in this book If you have ever gone through a period or continue to dip in and out of them like I dowhere you experience the world as if you are at least two people one living and one observing this book will show you that you are both alone and not alone simultaneously and that seeming paradox is at the heart of this book how one can experience a vast set of emotions landscapes eras days not just as one self but as a myriad of selves One aspect of this faceting of self is compassion empathy and curiosity while the darker side of it is confusion alienation and dispossession The title An Architecture reflects the conflicting heart of the series of poems as they break down into the impossibly vast variations of what it is to share space physical emotional historical mental with others living and dead real and ideal The range of emotions are immense from the dual my solitude shaped like a city distinct from your solitude shaped like a city to the multiple what clothes tomorrow will be worn how many millions and who chosen to overwhelm too many choices give me a shovel and a pit and on again into the ecstatic to approach that bed at the center of everything a slaughterhouse a summer festival kiss her mouth not to awaken but to sink her deeper that her dreams might engender in minds everywhere young and oldThe uestion I kept asking myself when I read this book was how is it we do this? How do we manage to survive this life where we are both distinct individuals alone inside our own heads and at the same time inextricably linked physically and emotionally and I'll add metaphysically because that covers the blurred borders and not be crushed beneath the weight of it? The book seems to play out the waves of existential uestioning that some of us are prone to that there's a flux and a flow to peace and it has pinnacles in moments of connectedness and abysses in moments of seeming isolation Because for writers any existential uestions about self are also going to touch on the act of writing this book also uestions the act of writing this is an audience participation myth One reader opens the oven door The other shoves her mother in I find like I do throughout this book that I am much deeply touched by the moments that seem to draw on the author's personal mythos like the lines uoted above and not those that are ironic like poem # 25 which seems to update and slightly mock William Carlos Williams' famous wheelbarrow poem or when large unwieldy poetic symbols crop up like the asphodel or the mandolin carved of ice These poems are SO good when they are running in the vein of there intervenes a street light or manhole around which she regathers her step and jostled by the crowd turns toward and away from its always both that I am not as gripped by the pieces that draw from the level of being self aware AS art eg I flex my worry and count to seven An elegiac music tulips yellow the water I speak therefore I are Call me a sucker for sincerity because I am Not that uestioning the purpose of writing and pointing at deeper ideas with these high poetry kind of symbols is not sincere but it seems like playing in the shallows compared to the deeper places this book goes effortlessly and breathtakingly when they speak in a personal mythology

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    I speak therefore I are

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    it has very short poems in it so that makes the reader want of its feelingsYou GO ChadThe ones that I loved were poems 189 and 23

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An Architecture [PDF / EPUB] An Architecture Poetry In AN ARCHITECTURE Chad Sweeney reveals himself to be a Frank Gehry of language making an overwhelming but coherent form in precise words that measure 'the violet gleam of girders ' where 'art Poetry In An Architecture Chad Sweeney reveals himself to be a Frank Gehry of language making an overwhelming but coherent form in precise words that measure 'the violet gleam of girders ' where 'art isthe ghost between us' The world swells with meaning before things 'smolder ' 'collapse ' 'drown And within the violent changes that he so precisely records there are moments of rest and deep regard for what is passing The poem is an elegy for the world in all its beauty and disturbing variety Maxine Chernoff Chad Sweeney's An Architecture with its epigraph from Heraklitus the philosopher of fiery flux looks like a house that can't stand still its sections shape shifting through spaces of meaning that are 'excavated rather than built' Among these magical passages 'the nouns are verbs the conduit between I and I' Here house and inhabitant as form and content perpetually exchange their positions showing 'the snake swallowing peristalsis of the world by which these rooms are constituted' In Sweeney's swift architecture memory assumes the power of imagination and language becomes a platform for the mind's multiplicity 'I speak therefore I are' Sweeney as Vitruvius before him makes architecture the sister discipline of music Andrew Jor.