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    It's pretty interesting for a book written 100 years ago by a minister's wife there are still people living on this remote volcanic island in the south atlantic probably still eeking out a living on potatoes and sheep and what they can barter from passing ships

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    A meticulous diary of life on Tristan da Cunha at the turn of the century by the wife of a vicar stationed on the island for three years Occasionally humorous but mostly delicate and sensitive depictions of island life in a small community in the south Atlantic ocean The rhythm of life is described nicely with cries of 'Sail ho' and minor medical issues for Katherine to attend to reports of the construction of houses educating the children visits from passing ships and expeditions to inaccessible parts of the island and indeed neighbouring Inaccessible Island The text is rarely boring and Katherine's vivid descriptions of day to day life meld nicely with her careful recording of the names of the members of the small community My only sadness was that this edition lacks Katherine's photographs which apparently pepper the original The formatting and corrections are for the most part fine only a handful of errors and these don't detract from the fascinating text

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    not a lot

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    One of the joys of reading books is that every so often one stumbles upon an obscure gem which was the case for me with ‘Three Years in Tristan da Cunha’ by Katherine Mary Barrow published in 1910 Barrow accompanied her husband a reverend to Tristan in 1906 and the two remained there until early 1909 As Barrow writes in the preface “The aim of the following pages is to give a simple and true description of daily life among a very small community cut off from the rest of the world”Ms Barrow does just that as she aptly reports the couple’s daily life among the 17 Tristan families numbering 70 inhabitants on the most remote inhabited island in the world than 1750 miles from the nearest land Barrow was well positioned to chronicle Tristan life as it was she who became the prime teacher of the island’s children often ministered to its sick and injured formed and led a women’s meeting group and photographed the islanders Cut off from communication from the world for many months at a time Tristan life was calibrated by the appearance of passing whalers and steam ships which might carry or receive mail or from which the islanders could trade potatoes sheep and lambs for the ship’s sugar cotton tea or soap But visiting ships also brought bouts of flu measles and mumps and even thieves Life could be grueling as when hundreds of cattle died for lack of forage or the islanders battled plagues of fleas wood lice and rats The Brit government which established the colony in 1816 to prevent Napoleon’s allies from using Tristan as a base to spring Napoleon from captivity in St Helena to the north wanted to shut the colony down in 1908 But through her 1000 days there Ms Barrow remained focused in her reportage and never lost her cheerful perspective or perhaps only near the end of her stay with the arrival of three new families who tested Tristan’s cherished community values A highly recommended read for anyone headed to Tristan or interested in what life was like on a remote oceanic island 100 years ago I was drawn to ‘Three Years in Tristan da Cunha’ because I will visit Tristan in a few weeks and literature about the island is scarce Unfortunately the 37 original illustrations from photographs taken and developed by Barrow were not included in the iBook’s free digital download

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    This is a diary of the wife of a missionary to Tristan da Cunha the world's most remote inhabited island from the early 20th century On one level it's a fascinating slice of history of one of the weirdest places on Earth I like weird places On the other hand it could use editingIt's available free for the Kindle as it is out of copyright Sadly the version I read lacked illustrations

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  • Hardcover
  • 140 pages
  • Three Years in Tristan Da Cunha
  • Katherine Mary Barrow
  • English
  • 22 August 2016
  • 9781406822809