Star Trek Cookbook PDF/EPUB ☆ Star Trek ePUB Ñ

  • Paperback
  • 317 pages
  • Star Trek Cookbook
  • Ethan Phillips
  • English
  • 24 October 2016
  • 9780671000226

10 thoughts on “Star Trek Cookbook

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    An unbelievable read I actually tried some of the recipes inside and they were brilliant Even if you are not a Star Trek fan I admit itI amyou will find recipes worth enjoying

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    Fun for the fans but as a cookbook it's just average

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    There are some real gems in this book particularly the recipes provided by the cast and crew Robert Picardo's penne with asparagus is a regular meal for me now However eually some of the selections are a dubious and the cooking instructions could've done with a bit editorial care in places Be warned the chili pepper ratamba stew is a high grade lachrymatory agent Satisfyingly rounded out by background on how the prop cuisine was actually created for the showA uniue artefact for the curious Trek fan

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    Fun and fanciful recipe book full of colorfully designed menus and a lot of witty writing

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    The book is a lot of fun I don't know how many of the recipes that I will make but it's definitely fun to own as a Star Trek fan

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    It's sooooo hard to find a reliable Klingon Blood Wine recipe these daysAn absolutely fabulous concept I'm glad Neelix Er Ethan Phillips had the gumption to throw these recipes together alongside meticulous research into the appearances of food stuffs in all of the series and even a few recipes from actual Star Trek actors I lift my glass of Tranya to you sirIn addition to a deplorable lack of photos this book also suffers slightly in its organization I really like the organization by Star Trek series but I would have appreciated organization by food type I wanted to make a dessert the other night and it took me ages to settle on Picard and Troi's Earl Grey Chocolate Cake good but a tad sweet for my tastes Perhaps a hybrid version could keep its current arrangement but have colored tabs for different food types? I know there was probably a budget for this so that may be out of the uestion Even so I look forward to packing Picard's Teatime Sandwiches for many a work day Buy this title from Powell's Books

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    A book filled with delicious recipes that simultaneously caters to my deep seated love of almost all things Star Trek? How could I go wrong here?As a delightfully nerdy aside for the first birthday I had while we were together my boyfriend made me a birthday dinner of recipes taken exclusively from this book Counselor Troi's chocolate raspberry cake was shaped like the eponymous pastry from the game Portal

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    I know it's probably cheesy but I just finished watching the entire Voyager Series and really enjoyed it So as a cookbook collector I like books from places I've been or movies or shows I enjoy Fun

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    I loved it I have made a few of the recipes Eventually I will try No Ferengi food though Although I love the Ferengi This book is absolutely wonderful if you are a Star Trek fan They have recipes from original season through all

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    One of my favorite cookbooks

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Star Trek Cookbook[PDF / EPUB] Star Trek Cookbook Is there one food that humans Klingons Bajorans and Vulcans would like If so what would it taste like How would you prepare it Could you find all the ingredients locallyThis is the task that faces Nee Is there one food that humans Klingons Bajorans and Vulcans would like If so what would Star Trek ePUB Ñ it taste like How would you prepare it Could you find all the ingredients locallyThis is the task that faces Neelix chef for the USS Voyager every time he takes on the challenge of trying to feed its crew of food critics But over the course of their journey Neelix's learned a few tricks of the trade He had to just as a matter of self preservationEthan Phillips in the persona of Neelix and William J Birnes the New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Day After Roswell throw wide the vaults of interstellar haute cuisine revealing for the first time the secret preparation techniues behind all those exotic dishes and drinks The favourite foods of characters from every Star Trek series and movie are here all adapted for easy use in twentieth century kitchens The Star Trek Cookbook also features a complete guide for whipping up all the drinks served at uark'sFun and easy to use the Star Trek Cookbook is your indispensible guide to the food of the stars.

About the Author: Ethan Phillips

Ethan Phillips is an American actor playwright and author He is known for television roles such Star Trek ePUB Ñ as Star Trek Voyager's Neelix and Benson's Pete DowneyPhillips was born in Garden City Long Island New York He received a bachelor's degree in English literature from Boston University and an MFA from Cornell UniversityHe authored the play Penguin Blues which has been staged across the United.